Masturbating Little Girls

March 17, 2008

Chapter 1

Jody was fresh, blond and thirteen. She was tall for her age, willowy,
and had a real zest for living. She loved learning anything new. And her
latest thing that she was “into” as she put it, was playing with

“Oh, hello, Manny,” she said, recognizing the voice on the phone. “How
are you feeling?” She propped her feet on the radiator that was thumping
with the sound of circulating water. “What did you say? This damn
radiator is making a hell of a lot of noise. Oh, you’re staring out of
the window and you wish I was there? Yeah, I know, it’s lousy isn’t it,
this snowstorm and all, and we have to study.”

“What am I doing? I’m playing with myself, of course.” Jody always had
her hand on her crotch when she was on the phone.

She had her hand on her crotch because she was always horny. It was
automatic. She would dial a phone number and plop! There would go her
hand between her legs.

The phone would ring, she would answer, and plop! There would go her
fingers to her pussy, rubbing over the denim of her jeans, or tucking up
under the skirt of her plaid school uniform.

They would twist under the elastic of her panties and dig between her
pussy lips and find that lovely secret she had only recently discovered
… her clit that felt so good when rubbed.

“Tell me what you’re doing,” Jody heard Manny say.

“Okay. I’ll give you a play by play description. If I can. I get very
aroused, you know.” She had her jeans on so she quickly zipped the fly
down and reached under the elastic waist of her little panties.

“Mmmmm, Manny, it feels so good. Oh, how I wish you were here to see.
I’m rubbing my pussy now. What does it look like? Well, you’ve seen it,
you know how it looks. Yeah, I know you still want to hear it.

“Well, it’s all blond and soft and downy. Sparse. So you can still see
my pink pussy underneath. And now my finger is going all wildly over it,
digging in between the pussy lips, just like you did it to me.

“Mmmmmmm, oh, Manny, can’t you come over? Oh, it feels so good. Mmmmmmm.
And now I’m rubbing real hard, flitting my finger all over it, making it
all swollen and sensitive.

“And now I’m yanking my jeans down to half-mast and my panties too.
Yeah, I’m all bare now from the waist down to the knees. Oh, Manny, it
feels so good. Oh, I wish you were here to eat me.”

“Yeah, now I’ve put a finger up my pussy. Mmmmm, it’s so gooey and wet
inside. Oh, it’s wonderful. Yeah, it’s great. Terrific. Mmmmm, I’m
digging two fingers up my cunt hole now.”

“I’m thrusting a finger in and out of my hole now. My legs are spread
real far apart. I’m straddling the stool. My thighs are so far apart.
And now I’m feeling my thighs. They feel so good and soft.

“Why don’t you come over and rub them for me, honey, Manny, could you?
Oh, if you were here to watch me, I’d really get off. Oh, it would be so

“Honey, Manny, what are you doing? You got your hot cock out of your
fly? Of course! I don’t have to ask, do I? Yeah, while I’m, mmmmmmm,
getting it off on this end of the wire, while I’m digging my fingers up
my, ohhhhhhh, cunty, tell me how you’re beating your meat, hon, please?”

“Yeah, Jody, well, uh, it’s hard to describe,” Jody heard him say. She
heard him pant on the other end of the wire. It was like a dirty
telephone call, except that she knew the heavy breather. It happened to
be her fourteen-year-old boyfriend.

“Well, try to describe it, huh?” She was busy trying to squirm down on
the stool and reach a finger way down between her ass cheeks, and
wriggling it up her rosebud of an asshole. “Mmmmmmm,” she moaned.

“Whatd’ja do, huh? Whatd’ja do?” he said, breathing hard and heavy on
the other end.

“I’m stickin’ it up my asshole, honey, and oh, it feels so good, oh, it
makes me feel like I’m gonna come right away,” she moaned, grappling
with her asshole, her pussy hole, and her cunt slit and clit all at the
same time. “Honey, hold on, I need another hand,” she said, laying down
the receiver.

Manny heard the receiver clunk down and the sound of her moanings and
groanings. “Ahhhhhhhhh, Oooooohhhhhh, eeehhhhhh, ehhhhh, oh, oh, oh,
Jody, honey, do it some more.”

She liked to talk to herself, like she was talking to a lover, while she
masturbated. In a sense, she was her own lover.

She thrust her two fingers up her pussy hole and dug in and out of it
wildly. In and out and in and out, her fingers went, doing a dance of
their own. They rotated expertly around and around her little, tight
cunt walls.

“Ahhhhh,” she groaned, finger-fucking her asshole at the same time. When
she masturbated, she was a magician. She was practicing sleight-of-hand,
and sleight-of-finger.

Her hands and fingers were everywhere at once, digging into all her
sexual holes, reaching up to pinch and knead her nipples, digging into
her mouth to be sucked on and thereby arousing her lips and tongue.

“Ahhhhhhh,” she moaned. She slid off the stool and sat on the bare
floor, placing her cunt right near where the receiver hung down and
touched the floor.

She dipped into her pussy-hole and made wet, sucking sounds, slurping
sounds, with her fingers in her honeyed hole. “Can you hear it?” she
yelled real loud to Manny.

“Yeah, yeah,” she heard him yell back. “Go on.” He must be yelling real
loudly for her to hear. Probably the floor monitor in his dormitory
would come running soon. Ned, the monitor, was a bespectacled bookworm
and a real fairy if he was anything, still a virgin at fourteen. It
disgusted her. Jody and everyone she knew, girls and boys, had already
had reams of sexual experience, had done every conceivable act and then
some, the degree and variety of which would put any adult to shame.

And she loved it. Jody loved sex. She was so glad to be a teenager at
last. She was always curious about sex, ever since she could remember.
And now she had the equipment to do something about it.

Even when she was three, four and five, she remembered seeing her
brother run around home naked. She loved watching his little tiny penis
wiggle around as he ran. She loved watching her mother give him a bath,
and soap and towel him there between the legs.

When the children had gone to bed, they snuck into each other’s rooms
and played with each other in bed, under the covers.

Jody was surprised to find out that a lot of middle class children were
pretty hung-up about that. They’d never explored each other.

But her father was an artist and her mother was a writer and they had no
hang-ups about such things. They exulted in life, and although they had
standards for behavior in public, they thought a healthy knowledge and
exploration of each other’s bodies, as children, was a good thing. It
made sex easier when you grew up. Her parents never said much about it.
They were just easy-going and never said anything against it, never
judged them, even when they would look in on them at midnight when they
went to bed and found them naked and snuggled in each other’s arms.

Her mother would carry her off to bed, slip her into her nighty, and
that was that. No big deal.

And now Jody was grateful. No playing doctor and nurse anymore, that was
for sure. Just good healthy honest sex and masturbation.

“Jody, what are you doing now,” shrieked Manny over the receiver. His
groans came hot and heavy over the wire.

“I’m masturbatin’ with the receiver,” she crooned, digging it into her
groin. She wished it were smaller so she could get it right up inside
her. “Ohhhhhh, it’s so great. It’s like a black cock inside me. An
electronic cock. Oh, I hope I don’t get a shock,” she squealed, lying
back on the cold floor with the receiver cradled between her slim, soft
thighs, and laughing. “Can you hear my cunt talk?” she laughed.

Her cunt did seem to be speaking its own sexual, erotic language. She
had one end, the hearing part, on her clit and was rubbing frantically
with it. The other end, the mouthpiece, was on her own piece of ass,
chucking her between her cheeks. The middle part, the handle, or the
staff, as she liked to refer to it, straddled her pussy, and she pushed
it as far into her groin as she could get it, like she did when she rode
a merry-go-round horse as a young child.

“Nghnghngh,” she moaned loudly.

She rolled the receiver back and forth from the top of one thigh to the
top of the other. She pushed her blouse above her tits, small but firm,
and she pinched the braless orbs. She rubbed them delightedly all over,
and pulled their pert, erect little nipples.

“Whatcha doin’ now?” yelled Manny through the mouthpiece buried in her
cunt hole. “It sound like the ocean in a seashell.”

“It is,” she yelled breathlessly, rubbing the receiver up and down all
the while. “it’s, uhhh, mmmmm, waves of, oooohhh, orgasm,” she moaned.
“It’s deep sound within the seashell of my cunt. Oh, honey, Manny, I’m
going to commmmmmme.”

She pushed the edge of the receiver ear piece into her clit and rubbed
the little penis-like projectile fervently. With her other hand she
stiffed her cunt hole and jabbed deeply into herself, gathering the
juices and feeling her cunt explode in spasms, one after the other.

“Ohhhhhhh,” he heard her yell, really loudly. “Nghnghngh,” she screamed,
so her yells could be heard up and down the dorm hall. “Ohhhhhhhh,” she
moaned again, feeling herself peak and enjoying the warmth and thrill of

She lay in a daze, feeling her crotch wet and odiferous from the juice
of her explosive come.

“Hey, that was great! That was terrific!” yelled Manny from the other
end. “Wheeee! Whew! Some come!”

He himself was jacking off at a furious pace. The moans of his
girlfriend on the other end were as good as the real thing. Nearly. They
were at least as good as the dirty pictures a friend had sent him from

He jacked his dick rapidly, feeling his stiff staff in his palm, while
his thumb and finger worked the head over, arousing the sensitive pucker
beneath the ridge.

His stiff self got stiffer, the more he whacked himself off. It didn’t
take him long at all. He could come five times in a night. He had the
quick comes of early adolescence.

Jody didn’t mind at all. When they had sex, he could always get it up
again, right away.

He fingered his balls, as he held the receiver between his left jaw and
his left shoulder.

He held the staff with his left hand then, and jacked rapidly with the
other. He came, whacked some more, and spurt and spasmed again.

“Ohhhhhh,” he grunted loudly. And Jody heard him, grinning from ear to

Suddenly the door burst open. “Jody!” an elderly woman stood before her,
hands on hips. “Stop that this instant! Whatever are you doing! And on
the phone, too!”

She grabbed the receiver from between Jody’s thighs. It was wet, and she
wiped her hands on her woolen skirt. “Disgusting!” she said. “Who is
this?” she demanded into the receiver.

“Jody! Jody!” Manny was yelling. “I think this connection is broken.
Hello? Hello? Are we on a party line? Hey, whoever it is, what does your
pussy look like?”

“I beg your pardon, young man! Who is this? I demand to know this
instant. You are shaming the morals of this young girl. You are tempting
her into the path of bodily lusts. This school was grounded on the
highest ethical and moral values and I will not have them corrupted by a
bawdy phone call.”

They heard the abrupt click of the receiver and then dead silence. Jody
could hardly contain a suppressed chuckle, even in the midst of her
terror at being discovered by the headmistress.

Miss Ellen Glen slammed the receiver into its wall apparatus and turned
to the young girl, whose face was flaming beet red.

“For this, young lady, you will be grounded for two, no, for three
weeks. You must be in your room at seven every night and not leave the
premises. Pull up your panties this instant! That’s disgusting! Wherever
did you learn such ugly habits, hmmm? I mean it! Who was that boy? If
You don’t tell me this instant, you will be immediately expelled.”

The lady’s muscles kept twitching in an ugly fashion, and Jody couldn’t
help but think she reminded her of a walrus she had seen recently at the
zoo. “Ned Weatherby,” Jody answered promptly, without a trace of a lie.

“Ned? That was Ned? I don’t believe it. How disgusting. No wonder he’s
in his room studying every night. He’s not studying. He’s doing lewd
things with you on the phone! Good lord! I will contact his headmaster
immediately. And you, young lady, get those jeans up over your private
parts and sit down and study this instant.”

“I didn’t know people eavesdropped on my phone calls,” murmured Jody,
barely able to be heard.

“No, Jody, nobody eavesdrops. But we do have a, uh, spot check, just to
waylay any, uh, negatives that may sidetrack our young girls here. Such
as what just passed! I do declare, young lady, I don’t see how this lewd
behavior can help but affect your grades.”

“I get straight A’s,” murmured Jody, looking at the floor, and not
wanting to be disrespectful. Her jeans were back in place, and she was
buckling her belt, and passing her hands over her hips. That felt so
good. It was a subtle gesture, and one that could not be reprimanded.
Still, she knew Miss Glen saw it. It was a sneaky sign of Jody’s
hostility for her. Jody had to flaunt her spirit somehow.

Then she put one hand back of her hips and gave Miss Ellen the horns.
All the while, she maintained a perfectly respectful expression.

“You get straight A’s, but not for long, my dear, if you keep that up.
Seriously, Jody, let me speak to you frankly and sincerely.”

Jody groaned under her breath.

“I think of you as my own daughter. I think of all my girls as my
daughters. I want only the best for them. Only the BEST! And this is not
the BEST! You must have grace, my dear. And self-respect. And tidy
behavior. Know what I mean?”

Jody grimaced. Miss Glen was always using those same stupid expressions.
“Know what I mean?” or “tidy.” It made Jody want to puke.

“Yes, Miss Ellen.” She thought she should curtsey in a snotty manner,
but she resisted the impulse.

“My dear,” Miss Glen implored, taking her hand in her own. Jody wanted
to pull it away. She had her doubts about Miss Glen’s own sexuality. Her
loose, old skin made her nervous. She hated the feel of it. She liked
the, young skin. Age made her nervous. “My dear,” she repeated, “I KNOW,
I just NOW you understand, don’t you?” Without waiting for a reply, she
went on, “I KNOW I can depend on you, can’t I? To set an example for the
other girls, know what I mean?”

“Yes, Miss Glen,” she said through smiling lips and clenched teeth,
wanting to pull her hand away from her bony grasp. She felt Miss Glen
trying to search out her gaze, trying to penetrate her own reserve.
Finally she let her hand drop and Jody moved towards her desk. “I think
I better study now, Miss Glen, okay?” She looked at her brightly.

“Yes, dear, of course. Excuse the interruption. You understand, I know.”

“Yes, Miss Glen,” she said sweetly.

The headmistress went out, closing the door. Jody sat sullenly down at
her desk. She felt thwarted. She felt robbed of her privacy. And again
her hand went to her crotch. She wished she could put a lock on the
door. They were always interrupting you here. They were always barging
in when they weren’t wanted. They didn’t just want your mind, she
thought, they wanted your very soul.

She couldn’t wait to get out of this place. Christmas vacation was
coming soon.

She got up and quickly called the boys’ dormitory. When she got Manny on
the phone again, she confided, “Look, Manny, that was Miss Glen. She was
listening in on the switchboard downstairs. Let me call you after this.
Otherwise we have a problem.”

“That was Miss GLEN?” said Manny, nearly choking. “Oh, my, gosh. And I
talked about her pussy! What a riot. I don’t know whether to laugh or

“She thinks it was Ned,” laughed Jody.

“Oh ho ho. Is that what you told her?” he asked. “He’s the unlikeliest
person. Poor guy.”

“Did you come, Manny?” said Jody. “We were interrupted. Yeah, I remember
now. I heard your groans.”

“Mmmmm, sure, and you sounded great yourself. When am I going to see you
again?” his hand was on his staff of plenty again, Jody was certain,
just as her own hand returned to her cunt.

“I’m grounded for three weeks. It’ll have to early,” answered Jody.

“Tomorrow, in the chapel?”

“What time?”

“The usual,” he said. “Four?”

“Okay,” she said. “Great. Bye, honey. Gotta study now. And happy
masturbating.” The receiver clicked and Jody hung up. She returned to
her desk, She couldn’t wait. She couldn’t wait to see Manny in the
flesh. In the naked flesh to be precise.

Her hand went between her legs again. The chapel was not really a
chapel, but an abandoned woodshed down the road.

The schools were on adjoining campuses, and all of it together made up
about thirty acres of land. It was on the edge of town, so the teenagers
had access to the countryside as well. It was a terrific locale to be
young and sexy in.

Jody stared into her history book, wondering what history was REALLY
like back in Renaissance times. Here she was reading all about the art
and political events of the period, this period of great upheaval. But
what she was wondering was, what was the sex life like?

What did the men and women, the teenage boys and girls really feel? And
what did they do? And how did they do it? She wondered if they did it
the same way that you do it now.

She sighed. Her questions were of such momentous importance to her, but
to nobody else, it seemed. Otherwise, they’d write a textbook and give
her all the answers.

She wanted to feel herself up again. But she refused to be interrupted.

She got up and dragged her desk chair to the door, leaning it against
the door. It would brace the door shut, like a police lock, and should
the intruder succeed in gaining entrance, the chair would first topple
over, as a warming signal to her.

She flicked off the light then, and slipped between the blankets of her

She took her jeans off. She took her blouse off. She slipped her panties

Ahhhh, wasn’t it wonderful, she thought. Wasn’t it wonderful to feel
your body, your fine firm and slender body and to make it all hot and

Wasn’t it wonderful to feel the newly developed titties underneath your

Wasn’t it wonderful to feel the soft and wet folds of your pussy
underneath her fingers, and to play with your little clit.

She sighed as she strummed the fine instrument with her thumb and her

She rolled back and forth on the bed, feeling her body warm and snug
between the blankets.

She sucked on her finger a moment, pretending it was a boy’s dick
between her lips. She put two fingers in her mouth and sucked on them.

She stuck her fingers everywhere. She was thankful for her fingers. They
knew everywhere to go.

She stuck her fingers in her ears and felt the crannies and crevices of
them. She was sensitive there.

She was sensitive everywhere. She stuck her fingers up her nostrils and
made them tingle. She sucked on her fingers again. She felt her body all

Her hands traced a sensual, erotic path down her slim body. Her hands
felt over her boobies and over the invisible curve of her belly.

She dug a finger into her navel. She was distinctly an innie. Her hands
felt good everywhere. She wished they were Manny’s hands.

She dug a finger up her pussy hole again. She turned over on her belly
and imagined herself lying on top of Manny, moving so that his dick
plowed right into her.

Her little boobies appeared larger in this position. She pinched her
nipples hard. “Ohhhhhhhh,” she moaned.

She moved so her skin slid over the warm blanket. It made her feel very
sensual. Oh, but she hated being condemned to be alone in her room. To
study. And grounded for three weeks! It would be unbearable. She would
have to find a way out.

Right now she was wondering, what would she masturbate with? She’d used
about everything already, and was continually seeking new objects to
masturbate with.

She wanted to try a coke bottle, but her best girlfriend, Susy, had told
her that that was bad. A bottle would create a suction and pull her
insides out. She didn’t want that. She loved her body too much.

She’d used a candle once. She’d used rubber erasers. She used a stapler
once, and practically stapled her cunt shut.

She’d used the turn-on knob of the radiator once. And it had really
turned her on, as she straddled the protrusion, trying not to burn
herself on the steam heat.

She’d used every conceivable object she could think of, electric
toothbrushes, water piks, combs, and even the needly branches of a
Christmas tree. She called it a dildo tree. That was a little sharp and
uncomfortable, however, and she wouldn’t soon want to repeat it.

Right now she decided to select her slide rule. It lay in her drawer.
She used it for her geometrical calculations. She got a big bang out of
it, mathematically speaking.

And now she would get another bang out of it, hopefully.

And she would do just that.

She fetched the slide rule, shivered, and dashed back to bed.

She inserted it. The cold steel gave her an instant high. She shivered
with pleasure, and thought of her geometry teacher. He was a handsome
dude, one of these sweet hippy types with a lot on the ball and a lot of
balls. She’d love to get him in the sack.

She knew she wouldn’t, though because she asked him, and he said so. She
was really getting the hots for him during one September class. The
weather was balmy and mild that day. It was Indian summer weather And
she couldn’t help but proposition him. She used the subtle approach.

“Mr. Jeremy,” she said in a plaintive tone, rubbing her body
unconsciously against his desk.

“Yes, dear,” he said, looking up from his pile of papers he had just
collected. “What can I do for you?”

That was the wrong thing to say, and she smiled sweetly at him. “You can
come for a walk with me. The heather is in bloom …” she quoted poorly
from some poem she read once.

“I’m married,” Mr. Jeremy said quickly. She thought she detected that he
was hiding a lump underneath the desk. He pulled his chair in more
closely and confirmed it. He usually lolled lazily atop his desk, when a
student came to talk to him.

“I guess you got the point,” she breathed, chuckling nervously.

“And you have two sweet points, I see, and I daresay three. I’d love to
know them all, all your wondrous points, all the points of your compass,
the seven wondrous points of Jody, but I fear that school policy forbids
that I do anything about it. You understand, Miss Jody,” he said,
smiling the sexiest, most flirtatious smile she’d ever seen.

She nearly melted. She turned to go and accidentally brushed one of the
papers off his desk.

“Oh, I’m so sorry,” she breathed, stooping for the paper, and aware that
her little skirt was perking up to her ass cheeks. She swore she
couldn’t help it.

But she was glad it happened. He had stooped quickly at the same time to
retrieve it, and his face nearly came up at the same time that her ass
did. She caught him nearly swooning and said, “That’s okay, Mr. Jeremy,
you know I have the hots for you. I’ll think of you tonight …”

She was creaming into her little panties and he was probably doing the
same into his shorts.

“Uh, good-bye now,” she murmured, unable to take her eyes off his sexy
eyes and his playful smile.

“Good-bye, dear. I appreciate the invitation,” he had said.

And now she thought of that little scene. It brought the slide rule to
life. She pretended that Mr. Jeremy had touched it. She pretended that
now, even now, it was his muscled fingers and hands that were tracing
over her lovely curves, measuring her every twitch, every heave of her
turned-on body.

Now he was measuring her tangents. Now he was finding her square roots,
located of course in her pussy, her clit and her nipples. He was passing
his hands over her logarithms.

She flit the edge of it over her clit, being careful not to hurt
herself, and gave in to her own body’s rhythm.

“Mmmmmmm,” she moaned softly, there in the dark, underneath the blanket.
And a little imagined balloon over her head had Mr. Jeremy sketched in
the middle of it, watching her, and getting his own rocks off as he did

“Oh, Mr. Jeremy, I love you, I adore you,” she said, her groin bumping
and grinding to the rhythms of his logarithms. She tried to picture him
with his wife. Oh, what did they do? She wondered. And how did they do
it? She wanted to do exactly what they did. Oh, she felt so lonely.
Without her Mr. Jeremy, without her Manny, and sentenced to three weeks
of hell in the dormitory, able to go out only for classes. Ugh!

Well, she still had her masturbatory techniques, and she still had her
slide rule, and she still had an infinite variety of tools of

A slide rule is important to my bag of tricks, she thought, feeling the
cold steel against her groin and pressing it between the flesh of her
soft thighs.

She drew it up then and pressed it perpendicular to her body, across her
breasts. She measured the span between her nipples, although she
couldn’t really see in the dark. She guessed the span to be about seven

She measured the circumference of her tits, and also the diameter. She
decided the left one was bigger than the right one. She tried hard to
remember the formula for finding the perimeter of her breast, when she
knew the diameter. She gave up trying.

The demands of her body were too great. “Ahhhhh,” she moaned, feeling
the juices of her cunt squeeze out of their walls.

She gave up the ruler just then and used her hand. Her old familiar hand
that knew the ins and outs and secrets of her private places better than
her ruler did.

She remembered a movie she and Susie had snuck in to see recently. They
had seen a woman masturbate. In fact, they had seen two women
masturbate. She remembered how they’d done it, and emulated them,
emulated the gestures of these two, experienced blond actresses.

She recalled the one lying in bed. The camera was at her back. She could
see the hand of the woman jut into her groin, and the other hand wrapped
around one tit. The other woman, her companion, had stood in the other
room and watched her through the doorway.

The camera had showed her silhouetted against the doorway. The woman in
bed jabbed at herself and groaned and spasmed.

Jody had had the funny feeling, then, of creaming and coming herself,
right in the seat of the theater.

She remembered that scene now, and felt all horny again. Her hands
jabbed away at herself and she felt deliriously happy. Her hands and
fingers rode all over her body.

She imagined herself on the movie screen of a theater. She imagined
auditioning for the art of the masturbator.

“You masturbate very well,” the director would say, “very convincingly,”
and he would ask her back. There would be five finalists.

He would select her, because of her wealth of techniques and objects,
and her sheer will and drive to orgasm.

She would win hands down any time.

And now her hands were going down again. She worked quickly, rummaging
all over her twat, inserting her pegs in the right holes.

“Nghnghngh,” she moaned, fucking her cunt with her middle finger.
Another finger went down to her ass cheeks and plunged into the hole
between them. It completely melted her.

With the other finger working frantically on her clit, she worked
herself again into a frenzy of pleasure …

“Ohhhhhhh,” she moaned again, thinking of Manny fucking her in the
woodshed. “Nghnghngh,” she groaned, feeling Mr. Jeremy’s imagined hands
on her breasts and cock up her twat.

With the two sexy lovers of her imagination working on her, she couldn’t
help but come with a burst of cuntal fluid.

“Ohhhhhh,” she screamed as softly as she could, so Miss Glen wouldn’t
come running again.

She kept jabbing and rubbing and thrusting her groin up and down till
the waves of extreme pleasure subsided.

And the feeling of warmth and peace flooded her, from pussy to tit. And
she slept soundly that night while visions of dildoes and slide rulers
danced in her head.

There would be more dreams to come!

Chapter 2

Jody woke early the next morning. She dressed without masturbating and
went downstairs to breakfast. She and Susie ate together every morning.

The topic, as usual, was onanism. That was Susie’s favorite word. It was
her preferred word to masturbation.

Susie was a robust, pink cheeked brunette with long, silky hair that she
could sit on.

And she was sitting on it now, while she ate her pancake. Every morning
Susie had one pancake for breakfast. Without syrup. She loved it that

“You know,” she was saying to Jody, stuffing the single pancake into her
lovely mouth, and licking her lips, “you know, boys can stick their
pretty dicks through a pancake and really get their rocks off in it.
This thing’s pretty doughy. Bet it feels just like a girl’s pussy.

“It would be juicier with syrup, Susie,” Jody said dryly. “Really, I
can’t see what you see in those horrible pancakes. They’re so dry.”

“It takes the cake!” chimed in Susie. Susie liked to pun. It was her
favorite sport, next to masturbating.

“Well, test it out on Ricky next time you get him in the hay,” said
Jody, tossing her blond hair back from her face, as she munched on her
crinkly cereal.

“Why should I give him pancakes when he can have me!” she cried. She was
easily affronted. “I mean, let him find his own pancakes. I’m not going
to help him.”

“You should find them for him,” advised Jody in mock seriousness. “What
if he doesn’t find a pancake to help him through the dry spells? He’ll
find another girl. Boys are like that, you know. By the way, I worry
about such things. I’m grounded for three weeks. It’s going to be

“Whatever for?” asked Susie, eyeing the boy waiter that was taking the
trays and dishes off the tables. She had an urgent desire to goose him.

“For having my pants down while I talked to Manny on the phone!”

“I don’t believe it. What a riot. Who caught you?” she asked.

“Old scum bag herself.”

“No! Miss Ellen Glen. Heavens. Weren’t you embarrassed?”

“Oh, she was probably jealous. She probably wanted some young cunt for
herself. She had the nerve to take my hand in hers and plead with me to
be a good girl. I got sick to my stomach. She digs emotional
togetherness, but it made me nauseous. Nauseous, I say! Nauseous!”

She yelled it out, and the girls at the tables around her turned, looked
and giggled. Jody gave them the horns. They gave her the finger back.

“Hell, old scum bag has no sex life herself,” said Susie. “She probably
doesn’t even have a sex. You know, the equipment. Let alone the
orientation.” Susie liked big words, as well as puns.

Big words were her favorite sport, next to puns, and next to

“Onanism,” she was saying. “Onanism; onanistic, onanizer, to onone. Is
that the verb, Jody? What’s the verb? Like to masturbate. To onanize?
Geez, where can I look it up? I’ve got to find a sex dictionary, Jody.
Where can I find one?”

“You don’t need to find one, darling Susie. You could write one. You
know ALL the words. You know words I haven’t even heard of before.”

“Oh, gee, Jody, hey, you flatter me. With a compliment like that, I just
might quit school and be a success in life.”

Jody studied her friend. “Whatever would you do?” She could see her best
friend sitting in an editorial office somewhere, humped over a huge book
with a feather for a pen, dipping it in an inkwell and printing words
like masturbation and onanism in a delicate script.

Her other hand, of course, would be between her legs. Practicing what
she was preaching. “Susie’s Words for Secret” she would call it. It
would sell like hot cakes. Like pancakes.

“I’d teach,” said Susie without hesitation.

“What? I’m afraid to ask. Don’t tell me.” Jody was shaking with
laughter. The boy behind Susie, who had been picking up the used trays,
was giving Susie the horns behind her back. Susie didn’t notice.

“I’d teach masturbation in a local college,” she announced. “Some
schools allow you to teach anything you damn well please. Without

“You certainly have those,” Jody said, drinking the last of her milk.

“Well, hey, Jody, I have the words. But you have the techniques. Would
you be my assistant? You could spread-eagle in the laboratory … we’d
have a three-hour lab once a week. You would be paid well. You wouldn’t
have to show up for the lectures. I’d have three one-hour lectures per

“I’m sure it would be the most popular course on campus.”

“I’d teach an introductory course and an advanced one, plus a graduate

“You’d be the first full professor of masturbation in the country. A
real first for any female.”

“Would you come?” asked Susie, her eyes bright with excitement.

“I certainly would, are you kidding? Three hours of masturbating, I’d
probably come twenty times. Minimally.”

“Hey, that’s great, Jody. I knew you wouldn’t let me down.”

“You’d have to insure my pussy, though. With all that activity,
something might go awry. You know, amiss.”

“I’d get a stunt man, I mean a stunt woman. She could do all the fancy
things. You wouldn’t have to worry.”

“Hey, thanks, that’s a big relief. I’d hate to risk my neck. We could
get the movie rights, too. Distribute to sex education classes
everywhere. We’d be rich.” Jody was always thinking of money. When she
wasn’t thinking of sex.

“Are you so materialistic as all that?” cried Susie. Her disappointment
in her friend was keen. “We wouldn’t do this for MONEY! We would do it
for pleasure. For the pleasure of spreading the word on this greatest of
all sexual arts. We would contribute all proceeds to the Foundation for
Masturbation. I mean, where is your sense of duty? Really, Jody. Money!
Bah humbug.”

She finished the last bite of pancake. “I must go. I’d rather come. But
I must go. What are your plans for after school?” She got up, and nearly
bumped into the boy, who had finished clearing the trays from the tables
all around them, and now was only pretending to clear trays away. He
obviously had the hots for Susie.

“Why are you standing so close to me?” exclaimed Susie without a pause.
“I mean, why aren’t you lying on top of me? I would vastly prefer it!”
She smiled at him, blew him a kiss, waved good-bye to Jody and gave the
boy the finger behind his back.

Jody laughed and called after her. “I’m going to chapel.” It was a code
word that they both understood.

“Enjoy!” yelled Susie, bounding up the stairs to the door. She paused
dramatically at the top, pretending to give a lecture. Then she
disappeared out the door.

Jody finished and flirted with the boy as he took her tray away. He
didn’t even notice her. He had the hots for Susie. Kitchen workers
prefer brunettes, thought Jody snottily. Gentlemen prefer blondes.

She removed her hand from her crotch, which she had been keeping warm
all during breakfast, got up gracefully and left.
* * *

It was cold, walking the path alone that afternoon to the woodshed. The
path wound along a creek, partially iced, but not yet firm enough for
skating. Jody drew her coat and scarf more tightly about her.

She nodded at a couple she passed on the path. They must be coming back
from chapel. They looked very happy.

She quickened her step. Manny would be waiting for her. He got out
earlier than she did. Another quarter of a mile and she would be there.

The chapel, or rather the woodshed, was a popular place with the pupils
of both schools. It was a meeting place known only to them. The faculty
was not cognizant of its existence.

It kept the student body of both schools sane. They needed a sexual
retreat, even at their young age.

Jody came within a stone’s throw of the woodshed. Manny was waiting at
the door. She picked up a stone and threw it at him. He ducked. It was
her idea of a fond greeting.

He gave her the finger. Even with her poor eyesight, she saw it. She
knew that was his idea of a fond greeting. She grinned and quickened her
step over the frozen path. A stone wall ran along the edge of it.

The last ten yards, she ran, her blond hair flying over her shoulders.
She ran into his arms. He picked her up and flung her around and around.
Then he put her down.

“Let’s hurry,” she said. “We don’t have awfully long. How are you,
Manny? Gee, it’s great to see you.”

He kissed her. His lips were soft. He had the face of a boy and the body
of a man. He was nearly six feet. She loved him already, at fourteen.
They planned to be married when they finished college. That was eight
years away.

Jody considered it a mere formality. She had to remember to take her
pill. If she didn’t, they would have quite a family by the time they

They both liked sex. Manny opened the door and led her inside. It was
dark and cold and gloomy, but it was a place.

Various kids had brought blankets and newspapers to warm the cold cement
floor. There was a flashlight without batteries. It didn’t help the
lighting situation.

“Manny, it’s so cold,” said Jody, shivering. Her teeth were chattering.
“How can I take my clothes off in here? It’s the coldest I’ve ever seen

“For sex; we can do anything, right?” he said, pulling her to him and
rubbing her all over. “This will help.” His strong hands rubbed all over
her, beneath her coat.

He felt her soft curves beneath her clothes. She wore slacks and a
sweater. She wore no bra, and her little nipples were prominent
underneath the wool.

“Hey, you look nice,” he said. “Let me feel your nipples.” He pulled and
pinched the pretty erect knobs through her sweater. “Hey, wasn’t that
something last night? Poor Ned was freaking out today. He said someone
made up a lie about calling some girl in your dorm and breathing
heavily. He was very upset. He talked his way out of it, I guess.”

“Well, if Miss Glen comes back to me, I’ll just say you said you were
Ned. I really don’t know who that nasty phone call was from!” She
reached down and kneaded his cock between his legs. “Hey, that’s some
erection you got waiting for me. You guys, you’re always horny. I can’t
understand it.”

“The pot calls the kettle black, you little horny masturbator, you,”
cried Manny, seizing his sexy girlfriend and kissing her hungrily. “Boy,
did I have the hots for you last night, hearing you moan and groan and
your cunt creak and secrete. You must have had the receiver right down
between your legs. I heard everything. I heard you cream, do you know
that?” He rubbed her sexy little knockers. “Mmmmm, I love these.”

“Let me take my coat off,” she said, slipping out of it. His magic hands
were warming her.

His hands were better than a crackling fire. She felt the rush of
passion. She embraced him, stormcoat and all. “Now it’s your turn, you
hot-blooded American boy, to take your coat off. It’s pretty bulky and I
think you have something even bulkier underneath it.”

Her hand moved down to his basket and kneaded the warm mound, warm even
in the cold of the woodshed.

“Mmmmmm, that feels good,” he said. She helped him out of his jacket and
they sank to the blankets on the floor. He lay down on top of her.

“Let’s streak the headmaster’s office tomorrow,” he said, before placing
his lips on hers and tonguing her expertly.

“Mmmmmmm,” was her only answer. She parted her lips and let his warm
tongue enter her mouth. She felt his tongue play over her teeth and
tongue and sighed deeply. Her whole body sighed at the relief of being
with her boyfriend again.

Manny’s hand went down her body and over her hips. He loved the soft and
undulating curves of her body. She had small tits, but a lovely ass,
plus a beautiful face. She was a find.

His hand caressed her pussy, underneath her woolen slacks. “Ohhhhhh,”
she moaned.

“Let me see you play with yourself,” he begged. “I love to watch you.”

She complied. Her hand went down between her legs and she began prodding
her pussy into action. “Oh, no, I did this all last night. You do it
now. You’re here. That’s what you’re for, silly.” She withdrew her hand
and replaced it with his own.

“Okay,” he said. “THIS time.” He undid the fly of her slacks and
massaged her mound under her panties.

Then his cold hand went down underneath the elastic waist and found her
bare and lovely pussy.

“Oooooh, it’s cold!” she protested. “Mmmmmm, oh, that feels good.” She
soon got used to it.

And his hand warmed up in her hot crotch. “You do have the loveliest
pussy this side of the Connecticut River,” he said.

“Thank you,” she said, smiling. “Tell me about the others.”

“They’re not as lovely,” he said, jutting a finger up her hole. She

“Oh, that feels so good,” she sighed. “Mmmmmmm. Oh, do it some more. Oh,
Manny, put two fingers in. You know I like it so.”

They had known each other for precisely two and one half months. They
had explored each other’s bodies thoroughly.

Two of his fingers fit her perfectly. She felt them deep up her now and
she was very, very satisfied.

“Oh, you’re so wet,” he said. “Mmmmm, I feel your thick cunt juice. Oh,
man, do I love to feel you there.”

Jody could only moan. “Oh, more, oh, do it more, oh, go deeper. Oh, it
feels so good. Oh, man, mmmmmmm. Oh, honey!”

He kept finger-fucking her until he heard a final burst of pleasure, in
her cunt and on her lips. Her groin thrust way up to meet his prodding
fingers and sank back finally to the bed of blankets.

“Oh, honey, oh, Manny, oh, that felt good.” She laughed and shuddered
and smiled sweetly up at him.

“Oh, that’s so much better than by long distance!” she added. “Sex by
telephone just ain’t the same,” she said, shaking her head back and
forth on the blanket that served as a pillow under her head. “No way!”

His hand seized her own and brought it to its rightful place on his
crotch. “Do me,” he pleaded. “I thought about you all last night. I must
have masturbated a dozen times.”

“Where?” she asked, looking up at him and trying to imagine him all
alone in his dormitory room, masturbating. “In bed or in the john?”

“Everywhere,” he said. “Both places. And your image dangled all the time
above my head. Right up here,” he said, raising his hand to a foot above

“Oh, that’s nice,” she said, giggling. “It’s nice to know I was up
there. I was your muse of masturbation.”

“Very amusing,” he said. “Yes.” He grinned above her, his lips nearly
touching her own. She felt his warm breath on her face. Their breaths
together made a cloud in the air of the frosty woodshed.

“My gosh, it’s cold in here,” she exclaimed. “But you’re so warm on top
of me, I barely notice.”

His mouth went down to her breast and she felt his warm lips and breath
on it.

Her fingers undid his fly. She could do that with her eyes closed. She
reached into his jocks and sprung the cock out. It was like a jack in
the box. A cock in the box.

He had a good eight inches. He was very proud of it. And she was too.
She told him once he was the best hung man on campus. He asked her how
she knew.

She smiled mysteriously each time he asked.

Right now he was feeling her cold, cold hands on his warm cock. He was
nearly creaming already. Her cold hands had the effect of someone
throwing ice cubes on him. It was definitely heightening.

She jacked his cock into a ballooning erection. She watched her hands in
motion. She loved the feel of the hard, pulsating muscle.

She played with it as he had once instructed her. It was the only
instruction she ever needed.

he fingered it skillfully and he creamed in her palm.

“Mmmmmmm,” he groaned, feeling tremendous relief. He came so much
lately, he couldn’t keep count. And he couldn’t keep from coming. He
could think of nothing else but sex lately. He didn’t fight it. He just
accepted it.

He was erect again all ready. That was his pattern. He would cream, and
then the irrepressible thing would spring to action again.

It was truly amazing.

He raised her sweater and sucked on her bare tits. He ran his tongue all
over both of them.

He tongued the nipples and they erected pertly to his tonguings.
“Mmmmmmm,” she moaned, loving the wet warmth on her nipples.

She helped him pull her slacks off her and then her panties. Her pussy
shivered in the cold.

“Oh, Manny,” she groaned. “How long are we going to have to put up with
this? Can’t we find anther place?”

“I’ll work on it,” he said. His hands were warm now and he fingered her
tight little cunt.

He enjoyed playing with her clit. He rubbed and rubbed the little knob
and felt it erect and blossom under his. touch.

She squirmed and moaned. She forgot about the cold. “Ohhhhh, do that
some more. Oh, that feels so good. Hey, oh, yes, right there. No higher.
Lower. To the right. I mean left. Yeah, right there.”

She spread her thighs and watched his hand down there between her legs.
She loved the feel of it, and loved to watch it. She wished there were
mirrors all around the walls of the woodshed so they could watch

Susie’s mother had a bedroom just like that. Susie’s parents were
divorced. Her mother had two steady boyfriends. One was married to
another woman. One was for the long nights when her true love could not
be with her.

Jody made up her mind that she would have a bedroom just like that when
she had her own apartment. She refused to say “when I grow up.” Jody
felt very mature. Having sex made her feel very mature, even at
fourteen. She felt grown up already.

Manny had a surprise for her then. His hand left her clit and snuggled
under her small, round ass cheeks.

His finger found her secret back door and entered. Without knocking. His
finger walked right in and thrust up the long tight passageway.

“Oh!” exclaimed Jody, feeling the erotic shock of his finger up her
backside, up her puckered hole.

“You like that, don’t you?” said Manny, looking at her, grinning. “Wish
I could feed you my cock up your ass.”

“That would be delectable,” she agreed, pausing in her pleasure. “But
only if you shrink it first. You know, take the air out.”

“Impossible,” he said. “It’s always erect.” He shrugged, while she shook
her head. “I can’t help it.”

“Maybe after we have our four kids, I’ll be all stretched.”

“Silly, you don’t have kids out your backside. What does that have to do
with it?” He laughed.

“You’re making me delirious. My thinking is coming out crooked. Oh, keep
doing that, honey. I’m losing my mind. It’s wonderful.”

She felt his long and thick finger go in and out of her. She rode up and
down on it, posting as she would on her horse back home. She loved
riding horseback and she loved riding cocks in her asshole.

“Can I help?” she suggested.

Without waiting for his answer, she put her hand down “there.” “There”
was her pussy, in the crack between her pussy lips.

“Oh, I love to watch you rub your twat,” he said, staring at her
beautiful pussy. He watched her finger go up and down in the slit.

“Let me see,” he said, moving closer so he could watch, all the while
not forgetting to fingerfuck her asshole. It was awkward and his hand
was getting cramped.

But that didn’t stop him from watching her masturbate herself. It gave
her intense pleasure.

She rubbed hard, feeling the hot waves of pleasure mount up her crotch.

Another finger of the other hand entered her pussy and she fingerfucked
her twat hole. Oh, that felt good.

With their fingers working cooperatively on her pussy, she was rocking
and squirming with passion.

“Ohhhhh,” she moaned, letting the warm feelings flow all over her. “Hey,
that feels good, oh, so good, oh, so nice.”

She loved masturbating herself. And she loved it when he helped her.
Together they could do anything.

She felt her passion rise and rise and rise. It overwhelmed all her
senses, all her logic. She went with it and felt the sharp shudders of

“Ohhhhhh,” she moaned, feeling a warm wave wash over her.

She was silent, just recovering from the coming. She put her arms
lovingly around her boyfriend.

“Manny, honey, that was so nice. I love you. It makes me love you very

She knew he couldn’t take much romanticism. But she couldn’t help it.
She was a romantic.

“Hey, what time is it?” she interrupted herself suddenly, not giving him
time to have to say “I love you” in return.

He pulled back his sleeve and looked at his watch. “Five thirty,” he

“Oh, crap,” she said. “I’ll miss supper. I don’t care. Sex is nourishing
enough anyway, don’t you agree?”

“No,” he said, shaking his head. “I’m famished. But, I admit, I could
live a while on pussy juice. Mmmm. A diet of pussy juice, that would
last me several …”

“Several hours, I know,” she broke in. “Oh, do it, Manny, oh, please
suck me. You know how I love it.”

She spread her thighs invitingly.

He responded.

His tongue moved over her belly and down into her pussy lips. He lapped
slowly, tasting her salty juices.

Sucking her pussy was a pleasure, which nothing exceeded, as far as he
was concerned. His friends were envious, that Jody let him suck her

Of course, he didn’t tell her that he told them. His friends were sworn
to secrecy. She would kill him if she knew that they knew.

If she knew that they knew that she let him suck her pussy. She didn’t
mind that they knew anything else. But pussy-sucking was a new thing to
her. Susie had just confided the word to her recently. She had hissed it
in a stage whisper over breakfast. All the girls at the nearby tables
turned in horror.

Jody and Susie were looked on as exceptionally astute and knowledgeable
about sex. They were, by degrees, given great respect and great disdain.
It depended on the fluctuating moods of the dorm population.

Right now, Jody was doing field research. That’s what she and Susie
laughingly called it.

Jody was feeling the hot laps of tongue on her pussy. Manny’s tongue
went into her pussy hole and tasted of the sweet cunt juices.

He thrust a finger up her asshole again. And he continued to eat her. He
continued to suck her off.

He licked the tops of her thighs, as a brief excursion, a brief detour,
from her pussy.

He came back to her pussy lips, and prodded his hot tongue between them.

“Ohhhh,” she moaned, as she felt the tongue doing hot, wet things to her

He lapped all around it, inside the pussy lips and back to the clit. He
sucked hard on it.

She moaned in pleasure, spreading her thighs as far as she could. She
was glad that, a long time ago, in ballet class, she had learned to do
the splits. She didn’t know then, that it would come in handy when she
was fourteen.

She did the splits now while he ate her. And her pussy felt it was going
to split, as she came very quickly.

Without letting her come down, he mounted her, thrusting his eveready
erect cock up her, all eight inches.

“Ohhhhh,” they moaned in chorus, both feeling the deliciousness of his
warm stiff prick up her wet, receptive cunt.

They were very young, but they knew everything they needed to know. He
thrust and she counter-thrust.

Three times they did that. Then he came. He came very quickly. He was
very young.

But it didn’t bother her. No sooner had he climaxed then poof! it was
erect again. She laughed, feeling the thick protrusion again inside of

She threw her young arms around him and held him close to her. She loved
him very much.

She could see their breath again in the cold of the woodshed. Suddenly
she shivered. She looked down and thought she could see a hot breath
coming from her cunt. She smiled.

He came again quickly. “Ohhhhhhhh,” he groaned, feeling his hot prick
juices break like a dam in her cunt.

They didn’t lie there long. It was too cold. And late.

They sprang up, pulling up pants and pulling down sweaters. They thrust
their arms inside their coats and wrapped them tight around them. They
hugged once more in the semi-darkness before going out into the cold.
Outside it seemed warmer. The woodshed had been damp.

They trudged back up the path toward the campuses, holding tightly with
gloved hands.

They laughed all the way. Jody felt a depression mounting as they neared
her dorm and the hour of seven.

“I don’t know if I can stand it, Manny,” she said.

“Call me,” he said. “I’ll be ready with my magic, long distance hand.
And I’ll be ready to hear your cries of pleasure.”

“Masturbation is not enough,” she cried, kissing him one last time
outside the dorm.

Chapter 3

The next day was Friday and Jody had a long morning of classes to get
through again. The previous evening had been spent in a series of phone
calls placed by Jody to Manny for the pleasure of mutual masturbation.

She wished she could have placed a conference call like her father, a
businessman, used to do. Then she could have hooked up Susie’s, Manny’s,
and Ricky’s phones and they would have had an orgy by telephone.

She was lazily thinking about these things in her geometry class. Mr.
Jeremy was putting her to sleep, for a change. Usually just the sight of
his sexy body kept her awake enough to keep in touch with the day’s

But the lesson was especially boring today … about hypotenuses and
right triangles. Jody didn’t think any triangle was right. She was only
interested in straight lines between two points, male and female. And
rectangular straight lines between four points, two males and two
females. Which gave her the idea about the orgy by phone.

The idea perked her up considerably. Her eyes were on Mr. Jeremy, but
only because he kept moving around. He was flattered to suddenly have
her undivided attention. His lesson became more inspired.

Jody’s mind, however, was on other things. Namely, how to place a
conference call. That evening would do. Her curfew was at seven, and the
others’ was eleven. The call would have to happen after that. She
couldn’t keep them, especially Susie and Ricky, from good, healthy, real
live sex.

And the call would be for her own benefit. And for Manny’s. She hoped
and prayed he wouldn’t find another girlfriend during the interim of her

So she had to set up enough sexual interactions, if only by phone, to
keep her boyfriend, and herself, happy.

She thought she’d bill the call to her parents’ phone, and then the
dormitory operator wouldn’t need all the details of the call. She didn’t
want anyone listening in on this one.

She met Susie between classes and broached her idea. Susie was game.
Susie was game for anything sexual. They scheduled the phone call for
eleven fifteen that night. Susie would notify Ricky. Jody would notify

Manny grooved on the idea. He said he would be ready, willing and able,
at eleven fifteen.

At precisely eleven ten, Jody called the operator. She gave Jody’s,
Susie’s and Ricky’s phone numbers and then hung up and waited for the
operator to call her back.

At eleven fifteen exactly the phone rang. She picked it up eagerly.

“Hi!” yelled Susie from her room on the fourth floor.

“Hey, Sugar!” called Ricky from his room in the boys’ dorm.

“Shut up, you guys, I can’t get a word in edgewise,” screamed Manny over
the receiver. “I’m hot and ready.”

“Hey, wait, you guys, till the operator is off the line,” cautioned
Jody. “Hello, hello, operator …”

“Go ahead,” said the operator in a nasal voice. She clicked out. Jody
hoped she didn’t have her key pulled back, listening in on what was to

Of course, if she enjoyed that sort of thing, and didn’t call the
service assistant over, that was all right with Jody. Jody’s hand was
already on her crotch.

“Ready, gang?” she called.

“Yeah, man,” chorused the other three.

“Sounds like a bridge game,” exclaimed Susie. “Without the dummy.”

“Gee, thanks,” said Jody. “Okay, gang, we gotta be organized about this.
The rules are this: anything you do, you have to describe it, in as much
detail as possible, for the edification and erotic pleasure of the rest
of us. No fair doing it and saying nothing. If your hand is on your
cock, say so!”

“That goes without saying,” said Manny.

“I’m not the verbal sort,” apologized Ricky.

“You gotta be, kid. How else are you going to trip off our lusty, dirty
fantasies?” said Susie to her boyfriend.

“Susie, we already did it once tonight. Do I really have to do this
again? I don’t know about this.”

“Come on, you horny bastard,” exclaimed Susie. “And get your head out of
the book. Okay?”

“Is it a sex book?” asked Manny. “Doesn’t he know how?”

“Fuck you!” said Ricky “Okay, my heart’s in it now and so’s my cock.
It’s hanging out of my fly and I’m jacking it into erection. It still
has come on it from when Susie and I made it tonight. And saliva from
when she ate me.”

“Right on, Rick! Atta boy. Hey, man,” said Susie, “wanna know what I’m
doing? I’m naked from the waist down. I got my fingers up my twat and
I’m jerking off. Ohhhh. It feels so good. It feels so terrific.
Fantastic. Mmmmm.”

“Susie, what do you look like?” asked Manny, panting hungrily on the

“Nothin’ doing,” said Jody. “I don’t know if I’m goin’ to like this
after all.”

“But, Jody, it’s an orgy, isn’t it?” laughed Manny.

“G’wan, Manny,” said Jody. “Tell what you’re doing!” She herself was
rubbing the pert little nipples under her blouse.

“Yeah, share and share alike,” said Susie, aroused by Manny’s hots for
her, “Now, I’m taking off my sweater and rubbing my nipples, too, just
like Jody. Oh, man, wish you could see my big tits now. Hey, Jody, this
is excellent preparation for our future lectures. It affords great play
by play description, doesn’t it?”

“Right on, Susie, oh, if you could only see me now,” said Jody, “I’ve
moved down to what would be virgin territory, if I were a virgin. It
goes without saying, that I am not, I think.”

“Oh, that’s a great disappointment to me,” said Manny. “I can’t marry
you now.”

“Aw, shucks,” said Jody. “Well, no matter, I know how to make myself
happy. I just take three fingers and insert them in my twat. Then I suck
on the other fingers. Now, I’m inserting a finger up my asshole for good
measure. “Nghnghngh.”

“Oh, does that make me horny,” breathed Manny. “Ohhhhh, one description
is worth a thousand pictures. Which reminds me, let me get that picture
out of you. Oh, where is it? Here, in my wallet.”

“Which picture is that, Manny? Oh, my gosh, not that nude one you took
early in the fall at the woodshed! You carry that around and show
people? I hope not! I want the illusion preserved that I am a virgin!
Otherwise, one’s reputation is hopelessly destroyed for the duration of
one’s stay at Mrs. Goody’s School for Girls.” Susie stopped whacking
herself off momentarily.

“I can understand that,” said Ricky. “Otherwise you got the guys from
Mr. McIntyre’s School for Boys all down your neck and up your skirt,
right? She puts out. Things like that. Ohhhhhhhh.”

“What are you doing? What are you doing?” said Susie, jumping up and
down and sighing into the receiver as she continued pulling on her
nipple and shoving a finger up her.

“I bought this liver on the way home. I know it sounds funny, but a
fellow told me once it feels just like a girl’s twat. I’ve never tried
it till now. And it does! Not as good as Susie’s, to be sure, but nice,
squishy and soft just the same.”

“I got liver trouble enough, what with all I drink, without it having
falling down to my cunt!” said Susie, graphically enough.

“Your trouble or your liver?” quipped Ricky.

“You name it,” said Susie. “Well, guess what I have here,” said Susie.
“Something I haven’t reported to you yet.”

“What’s that? What’s that?” said Jody, emceeing the proceedings of the
conference call.

“A vibrator!” said Susie.

“Where the hell did you get that?” breathed Jody, all excited.

“At a drugstore in my hometown, a long time ago,” said Susie. “Do you
want to know what? My mother took me in and bought one for herself. When
I displayed such interest, she bought one for me too. And you know the
most embarrassing thing about the whole thing?”

“What’s that?” said Ricky. “I’m jacking myself harder, by the way. Did
you hear me come once? In the bloody liver? Whew! What a come. Boy, is
it squishy and hard to hold onto, though. I keep dropping it.”

Just then the other three heard the sound of the receiver dropping and
crashing to the floor. “Damn!” they heard, in muffled tones, far from
the phone. Then Ricky picked up the receiver again and came back on the
line. “As I said, this sticky stuff is slippery business. But oh, so

“Lot’s of protein in liver,” said Susie admiringly. “Well, you’ll just
have a pretty meaty cock, that’s all. And we’ll have healthy offspring.
Ohhhhhhh, it feels great. I just put this eraser up me. Oh, it feels
real good. Anything I wrote on my cunt walls with the pencil I jabbed up
it last night, out of sheer frustration, is bound to be erased with
these motions.”

“What did you write, graffiti?” said Manny, sighing heavily.

“Yep, she saw the writing on the wall,” said Ricky. “The liver treatment
is going great,” he added.

“You’re certainly becoming verbal quickly,” admired Susie. “The liver is
doing the trick, I see.”

“So what are you doing already, Susie?” asked Manny.

“Why do you want to know?” said Jody, jealous. “Why don’t you ask your
old girlfriend right here?”

“Honey, I know what you’re doing. I haven’t had the pleasure of getting
to know Susie, and since I think that’s the object of this conference
call, to get to know all parties well, I think I have a right to ask.
She’s not going to get pregnant if I ask, now, is she?”

“I don’t know,” said Jody. “Have you been taking the pill, Susie?”

“Silly!” answered Susie. “I’ll be glad to ask the young gentleman’s
question. I don’t believe in holding any information back from anyone.
That’s part of my sex education program.”

“So?” said Manny. “I’m waiting …”

“Well, after erasing the writing on the walls of my cunty vagina, I
inserted the vibrator. Oh, man, it feels so fantastic. You push the
little button on and the whole thing starts vibrating. Anyway, I never
finished my story about the vibrator. That cocky son of a bitch cashier
had the nerve to demonstrate this thing right in front of my mother and
me. It was so embarrassing. For my mother at least. Her face got red and
she said she understood, and she’d take two. The man, of course,
demonstrated it on his neck. What a riot. When we all knew what it was
REALLY for …”

“So which of your holes is it up now?” said Manny.

“All of them,” said Susie, moaning. “Ahhhhhhhh,” they heard her moan.
“Ohhhh, it’s so fantastic. Yeah, it’s really great. Mmmmmmmm. Right now,
I have it up my cunt hole, mmmmmm, way in. Then I pull it out. Then I
stuff it up again. Oh, man, is it fantastic. Hey!”

“What happened? What happened?” asked Manny.

“Hey, man, stop getting your rocks off on my girlfriend,” complained
Ricky, groaning in ecstasy shortly thereafter.

“That’s a moot point,” cautioned Manny. “Your choice of words is not
quite accurate.”

“But it is,” said Ricky, figuratively speaking. “Just lay off.”

“All is fair in love and war,” said Manny. “Tell all, little Susie.”

There was no answer, just an incredible moan followed by short little
grunts. Then dead silence, with a lot of sighs and deep breathing.

“Wake up, little Susie,” said Ricky. “Have you come and gone?”

“Ohhhhhh, I’m out of it, friends,” said Susie softly, with long breaks
between words. “I think I’m gonna bow out of the action, if you don’t
mind. That was the come to end all comes.”

“Geez, Suz, I thought I gave you those kind of comes,” whimpered Ricky.
“Don’t I?”

“Honey, nothing beats a vibrator, does it?” said Susie. “Jody, you ought
to know.”

“I’m ignorant. I use hands and fingers. An occasional banana. Never a
coke bottle. In fact, I just happen to have a banana right here. Picked
it up at the kiosk before placing this call. Yeah, I’m all naked now,
and sending the thing up my pussy hole, skin and all. Mmmmmmmmm.”

“Oh, your groans, Jody, are too much,” whispered Ricky sexily. “Go into
more detail,” he added.

“Well,” Jody went on. “I’m sitting on a terry towel on the floor, or
rather lying, trying to stretch the long phone cord down to me, but
having a little difficulty. And in and out goes the banana, and oh, it
fills my fruit bowl up nicely. You know?”

“Mmmmmmmm,” said Manny. “I can see that banana up your twat now. Oh, I
can see it go in and proceed to come right out again. I wish it were
peeled and I would be eating it all the way up to where it disappears
inside the gluey doorway of your cunt.”

“I’d fall for that myself,” punned Ricky. “Slip it to her.”

“Ssssss,” said Jody. “No puns allowed here. Only sex.”

They heard her moan some more and then punctuate the moans with ooohs
and ahhhhhhhs. “Oh, that was wonderful,” she came back on the line to
tell them. “Oh, I just kept shooting that banana right up my come hole
and it felt so good, deep inside me. And I used the stem of it to arouse
my clit a lot. Ohhhh, I remember it well. And the other tip of the
banana went up my asshole, to banana-fuck the hole. Hey, it was great!
I’ll bow out for the moment, but I might come in again.”

“Great, Jody, that leaves just us right now, I guess,” said Manny.

“That’s you and me, hotcakes,” said Ricky to Manny. “What’s this big
deal about the man always coming first and not letting the woman take
her own pleasure? Here we are, left holding our balls. Egad! Mmmmmm, so
I’m going to come in my liver again. Ahhhhhh. I’m dipping my prick in
the raw piece of meat and folding the meat over my cock. I’m fucking the
liver. Oh, it feels so great. It feels so wonderful. I’m pushing the
meat all over my dick, to really get it all hot and livered up. I slide
it down to the balls, and let it arouse my nuts in their holders, too.

“I hope the women are listening,” breathed Ricky. “This is all for them.
Well, I’m just doing it the good old-fashioned way,” he added. “I got
one hand on my dick. I’m rubbing it hard. I put the nail of my little
finger up the pee slit. I put my thumb and forefinger around the head,
with the little fucker being jacked off superbly by those two numbers.
Ohhhhhhh, and my fingers of my other hand go under my balls and rub
those around. Ahhhhhh, that feels good too. And then off I race, rubbing
hard and feeling my cock get stiffer and stiffer. Mmmmmm, in a minute
I’m going to break open. Ohhhhhhh, there it goes. Mmmmmmmm.”

“Geez,” said Jody. “I’m getting hot and bothered all over again.” Her
hand went to her cunt again and started jabbing away at it.

Manny continued. “What happened to the liver?” he asked. “I was so
looking forward to a continuation of the liver demonstration.”

“I used it up,” apologized Ricky. “It is in a sad state of disrepair.”

“Well, I’m jacking off too. You seen one guy jack, you seen ’em all
jack,” he said. “Yeah, well, my hand is on the staff of my cock. I jack
up and down and it feels good, just like yours. I finger my balls, just
like you, and it feels way out, man. Then I sometimes stick a forefinger
up my asshole, and titillate that. And that feels terrific. Yeah. So now
I got this huge erection goin’, thanks to hearing you other guys get
yourselves off, especially Susie, if you don’t mind my saying so. And
now I feel like I can’t wait any longer. Now I feel like I’m ready to
spill my seed, as it were. Ohhhh, ohhhhh, ohhhhh, OHHHHHH! It’s
spurting, folks, it’s spurting all the way to the floor. It’s like a
geyser. Like Old Faithful!”

“I can see it now,” quoted Susie. “And you are there!”

“Are you all spent now?” asked Jody. “I believe we are, Thank goodness,
because it’s going to be an expensive phone call, you know? Bill-to’s
are more expensive than regular calls. My heavens, I better get time and
charges, so I know what kind of bill to expect from my parents.”

Suddenly a voice interrupted her. “I’ll be glad to give you time and
charges, dear, if you just hold on a minute.” It was the nasal twang of
the operator.

Jody was astounded. Confounded. “How did you get on the line, operator,”
she asked, trying to contain her embarrassment and shock. “I should be
angry at you. You aren’t supposed to listen in.”

“I wasn’t listening in, doll,” she said. “I was participating. But you
couldn’t hear, since it’s a one way connection. Since you all provided
me with so much pleasure, I’m not going to charge you the state tax.
Don’t tell anyone however. It’s just a special break from yours truly.
You know?”

“So, you heard everything, eh, conference operator?” said Manny.

“A lot. I heard a lot. I had to keep flipping in and out, to attend to
other calls. But yours was the most interesting, so I sort of hung in

“More power to you,” said Susie. “Just so you don’t get us in trouble.”

“Oh, no,” whispered the operator. “I have my hand between my legs, in my
crotch, as it is,” she added. “So what do you think of that?”

“Did you come?” breathed Jody.

“Too many people around, honey,” said the operator. “That’s okay. We
have a fifteen minute break. I’ll go relieve myself in a private place,
such as the employees’ restroom.”

“Okay. Uh, how much was it?” asked Jody again.

“Let’s see,” whined the operator. “It was fifteen minutes. For
seventy-five cents a minute. About eleven dollars. Split four ways. You
do the math.”

“Okay, I’ll take it from there,” said Jody. “No big amount for such
great and extensive pleasure.”

“You have to pay a whore more,” chimed in Manny.

“Keep it to yourself,” said Jody. “What would you know about that?”

“Nothing really,” said Manny. “I have a girlfriend that puts out.”

“Sssssss and up yours,” said Jody, angrily. “Some nice guy you are. At
any rate, glad you enjoyed the four-way whacking, five-way counting

“Six-way,” corrected the whining operator. “I brought the service
assistant over.”

“Oh, no!” exclaimed Jody. “We ARE going to get into trouble now.”

“No, she was getting her rocks off just like you. It’s for the sheer
pleasure of it, you know?”

“Great. Nice to know we made a friend,” said Susie. “Let’s quit while
we’re ahead. Is everybody happy?” she yelled.

“Yesssssss.” came the chorus of about six voices, some familiar and some

They all yelled good-bye and see you tomorrow. Jody hung up, in a very
high state. She didn’t want to be alone, but she was. There was nothing
else to do, at this late hour, but masturbate.

She stood in front of a mirror, and took out a picture of Manny, taken
at the same time as he took the naked picture of her.

It was a full-length picture, in color, of Manny standing holding his
big erect dick in his hand. They had tried getting a picture of both of
them but the delayed button on the camera wasn’t working properly.

So Jody had to be content with this picture. It had been hell trying to
find someone to develop it in that conservative town near the campus.
But finally they had succeeded. The developer had been a graduate, four
years previously, of Mr. MacIntyre’s School for Boys, and knew the
importance of having good naked photographs around. It saved the boys
and girls from many a lonely night, chucked away in their dormitory

In the picture Manny looked as if he could have put it right in her.
“Yeah,” she thought, chucking the few clothes that remained on her and
tucking the hot photograph under the corner of the mirror, to leave both
of her hands free for free manipulation of her erotic parts and
erogenous zone.

She watched her reflection in the mirror, as it roused herself in a
state of excitement. Oh, she thought, she looked so sexy. She had to
give herself credit.

She watched her lovely body, slender and with small, well-formed tits.
She stuck a finger in her belly button and rolled it around and around.
She rotated slowly before the mirror, pirouetting all her fine curves
into view.

Her ass looked the most inviting, she thought. She began masturbating
with her ass to the mirror. She turned her head so she could watch. She
looked back into the mirror and bent over slightly, so she could see
both her back side and the photo at the same time.

Her ass looked lovely sticking out. She bent so that she could see her
cunt hole, and parted the same so she could look directly up the
red-tissued hole, wet with mucous and cunt juice. It was truly an erotic

She stuck her finger inside and rotated it around and around. It was
interesting to see the finger disappear up inside her body.

She stuck a finger up her asshole and felt the delicious sensations
accorded her back door. With a finger up each hole, some very sensitive
parts of her were caught in the middle. It was like a double banana

Then she flagellated her clit slightly, arousing it into an excited
state of excitement. She spread her legs and thighs far apart. It was

It was great to see those fingers all at work on her sex zone, each
taking a different part of it, a different melody, as it were, and
making it all go together, like a song in three-part harmony.

“Oh, Manny,” she said out loud and petulantly. “I wish you were here,
here in the flesh, that is. Mmmmmmm. She turned her head further to keep
his photo in view.

She imagined he was really there, and about to send the cock of only
fourteen years up her.

Up her cunt of only thirteen years. It was truly amazing, she thought,
that only two years ago, not only did sex not interest her, but her body
was such that she couldn’t have done anything anyway. She was not
developed yet.

She felt like an experienced woman of the world at thirteen. She knew
she had one exciting life ahead of her.

She thought of Miss Ellen Glen and how the old lady had taken her hand
in her own and the thought made Jody shudder.

She really wondered about some of the old maids at the school … the
teachers, the counselors, and, of course, Miss Glen. She wondered if
they had the hots for each other at all.

Well, it didn’t really matter to her if they did. All she cared about
was getting her rocks off whenever she needed to. If they didn’t stop
her, they could live anyway they wanted.

The problem was, that their own uptightness got in the way … got in
the way of enjoying her own pleasure.

She watched the door, hoping no one would burst in. She wished she could
lock it, but they weren’t allowed.

She bent clear over now and watched her reflection between her legs. She
could see only her legs, slim and straight, and her ass, soft and
malleable, an attractive woman’s ass.

She could see Manny’s photo between her legs, too. She pretended that he
was about to attack her from the rear. The fantasy turned her on.

She saw that cock come closer and closer. She saw it enter her pussy
from the rear. She really felt it go all the way up her pussy. Oh, it
was great.

She felt the imaginary photographed Manny thrust his cock in and out of
her pussy repeatedly.

She imagined them to be in the woodshed and that the temperature was
warm as toast, because outside it was summer. Oh, she’d love to fuck out
of doors, too, come summer.

She felt him hold her groin and guide his big cock in and out of her,
with his hands guiding the movements of her hips.

“Ohhhhhhh,” she was saying, feeling the imagined thrusts of his
penetrating cock. “Oh, go deeper,” she intoned, “oh, please go deep. Oh,
Manny, it feels so good, ohhhhhhh.”

And as she went through the whole scene in detail, she thrust and
counter thrust along with his own thrusts and counter thrusts.

She felt him reach down for her little orbs hanging pendulously from her

He squeezed and kneaded and felt them. Oh, he really knew how to turn
her on. Oh, it was so nice. It was really great. He pinched and kneaded
the nipples, he pulled them, he twisted them under his fingers.

He felt her under her arms, he felt her in her shaven armpits. The
feeling of his touch there raised her erotic temperature thirty degrees.

She sucked her finger then, imagining her finger was none other than
Manny’s dick. She sucked on it. She passed her tongue all over it. She
licked his lovely balls and listened to him moan and squirm in pleasure.

She held the stiff staff in her hand and lowered her mouth down on it
again. She inserted her tongue in the widened pee slit, that looked like
a little mouth. She tongued all around it and tasted his pre-come fluid.

She ate her way around the head and tongued all along the ridge. She
held back the foreskin and showed the prick so lovely and fleshy and
hard. She lapped down and up the shaft and took the whole cock into her
mouth again, eating right up to the balls.

The imaginary cock, or the cock on celluloid, rather, having a certain
reality of its own, swelled and neared its point of coming.

“Hey, come,” she was saying in her mind to Manny and his cock. “Oh,
please, come in my mouth, oh, please, oh, it tastes so good. Mmmmmmm.”

And his celluloid cock would come in her mouth. She would milk it dry
with her mouth and swallow the gallons of fluid. Right now she was
tasting the stuff, all the while beating her own meat, inserting fingers
again and again up her hungry, never satisfied cunthole.

She managed to dig her fingers in very deeply, giving herself a modicum
of satisfaction. It was nothing like having a prick up her, Manny’s
prick, she finally decided, but it was still exciting.

She massaged her clit to a point of fulfillment. It was fantastic. It
got all hot and bothered and erect and the feeling was one of waves
passing over and over her pussy.

She touched herself everywhere between her legs, outside and inside the
outer pussy lips, outside and inside the inner pussy lips, then way
inside her tight pussy hole.

“Ohhhhhh,” she moaned, feeling the highest, hottest spasm coming over
her yet.

“Hey, you look sexy and feel so good,” the picture seemed to be saying
back to her. She eyed it between her legs and felt she did indeed see
the dick of the photograph swell, or enlarge, as it were, to magical

At last she came, and came again. Her pussy hole vibrated and sweated
its fluid. She seemed to have reams and reams of fluid yet left in her.
It was so good to shed it at last. The spasms rose to their heights and

She toppled to the throw rug on the floor, all imaginary cocks having
since returned to their realms of unreality.

She was left, a satisfied young girl.

She looked at the clock. It was nearly twelve thirty. She wondered if
she was going to masturbate her life away, alone. Well, at least for the
remaining three weeks. And that seemed like a lifetime.

She went to the restroom and found an empty shower. She bathed the sweat
and cunt juice of many orgasms away, and the prick juice of her
rendezvous with Manny. It felt so good, the warm, soapy water flooding
over her body.

She dug the handle of her hairbrush up her, letting it give her maximum

Then she towel dried herself and returned to her room. She thought she’d
try to borrow Susie’s vibrator. She needed a lot of variety in her three
weeks of forced sexual solitude, aside from her meetings with Manny.

Chapter 4

Mrs. Goody, who had founded and named the school which Jody and Susie
attended, lived, retired, in a little house on the edge of the campus, a
stone’s throw from the woodshed.

Jody had never paid too much attention to it before. She and Manny
passed it on their way to their frequent screwing sessions in the
woodshed, where Jody had learned so much about the human anatomy.

On this particular occasion, she was passing alone to meet Manny and she
saw a car pull up to the little house at the edge of the wooded area.
Mrs. Goody got out with a bag of groceries and motioned the driver away.

There was something about the way Mrs. Goody moved, even at this
distance, that roused Jody’s attention. It was the brisk way she moved
her stiff figure, that caused Jody to feel that maybe she could learn
something from the retired, former headmistress.

She looked ahead, on this Saturday afternoon, to see if Manny had beat
her as usual. He hadn’t. She walked the few yards further to the
woodshed and poked her face at the cobwebbed window.

It was dark inside. There was no trace of movement, no trace of Manny.

Jody decided to while away some of her spare time, while she waited for
Manny, in spying on Mrs. Goody.

She had to be careful, though. She didn’t want Mrs. Goody to get the
wrong idea. She was there merely to pick up a little harmless
information, an innocuous enough goal.

But of course, it was, in a sense, trespassing. She tiptoed quietly
along the path, and as she neared the house, snuck along from tree to
tree. A meager amount of snow had fallen and covered the path and the
ground alongside it. Finally she was at the last tree before sneaking to
the window through which she thought sure she could get a good look at
Mrs. Goody. She pressed close to the side of the house, letting only her
nose and eyes pass beyond the edge of the window.

It happened to be the kitchen she was looking into. She pulled back,
just as she saw Mrs. Goody pull her head out of the refrigerator. She
had put all her groceries away, except for a package of celery stalks
sitting on the kitchen table.

Jody’s curiosity was at once sparked. Could it be that Mrs. Goody was
making a celery stew? Or could it be something else she was making,
namely herself.

Mrs. Goody picked up the bag of celery and headed through the door into
the next room.

Jody had to slide along to the next window to keep up with her. The next
window let in on the livingroom.

But Mrs. Goody didn’t remain long here either. She merely passed through
it on the way to the next room.

This time, Jody had to circle one quarter of the house, to find the next
window, the window that let in on Mrs. Goody’s bedroom. And just as she
came up to it, the draw drape snapped shut in front of her nose.

Luckily, Jody found a hole where the drape didn’t quite meet the edge of
the window. It was through this crack that she peeped and witnessed the
most interesting actions which, if known to the student body in general,
would provide them all with gossip enough to last several weeks.

Mrs. Goody had sat down and spread-eagled on her bed. It was a large and
comfortable double bed, with a chenille bedspread on top.

Jody’s eyes bugged out of her head. Mrs. Goody was pushing up her skirt
and latching on to her long johns, those flannel panties that extended
nearly the length of her slip.

There must have been a slit in them, like in men’s long johns, because
she saw Mrs. Goody’s whole fist disappear up it. The bag of celery lay
alongside her on the bed.

At the same time, the other of Mrs. Goody’s expert hands, that must have
many times been used to smack children’s hands that had caressed wrong
parts of their anatomy, now went up to caress parts of her own.

Jody saw her pull her cardigan sweater open, button by button, and
expose her whole chest. It was covered by the top part of a cotton slip
and, beneath that was a pink bra.

Off came the skirt, and then the bra, too, was loosened. It didn’t come
off, but merely was pulled up above her tits.

Those tits! Jody had seen nothing like them. They were huge and loose.
They fell, as the breasts of old women are wont to do, clear down to her

And Jody saw her take first one, and then the other tit in her hand and
massage it. She saw Mrs. Goody’s old, aged head go back against the
pillow her whole body was propped against, against the headboard.

Her face, in ecstasy, looked ten years. younger. Jody judged her actual
age to be around seventy. So even old people do it! She was amazed, Jody
was. There was so much to learn in her life.

Jody wanted to learn everything. If she spied enough, she probably
would, it looked like.

Meanwhile, she would learn all she could from Mrs. Goody, who was giving
a free lesson in human masturbation before her eyes.

Jody had to congratulate herself on her astuteness. She had fingered a
book on body language in the bookstore and she picked up enough
information to be of use to her. She had picked up enough vibrations
from Mrs. Goody’s bouncy walk to know that she, Mrs. Goody, was up to
some hanky-panky.

She watched the old, lined hands grasp at her hanging tits and massage
the nipples. Her face had the look of an angel on it. Her eyes, cracked
around with lines; were half closed.

First one huge tit was palmed. Jody saw the fingers, bent with
arthritis, touch the nipples, still healthy looking and brown. Then,
Jody saw the amazing.

Mrs. Goody’s tit was so large, that she managed to cup it and bring it
halfway up to her mouth.

Then her face went down, and she was actually able to suck her own tit.
It was awkward, however, and she could not do it for long. Then she
stuck her red tongue out of her mouth as far as she could, and licked
all over first one nipple, and then the other.

Jody’s eyes were bugging out. She wished she could reach through the
glass storm windows and move the curtain back further, so she could see

As it was, she was forced to squint, one eye at a time, through the

But she got to see lots as it was.

The best was yet to come.

Jody watched as her hand went down between her legs and pulled her skirt
all the way up now, and pushed her long johns way down to her loins.
Over the elastic of the waistband, Jody could glimpse a great gray bush,
or rather the upper extremes of it.

It was the beginnings of the large expanse of her forest of pubic hair.
Mrs. Goody was looking down her long johns now and chuckling, obviously
enjoying the sight and feel of what lurked beneath it.

Her hands and arthritic fingers set up a rubbing motion deep in her
panties. Jody longed to see. She wished Mrs. Goody would pull her long
johns down the rest of the way.

But it was probably cold in her bedroom. At her age, she wouldn’t want
to catch cold. It could be the end.

She, Jody, was thinking maybe Mrs. Goody could come and speak at Susie’s
future masturbation course. There could be a unit on masturbation for
senior citizens.

Of course, Mrs. Goody would do nothing of the sort. Jody wished she’d
brought her camera. A picture or two would have been interesting fodder
for future discussions between her and Susie on female masturbation.

She saw Mrs. Goody pant and moan soundlessly through the closed window,
as she rubbed her clitoris again and again. She spread her soft white
thighs on the bed and fingered her tits again simultaneously. She rubbed
her hairy underarms and sucked on her arthritic fingers. She jabbed her
fingers up her cunt. At least, that was what Jody supposed she was

Then, surprise of surprises, Jody saw Mrs. Goody, the former
headmistress and founder of Mrs. Goody’s School of Girls, stick a finger
up her back puckered hole.

Jody was hysterical. She just couldn’t believe it. And she could view
this because Mrs. Goody was pulling her longjohns all the way down to
her knees, after all.

Now her whole hairy pussy was exposed on the big, chenille covered bed.
Her white hair, cut short and curly around her lined face, was bobbing
up and down on her head, with every move of her finger on her pussy.

Her face seemed to look towards the window, and Jody ducked quickly. It
made her, Jody, remember that Manny was coming and perhaps already at
the woodshed. It brought her back to reality, and though she didn’t want
to leave this scene that was providing the scoop of the semester, she
knew Manny would be able to appreciate it.

She looked back towards the woodshed. The door to it was on the other
side the tiny building about one hundred yards away.

Jody started to whistle softly, but She realized that Mrs. Goody would
probably hear her before Manny would.

Then she got the idea to throw a snowball in the direction that Manny
might be watching. She couldn’t hope to reach the front door of the
shed, itself, but if she could catch his attention, that would suffice.

So she kept on scooping snow up, meager as it was, and forming small
snowballs that she heaved with all her thirteen-year-old might towards
the path that led back to the campus.

In a minute she saw Manny’s head peep around the side of the building.
She waved frantically for him to come this way.

Then, when he got close enough to see her, she lay a finger across her
mouth and motioned for him to be silent.

Manny tiptoed along the path, crunchy with snow, and got within talking
distance. When he was about to open his mouth and greet her, she again
motioned him to be quiet and he came up to her.

He kissed her in greeting but Jody was too excited and pulled away,
stepping aside from her perch so Manny could see the scene that she had

And Manny saw it. He saw Mrs. Goody, famous retiree of his sister
school, with her pants down and her bra up, on her double four-poster
bed, jacking herself off.

Manny was beside himself with laughter. He couldn’t help it. Here was
the most conservative, supposedly, member of the school community,
getting off on her own flesh. It was too much!

He watched more closely. She had two fingers up her widened, old cunt
hole and jabbed into it again and again.

He saw her make the moans of pleasure, although he could not really hear

She widened her thighs and he saw the incredible mass of her hairy gray
cunt. It was a wonderful. She rocked back and forth and up and down on
the bed. First she used her fingers, first this way and then that.

Then Jody pushed her way back into the little slit of space and saw
finally what the bag of celery was for.

It was not for crunching on. It was not for stuffing with peanut butter.
It was not for stuffing at all, unless you imagine it to be for stuffing
up her vagina.

In which case you would be right. She broke the seal on the bag and
opened the top. She pulled out the whole hunk of celery and broke a
nice, green healthy looking stalk off, with plenty of leaves at the top.

Without even bothering to wash off the stalk, certain to be a bit grimy,
from all the celery Jody had seen her mother clean, at least, Mrs. Goody
plunged the tip of the stalk straight up her hole.

Then even they heard her groan. It was a faint groan, but a groan all
right. That’s how loud it was. It penetrated even the window.

She rotated the stalk around and around her cunt. “Ohhhhhh,” they saw
her moan, as she plunged the stalk in and out of her twat.

Then she turned the stalk around and actually used it like a feather
duster, brushing the lush looking greens over her hairy gray cunt and
arousing her clit into excitement once more.

Manny and Jody nearly exclaimed aloud. They were so amazed and so
enchanted with the sight.

Jody mimicked the stick of celery up her cunt and made bumps and grinds,
as she stood in the snow, feigning the stalk of celery in her hand.

Manny laughed silently. He would do nothing to terminate this incredible
view of Mrs. Goody. It was a voyeur’s delight.

“How long do you think she’s been doing this?” whispered Manny.

“Shhhh!” said Jody.

Mrs. Goody seemed to look up just then and towards the window. But she
couldn’t possibly have seen them. They were well concealed behind the
folds of the curtain, having pulled back just in time. No doubt she had
just heard a strange sound.

The sound of giggling teens, to be sure, but an undefinable sound, as
she entered her aged throes of orgasm.

They watched her thrust the celery stalk in and out, in and out, and
arouse Mrs. Goodie to the point of no return.

She began writhing around on the bed, as if this were her last stalk of
celery ever.

She broke another stalk off then and kept titillating her clit with the
feathery greens, while she continued fucking herself with the stalk of
the other.

It was truly an amazing sight.

Jody was glad that on that Saturday, she and Manny had planned their
rendezvous as usual at the old woodshed. They had gotten much in return.

They figured there wasn’t much more to watch. They continued to look at
the old lady get her rocks off on the celery.

Jody wondered if then she ate it afterwards. She didn’t have long to
wait to find out.

Mrs. Goody didn’t even bother going to the kitchen and washing off the
cunt juice. She merely put the stalks to her mouth, one by one, and ate
them, seeming to relish in their garnish of erotic juices and groin

Jody and Manny nearly sank to the white ground in fits of hysterical

The show was surely over then. Just to make sure, they eyed the slit in
the curtain once more.

Mrs. Goody was rolling off the bed now, and pulling her clothes back on
piece by piece.

First she pulled up the long johns. Then she pulled her bra back,
putting her huge boobies back into their cups.

Then she put the rest of her clothes on again. Fully dressed, she
suddenly headed for the window where the teens were watching her.

Before they could move away, Mm. Goody quick pulled the sash of the
drapes and they came tumbling open, exposing herself and her bedroom to
the full view of the boy and girl, and Jody and Manny to her view.

They heard her scream and ran like wild fire in the direction of the

“Oh my gosh,” gasped Jody, running hard and trying to keep up with her
boyfriend. “What if she recognized us?”

“She didn’t,” said Manny, running as fast as his long legs could carry
him, which was pretty fast.

He turned around once, and realized that she, Mrs. Goody, could easily
look out another window and see in which direction they were headed.

He wondered if it was wise to stop at the woodshed at all, no matter how
much he and Jody wanted their rocks off.

When they arrived, they plunged through the door and slammed it shut
behind them, panting heavily.

They found themselves in the semi-dark of late afternoon. All was as
they had left it. Tousled blankets on the floor, with the imprint of any
number of girls’ hips on the top blanket.

“Will she come here?” asked Manny. “What do you think?”

“I want to have sex with you,” answered Jody. “I haven’t come all this
way for nothing. I NEED you, Manny, please. If she comes, let her look.
We can fasten the door shut. At least, if she looks, we’ll have one up
on her too.”

“No, I think she’ll have two up on us. She’ll have us for window-peeping
and for fornicating. All the rules are in favor of the adults, not the

“Right you are,” said Jody thoughtfully. “But I don’t know where else we
can fuck, do you?”

“No,” answered her boyfriend, as he saw Jody’s pretty face in the dim
light, flushed from running.

“She’s not going to go looking for trouble, I don’t think,” said Jody.
But She realized her erotic feelings were getting the best of her. She
was incapable, in that moment, of making an objective decision.

Already the memory of that scene was turning her on. And so was the
vibes she was getting from being with her handsome and sexy boyfriend.

He gave off a lot of warmth, making the air degrees warmer all about
him, it seemed. At least, Jody was always aware of it. She always kidded
him about the heat his sexuality generated.

She thought there must be some truth in that. At any rate, her hands
dropped to her groin and she began masturbating herself.

She’d worn a jacket and jeans and long socks under her jeans. Her pants
were very tight.

Manny turned her around and she pirouetted before him, her round ass
cheeks the picture of sexiness.

They couldn’t NOT make love. They both knew it and there was no further

They tumbled down on the mound of blankets and began tearing at each
other’s clothes.

Jody started for Manny’s huge basket, grabbing at his fly and trying to
rip the zipper open.

She succeeded and she pulled the beautiful cock out of its cage, that
is, out of the jocks in which they were sequestered, and she began madly
rubbing and jacking off the lovely, smooth projection.

“Oh, eat me, eat me,” he moaned.

“I will, I will,” Jody moaned hungrily, trying to contain her arduous

She hungered for his cock, she really and truly did. She took the cock
into her mouth and sucked on it, looking up at his face now and then to
see his reaction.

His head was thrown back and he was moaning with pleasure.

Jody was pleased. She loved satisfying her man, even at the ripe age of

She licked all over his shaft and licked around the sensitive ridge. She
took her favorite instrument in her hand and flagged it up and down,
setting the glans on fire.

She heard Manny begin moaning. He rocked forward and back on his legs,
bumping and grinding to her expert sucking exertions she was performing
on his sensitive cock.

She sucked harder and harder. She ate him all the way to the balls. Then
she slid her tongue down the shaft and back to the head. He went crazy
with desire.

“Should I keep eating you or do you want to put it in me?” asked Jody.
She knew he would be capable of getting it up as many more times as
there were minutes left.

She said, “I’ll eat you, honey, Manny, and swallow it all. Every bit of
it. You know how I love to do that.”

“Okay, honey,” he answered, loving her all the more, in that minute, and
nodding his approval.

She kept sucking him off. She repeated all the motions of her tongue,
riding up and down the prick, up and over his flaccid balls, and even
around his solid, muscular ass cheeks.

She held tight onto his ass cheeks then, and ate him to the end.

“Nghnghngh,” he was moaning just as his semen broke and spurted into her
eager, waiting mouth.

In that moment, as Jody began eating and swallowing the delicious come,
a shadow passed across the nearly dark room.

They both started up, looking instinctively toward the window. There, in
the flesh, and with her winter coat on, stood Mrs. Goody, delighting in
her spying.

The kids were frantic. Manny drew up his pants, his prick still dripping
with come, and plunged his dick into his jocks.

When his belt was fastened the kids tore toward the door, wanting to get
the hell out of the woodshed, but not having the slightest idea what to
expect on the other side.

It felt so nice to her, to have a big solid shaft in her little hands.
She looked down at it, and her hand, expanded around the thick base,
looked so small in comparison. She bent down and kissed the tip of his
shaft, and a drop of lubricating cream formed a pearl on the tip.

“Lick it again,” he said.

She bent down and her tongue lapped up the drop of cream. He was really
steaming, and she felt her power over him. She could do anything to him.
She could make him happy, very happy, or perfectly happy. Or, she could
just turn on her little fanny and walk off.

She decided to break down and give him the best blow-job he ever had.
Getting down on her knees, she enveloped the huge throbbing cock,
letting her tongue flutter over it.

“Oh, that’s great. That feels great!”

She would have smiled, but her mouth was stuffed with hot meat. Her
hands came up and embraced the hot sausage. It was just too big to
maintain that heavy thrust, in and out of her mouth, and her little jaws
were getting tired.

Now, by holding onto the shaft, she could allow just a few inches to
penetrate her mouth, and she could jerk-off the part of his long shaft
that was clinched in her fist.

He loved the idea. His body broke out into gestures, twitches, of sheer
pleasure, and she could see that her little sporting movements were
being appreciated.

She closed her eyes, trying to remember the sensation of sucking on a
big cock, so she could duplicate it at any time, even if she didn’t
happen to have a big cock handy. She was trying to think of things she
could use instead. A hot dog, of course, she thought. Maybe a dildo,
certainly that’d be a gas!

Suddenly his hands came down and seemed to grasp her with new urgency,
as though he was about to lose all control of himself. She was right. He
started to ravish her mouth, his long thick cock going in and out of her
so quickly she felt her mind clouding up. It was almost impossible to
tell when, but she knew what was coming.

She could see, when she opened her eyes, his underbelly, coming at her.
Her nose would bump against it, at every downbeat.

“That feels just great!”

She let a hand slide down and cup his balls. It was getting hard on her,
just taking in his giant cock, and she wanted it over soon. She wanted
him to finish.

“Oh, baby! Your fingers feel so nice on my balls,” he moaned, looking
down at her.

She stopped everything for a moment.

“Give my jaw a rest!” she moaned.

He could see that she needed it, and he just stood there, waiting for
her to start again. He petted her, and touched the corners of her mouth,
where there was moisture from his driving cock, mixed with her saliva.

“That feels really good. Is it hard to do?” he asked.

She didn’t want to say it was, because she liked doing it and wanted to
finish. She shook her head, indicating that it wasn’t. “It’s just such a
big cock, I need a rest.”

He smiled, seemingly pleased with the thought. He watched as her lips
began to flirt with his cock again. He also, was wondering how he could
ever duplicate this wonderful feeling if he didn’t have a little girl’s
mouth to shove his cock into.

He couldn’t think of anything that could feel quite like that,
especially when she grabbed the hot shaft in her fist, and fluttered her
tongue over the tip until the bolts of hot cream came erupting out, all
over her little mouth and chin.

“Wow! That feels nice!”

His whole body was shivering with pleasure, and his cock was shooting
out hot jets of come, as she squeezed him, prolonging his orgasm, taking
most of his come in her mouth.

It was bittersweet. She swallowed it down without great effort, and
licked on his cock for a moment afterwards. Then, she felt his hand
tugging at her hair and she moved away from him.

Suddenly, he was between her legs, playing with her little pussy again.
He hadn’t forgotten her. He let his fingers fuck her. Two of them
entered her, and then another finger suddenly slid deeply into her anus.

She was stunned, shocked, with pleasure. She began to hump at him, her
hips gyrating down on his hand, and her whole body flooded with the hot
combination of sensations she was feeling. It was so nice to have her
clitoris, cunt, and asshole massaged at the same time. She came in a few
moments, but she didn’t let on. She wanted him to keep trying. She
wanted him to make her come again.

He seemed to be getting tired also, or at least his fingers were, and he
moved his hand away after ten minutes. She was sweaty and exhausted, and
she’d already came anyway, so she thought that perhaps that was the end
of it for the time being, but then, she felt his hands parting her legs
just as she closed them.

He was far from done with her. Now, he was going to let her have the
full force of his tongue on her little love button.

“Oh, are you going to …?”


His tongue started at her thighs, sucking and lapping at the smooth,
silky skin. Her inner thighs were a delight, and he lingered, although
he was hungry for the taste of her little bush, throbbing just above his

He smiled before he went down on her, smiled with the awareness that he
was going to drive her right out of her little mind, on the fucking
spot, with his tongue.

“Get ready!”

His voice had a warning ring to it, and she tensed. He seemed to mean
it. His eyes shown with intensity, with a twinkle that combined mischief
with purpose.

It occurred to her that he could drive her mad, at least for awhile. She
decided to welcome it, to lie back, spread her lovely thighs, and
welcome it.

It came! His tongue covered her entire crotch. It’s swooping licks ran
from her pussy and clitoris, way back to her asshole, as he held the
balls of her buttocks tightly in his hands, keeping her in just the
right spot so that his beating tongue could lay it down on her with the
proper degree of sensation.

She closed her eyes and committed her attention to his beating tongue.
In no time at all, she was in heaven, transported by the flood of
pleasure that enveloped her; made her limbs dance with joy!

“I’m coming! Oh! That feels so wonderful! I’m coming!” she moaned,
whimpering with delight.

He didn’t miss a stroke of his whipping, tongue laying it down on her as
she almost struggled to get away from the source of her pleasure and
near-insanity. It was the hardest thing she ever had to sit still for,
even though it felt so heavenly.

Her head was clouding quickly, and she felt as though her entire being
was centered in her genitals, specifically, at the point where his
tongue was beating her.

“Oh, I can’t stand it another minute!”

This time, she did come, her body dancing, twitching, going crazy under
the beating tongue!

“Oh! oh, I can’t stand it another minute!” do that before,” she
whimpered, her head swimming.

He smiled as he registered her responses. He knew he was driving her
wild, and he wanted her to remember that he had that power, and could
duplicate the delights he led her to.

Her body, sweating and jerking, spine tight, went into a crazy
tarantella of motions, her hands grasping his head close to her flaming
little pussy.

Soon she was done, and her spine relaxed. He could sense her orgasm, and
he kept up his tongue-beating through it, but then stopped when she was

When she looked up, his face was covered with her pussy dew, and he was
smiling. She knew it was over. Her body told her that it had to be over,
for the moment. But, she knew it would happen again!

His cock was very hard, and he let it out slowly. The little girl looked
at it, let her little fist close around the base.

“I’m going to lick it like a lollipop!” she said, sensing his delight.

She bent her head.

Chapter 5

What kept life interesting in New England, was the constant arrival of
new kids. Whenever Mr. MacIntyre’s school got a new bus load, or even
just a few new heads, it was soon common knowledge around Mrs. Goody’s

“You should see this one,” Susie confided to Jody.

“What’s so special about him?”

“Well, I just saw him for a few minutes, but he is good looking, and he
gave me that look with his eyes, you know?”

The girls giggled. They’d both learned to recognize the look in a boy’s
eyes when he was stalking a girl.

“So you think he had the hots for you?”

“I’m telling you!” Susie insisted.

“Well, what’s his name?”

“Gregg. Manny checked it out for me. He didn’t look too happy about
doing it, but he did. He does want to keep me feeling good about him,”
Susie said.

“Well, I guess I know why. Alright, let’s check out this Gregg
character,” Jody consented.

It was late, however, and they’d have to draw up a plan of action. In
the meanwhile, they were both getting hot just from talking about this
new kid, Gregg, and they both wanted to feel the sweet friction of sex
on their young cunts right away.

“I’m horny now!” Jody moaned.

She moved out on her bed, stretching, opening up her legs and beginning
to stroke her blonde little honey pot with her fingers. She’d developed
some interesting techniques, and was able to get a finger up her ass, as
she massaged her own clitoris and finger-fucked herself.

Susie looked on, watching the blonde girl work up a sweat, moaning and
sweating, humping her torso up, as though there were a man on top of

Susie loved to watch Jody masturbate. She loved to see anyone in a state
of sexual delirium, and Jody reached that orbit quickly, and knew how to
hold onto it, making it last.

Jody brought her other hand up and began to pinch her nipples, making
the little mushrooms taut and perky.

“Oh, Gregg! Stick it in me!” Jody moaned.

Susie almost laughed at that, but she could understand it, and it made
her want to do the same thing. She felt her own pussy get wet, and her
own little hand dropped down to her delta, which was more than ripe for
some action.

Susie stretched out on the bed with Jody, and began to masturbate
herself, her own fingers penetrating deeply into her little twat.

The action got complicated within a few minutes, and the girl’s started
working on each other. Sex seemed to occupy so much of their time, of
their thoughts, that any hang-ups they ever had were fair game to go out
the window.

Jody loved having her cunt lapped, and she closed her eyes as it was
happening, imagining herself surrounded by beautiful boys, all of them
fighting for an inch of her skin to lick with their tongues.

While her head flooded with this fantasy, she licked at Susie’s twat,
noticing Susie’s wild physical responses, the way the little girl bucked
and kicked, and got very hard to hold onto as the action went on and on.

Soon Susie was coming, and she tightened her smooth thighs around Jody’s
head just a little too tight, but the blonde girl held on, not
complaining, knowing that Susie probably had her own fantasy built up,
and she didn’t want to snap her back to reality until she’d come.

Jody also had a good distraction going for her, and the pressure of
Susie’s thighs on her head didn’t seem to matter much in the face of all
the pleasure she was receiving from the girl’s tongue.

Susie’s little breasts tempted Jody, and she found herself seeking them
out, pinching the taut nipples. Susie’s responses increased, and not
only that, but she started to reciprocate, and soon Jody was feeling
herself totally involved, almost to the point where she didn’t need her
fantasies anymore, and could get off on just what was happening.

Fantasies are fun though, she thought, and didn’t cross them off her
list of things to enjoy. It was just that, when they weren’t needed, why

“Oh! I need a big cock inside me!” Jody moaned.

Susie couldn’t provide that action, but she did dig deeper into the
blonde’s pussy lips with her tongue, making Jody moan and throb, her
whole body shaking in the delights of terminal orgasm. Yes, the little
blonde was coming, her whole being absorbed in the sweet sensual tongue
that was licking at her cunt!

“Oh that’s nice!”

“I’m coming soon!”

“I’m coming NOW!” Jody blurted out.

It was the last coherent thing she said for the next few moments, during
which time, she was in a sexual delirium, matched equally by Susie, who
was also feeling the powerful, purposeful stroking of Jody’s own tongue
on her own little bush.

The two girls came together, in a rhapsody of sensations that filled
them both with thrills they needed desperately, and appreciated

“Wow! That was nice!” Jody said, straightening up on the bed.

“Yeah! That was something. I’ll bet you were dreaming that Gregg and
five other Gregg’s were laying it into you,” Susie said, causing them
both to giggle.

“Dreams are nice, sometimes,” Jody said, reflectively.

“So’s having your bush sucked,” Susie added and again, a fit of giggles
flooded the room.

The girls went to sleep that night, their fires somewhat put at ease,
but their appetites, still strong and distinct.

Jody wanted to check out this new boy, Gregg, and she knew how she was
going to play it. Through Manny. Manny would cooperate, if she promised
him the right thing.

As soon as she got a chance to speak to him, she set up a meeting with
the new boy, but it would have to wait until the weekend. Manny was
insistent about that. It was only Wednesday, and Jody wasn’t the patient
type. But, she reasoned, the weekend is better than nothing, and she
could hold on. This Gregg had better be good, she thought, but didn’t
say out loud.

Manny wanted some pussy, but she held him off. First of all they were in
the woods, and she didn’t like taking risks like that if she could help
it, not in the afternoon.

He got kind of insistent, and he finally talked Jody into just showing
him her tits.

“I just want to suck on them,” he said, as soon as they were out.

She watched his little mouth cover the taut buttons of her nipples. His
demands always started small and increased. She watched him take his
cock out and begin to stroke it himself. She knew she could have reached
down and helped him, but it excited her to watch a boy jerk-off, and she
told him she’d pose for him like a magazine picture, if he’d lie down in
the grass with her, and jerk himself off.

“Hey, that’s a wild idea!” he delighted.

“But you can’t touch me. You can just tell me how you want me to pose.”

“That’s fair. Wow! That’s wild.”

He seemed to like the idea, and it appealed to her also, to be a sexual
object, and at the same time not be touched. She wanted to see him
jerking it, getting himself off on just the sight of her.

Jody stretched out on the grass, on her side, opening her blouse and
lifting her skirt, pulling her underpants down so that her little bush
was exposed.

Manny got down, just a few feet from her, fully dressed, except his huge
cock was protruding from his zipper, and his hands were busy playing
with his thick rod.

“Put your hands over your head. Like, put them on the crown of your
head, and jut those tits out at me!”

She did what he said. She felt like a magazine model.

“Wow! That’s pretty. Now I can really concentrate. Jody, lick your lips
for me. I like to see them glistening wet.”

Jody smiled, her eyes burning deeply into his, and she licked her lips,
her tongue making a great show of moistening them.

Manny’s cock was pulsing in his hands. He was moist, and looked like he
was going to explode any minute.

“Jody, put your mouth over it!”

“Now Manny, you know that isn’t part of the game,” she said, thrusting
her breasts out more.

She wanted her image, the sight of her, to be enough for him. That, in
some mysterious way, pleased the hell out of her.

Manny wanted more, she could tell that, but she wanted to see a boy jerk
himself off. She wanted to see the come shoot out of his cock, while his
own hands were working it.

“Come on, Manny, let yourself come!”

“Jody, your little pussy looks so good. Let me kiss it for you just

“You know where that’ll lead. We already set the rules, Manny, so you
might as well come. You like my breasts?”

She jutted them up more, and then, just to drive him wild, she bent her
head way down and lifted one of her tits up, so that she could just
barely touch the nipple with her own tongue.

That was what finally got to him, and soon he was spilling, shooting
bolts of come out of his cock.

“Oh Jody! You’re so pretty!”

She looked at his cock, as the hot bolts shot towards her, and she had
to move quickly to avoid the deluge. Even so, she got a few drops of his
sticky come on her breasts and blouse.

He finished shooting and rested on the grass a moment. His cock was
sticky, and he took out a handkerchief and wiped it off.

“Wow! That was nice but it could have been nicer,” he said, looking at
her as if she’d denied him the real goodies.

“Look, Manny. You have to be ready to try knew kicks. That was a great
kick. I got off just watching you do that.”


“Yeah, sure. That was great. You look so strong and manly with that hot
come shooting out of your cock.”

“Sorry I got it on your blouse.”

“Oh, it washes off. Now don’t forget this weekend. I want to meet Gregg,
and I want you to tell him something for me, alright?” she asked.

“Sure. What?”

“Tell him that I have a beautiful body, and that I’m a real hot bitch.
Tell him that of all the girls here, I’m the one everyone wants. You can
do that, can’t you?”

Manny grinned. She sure could manipulate, but then, it wasn’t far from
the truth. Jody was a piece of ass, and everyone knew it.

“Don’t be surprised if he knows all about you already,” Manny said.

“From who?”

Manny shrugged, doing his blank, almost poker-face, and she knew she’d
received as much information as she was going to get from him. Well,
alright, she’d gotten what she wanted, and the weekend would be on them
in a few short days.

Manny and Jody parted in the woods, both going away with their own
feelings, with their own rewards for what had just happened.

By Thursday, Jody was tense. She’d snuck around MacIntyre’s place a few
times, but she didn’t see anyone new, let alone a dark-haired,
well-muscled guy named Gregg. She was getting more and more impatient.

Thursday night in bed, she conjured up a picture of what Gregg should
look like up close, and she used it, locking it in her mind, to allow
herself to masturbate. She heard the springs of the bed begin to make
their characteristic squeaks, as her finger humping got out of hand, and
she had to slow down. Jody didn’t want to make her kicks public.

“Oh, Gregg!” she whispered, almost seeing his face, her eyes shut tight,
her little fingers stirring up her hot bush, the balls of her ass
rotating down on her fingers as they entered her bush. She let a hand
come up and begin to massage her nipples, imagining that it was Gregg’s
hand, coming up to appreciate the lightly halloed, perfection of her

She was whimpering, working so hard the sheets were covered with sweat,
her little ass rotating down, as her fingers penetrated her bush and
stirred it up. She let her pinky slide into her ass, and loved the
complex of sensations that rushed at her. What a wonderful fantasy,
Gregg provided. She didn’t even really know what he looked like, and she
could construct him in her mind, make him even more perfect than anyone
could ever hope to be.

“Oh Gregg! I’m coming! Oh Gregg! Work on my pussy with your tongue,

Her nipples got sore and she returned her hands to her cunt, really
concentrating on her little clitoris which seemed to be the easiest to

Her young body, aching for a man, was finding its own satisfaction in
her masturbating, but it was a satisfaction that required intense

She thought of Manny, lying on the grass stroking his long cock, jerking
it like mad, looking at her as she posed for him. That had been a kick.

The next image that filled her head, and the one that took her over the
line and into a wave of orgasmic bliss, was of. Manny, jerking his cock
to her image, while Gregg gave it to her in her pussy with his own stiff

She loved to imagine herself being needed and desired by many men, and
the thought of pleasing them both at once, and one without as much as a
touch, really caused her to steam up. Her little body went into a
furious dance, and the balls of her ass shook the sheets as they
rotated, pushing her cunt down on her stiff fingers.

“Gregg, I’m coming! Oh, Manny, jerk that hot cock for me!” she moaned,
as her body allowed her the release she craved for.

After she came, she wanted to get up and wash, but her body felt so
fatigued, so overcome by the activities of the past fifteen minutes,
that all she could do was lie there. She fell asleep, holding onto her
fantasy world until the great black abstraction of sleep took a final
hold on her.

Jody woke up and showered, feeling refreshed and alive at once. It was
Friday, and that meant that there was going to be some socializing. in
fact, there was a dance scheduled for that evening. Of course, there
would be chaperones up the ass, but that didn’t mean that two clever
young bodies couldn’t slide away and warm each other up.

The day drifted by, and she hardly paid any attention at all, being
caught up in the wonderful fantasies of Gregg. She’d gotten word of a
few new arrivals since the week began, but for some reason, and Susie
probably had a lot to do with it, Gregg stood out, and it was Gregg that
she was going to make her play for.

Of course it helped to have Manny as a partisan. He didn’t like setting
up another guy for some of her sweet little ass, but he’d do what he had
to do. Jody knew she had control of Manny, at least to a point, and if
she acted a certain way and took care of him also.

That was no problem before the dance, Jody and Susie helped each other

“I think I’ll skip the panties,” Jody said. “What?” Susie looked

“I said, I think I’ll just skip the panties. Won’t that be a thrill,
when he puts his hands up my skirt, and there’s only me up there!”

“Wow! That is an idea!” Susie said.

“Yeah, that’s what I’ll do.”

“But what if someone notices? I mean, how the hell would you explain
that one?”

“I can say I forgot. That’s all. I can just say I forgot!”

Jody said it again, seemingly to convince herself that her excuse
sounded realistic. At any rate, she’d decided to skip the panties, so
why worry about something you’re going to do anyway?

“You’re crazy,” Susie said, “but I like it!” Jody laughed. She liked
that kind of affirmation. She felt that she had balls, guts, when it
came to sex, and she wanted other girls to know that. She wanted people
to talk about her as a hot firecracker. That’s how she saw herself, most
of the time.

The dance started out slow, with the adults in full control. There was
very little booze, but just a little, slipped into cokes and consumed in
stalls in the bathrooms, and someone came up with an occasional joint of

Jody scanned the room for Manny, even long before most of the boys had
shown up. He didn’t seem to be in sight, and Susie was getting nervous,
because she wanted to get it on with Manny that night. They clung close
together, Susie and Jody, checking out the new arrivals, growing
impatient by eight o’clock.

A little before nine, Manny came storming in with Gregg, and they
approached the two girls right away. Jody and Susie had been mingling,
but they were so distracted that most of the people they talked to could
tell, and so after awhile, they kept to themselves. All of a sudden,
there they were! The boys they’d been waiting for!

“Susie, and Jody, I want you to meet Gregg. He’s new at MacIntyre’s.”

Manny beamed, as though he’d been bred especially for formal

“Hello, girls. So you’re Jody,” Gregg said, taking her arm at once and
leading her onto the dance floor.

It just so happens they were playing a slow record, and that bit of luck
gave Jody her first taste of things to come.

Gregg wasn’t shy at all, and he held her tightly around her waist, his
hand flat on her back, pushing her breasts to his chest. They had to be
careful, dancing like that, about who was standing close, but Jody
managed to devote one eye to scanning the area, making sure none of the
anti-happiness squad was around.

He was everything she’d conjured last night. He was around a foot taller
than she was, with curly black hair and a very tight body. Not an ounce
of extra meat anywhere, but just solid muscle, which she could feel
clearly defined through his white shirt and thin sports jacket.

Jody could also tell that Gregg knew how to hold a girl, and how to move
her around. Their bodies responded well to each other, and not at all
like they’d just met a moment ago.

She pressed her leg to his crotch, and he smiled, his hand moving
through the lavish blonde hair, to stroke the soft nape of her neck.

“Gregg, you really dance!”

“Jody, Manny’s been telling me I have to meet you. I see he was right
about that.”

She blushed, her pale skin filling with color, and her eyes lowered. He
kept staring at her, and stroking her nape with a soft hand.

They were dancing in such a way, that his back was to the wall, and Jody
wasn’t surprised when Gregg’s hand dropped from her waist and fell
lightly on the balls of her buttocks. He was very brazen, looking at her
eyes all the time, as his hand tightened, squeezing her, feeling the
tight shape of her young body.

“That feels nice,” she let out.

She wondered if he noticed that there was nothing on under the skirt. He
didn’t seem to, but, she figured him to be a quick one, and she thought
he might have guessed it the moment he looked at her.

It sure made a difference to her, wearing no panties. She could feel the
moist dew on her pussy already, and her thighs rubbed together in such a
way, that she was ready to take his cock out right there on the dance
floor! Now that would be a mistake, she told herself, snapping back to
sanity before it got too late.

The dance ended, but they stayed very close together. Soon though, they
felt self-conscious, and Jody especially, was afraid of a verbal
reprimand, so they just held hands, or that is, he took her by the hand,
and led her off the dance floor.

Some fast numbers came up and they sat them out, getting to know each
other a little, which was hard in the face of all that noise and

“Well, it has its advantages, like being close to MacIntyre’s place, for

She let out a laugh, and he could tell by the way she touched him, a
casual hand coming up and stroking his cheek, that he turned her on,
that she wanted him.

After all the things Manny told him about Jody, she was the only girl
there he even bothered to look at. She did live up to her description,
though. Her blonde hair was sweet and pretty, and her eyes were
something else again! Her body was young, but her breasts were fairly
full, and certainly well-formed.

He noticed the way her little nipples were clearly defined, even under
the white-on-white blouse, and the bra she was wearing. He could tell
from looking at her, and watching her act, that she was a total flirt,
and was probably only wearing a bra because she had to. He wondered if
she was wearing anything under that skirt.

The skirt was more-or-less regulation length, which meant that part of
her knees had to be covered, but he could see that her legs were
shapely, and he imagined that they retained their shapely texture all
the way up to her blonde bush.

Gregg suddenly got very hungry for her. There was a fast record on, and
he asked her to dance. He wanted to see some of that machinery she had
kick into gear. He wanted to see her shake it for him. He’d be able to
tell so much, just from the way she used her body on the dance floor.

The number had already started when they hit the floor, but Jody got
right into it. She could sense his eyes on her, and she let her hips do
the talking, as well as her breasts, pumping at him, her breasts doing a
splendid shimmy which she achieved through a skilled and practiced
motion of her shoulders.

Jody knew how to act out her fantasies, and dancing was, to her, a way
of inviting someone into her imagination. She was sure he was watching
her, imagining what he’d like to do to her. She worked up a sweat
quickly, beads of perspiration making her face glisten, making strands
of her blonde hair cling to her face, as the bulk of her mane floated
about her head and shoulders. Each time she jerked her head, her hair
took off in a sea of golden blonde motion, that seemed to excite him.

He was a good dancer also. He kept it simple, but he was precise and
sexy. So few boys knew how to really dance, that when a hot number came
up on the record player, most of the dance floor consisted of girls
dancing with girls.

Well, Gregg knew his steps, and he was laying them down nicely, even
though most of his attention was going into watching his partner, as her
breasts jutted and shimmied, as her hips rotated.

When she spun around, turning in quick, tight pirouettes, he could make
out the balls of her ass distinctly, and, jutting out as her buttocks
was, he decided that she had no panties on indeed. That was naked ass
under that thin skirt, if his senses could be trusted!

That inspired him, and he really laid some steps down, even doing a
half-split and bouncing back up, into a complicated dance step. Some of
the others, especially the girls, had stopped dancing, and were just
watching the two of them. Jody flushed with pride, as she and Gregg
proceeded to hypnotize many of the dancers and onlookers, with their
swift, sexy dancing.

Of course, the anti-happiness squad had to be taken into consideration,
and after that one quick dance, they had to lay low for awhile, and
return to a low profile. It didn’t matter. They’d already established
some very effective rapport, and Jody knew what was coming her way soon

She didn’t want to just have him once, this knew stud who promised every
kind of thrill she could conjure, in his eyes. She wanted to have him
again, and again, even if that meant she’d have to cater to his wishes,
break down a little for him. It would be worth it, she decided, watching
him wipe the sweat off of his face with a handkerchief.

He sure was one good looking guy, she thought to herself, loving the way
his hair, neatly combed in the beginning of the dance, began to fall all
over his forehead, over his ears. By the time the dance was over, he
looked like a wild man, and Jody liked the image of a wild man! That,
for sure, would be part of her next trip down fantasy lane.

They had some of the punch provided by the management, which was bland,
to say the least. Not only was there no booze at all, but there was very
little flavor at all.

Earlier in the evening, someone, who remained unidentified, poured some
vodka in the punch, and things were moving right along until one of the
chaperones got a whiff of what was going on and burned down the action,
making them remove the whole bowl, pour it in the toilet, and make a
second batch. As if in punishment, the second batch of punch was worse,
more bland, than the first.

“This shit’s terrible. I wish I had a bottle,” Gregg said to Jody.

Jody could tell what kind of a boy he was at once. His symbols were
direct and to the point. He was a wise ass, a tough. He was the kind of
guy who could hold his own, and did so! That excited her. She knew he’d
be more demanding, and maybe even take her over, in a lot of ways, but
he excited her, and that was that.

The mischief in his almost black eyes, was sparkling and clear. He gazed
across the dance floor, then looked at her, looking bored.

“Baby, we have to blow this place,” he said.

“But where can we go.”

Gregg smiled. At least it was established that she wanted to leave with
him. Now, all he had to do was work out where they’d go. Well, he
reasoned, there was always the woods. Yeah, that would do. But then, all
the older people associated with both schools had cars, which meant
there was a lot full of cars sitting around.

“Wanna hop a car and take a ride? We can find a nice quiet place to make
it, and then return. Nobody’d know,” he said.

Jody felt her heart jump. He was a wild one. First of all, she hadn’t
said she was going to make it with him. He’d assumed that. Of course, it
was true, but, she was used to holding the cards, or at least having the
illusion. Secondly, he wanted to steal a car. Now, that was a bit off
the wall!

She looked at him and realized that she’d never known anyone as wild as
him before. He wasn’t fooling. He was wild! Authority meant nothing to
him, and she could see it spelled out clearly on his face. He looked at
the adults as though they better leave him alone if they knew what was
good for them, and for some strange reason they did.

So he wanted to cop a car?! Well, Jody could see how that could be some
real fun! She didn’t know what to say. Perhaps the woods were better,
and less complicated.

“Let’s just go in the woods and get to know each other,” she whispered
in his ear.

He turned quickly, so that his lips touched hers before she even knew
what was happening. It was such a quick sudden kiss, it took her by
surprise. She flushed and looked around, wondering if anyone had

“You shouldn’t do that here! You’ll get us both in trouble!” she flared.

She was flattered, but his defiance scared her. She didn’t want to see
their party get busted up before it began. If the wrong eyes fell on
them, they were in trouble.

“Fuck trouble!” he said, rather loud.

She looked at him, and she started to laugh. He just sincerely didn’t
care about their rules and regulations.

Jody felt strange walking towards the exit door with him. She felt
differently than she’d ever felt. His defiance gave her strength, and
she felt like she was going to be free of the rules and regulations that
guided life at Goody’s, simply because he, Gregg, would teach her how to
operate around them.

Gregg had that look of strength, of pompous determination, always in his
face, and it made people respect him, even though he was a mere fifteen.
He already looked like he’d seen more than most people, and could deal
with whatever came up.

“We’ll have to leave carefully. Let me walk out first, and meet you in
fifteen minutes around the rear door.”

“I don’t know this place in the dark,” he protested.

“Alright, listen, to the left of the parking lot is a garden. It’ll be
empty. Got that?” she said.

He nodded his head. She flushed with pride, that she was directing him.
It filled her with a glow, that he even respected her judgement, her

“You first, Jody!’

He moved to kiss her, but she moved away, her eyes apologizing. She
didn’t want him to think he didn’t want to kiss her. Not at all! She
wanted him to know that, they could blow the whole thing, just by
rushing it and letting the wrong people see them.

To Gregg, it didn’t matter who saw what. Anyone who got in his way, had
to deal with him, and he could get rough if he wanted to. He often
wanted to, just out of sheer boredom.

He watched her walk out the exit door. Her ass was beautiful, even
better than he’d imagined. His mind drifted back to last night in bed.
Manny had befriended him, and then filled his head up with pictures of
this hot little piece of cake named Jody who wanted to meet him.

Gregg had taken the information in calmly, but later, alone in bed, his
cock began to twitch with anticipation. He couldn’t help dreaming up a
Jody, a picture, from what Manny had said. The long hair, the beautiful
eyes, the breasts, budding, with pale pretty nipples. And she was a
hungry bitch! That’s what Manny said. That Jody was hungry for cock! Not
any cock, although she sure could have any cock. She wanted Gregg.

Gregg had found himself stroking his cock, dreaming of her golden hair,
of her lips around his cock. Now, that he saw those pale lips, that
cute, pointy little chin, he couldn’t even hide the huge bulge in his
trousers. He had to touch her, to taste her, and nobody better get in
his way.

Gregg waited fifteen minutes, still playing back the incidents of last
night. Finally, he couldn’t stand it anymore, and began to stroke his
cock, then, humped the bed, shooting a thick load out into his

He’d felt silly, but he needed the relief, and that was that. Gregg
acted on his needs, at once! Last night, the bed had served him, had
stood still for him, and he transformed it in his mind, into a thin
blonde with sweet tits. Now, the real thing was waiting for him! The
real goodies! He was going to give her a time she’d never forget.

Gregg combed his hair in a small panel of mirror on the wall, and went
for the exit.

One of the hired ushers asked him where he was going.

“Are you kidding? What do you mean where am I going? What kind of
question is that?”

“I have to know. We have to keep track of you young people,” the man
said, firmly.

Gregg resisted an urge to come down hard on the man’s toe with the heel
of his boot, just for kicks, just to set the record straight that nobody
had any right to ask him questions like that. But, he knew that if he
got in a hassle now, it might interfere with his plans for the evening,
and he didn’t want to slop up his good times because of some clown who
had bad manners and thought he could ask personal questions.

“Ah, I’m going to bed. I feel like hell. Sorry I snapped,” Gregg said,
looking down.

The usher smiled, and wore a look of placid understanding. He offered
Gregg the sign-out book and a pencil.

“Just write your name, and where you’re going,” the man said, hopefully.

Gregg wrote the name, ‘Samuel Sansome-To bed,’ and handed the book back
to the door zombie.

The man smiled and let him pass, and Gregg moved slowly, careful not to
swagger or appear arrogant. He had to remind himself that he had other
things to worry about. Defiance can be a full-time job, and a tiring one
at that.

What Gregg wanted, on his way out the door, was kicks, pure and simple,
and he didn’t want anything, not even himself, to get in the way of his
pleasures. That little blonde. She drove him nuts before he even got to
meet her. Now, she was surely going to blow him away.

Gregg walked to the end of the parking lot, and there it was. He moved
to the garden entrance, his eyes scanning, alert.


He turned quickly, and saw the reflection of her golden-blonde hair in
the light of the moon. She was standing about fifteen feet away, deeper
into the garden.

He walked towards her, and when he reached her, he wasted no time,
taking her tightly into his arms and kissing her, chewing on the
softness of her little lips, grasping the balls of her buttocks and
grinding her groin into his.

She didn’t fight at all. Jody was wondering how she was going to handle
him. She knew he’d come on strong, and she didn’t want to be very easy
and present no challenge, but when he grabbed her so forcefully, she

Jody felt his tongue going in her mouth, running along the row of pearly
teeth, doing battle with her own tongue. He really knew how to kiss a
girl, and he was teaching her a great deal in the first five seconds.

When his lips left hers, and he was standing there, his finger on her

“Look at me!” he demanded.

She stared into his eyes.

“I jerked it last night because of you, because of what Manny told me
about you. It made me dream you up. Now that I see you, I’m hungry for
it, Jody. I dig that tight ass of yours,” he said, through clinched

His hands both moved behind her, and cupped her buttocks, which he
pushed in towards himself, grinding her into him.

He kissed her again. She was so aglow by his words, that his body almost
electrocuted her, almost made her tingle. She wanted him so bad she was

“We better get out of this garden,” she said, suddenly.


“Well, kids do get caught here all the time, and if you get caught, you
are in trouble.”

Gregg pondered it a moment. He wasn’t afraid of the trouble. What
bothered him, was having somebody break up his fun.

“You wait here a minute. Just a minute,” he said to her, kissing her

“Where are you going?” she implored.

“Baby, I said for you to wait here. That’s all I said. Now do it!”

He walked away from her, leaving her standing alone in the garden. She
didn’t know what he was up to, but she sensed that he was as hungry for
her as she was for him, and that he’d be back.

Imagine, she told herself, he stroked himself off last night thinking
about her. She’d have to thank Manny.

He pulled her tightly to him and began to feel her up at once, his hands
going all over her, under her blouse, down her belly. When he reached
her skirt, lifted it up, and found no panties, he was more than amused.

“I knew it. I knew that little bush was loose under that skirt.”

Gregg unzipped his pants and told her to get familiar with his cock.

Jody decided to play it slow.

“What do you mean?”

He proceeded to show her. He took her hand and guided it to his cock,
which was sticking straight out of his pants. Jody felt the hot rod
throb in her hand, and she wanted to bend down and kiss it at once.

Just as she was about to, a police car appeared behind them, siren on,
blasting. Jody tensed and said her prayers, and Gregg slowed the car
down slightly.

“I don’t think they’re chasing us. Play it cool. If they are, I’ll slow
down quick and do a U-turn. If they catch us, you just say you thought
it was my car. Say I told you it was my car!” Gregg said.

Jody’s mind was reeling, but she took in the information. She’d do
exactly what he said if they got stopped.

Gregg waited until the patrol car was almost on them, and then he pulled
to the side of the road, waiting to see if they were going to just speed
by, or stop, in which case he’d slam the huge Thunderbird around and
make them chase him.

The patrol car didn’t even slow down for them, but rather, just raced
around them, obviously on their way to some kind of an emergency.

They were moving like white lightening, and were soon out of sight. Jody
was shaking like a leaf, and even Gregg had to admit that the situation
didn’t appeal to his nervous system.

There was a pack of cigarettes on the dashboard of the car, and Gregg
picked it up and opened it.

“How considerate. Most of the time, when you borrow a car, they forget
the cigarettes,” he said, lighting one.

She looked at him and was amazed because he appeared so calm. His cock,
however, was soft on his lap. Ah ha, she reasoned, so there was the
proof that he’d been shaken up. He wasn’t fearless, but then, there are

Jody put her hand on his cock and it stirred. In a second, it was hard

“Don’t you think we should get out of here?” she said.

They were on the shoulder of the road, and it was pitch dark outside.

“Yeah. Let’s find a spot where we can bring this buggy into the woods.”

They crept along, and Gregg put the brights on so that if there was an
opening in the woods, they’d find it. It didn’t take more than a mile
before they came to one of those country roads in New England that
looked like it hadn’t been used in twenty years.

Gregg charged it full speed ahead, causing the big Thunderbird to bounce
off of a tree and hit bottom a few times. He laughed as it happened,
telling Jody to hold onto her ass.

“You are a wild man! You’re crazy!” she let out.

“Yeah; baby! That’s the idea!”

He took her in his arms and kissed her again, this time, moving her
skirt way up on her hips. His fingers were quick to enter her little
delta, and in moments, the front seat was slid way back, and she was

Gregg was no kid when it came to the ways of the flesh. He seemed to
know exactly what he was doing. She was right about one thing though. He
was demanding.

“Baby, I want to see my big cock sliding into your mouth,” he said to
her, and it was stronger than a mere suggestion.

He actually placed his cock before her mouth, and moved her head
forwards. She let her lips tickle the tip of his cock, then, after a few
moments of that, it was him controlling the action, as he pushed his
shaft deeply into her little mouth.

“Baby, give it a good healthy soul kiss.”

He watched her, holding her blonde hair off of her face, so that he
could see her little profile on his leg as she sucked at his cock.

Suddenly Gregg decided that he wanted to taste her blonde twat, and he
arranged them in a sixty-nine position right there on the front seat of
the car. It was hard, and their bodies were twisted and contorted by the
limited space, but that skilled tongue felt better on her twat than
anything she’d ever felt before. She felt herself getting more and more
steamed up, as his tongue beat down on her oven, lapping at the sweet
dew that drooled out of her little young cunt.

“Oh Gregg!”


“Gregg! I never felt so tingly before!”

Her little thighs pressed down on his head, and her hands were on his
neck, pushing his tongue closer and closer.

Gregg’s cock was sliding in and out of her mouth, and she couldn’t help
realizing how last night, in bed alone, she’d sucked her own thumb,
pretending it was Gregg’s cock.

Well, she hadn’t even met him yet. Now she not only met him, but she had
a mouthful of the real thing, and she was delighted not only by his
tongue on her pussy, but by his big cock in her mouth.

Her little fist covered the base, because it was difficult for her to
get the whole shaft in her mouth. With the base tightly in her fist, she
could let her tongue and lips really work out on the tip of his shaft,
which stuck out, through her fist.

He was really laying it on her, really fucking her mouth with all his
might. He’d lost all control of himself, and he was fucking her mouth
and lapping at her twat like a maniac.

Suddenly, she felt a finger enter into her ass, and she moaned and
whimpered with pleasure.

“OH! I’m coming! Gregg! I’m coming!!”

Her whole body was shaking and throbbing in his grip, as her jaw clamped
down hard as the orgasm flooded her senses and made her suck even harder
on his cock. She fluttered her little tongue over the tip, and soon his
hot sauce was shooting into her mouth.

“Swallow my sweet cream, Jody. I want to watch you gulp it down!”

Gregg watched the blonde beauty as his hot sauce filled her mouth,
spilling out of the corners and running down her chin, down her cheeks.

“Oh! Gregg!”

She’d swallowed most of it, but he held her head still, and she realized
he wanted her to lick him off, so she let her tongue come out and lap at
his cock, even as it softened.

“Wow, Jody. That was great! You’re one tight chick, baby!” he said.

She basked in his affirmation. She smiled and told him that he wasn’t
bad himself.

“Hey, baby. I think we should return the heap before it’s missed,

She nodded her head.

Gregg drove the Thunderbird in reverse, out of the woods, banging it
around as much as he liked, and then got back on the road, where he
drove quickly and skillfully until they got near the school.

“Now watch this baby. they’ll never even know it was gone until morning
when they see how bumped around it is,” he said, coasting the car into
the big lot.

He left it right where he found it, and was very careful to wipe
fingerprints off the wheel and the door handles.

She watched as he worked, admiring his dexterity, his hipness. He knew
exactly what he was doing.

When the car was ready to be abandoned by them, they got low on the seat
once more, for a goodnight kiss which went on and on, until Jody
mentioned, that after all that fun it would be a shame to get caught
kissing in someone’s car.

“You’re right, baby. Tomorrow’s another day.”

“I want to see you a lot, Gregg!”

“Baby, you won’t be able to avoid me!” They snuck out of the car, and
back into the party. Gregg signed in using the same phony name he’d used
to sign out. Actually it was the name of a novelist, one of his heroes.
He smiled politely at the usher, like a good little boy.

Chapter 6

Jody had a hard time returning to what she once would have called a
normal orbit. Gregg had left her head spinning. The boy was so crazy, so
impossibly sure of himself, that she gave him god-like proportions in
her head.

From then on, whenever time wouldn’t allow an actual connection between
Jody and her young stud, she found herself tossing in bed, her fingers
working at her clitoris and pussy, trying to duplicate the feeling of
having Gregg’s strong hands on her. She’d pinch her nipples and moan,
tossing on the hard flat mattress, transposing it, in her mind, to
Gregg’s hot body.

Her imagination would take her so far, and then it was up to her
fingers, and even they didn’t take her where Gregg took her.

One of the girls, a girl named Mary, produced a dildo, which her brother
had sent her from home. That was a delight, and it made the rounds with
the girls, each one cleaning it off and taking a night with it.

Of course, it wasn’t passed around without a definite feeling for who
should get it and who might snitch. Susie and Jody had no trouble
getting it, their reputations being solidly bad. That delighted them for
the first time. It meant that every so often, they could borrow the hard
plastic phallus, that vibrated when you pushed a button.

On Jody’s nights with the vibrator, she stretched herself in bed and
recalled whole events, whole sexual episodes, between herself and Gregg.
When she ran out of stuff to replay, she just made up new images, and
sometimes they, were better than what actually happened. Sometimes, the
new images gave her ideas for things to do when she and Gregg would have
the time.

“Well, Susie asked, “When are you going to share him a little. I mean,
I’ve had to listen to how great he is for the past week. When do I get a
chance to see if he’s as great as you say?”

Jody hadn’t thought about that. Of course, Gregg was like her, in that
he could probably select anyone he wanted and get a response. He was at
least as appealing as she was. If she tried to hold him for herself, it
just wouldn’t work, she decided.

On the other hand, if she shared him, and made sexual connections for
him, he might appreciate her doing so, and consider her something
special, something too good to ever turn his back on. That’s what she
wanted, in her mysterious way. She wanted him to be committed to her, in
any way possible. She turned to her friend.

“Yeah, maybe it’s time you got a taste of that hot cock. You’ve spent
enough time with that dildo. I’m sure though, that after Gregg, Manny
won’t cut it for you.”

“Let me worry,” Susie said, amused.

“Let Manny worry is more like it,” Jody said, and this time they were
both amused.

Jody set it up for a week night, which meant a lot of creeping around in
the woods and sneaking out, but it seemed exciting enough to all parties
concerned, and so they decided to do it.

The meeting spot was to be in an old work shed, that had long been
abandoned, was deep enough into the woods that nobody would come across
them, and was almost right between the two schools. It was ideal in

The meeting was to take place at nine, but Gregg got there early, being
delighted and enthusiastic about the idea of playing around with two
girls instead of just one. It was right up his alley, and just what he

He’d even gone to the trouble to bring a box of candles, so that it
would be light enough in the old shed, for him to see them, for him to
see what he was doing.

He lit some of the candles and was delighted with the way the inner
shack illuminated. There was only one window, and he put a board over
it, so that air could pass in and out, but not light. He was moving
quickly, being precise.

Inside, he spread out the other prop he’d brought to complete the party,
which was a blanket. He stretched out on the blanket and lit a

There was nothing else he could do. The rest of the party was up to the
girls. He’d just have to wait, and see if they came through. Of course,
he was pretty confident about Jody. He knew she was really hung on him,
and would do almost anything for him.

Gregg guessed that Jody’s motives for setting this up, was that she knew
he’d get around to Susie anyway, Susie being one of the sharpest looking
girls at the school.

He knew that the girls had their eyes on him. It was nothing new to him.
It had always been that way, as long as he could remember. He liked it,
and counted on it.

It didn’t take long for the girls to arrive, and they looked nervous and
giddy. They seemed so self-conscious about what they were doing. Gregg
was amused. He unzipped his jeans and his big cock popped into the air.

“OH!” Susie startled.

He had a cocky look in his eyes as he began stroking his cock with his
own fingers, showing them that it wasn’t even full yet. It still had
some growing to do.

“It grows quicker if you put it in your mouth,” Jody informed Susie.

The brunette flushed with color and looked down, but Gregg approached

“She’s right. It really takes off if you put it in your mouth. That girl
knows what she’s saying.”

Susie looked up and their eyes met, and suddenly he was on her, his
hands under her skirt, pulling down her panties, pushing her down on the

“Be a good girl and help me, Jody!”

Jody did what Gregg said, as usual, and Susie offered no resistance, and
in fact, loved being undressed by two people.

Gregg liked the dark-haired girl’s taut nipples, and sucked them into
his mouth, his tongue beating on them, making them even more taut,
making them moist so that they gleamed in the candle light.

“Hey, is that talk true about you girls having a dildo?” Gregg asked
Susie, looking straight into her eyes.


“Yes! Well, I want to see how you jerk it, baby. I mean, I want to see
what you two would do if I wasn’t here and you were horny.”

Jody knew what he meant, and she was game. She quickly stripped her
skirt and blouse off, and began to spread out on the blanket, finger-
fucking herself, moaning and whimpering as she really worked herself up
in no time at all.

Gregg watched, stroking his cock, even though he could have easily had
Susie stroke it, or even suck it for him.

“Yeah, that’s what I want to see. Susie, I want to see you get yourself
off. I’ll jump on when the time is right!”

The way he had of looking at a girl, his tone of voice, all contributed
to the cooperation they gave him. It was as though they were his slaves,
and he was going to take them on a trip they’d never forget, but by his

Susie saw Jody obey, and the pretty blonde, although she wanted more
than her own fingers inside her, was getting pretty steamed up. Susie
spread her legs wide and began to stroke her bush, working straight on
the little clicker of her clitoris, rolling it between her fingers. Her
other hand came up and made her nipples taut, and soon she also was
moaning and twisting around on the blanket.

Gregg stood over them both, jerking his cock slowly, watching as the two
girls performed for him, and, he was sure; for themselves. He wanted
them to start working on each other, but he couldn’t think of a way to
get it going without him, so that he could stand above the pile and

He decided that if he made his wishes known to Jody, she might be able
to carry it off for him, and really get the boat on the road. He
whispered his suggestion in her ear.

“I want to see you two working on each other, baby. You can do it!”

Jody heard him clearly. How well she knew she could do it, and she also
knew that if she did, she’d have that commitment from Gregg. She’d
probably be the only girl who ever did that for him, and he’d appreciate
it. Gregg was a person who could be cruel with strangers, but once you
were in his circle, his select, almost closed circle, he valued you and
acted accordingly.

He’d already proved to Jody that he valued her, meeting her as much as
he could, and always being sure that she was sexually satisfied, unlike
most young boys.

She knew also, that what he was asking her to do, was relatively easy.
The transition was almost a technicality. Jody simply began to cup
Susie’s tits in her hands, pinching the nipples. Then, she let her hand
drop to the girl’s dewy bush, stirring her up, pushing a finger in the
already moist opening.

“Oh, Gregg!” Susie moaned.

Gregg was standing above watching, and he smiled. A drop of lubricating
cream dripped off of his cock and dropped onto Susie’s face, and she
rolled her eyes, her nostrils steaming, as Jody began to really work up
the fires inside her.

“Oh, that’s great!”

“Eat her, Jody. Get down and sixty-nine with her,” Gregg suggested. But
when Gregg suggested, it was sort of a command.

Jody twisted her body around so that she could get her head between
Susie’s legs, and Susie could do the same, and both girls took off with
their tongues, lapping at each other, heating each other up, and
certainly heating up the select audience in attendance.

Gregg lit a cigarette. He had such an urge to jump on them both,
watching their breasts bouncing, their limbs twisting around each other,
the tight young balls of their buttocks. He knew that he was going to
jump in strong, and he wanted to settle back and have a cigarette first,
maybe detach himself a little, to prolong the pleasure.

He was thankful for the candles. Imagine, he thought, having all that
sweet action going down, and not being able to see it. That would be no
fun at all.

Gregg almost shot into his own hand, just from watching Jody’s hands
gripping Susie’s buttocks, as the blonde ate Susie’s pussy, and Susie
moaned, tightening the silky skin of her upper thighs around the
blonde’s head.

Gregg put the cigarette down. He was ready to hop on. He was more than
ready. He was almost dizzy with readiness. His cock was fit to steam
when he finally landed on that soft sweet pile of femininity.

Susie grabbed his cock and stuffed it into her mouth, thinking of all
those nights she’d sucked on Mary’s dildo. There it was for her, and it
was as big as the dildo. Her little mouth was really open! Her little
lips had to really expand to get around his thick handsome shaft.

While this was going on, Gregg replaced Susie on Jody’s twat, separating
the skin skillfully, so that the little clitoris stood up proud and
ready to be tongue-whipped.

Jody squirmed and whimpered, obviously driven beyond delight by the
beating tempo of Gregg’s hungry tongue.

Gregg couldn’t take much of this high input, and he felt the need to
release coming closer and closer. he almost had to close his eyes and
block out the scene, but who could block out such a lovely scene.

He watched as Jody came, feeling her smooth thighs close around him. She
was twitching and whimpering, her whole body feeling the electricity of
orgasm pass through her limbs and torso, jerking and twitching!

The blonde girl threw herself from side to side, her golden hair
spreading on her shoulders and breasts.

Susie, although she didn’t know it, was about to get a mouthful of sweet

Gregg bent down and turned his attention to the brunette, as soon as
Jody finished coming and he felt her spine relax. Gregg watched Susie
now, as the girl let his cock slide deeply into her mouth, letting it
out only to suck it back in.

He was almost enchanted, almost transported into a state of adoration,
watching her, cupping her cute little jaw in his hand, as his cock began
to fill her sweetest hole.

“Look at me, baby!”

She opened her eyes and watched his face contort with pleasure as his
thick hot sauce shot into her mouth.

“Drink it down, baby; It’s so bittersweet,” he said, and his eyes read
his adoration for her beauty.

She blushed and watched his face, as his thick cock stopped shooting
come into her.

“Now lick it off, Susie,” he told her.

She didn’t have to be told. She wanted every drop of the sweet cream.
She could picture herself sucking her thumb at night, if that hard fine
cock wasn’t where she could get at it. When he released her, her whole
body went limp and she sank to the blanket.

Gregg wasn’t about to let such beautiful action go unrewarded, and he
sank to the blanket with her, his head reaching between her limbs, his
hands parting her thighs, lifting her legs in the air. His tongue came
in dead on target, lapping at her little clitoris.

“Oh, Gregg! That’s so sweet!”

While Susie was being slurped off her feet by Gregg’s hungry tongue,
Jody stretched out and began masturbating, watching the sexy scene
having given her the desire to play with her little bush. While it was
true that Gregg was the only one that could satisfy her, it couldn’t be
denied that she herself knew the right spot to touch, and could work her
little clitoris up to a warm glow at will.

Gregg lapped at the sweet pussy drool that oozed out of Susie’s flaming
cunt. The girl was overcome with fire, her hips gyrating down on Gregg’s
mouth, as he held her ass firmly in his hands, keeping her in place,
keeping her where he could lap at her.

He could look up, and see her head way up there, between her tits. It
was a great angle to watch her enjoy it, because her breasts were
bouncing as she gyrated her hips, and it made her look really sensual.

She came in no time, dancing out the tarantella of terminal orgasm, as
Gregg continued to lap at her clitoris, his tongue even going as far
back as her anus.

She clutched at his head, holding him tight, loving the strong, powerful
way he possessed her. Susie could understand, in a jiffy, what all the
fuss was, that her girlfriend Jody was making about this young stud. And
she, Susie, had thought Manny was a hot trotter!

Chapter 7

Jody found herself getting more and more paced to a life of sexual
action, and, knowing she’d left Manny out for so long, from her frolics
and kicks, she decided she’d have another crack at him.

After all, she reasoned, Manny was the one who was there first, and,
since Gregg got to make it with Susie, as well as some other girls, she
felt she had the right to do what she wanted.

It took a few weeks for Jody to learn that Gregg had replaced Mary’s
dildo for a lot of the girls. From the gossip, it was all taking place
in that woodshed.

Yeah, Jody mused, it was time to give old Manny some of the goodies he
was burning for. She knew, that if she caught him hungry, he’d be a
pleasure, and he sure would be hungry for her.

She laughed, thinking of the way she’d used Manny. She’d even made him
masturbate himself, while she just showed him her breasts and posed for
him like a model. And after all the good times they’d had, to have him
settle for so little. She was amused by what she’d done to Manny, but at
the same time, she wanted to treat him differently, to make it up to

Jody combed her long blonde hair, using the mirror on the wall of her
room She was nude, and her golden body seemed to be getting more and
more feminine every single day. She smiled at herself, then jutted her
breasts towards the reflective glass, thinking that they must be pretty
perky if Manny could have his cock erupt from just looking at them.

Well, she wasn’t going to play any more games with him. Not this time
around. She still wanted Gregg, but now, she wanted Manny also.

She even had her plan of operation down. Instead of approaching Manny
with a wink, a shake of the shoulder, which would have been easy enough,
she was going to thicken the plot by telling Gregg that she wanted him
to bring a back-up squad to the old woodshed.

She met Gregg a few days later on the road, while taking a walk.

“How are you, Jody? You’ve been out of sight lately,” he said, in his
usual half-interested manner.

He sure knew how to be cool with her, she mused, but she knew she was
going to warm him up with her reply.

“Oh, I’ve been thinking about how a lot of the girls seem to be making
frequent trips to the old shed lately, Gregg.”

Gregg was a young man who prided himself on his coolness, on the fact,
that if you hooked up a lie detector to him, he could probably snow you
blind without making the needle register.

His control was. precise, and he didn’t even bat an eye.

“So?” he said, flatly.

“So, I was wondering, as long as you seem to be having so much fun if
you’d mind if I had some?”

He looked at her a long time his cold eyes seemingly appraising her
body, her face, the stature with which she stood before him.

“Baby, you are sweet.”

“You didn’t answer my question!”

She knew how he could put something off, and she didn’t want any of his
theatrical devices to work on her.

“Jody, you’re a free agent. Nobody owns you. If anybody says they do,
kill them. It’s them or you!”

She smiled at him. He was theatrical, but his stances were well timed
and on the target. He was a master, in his odd way.

“Well, I have a favor to ask of you. It really shouldn’t be something
you’d mind at all.”

“You remember what you and I and Susie did awhile back,” she said.

“Sure I remember.”

“Well, I’d like to do it again, but with different players,” she said,


“You and Manny.”

“Me and Manny!”

His voice went up, almost to a false tone.

“What’s wrong with that? If you can have two girls at once, why can’t I
have two men at once?”

She’d stumped him. He lit a cigarette and stared at her. She was a
hungry little bitch, he thought. Well, Manny’d been dying for her
lately, and he knew he could set it up easy enough. It might even be

Anyway, it was something he could do for her, and he liked doing
something for her. She was still his favorite, of all the girls in that
damn stupid school. He was going through them like they were flowers and
he was a bee, but, after all was said and done, he was sure that Jody,
the sweet, fresh blonde angel, was going to be the one that registered
as the best.

“Baby, I’ll see you in the old shed tonight. Make it around eleven so
that me and Manny can slip out without any hassle. I’ve been sliding out
so much I know the place better in the dark than in the daytime,” he
said, laughing.

Jody smiled at him. She was tempted to take him in the woods on the spot
and suck his sweet cock for him, but then, she remembered, she wanted
him hungry. She wanted them both hungry, and she wanted to be the only
girl around!

She skipped on down the road, her head already flooding, clouding, with
visions of things to come.

Manny went for the idea right away.

“Wow! It’s been a long time. I jerk it at night thinking about those
perky little tits,” he said.

“Yeah, I never realized what a hot bitch she was, you know, Manny? I
mean, I was realizing today, that, even though I’ve been with a lot of
those girls, Jody stands out in my mind. She is damn hot stuff.”

“Yeah. Eleven! Let’s make it.”

At ten-thirty, Gregg made his entrance. Manny was to slip out later, and
Gregg knew he’d be along. Gregg wasn’t worried about Jody showing up at

He knew his hot little blonde bitch would be there, ready to take it
from as many ends as she could get it.

Gregg lit the candles, placing them around she shed so that the action
would all be visible to everyone. His next move, was to take his
portable radio out of his canvas bag. He’d been spending so much time in
the shed, he’d really learned to make himself at home there.

He wished he’d had some pot, but what the hell. It’s not exactly a
garden of multi-delights, he told himself. It’s just an old shed.

He laid out the blanket and stretched his limbs. His cock was huge
already, just from thinking of that blonde bitch, with her tight
buttocks and perky nipples. He started stroking his cock through his
jeans with in a moment, that wasn’t quite enough, and he had his big
cock sticking up out of his zipper.

“Wish that bitch would hurry,” he said aloud.

Gregg wished, suddenly, that Jody would show up before Manny. That way,
he could rip-off a quick piece of her golden tail, before the party even
started. That’d be ideal. He should have told Manny to come at

Sometimes it amazed Gregg, just how his mode of operations fucked-up on
him. Sometimes, he was afraid that he wasn’t very cool at all, and that
his act was wearing thin.

Of course, nobody noticed his doubts, his self-doubts, which so
contradicted his act, that if they were picked up by others, he’d be all
but destroyed.

Gregg liked the way the candles illuminated the shed, and he felt a warm
glow in his stomach. His cock was still hard, but he’d decided not to
get himself all worked up. He decided to let Jody do the heating up,
with her little oven!

Gregg heard some noise outside, some branches being trampled. A few
weeks ago, it would have scared the shit out of him to hear anyone
outside, but, lately, he’d come to think of the joint as his private
paradise, and anyone approaching, must be an invited guest.

Luckily, he was right.

“What’s doing?”

It was Manny. He looked down at Gregg’s big cock, sticking up out of his
lap, and smiled.

“Getting it ready?”

Gregg tucked it in and smiled.

“I want Jody to get it ready for me. Let’s act like we don’t give a shit
about fucking her, and get her to excite us.”

Manny smiled. It was far from his mode of operation to pull a stunt like
that, but Gregg seemed to know his way around with chicks, and Manny
liked the idea.

“I dig, but I don’t know if I can do it. I might jump her as soon as I
see that pretty ass,” Manny said.

“Yeah, I know what you mean. Try and be cool. Let’s play it. Let’s be

“I’ll try.”

Jody was fifteen minutes late, but on purpose. She wanted them hungry.
She’d snuck out of the school early, but she’d waited in the woods, from
a spot where she could see the shack. She saw the dim light of the
candles burning through the rim around the board that Gregg had put by
the window.

They were waiting for her. She stood by a tree, her hand under her
skirt, stroking on the hot little oven, and warming it up. Her pussy was
moist, and she let a finger slide in.

She felt wonderful, fully alive, standing there. There were two boys in
that shack, and in no time, she’d walk in and enchant them both, turn
them into hungry animals, who’d lick and suck her, and enter her pussy
and mouth!

Her finger slid deep into her pussy and she gave a soft sigh. The moon
was out, and there was just enough light for her to watch herself
stroking her bush. She thought of lying down and doing it right, but why
waste time?

Jody approached the shed, her hips swinging, her body feeling loose,
like it was about to be devoured in a frenzy of sex. She’d managed that
holy state, of stepping inside the very moment!

Jody opened the door of the hut, and the two boys turned to face her.
She walked in, unbuttoning her blouse in an inviting way, letting the
tops of her breasts show.

“I see we’re all here.”

“I see you’re late;” Gregg said, barely looking at her.

Manny kept his eyes down, although he seemed to be struggling to do so.
She wondered why they were being so cool. Well, at any rate, she’d blow
their cool for them on the spot.

Jody let her open blouse fall to the floor. She had her bra on, in case
anyone saw her trying to sneak out, but she quickly unsnapped it, and it
too, fell to the floor of the shed.

Her little breasts stood up perky and ready, and Manny had to force
himself to sit still, to turn around and look the other way.

“So how you feeling, baby?” Gregg asked, as though they’d met in a
crowded subway station.

She wanted to say that she felt horny, but that would be playing into
his hands. He was so clever, she realized, asking her that, asking her,
in a casual way, to give her game away.

They were all playing the same game though, and the air was thick with
sexual tension, tension that they all guessed, would make the game all
the hotter once it got rolling.

Jody continued to do her part. Before anyone could completely avoid her,
she pulled her skirt down, and the smooth silk of her thighs glowed in
the candle’s light.

She sat down on the blanket and lifted a leg into the air. She’d worn
stockings, and she peeled them off carefully, making as much of a show
of it, as she could.

Gregg would have had a shit-fit and jumped on her right on the spot, but
he was watching Manny. He found Manny’s reactions to Jody so amusing, he
couldn’t help break out in a laugh. Manny all but gulped out loud,
watching Jody remove her next stocking. His face was breaking out in a
sweat, and steam could have come out of his ears, the way his face

“Something wrong, Manny?” Gregg asked.

Manny looked at him as though he’d just crash landed from Uranus.

“Is something wrong?”

Gregg turned to Jody, at the same time, unzipping his fly and letting
his already hard cock pop into the air.

“Come here, baby!”

She bent over and put her face close to his.

“What do YOU want?” she asked, sarcastic in tone.

He put his hand on the nape of her neck and pulled the little blonde
girl towards him, making their lips meet. Gregg let his tongue taste the
pearly row of teeth, then slide to the corners of her pretty little
mouth, that mouth that he was soon going to stuff full of cock.

“You taste good, Jody. I brought along some assistance, so you can be
sure you’ll get your fill of it tonight.”

“Good to see!”

Manny was creeping closer, and soon he was massaging her pussy, with his
hand reaching under the balls of her buttocks, stroking the sweet dewy
young bush.

Gregg kissed her again, and this time his hand came down to touch her
taut nipples, to pinch the little buttons and appreciate their texture.

“Give it to her in the ass, Manny!” Gregg said.

Manny had her buttocks up in the air already, and it was easy for him to
act on the suggestion. He got his cock between her lovely cakes, and let
it rub over the wet pussy and clitoris. He didn’t want her ass, but the
idea of taking her from behind was appealing.

“I want your pussy, Jody. Guide it in.”

Jody reached down and guided Manny’s big cock into her pussy from the
rear. He was hungry, and entering her tight twat killed his cool act,
and transformed him into a hungry maniac. She couldn’t believe the
force, with which he was slamming his cock into her. Her buttocks felt
like it was being spanked, by the drive and force of his body beating
against hers.

While this was going on, Gregg was holding her face in his hands,
touching her cheeks with his palms, watching the expressions of pleasure
register in her eyes, in the subtle contortions of her eyebrows.

Her mouth opened wide, and her nostrils flared, as she gasped for air.

“Oh! Gregg! He’s inside me! Manny’s fucking me!”

Gregg kissed her forehead and licked the smooth baby skin of her face.

“I know, baby. He’s inside you, and soon my big cock is going right

He opened her lips with his finger, letting his fingertip feel the warm
moistness of her mouth. His cock pulsed, and he couldn’t resist the urge
to just let her have it, to ravish her mouth and get it on.

Gregg moved himself in position, and soon his cock was up against her
lips. She looked at him, her eyes wide. She knew he loved to watch his
cock slide in and out of her mouth. Well, she never felt more like
sucking a cock.

What, with Manny giving it to her from the rear, she was more than ready
to let this sweet shaft enter her mouth, where her little tongue could
give it the old flutter, sending Gregg into fits of pleasure.

That was more than half the kick for Jody, when it came to sucking a
man’s cock. She loved the feeling that she had the power to make him
feel such utter and complete pleasure, that he would have to virtually
explode, to exorcise the intensity of her gift.

Her tongue was gifted, and Gregg moaned as he watched her cute little
face, the blonde hair spread around her, her lips expanded around the
shaft of his cock, her hand on the very base, contracting and squeezing

“Jody, eat that cock, baby!”

Jody let the cock slide out of her mouth, so that she could make a great
show of hugging the huge phallus to her cheek, to her forehead, letting
it tickle the baby skin on her face. She cupped it to her chin so that
the tip was above her eyes.

Gregg watched her, nostrils flaring, responding to Manny’s driving cock,
and he thought of her as an angel of orgasmic bliss. She looked so sweet
with his cock right there, right at her face. He wanted it in her mouth
again. It throbbed, and she got the idea.

He watched her little lips stretch around it, until the whole shaft was
deep in her mouth. Her cheeks got taut from suction, as his cock slid in
and out of her sweetest hole.

Meanwhile, behind her, her buttocks were still being assaulted by the
thrusting bursts of Manny’s underbelly, which beat her, each time his
cock thrust into her pussy.

Gregg looked up at Manny. The boy was working up a hell of a sweat,
socking it to Jody’s pussy. His face was a mass of purple, with sweat
covering his skin, glistening in the candle’s dim glow.

“Give it to her, Manny!”

Manny looked on at the voice that was cheering him on, and he smiled, as
though he was freshly returned from another planet, but only briefly,
very briefly. His eyes went back to the balls of Jody’s buttocks, and he
forgot all about Gregg.

Gregg also turned his attention back to Jody. He was watching the sweet
blonde as she sucked on his balls, taking them in her mouth slowly,
letting her tongue tickle them for a second, then letting them slide

While this was happening, Gregg’s cock was standing up, grazing her
cheeks again, and the moisture from his cock was blending with the sweat
on her face.

His cock felt so nice rubbing on the smooth skin of her cheek, and he
held her hair back, so that her profile could be observed.

His hands dropped to her fine little nipples, and he squeezed the
buttons, making them taut, making them come alive in his hand. He was
going to come in her mouth soon, but he wanted to wait until he had no
choice, until she’d taken the random element of choice out of him, with
her little tongue.

“Suck it good for me, Jody. I want you to taste my hot sauce!”

She let the tip of his cock graze her lips, and soon the whole shaft was
deep inside her, ravishing her, taking her! Her tongue was helpless
after he really kicked in gear. His cock was too huge, his thrust too
quick, for her to use her tongue. Her efforts were devoted to hanging
on. Her little jaw was beginning to ache, and her head was swimming.

She might have suspected that any moment, she was going to receive a lot
of sticky come! it started with Gregg, who held her by the crown of her
head, and by her chin, watching his cock shoot hot sauce all over her
pretty face and in her mouth.

She gasped, still obsessed with Manny’s hot cock digging into her, and
she contracted her cunt on his hot rod, forcing his own orgasm to

Manny gave in to the deluge of sensations that were floating through his
body. He’d flicked her solid and well, and he needed a moment of
release. His hot cock began to pump hot come into her pussy, and her
contracting pussy drank up the hot stuff!

“Oh, I love that hot cock inside me!”

Gregg looked at the sweet blonde who was still between his legs. He
didn’t know which hot cock she was referring to, or if she meant both,
but she sure looked good to him, her mouth open, gasping for breath, his
come forming beads on her upper lip. Her nostrils flared so nicely when
she was short of breath, he thought, holding her little chin.

“Baby, Jody! That was great!”

Manny had obviously gotten more than he’d bargained for. The bitch had
almost bucked him off with her gyrating hips, her swinging torso, the
delightful balls of her ass, which he’d been bumping into with delight!

“Wow! I feel very fucked!”

Even as she spoke the words, she could feel the hot sauce oozing out of
her pussy, dripping out of the corners of her mouth.

Gregg sat back and lit a cigarette, calmly watching Jody pull herself
together. She was totally fucked-out, her eyes looking dreamy, glowy.

Manny was stretched out on the blanket facing down, as though the very
thought of getting laid would make him blow his brains out with a Smith
& Wesson. He was shaking slightly, as if shivers of pleasure had
converted into shivers of ice, intensity provided by the magic of sex.

Gregg watched Jody for a moment, and he tried to read what was going on
in her pretty little head. She started to comb her hair, and so she
obviously thought they were going to just sit and bullshit for awhile,
and then break up for the evening and sneak back to their captivity.

Gregg had other ideas. The little dish wanted it right. He was going to
see that she got it right! Manny might be knocked out of commission for
awhile, but he, Gregg, was hot to trot, and he knew that once he kicked
his ass in gear, and Manny watched the pretty blonde huff and moan to
the stroke of some nice cock work, Manny would snap back and help him
stuff up her lovely holes.

“Come here, baby, I want to lie on you and suck on those perky tits.
Feed me those nipples, Jody.”

Jody was tired, and couldn’t believe Gregg was even horny after that
insane number, but if he was, she was still fit to boogie. She cuddled
close to him, and he grabbed her breasts and cupped them, lifting her
nipples to his mouth.

His tongue made the tender mushrooms tingle, as he danced around them,
the taut fruit exciting him. His fingers were down in her delta, which
was still sticky with Manny’s come.

Gregg could tell that Manny had fucked her cunt, and not her ass, and
while he couldn’t blame Manny, he himself, Gregg, wanted Jody to take an
ass full of cock! He thought it would help her saturate in cock, if
that’s what she wanted to do, having him bring reinforcements, and
tricks like that.

Well, he was ready. Actually, Gregg was glad Manny came along. Jody was
a great cocksucker, but any girl would be a better cocksucker if she had
another cock loving up her pussy at the same time. It stood to reason.

Gregg looked at Manny. The lucky stiff, he thought. Gregg reasoned
quickly, that he’d use Manny to inspire some of the other little girls
he brought to the shed. Surely, Manny would go for the idea, and he’d
get plenty of action out of it. It would work out for everyone.

Jody still had the strength to jut her tits out, to stroke Gregg’s
cheeks as he sucked her nipples, to coo and moan deep in her throat, as
his tongue traced the halo of her nipple, then let the taut fruit slide
out, only to suck in the other nipple.

Gregg felt his cock getting hard again, rising up off his lap and
beginning to throb with anticipation.

“Baby, you really know how to suck cock. Was that enough cock for you?
Tell me Jody!”

She smiled, looking into his eyes.

“That was great. That was too much!”

“There’s more where that came from.”

“Oh, Gregg! But maybe we should wait My jaw is sore, and my pussy is
really raw from that backwards position Manny was giving it to me from.
Tomorrow is another day.”

He moved her suddenly, before she had a chance to think of what he was
doing. Her pussy was still wet, and he knew he could get into her ass if
he moved fast.

“Baby, I know your pussy is sore and I know your jaw is sore, but I want
that other hole, Jody!”


Gregg knew that Jody’s asshole was moist enough to enter soon, and his
cock throbbed with the thought, as he prepared, grasping her around her
hips and jutting her buttocks back.

“Give me that sweet tight ass, Jody, you sweet blonde cunt!” he groaned.

His cock was inside her at once, the tightness of her anus causing his
cock to shiver with pleasure. She tightened her ass, and he began to
move quickly and sharply, digging deep into the soft, warm, canal.

“Baby, I dig that tight ass. I dig the way your breasts jut out at me,

His hands went around her, and he was pinching her nipples with one
hand, and his other was on her sugar bush, stirring up the sensitive
little clicker.

Jody felt an orgasm flood her at once. The strange combination of being
fucked in the ass and masturbated by skilled fingers, both at the same
time, was overwhelming.

The balance of pain and pleasure was elaborate, and each time she
thought it hurt just a little too much, when his cock would really
forcefully drive into her anus, her body would glow, beginning at her
clitoris, which was being massaged by his fingertips. This glow, would
spread throughout her limbs, and make her quiver with sensation,
neutralizing the pain, not negating it, but making it beside the point.

The POINT, was the pleasure, and that was coming on her more and more,
as his cock moved down into her. She felt her body flood again with
sensation, and another orgasm wracked her limbs, causing her whole body
to shiver and wiggle.

He had to grab her by her waist, just to keep from being bounced off.

“You’re into it now, Jody! Let me have it, baby! Take me on! Take me for
a ride!”

Jody heard him, and his words made her gyrations increase in R.P.M.’s
until he had to grasp her rotating ass with flat palms, just to stay

“Tighten that ass for me, bitch!”

He loved the way her blonde hair fell about when she jerked her head
from side to side in passion. He loved watching her perfect body,
dancing to the flaming tempo of his cock, beating into her warmest,
tightest hole.

“Take it in, Jody! Keep it tight.’

He knew he was going to come soon, and he wanted to take the lovely
blonde with him. His fingers concentrated on her clitoris, until once
again, for the third time since he’d entered her ass, her body contorted
with the gestures of terminal orgasm.

A wave of orgasmic prelude passed through him. He could feel the liquid
fighting to escape. Soon, his driving, and her tight ass, could no
longer be ignored, and his hot sauce came shooting out of his cock,
straight into the tight sweetness of her asshole.

“You sweet bitch! I love that tight ass, Jody!”

She came, her body concentrated on her clitoris, which his fingers never
ceased to ignite. Her ass kept rotating at him, as she jutted it up,
meeting his pumping cock.

Gregg loved the soft tight balls bouncing under him, and didn’t want the
orgasm to ever end, as he became acutely aware of the lovely ass that
was under him. Soon, however, the hot shot was over, and his cock was
losing altitude.

He withdrew slowly, dripping come from his cock. He looked at her sweet
ass, seeing that he’d filled it with come, and that it was starting to
drip out.

“Sit on the blanket a minute, baby. You’ve been shot through and

Manny was stroking his cock. They’d forgotten all about him, but he was
watching the whole thing, and it got him hot again. He was hungry now,
looking at Jody, all messed up, her hair clinging to the sweat on her
face, her breasts bitten and flushed, her asshole pink from all the
slapping of bodies that had taken place.

He wanted her, and he knew she wouldn’t be receptive to the idea, that
she would tell him that there were other days, but his cock was harder
to reason with than he was. He, Manny, could just look at her and agree.
There will be other days. But his cock, now that was another story. His
cock, wanted her NOW! He was just deciding which hole he wanted, where
he wanted to put it. She was stretched out on the blanket, literally
limp, her body just barely present, almost drifting into sleep. Manny
looked at her. She was on her little flat stomach, and her ass was
facing him.

“You look like you’ve been neglected,” Gregg observed.

Manny smiled at him and nodded in agreement. He was trying to figure how
he wanted to take her, and how she would be more likely to give herself.

He finally worked up the approach, turning her over and kissing her, his
hand moving onto her little twat.

“No, Manny! I’m so sore. My pussy is really stinging. Wait until another
time, please?!”

She was almost crying. He didn’t have the heart to force pain on her,
and he almost stopped.

“Fuck her between the tits,” Gregg said, offhanded.

“Of course!”

Manny turned her around and made her sit up. Her breasts were just big
enough to form a sweet cleavage.

“Push those balls together for him, Jody, so that he can slide in and
out of your cleavage. Do it, baby!”

She was moving slowly, as though she was asleep and dreaming, but she
did what Gregg told her, what Manny was demanding.

“Oh, I’m so cloudy from all this!”

Gregg smiled, watching Manny’s hard cock enter into the warm cleavage
that Jody made by pushing her arms into her sides and jutting her
breasts forwards. She really looked pretty, and Manny was digging the
hell out of fucking her cleavage.

Soon, his cock started shooting pearls of lubricating cream out, and her
cleavage began to glisten with moisture. Manny cupped the lovely, snowy
breasts, and pushed them into each other, heating up the cleavage which
his cock was fucking so enjoyably. He’d never enjoyed her breasts more.

Her nipples were hard, and Manny loved watching the buttons dance around
on the globes of her pale tits.

“That feels good, Jody!”

Jody’s head began jerking from side to side, and her hair flew about
her, getting more and more messed up, making her look half-crazy. She
was beginning to feel like the whole incident was a dream, or like it
already ended and she was caught up in some kind of residue.

Manny was going to explode all over her, and Gregg smiled, watching the
other boy thrust into her cleavage, knowing full well where it would

Suddenly, Manny’s cock was shooting hot licks, and it looked like a tit
pumping milk. The hot come covered her cleavage, spilling down to her
stomach, covering the globes of her tits.

“Oh, Jody! I love those sweet tits, baby. I love to fuck your sweet

Manny began to jerk and moan, as his cock emptied his passion onto her
bosom, as the come landed on her breasts and neck and face. When he was
done coming, he released her, and she fell back to the blanket.

This time she was really a mess. She was covered with sweat and come,
and it was dripping out of every hole she had. She breathed in, gasping,
her body unable to move.

“Oh, did I just get fucked,” she moaned.

“You can say that, baby! That is what happened,” Gregg said, smiling at

She didn’t see his smile, although she was looking right at him. Her
focus was blurred, and her head was filled with clouds of
memory-pictures, snapped by the camera of her mind during the past few
hours. They were pictures that would bring her many happy hours of

She was exhausted, beaten, but happy and delighted. She’d never, in her
entire life, imagined that anyone could feel as fucked as she felt.

“Baby, can you get up?”

She’d fallen asleep. She didn’t know how long ago, or how much time had
passed. Her head was still in a cloud.

“I don’t know. I don’t want to move.”

It was Gregg. He was prodding her, trying to make her move.

“Jody, it’s almost morning. Manny went back, and if I don’t do the same
soon, we might just get in trouble.”

Jody forced her eyes open. Her body was sticky from all the come that
had been shot into her and on her, and her head was aching from all the
sharp pleasure.

She realized, while they were fucking her so hotly, that even pleasure
can cross an intensity line, and get out of hand, converting into
something near pain, near desperation!

“I don’t know if I can move, Gregg. You better go back. No sense of both
of us getting in trouble. Besides, if we’re both missed, they might put
two and two together.”

Gregg felt like a soldier with a wounded comrade on the field of battle.
There was no way be was going to abandon her, and have her get caught.

Gregg managed to get her on her feet. Fortunately, it was chilly
outside, and he opened the door of the shed, blowing out the candles,
and letting some fresh air come in the little room.

Jody began to snap together, but slowly, and every time he left her
alone a moment, she would close her eyes again and appear to drift off.

“Baby, come back!”

He hated to do it, but he slapped her across the face, forcing her eyes
open. She stumbled about, and then began to get her clothes on. Slowly,
she began to look more believable. There was a big hickey on her left
tit, but her blouse covered it up. Her ass had been chewed on and
spanked by both their thrusting bodies, but it was covered nicely by her

Her hair was a mass of tangles, and it didn’t look like she had the
energy to lift her arms over her head, let alone comb knots out of her

Gregg took her comb and forced it through the lush blonde hair, and soon
she looked almost fit to be seen. Of course, her lips were pretty
chewed, and they were obviously swollen. Well, it was too late to worry

“You going to make it back?” Gregg asked her.

Jody took a step and began to shake.

“I don’t know. I’m really dizzy and shaky. What’d you guys do to me?”

“We gave it to you good, and you were well worth the efforts, Jody,

“What am I going to do now?”

She was awake enough to be worried at least, Gregg thought, relieved.

“Let’s straighten up your act and get you home. You’ll make it. I’ll
walk you as far as I can.

They left the shack and headed towards Mrs. Goody’s school, slowly
stumbling along through the dewy New England woods. The dawn was
breaking, and Gregg was beginning to get nervous.

Since he’d gotten into his pussy action, he became less overtly hostile
to authority, trying to keep a low profile so that he could carry on
without sinking the whole ship, and he didn’t want to get pinned
sneaking out, only because it would make it harder for him to sneak out
the next lime.

He smiled at the thought. He felt, at the moment, like he’d never had to
get laid again, like the little blonde had sucked and fucked him for
good, permanently.

They walked to the edge of the Woods, and then it was up to Jody to do
it herself. She was more awake, moving by herself but she didn’t look
like she could come up with a slick answer if anyone asked her what the
heck she was doing wandering about.

“Now, just remember if someone spots you. You couldn’t sleep, and you
took a walk. Got it?”


Her sleepy face lacked credibility.

“Say it!”

“I couldn’t sleep. I took a walk,” she repeated, mechanically.

“Yeah, you might convince some idiot, but listen, baby, try not to
stumble and make a lot of noise, because your act isn’t very convincing.
Got it?”


Again, so blank, hearing information.

“Well, I can’t do anymore for you, Jody. If I could pick you up and
carry you to bed, I would, but that would be a sure bust.”

“Uh hu.”


Her eyes opened wide and she appeared to gain focus. A slap across the
face would have done it, but he chose yelling at her, hoping it would
work just as well.

“Now, get your ass in there before you’re missed.”

He pointed to the school and she smiled.

“Gregg, that was wonderful. Thanks so much for that. I really dug that
whole scene.”

“Yeah, but you have to come back.”

“I don’t want to come back.”

“Alright, listen, if you can just make it to bed, you can tell them
you’re sick and have to take the day off. That way you can sleep all
day. It’ll work if you play it right. Just don’t let a doctor see that
sweet body of yours, baby. Me and Manny chewed you up really good.”

She smiled, as if she remembered exactly the bite he was talking about.

“Yeah, I’ll make it. Gregg, don’t worry. Give me a kiss, Gregg!”

Gregg felt her body go limp against his as she kissed him, but her
little lips were alive enough, and her tongue darted into his mouth.

“That’s it, baby!”

He held her face by her pointy little chin.

“You’re back among the living. Now tail-ass quick, and let me do the
same, before the lid blows on our little secret games,” he said.

Jody realized at once, that they stood to lose a good thing if she blew
it. That old shed provided them with the only kick they got, and she
wanted to make sure it was still in operation the next time she needed
some cock although she couldn’t imagine when that would be.

“Alright. Enough fucking around.”

Her face snapped into focus and she smiled, her eyes bright and
apparently clear, although a close examination would tell she was
forcing herself to look alert.

“That’s it, baby. Now, I’ll see you tomorrow.”


He watched her stumble into the clearing, towards the school. Gregg
crossed his fingers. It was light out already, and it was really chancy,
but, even if she was discovered creeping about, she might talk her way
out of it.

Now Gregg, he had a problem of his own. He had to move quickly, and he
did. He raced through the woods, and was at Mr. MacIntyre’s joint in no
time. Creeping in, in broad daylight, was a bit tricky, but luck, and
fate, collaborated, and let him past the sly eye of the anti-fun squad.

“Wow, you’re a fucking wreck,” Manny said to him, as he approached the
breakfast table a few hours later.

“You don’t look so totally refreshed yourself,” Gregg said, smiling.

They sat and ate quietly, hoping nobody suspected them, but a little
amazed that they weren’t in trouble. They both felt as though they’d
exploded a bomb and nobody heard. It was a strange feeling.

“Manny, my boy, I feel the basis for a strong partnership in the air.”


“Manny, we both know that Jody is a great cocksucker, but let me tell
you something, my good man. Last night, with your cock penetrating her
from the rear, she was better than a great cocksucker, man! She was
inspired! Magnificent!”

“You’re fucking crazy!”

“Maybe so! May very well be, but it be to your benefit, my boy. You’re
going to get more ass than your cock’ll know what to do with. I’m going
to share the feast with you.”

“Hey, I’ll be your right-hand man.”

“Yeah, my right hand man! My back-up! My sideman! My MAIN man!”

“And the chicks? I mean, are you going to ask them if all this is up
their alley?” Manny asked.

“They’ll see the light, in the dimness of that old shack, they’ll see
the light. One after the other, they’ll see the fucking light!”

Gregg’s voice took on a mock-religious quiver, and he rolled his eyes.
They both laughed, but then, they didn’t want to explain themselves to
anyone, and they stifled it quickly.

“That shack was made by angels. By angels! Who should we have next?
After breakfast we’ll skip a class and discuss the menu, my boy,” Gregg
said laughing.

Manny ate his eggs and toast quickly, washing it down with orange juice,
and the two of them strolled out together, past the prying eyes of the
established command.

“I wonder what she looks like today,’ Gregg commented, when they were
outside, leaning on a tree, breathing the fresh morning air. Both boys
were pleasure stunned, walking around, but half in a coma. Their eyes
were bloodshot and squinted. Gregg wore dark glasses.

“I’ll bet she looks fucked. I’ll bet she looks like somebody, or some
bodies, fucked the living shit out of her!”

“Yeah. I wonder why?”

“Beats me!”

They settled under the tree and fell into a detailed description of the
delights of the previous evening, each one triggering their favorite

“Did you see me come all over her tits?” Manny asked, excited.

“I sure did. I watched her take it in her pussy when you were behind
her. She sucked my cock so nice with you stuffing her pussy!”

“Yeah, that bitch is hot!”

“Manny, you know what I dug best?”

“Tell me!”

“I dug cupping her little chin in my hand and fucking the hell out of
her mouth. I loved shooting hot come into her mouth. Her tongue is so
fucking wild!”

“Yeah! Amen to that!”

Just a short distance away, a very tired little blonde girl had just
told one of the staff members, that she was sick. She said that she
didn’t need a doctor, and that it was just a heavy curse coming down on
her, and thankfully, the staff zombie let her alone.

Jody’s mind was filled with the sweet images of last night, and when
Susie asked her what happened, she was more than happy to share the
enormous event.

The End


Sex Orgy With Animals

March 17, 2008

By Desmond Lowell

Chapter 1

It was a few weeks after they returned from their honeymoon that Niles Dawson had his first terrifying glimpse into the depths of his lovely young bride’s bizarre tastes.

Niles and Betsy Dawson had taken a fine home in Westchester County, within easy commuting distance of New York City, where Niles had a lucrative real estate business. It was a pleasant neighborhood of large homes, lush lawns, and enormous, over-arching trees.

One evening, Niles and Betsy were strolling along the sidewalk, hand in hand, enjoying the pleasant May air, and the feeling of being newlyweds. Niles was exultantly aware that his youthful wife——she was only twenty——hadn’t a stitch on beneath her flimsy summer dress.

He delighted, therefore, whenever they were in shadow, in running his eager hand over her ass, reveling in her buttocks’ exuberant contours. From time to time he even thrust his hand up under skirt. Giggling, she would slap it away.

But he would always come back for more. His dick would strain at his pants as he roved his hand over her sleek thighs, intruding his fingers into her hot, slippery ass crack and, for short, delirious moments, between her legs and up into the crispy muff where he would fondle her fleshy cunt lips.

Betsy giggled and slapped, but it was obvious she loved it, and she would smear her body provocatively against his every time he squeezed her tits.

Niles was congratulating himself on his superb judgment in choosing such a delectable morsel as his bride when the dog appeared out of nowhere, running toward them swiftly over the wide, well manicured lawn. It was a beautiful animal——large, very lean, and sleekly streamlined. Niles wasn’t familiar with dog breeds and pedigrees and that sort of thing, but he thought this might be a greyhound.

He stood by in amusement as Betsy patted the animal’s head and addressed him in the fond language many people love to lavish on pets. He continued to smile as the dog licked Betsy’s shoes and curiously sniffed at her legs.

But when the animal raised his snout beneath Betsy’s skirt, elevating the hem to crotch level, and began to sniff avidly at her exposed, bare cunt, Niles’ smile abruptly faded.

“I wouldn’t let him do that, Betsy——” he began. But his wife silenced him with an imperious gesture. “Surely you’re not jealous of a mere dog, Niles,” Betsy exclaimed sarcastically, “Heavens! The poor creature is probably famished for the smell of pussy, that’s all. His owners have had him cooped up for days I’ll bet!” Then, darting a winning smile at the animal as it raked its frantically snuffling nostrils up and down her cunt crack, Betsy crooned, “Poor baby! Does doggie want to lick Mommy’s twat? Go ahead——lick it! Lick it!”

“For heaven’s sake, be careful!” Niles exploded. “This dog may be vicious. You don’t know what kind of mood he may be in. Betsy, don’t just stand there like that! Put your skirt down, and let’s be on our way home!”

It was as if Betsy hadn’t heard one single word Niles had said. Her lovely, oval face was transfixed in a strange, dreamy stare as she stood there on the lawn, her slim, voluptuously contoured body shadowed by the elm boughs overhead, gazing fixedly down at the animal whose pink tongue flickered flame-like between her legs.

Her legs were spread slightly as she stood, and she held her skirt at waist level, completely exposing her creamy-white belly and ass. Her magnificent thighs were also bare, except for the sheer nylon hose that halted about three inches above her knees. The meaty succulence of Betsy’s thighs bulged exuberantly over the tops of her stockings and strained tantalizingly against the pink elastic of her garter belt.

Niles couldn’t help sucking in his breath excitedly as he stared at her. One of the things that had most attracted him to her right from the start was the electrifying contrast between Betsy’s innocently childlike face and the riotous extravagance of her sweetly up-tilted melon-like tits … the explosive rotundity of her deep-clefted, high-slung ass … and the long, spectacularly sculptured legs that seemed designed specifically to flaunt the jiggling, rippling array of fleshy treasures that constituted her breathtakingly voluptuous body.

Now one of those splendid treasures was being casually profaned by a dumb animal! A thoroughbred, highly pedigreed animal, true, but a beast nonetheless!

Niles felt the sweat start out on his palms and his voice had an unaccustomed tinge of hoarseness as he cried, “Betsy! What in heaven’s name has come over you? What possesses you to allow a mangy mutt——”

“He’s not a mangy mutt,” Betsy murmured fervently, her eyes clamped tightly shut as she ecstatically bucked her hips forward toward the animal’s greedily slavering tongue. “He’s not a mutt, he’s a beautiful thoroughbred animal with a lovely slim head … a magnificent head made to order for exploring between ladies’ thighs …”

Her lips flared with sudden emotion as she blurted, “Oh Niles!——if you could know how delicious it feels having his magnificent tongue scouring over my vulva! A dog’s tongue is so rough——it’s like having a warm, blubbery file gliding tenderly over your most sensitive parts … rasping and arousing you where you most want to be excited! Oooh, oooh … that’s right, doggie! Fuck your tongue back and forth over Mommy’s cunt! Mommy loves it so much …!”

With an abrupt motion, the animal withdrew its tongue from Betsy’s abundantly juicing cunt slit. Ducking skillfully between her stiffly planted legs, he now began to delve into her rearward treasures, his voracious pink tongue skidding impudently into her ass crack, loudly slurping the sweat that was beginning to form there in great, crystalline globules as Betsy’s lascivious excitement mounted steadily, relentlessly.

“Betsy …” Niles’ agonized protest died in his throat as he observed his wife’s next move.

Raking her skirt nearly up to the level of her pendulously swaying breasts, Betsy bent sharply at the waist and separated her buttocks with trembling hands to afford the dog’s frenzied tongue easiest possible access to the glassy-slick notch of her pinkish-brown ass crack. The dog’s mouth played feverishly over the splendid mounds of Betsy’s marshmallow-soft ass, licking, sucking, slavering, making the lovely hillocks ripple and shudder with the force of his imperiously rampaging tongue!

Now, even as he continued to guzzle Betsy’s ass and cunt juices with animalistic fervor, the dog commenced to whine piteously. It was a low, spasmic, whimpering cry.

“Oh, poor doggie!” Betsy exclaimed sympathetically, “what’s the matter?”

In answer, the dog began to drag his genitals along the ground, actually grinding his stubby cock into the earth as his tongue stabbed at Betsy’s brazenly displayed asshole.

“Oh, the poor animal is simply out of his mind with desire,” Betsy declared. “Niles——why don’t you help the poor thing relieve himself? Jerk his cock … help him climax!”

Niles had to pinch himself to be sure he wasn’t dreaming. “You——you want me to get down on the ground and jerk this filthy animal’s cock while he sucks your pussy and your ass?!!” Niles exclaimed in agonized tones. “Not on your life!”

“Oh, you’re so cruel!” Betsy moaned. Her face was dripping with perspiration now, and gleaming rivulets of sweat were pouring down her thighs and draining in continuous streams from the cherry-tipped mounds that had flopped out the low-cut neckline of her dress. “I never dreamed you were the type who’d be cruel to poor, helpless dumb animals, Niles!”

She wriggled her incandescent ass globes against the dog’s snout. “Oh, I’m hot!” she gasped. “Niles, this animal has got me so hot I feel I could burst into flame any second. Dear, please come over here. Stand in front of me. Unzip yourself. Take out your prick and let me suck it while this beautiful animal fucks my cunt with his strong, virile tongue … please! Please!”

Completely aghast, Niles exclaimed incredulously, “You want to blow me right out here on the sidewalk! In plain view of the whole world?”

“Oh please!” Betsy groaned, “it’s dark——there’s no one to see us. Oh Niles, hurry please! I would never have married you if I had know you were so cruel!”

In spite of his revulsion at the scene of loathsome bestiality that was being enacted before his horrified eyes, Niles’ cock was already poker-stiff inside his pants. Since the day he had first met Betsy, only a scant three months previously, Niles had never been able to deny her anything. She had a beguiling, childlike quality about her that made him feel protective and indulgent toward her. The fact that he was thirty-three and Betsy was only twenty reinforced his permissive attitude.

This was no exception. Standing there with her ass and cunt completely exposed, her tits hanging out the front of her dress, her face contorted in an expression of overwhelming lascivious desire, Betsy was the personification of lust … stark, raving, ravenous lust incarnate!

Like a sleepwalker, Niles moved unwillingly toward his beautiful, panting wife. As the dog continued to lap his tongue between the cheeks of her ass in broad, slathering strokes, Niles unzipped his pants. Before he could extract his stiff, straining, seven-inch prong, Betsy frenziedly thrust her hand inside his fly and scooped out the livid slab of hot, dribbling meat.

Betsy allowed her eyes to feast on her husband’s tool for all of one second. Then, with an expression of delirious bliss etched deeply into her mobile features, she commenced to suck Niles’ dick there on the lawn, and while she sucked, she slowly rotated her ass against the dog’s famished mouth.

Now she allowed her mouth to play lovingly over Niles’ giant, chestnut-sized balls. “Oh Niles,” she was moaning, “the dog has his nose halfway up my snatch … Oh, his nose is like a monstrous cock! I can feel it penetrating deeper … deeper …! Oh, Niles, Niles!——he’s got his entire snout inside my vagina, and he’s … he’s opening his mouth and he’s licking my guts! It feels like his tongue is lapping me inside halfway up to my tonsils! Oh shit … shit …” Her voice died away in an ecstatic moan.

Completely incredulous, Niles looked down at where the dog was crouched between his wife’s long, lithe legs. It was true——the creature had actually thrust half his slim, pointed snout up Betsy’s vagina and was licking and lapping her internal parts with furious abandon! His muzzle was buried in Betsy’s pussy practically up to his eyes!

Before Niles could utter the anguished protest that foamed at his lips, Betsy once more gulped her husband’s cock into her mouth and commenced to munch and suck it, hollowing her cheeks with the ferocity of her effort.

Niles loved the way Betsy sucked him off. Since the first night of the honeymoon, he felt that he could forgive her any transgression if he could only be sure she would continue to suck him off at least once a day. He enjoyed enormously the way she skidded his dick all the way into her throat, lashing the underside with her tongue, playing her lips over the base of his organ, knowing as if by instinct when to treat it gently, when to treat it roughly, nipping the skin with her teeth, sometimes to the extent of drawing blood.

The blow job she had performed on him the night of their marriage was, in fact, their first shared sexual experience. Many times during the courtship, Niles had felt consumed by a feverish compulsion to yank up Betsy’s dress and fuck her right where she stood. But he had always resisted. He knew it would be much better to wait for the honeymoon when they could enjoy their first lay at leisure, in the ideal surroundings of a Caribbean luxury hotel.

But the wedding night had not gone exactly to plan. As they were preparing for bed, Betsy had suddenly blurted, “Oh, I can’t wait another second, Niles! I’ve got to have you right now!” At that point, she was only half undressed. She had peeled down the top of her gown, exposing the ripe fullness of her magnificent tits, and Niles was already nibbling at one firmly erect nipple. He had unzipped his fly so Betsy could delve her hand inside and play with his eager, squirming cock.

Suddenly, however, after only the briefest foreplay, Betsy grasped her opportunity to have Niles without further preliminaries. She had fallen to her knees and plunged his tool deep into her mouth and commenced to suck it like a child sucking a popsicle on a hot, August day.

Even in the ecstasy of the moment, Niles had felt somewhat dismayed. He had firmly believed Betsy to be a virgin. She had never spoken of previous boyfriends; she seemed quite shy of men, in fact——always a little awkward in their presence.

But now his shy, awkward darling was on her knees on the floor, eagerly gobbling his cock as if it were the most natural thing in the world! How and where had she learned such a thing? How-—?

But soon his doubts were drowned in the sheer bliss of the moment, the tingling rapture of having this very young, very beautiful girl excite his yearning prick in the most lascivious, the most intimate way possible, bobbing her head frenziedly over his steaming meat, twin streams of saliva drooling from the corners of her mouth and splashing onto the rosy hillocks of her slithering, jiggling tits!

Niles had not been slow in coming, that first night. It was only a couple of minutes before his volcanically simmering dick had erupted into his bride’s mouth, sending huge, lava-like streams coursing over her tongue and down her throat, the hot, sticky fluid bursting spasmically from the pulsing tip of his joy-stick while he insistently fucked it further and further between her lips and down into her warmly receptive gullet.

When it was all over, Niles would have been glad to rest awhile, but to his utter amazement, Betsy insisted on repeating the process immediately!

At that point, Niles was too weak to resist. Flopping onto the bed, he allowed Betsy to remove his pants. Then, still half-clad, Betsy had sprawled onto the bed alongside him, and calmly proceeded to suck him off once more.

This time it took much longer. For fully half an hour, Betsy bobbed and wriggled her head over Niles’ feverishly excited prick. Her teeth commenced to abrade the tender skin, rasping it to the point of screaming rawness——grating it——gouging it with careless teeth.

Oh! Ohhh! Now he could feel the blood flowing, he could feel himself bleeding from half a dozen tiny nicks and nibbles in the infinitely sensitive skin of his swollen organ. It was like the pain of red-hot needles being ruthlessly thrust into his rod. He could see the smears of bright, ruby blood on his bride’s lips as she continued to gnaw and suck his fully distended prick. And yet, with all the agony, he hoped she would never stop!

She did stop eventually, of course, with an explosion of hot seed and blood into her mouth, a violent concussion of crimson-tainted sperm that sent a bone-wracking shudder throughout Niles’ entire body and made Betsy choke and sputter as the copious outpouring drowned her mouth and mounted into her nostrils in a sticky flood that gushed over her upper lips.

This time, she had allowed Niles to rest. As he lay there, half-sunk in drowsiness and thoroughly exhausted by his first sexual encounter with his bride, Betsy had gently removed his clothes and put him between the sheets. Then she had disrobed herself and slid into bed alongside him, her mouth and cheeks still encrusted with the syrupy discharge from Niles’ raw, oozing prick.

“Sleep tight, darling,” she had whispered, kissing him lightly on the mouth.

“What do you mean, ‘Sleep tight?’ ” Niles had grinned back lazily. “I don’t intend sleep until I’ve had my fuck!”

“But——but darling——” he heard Betsy gasp, “you’ve already come twice! Surely that’s enough for one evening!”

“Sure I’ve come,” Niles had admitted, “but I haven’t had the pleasure of satisfying you yet, dearest. You’re not going to rob me of the thrill of bringing you to orgasm on our wedding night, are you, darling?”

“Oh——oh well——that’s all right——” Betsy began to babble confusedly, “I don’t mind waiting till tomorrow. Really, I don’t, Niles dearest——”

Niles sternly intruded his hand between her legs. Damnit! He was going to dip the wick into her before another minute was out or know the reason why! It didn’t matter that his cock felt as if it had been mangled in a cement mixer——he didn’t mind its torn and bloody state just so long as it could stiffen long enough to throw another wad of come into Betsy’s juicy snatch. His fingers groped inside her pussylips.

What the hell!! What the frigging hell was going on here? Betsy’s cuntlips were positively steeped in some kind of greasy, gummy substance! It wasn’t a vaginal lubricant——it didn’t have that kind of feel. It wasn’t the natural outpouring of vaginal juice, either. It was slimy——sticky——

Niles’ lips compressed to a thin, white line.

It was sperm. Betsy’s cunt was absolutely drenched in sperm!

But how in the devil’s name could such thing be possible? Niles certainly hadn’t screwed her. And at no time since the wedding that morning had she been separated from him long enough for her to have had relations with another man. Even if she had wanted to. Even if such a revolting idea had occurred to his shy young bride!

Niles swallowed hard. As he lay there, frozen in a rigid, cataleptic posture beside the body of his wife, his mind raced like a supercharged engine, trying to figure the solution to the agonizing puzzle. A dozen times the question died in the very act of utterance: “Betsy, some other man has already had you tonight. Who was it? How——?”

He forced himself to be calm by a supreme act of will. It wasn’t possible. It just simply wasn’t possible.

That night, Niles had lain there alongside Betsy for a long time, staring up at the ceiling, turning the alternatives over in his mind. At last, thoroughly drained and exhausted by the events of the previous twenty-four hours, he had dropped off into a nightmare-ridden sleep.

The next day, he force himself to dismiss the subject from his mind. And in the evening, after a champagne supper and an hour of elaborate foreplay, Betsy had urged him to thrust his imperious cock between her legs and fuck her as hard as was humanly possible. And when he did so, he found no evidence of anything remotely resembling semen. Only a clear, crystalline spring of sweetly fragrant cuntjuice.

The incident had quickly faded from his mind. But now, as he stood beneath the open sky in this quiet Westchester town, with Betsy voraciously sucking his prick while the dog whimperingly fucked his snout ever deeper up Betsy’s vagina, certain facts began to emerge with stark clarity in Niles’ computer-like mind.

Once again, driven by some inner, unconscious impulse, his brain was relentlessly poring over those hours immediately preceding that instant on the wedding night when Betsy had slumped to her knees and commenced to blow his dick.

And now, for the first time, he remembered the dogs.

Niles and Betsy had checked into the resort hotel early in the evening. After an early dinner in the hotel dining room, they had strolled out onto the terrace for a breath of air before retiring. On the terrace, they had fallen into conversation with a polite, refined English couple who had brought a pair of Irish setters with them. The dogs were quietly sprawled at their owners’ feet when Niles and Betsy first saw them.

Betsy had immediately made a bee-line for the handsome animals. Crouching beside them, she had plied the English couple with all kinds of questions as to the dogs’ names, their ages, pedigree, and so forth. And all the time, Betsy’s hands had roved over the creatures’ pelts, luxuriating in the softness of their superbly groomed hair, fondling their paws, and——!

And now, as Niles’ memory roved back over that evening, he quite clearly recalled that, for one horrifying instant, Betsy’s fingers had also been busy with the dogs’ genitals——hurriedly caressing the stubby, black cocks and rubbing her palms over the tips of the animals’ dicks as if about to masturbate them!

It had only been for an instant. It could have been a slip of Betsy’s hand, an involuntary movement without real significance. Then, as the Englishwoman remarked that it was time to give the animals their nightly walk, Betsy had practically fallen all over herself in volunteering herself for the job.

“Oh, let me walk the dogs!” she had cried, starting to her feet and gathering the pets’ leashes in her hand before the couple could demur. “I can see you folks are just dying to have another brandy before you go up to your room. Sit here and relax awhile longer while I give these lovely creatures a spot of exercise!”

And she was gone, with the setters in tow, before anyone could stop her. It was obvious at the time that the English couple regarded Betsy’s behavior as a bit odd, but they were too polite to say anything. And when, approximately a half-hour later, Betsy had returned with the dogs looking brisk and happy, it was a closed incident.

Niles recalled now that the only remark offered by the Englishman at the time was: “The dogs certainly look well exercised——”

Yes! They certainly had been well exercised. But it was not until this precise moment, as Niles was having his cock sucked as the greyhound relentlessly bored his snout up Betsy’s cunt that Niles realized what that exercise had consisted of——Betsy had allowed herself to be thoroughly fucked by both dogs!

No doubt about it. On her wedding night, Betsy had given first preference to a pair of animals! Before Niles had had an opportunity to so much as wet the tip of his dick inside Betsy’s juice-brimming twat, she had deliberately taken on two beasts——flopped down in the hotel gardens with a couple of dogs and allowed them to fill up her pleasure cave with their slimy, glutinous sperm!

All at once the pieces of the puzzle fell into place and Niles was sickened by the revelation.

The moment of revelation came precisely as Niles shot his seething load into Betsy’s mouth. At the same moment, she bore her crotch down on the greyhound’s slurping muzzle and Niles could tell by the shudders that racked her body that Betsy was having her orgasm.

Betsy’s mouth quickly filled with the superabundant discharge of Niles’ churning testicles and part of the rich cream outpouring over her lips. She sucked loudly and with obvious relish. It was difficult to tell exactly at which end she was experiencing her greatest joy: whether it was in gulping Niles’ voluminous flood of rich, syrupy come or in having her cunt fucked to delirious orgasm by the insatiably stabbing snout of the excited animal that groveled between her legs.

When the last of Niles’ sperm finally pulsed into Betsy’s sucking lips, he hurriedly zipped up his fly and made as if to take his wife by the arm. He was going to lead her straight home and grill her as no woman had ever been grilled before.

But more was to come. Before he could stop her, Betsy sank to the ground. With her mouth entirely filled with Niles’ hot, slushy sperm, she commenced to kiss the dog on the mouth——to let the animal thrust its greedy tongue deep inside her own mouth to lap the creamy nutriment that had just vomited from Niles’ deliriously sucked cock! And, at the same time, Betsy’s slim, patrician hand was fumbling between the dog’s legs——groping for his dick! And before Niles’ aghast stare, Betsy began to jerk the animal off with quick expertise, her hand fluttering faster than the eye could follow, while she allowed the creature to fuck its sperm-lapping tongue deep into her throat!

“Aaaarrgghh——” she gurgled. “Oh Niles, I hope you’re not angry at me for sharing your delicious come with this poor, starved animal——” And then the dog’s flame-like tongue was flickering inside her throat once more, and she was jerking him harder than ever and abruptly there came the spastic spurt of the creature’s sperm into Betsy’s madly shuttling hand, the slimy yellow fluid slopping all over her fingers and shooting onto her naked belly as she crouched beside him.

It was the actual sight of the dog’s gluey scum crusting over his wife’s hand that did it for Niles. It reminded him all too graphically of the night when he had thrust his fingers between his bride’s legs only to find that his place had been preempted by a canine interloper. Or rather a pair of interlopers!

Niles saw red at that moment, his hand went to his waist. With a quick, single motion he ripped off his belt. Then, with a lightning-like sweep of his muscular arm, Niles slammed the heavy leather across the satin rotundity of his wife’s exposed ass!

Whap! Whap! And with every blow of the brutally wielded belt, a livid quarter-inch-thick welt erupted across the magnificent perfection of Betsy’s sweatily gleaming buttocks.

Her hands sprang instantly to her backside. Her sperm-drenched fingers flew to protect her savagely punished can. “Ohhh!” She screamed, “Oh, Niles, what are you doing to me? Are you angry because I——? Oh! Oh, please! You’re ripping my ass to shreds, Niles! Oh, Niles, please don’t beat me any more——I’ll suck your cock again; I’ll kiss your ass, I’ll do anything, only please don’t——EEEEEEEK! OOOWWWW!”

Niles was a veritable paragon of fury as he stood over the helpless, cringing figure of his wife, slamming his heavy belt across the matchless perfection of her bare ass, her thighs, even her tits received their share of his skyrocketing wrath.

Niles did not cease until his arm was literally numb with fatigue. By that time, Betsy’s entire body was a mass of welts where the savage leather had torn relentlessly at her flesh.

As he flung down the belt in disgust, his face was still grim. “Arrange your clothing!” he ordered, his throat thick with emotion. “For pete’s sake, try to make yourself at least slightly presentable. We’re going home!”

Betsy was sullen as they plodded silently homeward. When they finally entered their house, she started to speak, but Niles silenced her with a slap. “Keep your mouth shut, you bitch!” he snarled, “Only a bitch would have sex with a dog. And bitches can’t speak, they can only grovel and whine!” He shoved her to her knees. “Go ahead,” he commanded icily, “go ahead, bitch! Down on your belly——grovel for me!”

“Niles, only listen to me for one second——” she began piteously.

“On your belly, you filthy heap of dog-shit!” he shouted, “Your punishment has only begun!” As Betsy sank to her knees, he ripped the dress from her exquisite figure with a single swoop of his powerful hand. “Who the hell ever heard of a dog wearing a dress?” he hooted scornfully. Now Betsy was completely nude except for her hose, her garter belt and her high-heeled slippers.

Niles removed something from his jacket pocket and brandished it before Betsy’s astonished eyes. “Do you see this?” he asked her.

“Why——why, it’s a dog collar and a leash!” she exclaimed wonderingly. “Where did you get that, Niles?”

“I took it from the dog you were just romping with,” he informed her, sternly. “Right now, I think you have greater need for it than he does.” Kneeling, Niles clamped it around Betsy’s neck.

“You——you’re putting a dog collar on me?” Betsy gulped, unbelievingly. “But, Niles——?”

“And why not?” her husband stormed. “You’re a bitch, aren’t you? What’s peculiar about a dog-collar on a bitch?” Betsy attempted to rise, but Niles shoved her to the floor with one motion of his swift arm. “On your hands and knees!” he shouted.

Then, as Betsy meekly followed on all fours, Niles led her into the kitchen at the end of the leash. He began to rummage in the refrigerator, his face a stony and inscrutable mask.

“I’m not hungry——” Betsy began.

Niles turned steely eyes on her. “Haven’t I warned you?” he asked ominously. Thereafter, Betsy was silent. She crouched there, naked, on the floor, tremblingly awaiting Niles’ next move.

It was not long in coming. Swiftly selecting a few messy leftovers from the refrigerator shelves, he dumped them all together into a cracked bowl which he placed on the floor. “Eat!” he commanded.

“What? You want me to eat that slop? You expect me to crouch here on all fours and eat from the floor like a——?”

“Like a dog!” Niles finished for her, grinning savagely as he spoke. “Exactly! And keep your fingers out of the dish——who ever heard of a common alley mutt using its paws to eat with?” And before Betsy could offer another word of protest, Niles pushed her face right into the gooey mess.

While Betsy strove miserably to force the food down her throat, Niles secured the leash tightly around a table leg so Betsy could not move her head more than a few inches in any direction without choking herself. Then he stood over her, arms folded, while he grimly murmured, “Eat, you bitch-cunt! Every morsel of it! Dogs that don’t eat are liable to fall sick, and I’m damned if I’ll spend five bucks on you for a veterinarian.”

When she had nearly succeeded in gobbling down the vile jumble of half-stale leftovers, Niles said, “The whole picture is very clear to me now, Betsy. I know now what happened on our wedding night. I know you let those two dogs fuck you in the hotel gardens. That’s why you were so eager to suck me off. You didn’t want me sticking my fingers or my dong up your pretty twat because you knew exactly what I’d find there.”

“Niles, have pity on me. Listen to me only for one second.”

This time, Niles’ rage almost burst the bonds of sanity. Again removing his heavy leather belt, he lashed her naked body over and over, forcing her to squirm and grovel, first on her belly, then on her back, as the barbarous lash wrote its message of fire over the pale whiteness of her satiny hide.

He continued to whip her for five maniacal minutes. At the end of that time, he suddenly dropped the lash, and bursting into tears, sank to his knees beside her. “I’m sorry, dear,” he blurted, as he loosened the dog collar from around her neck, “but something just seemed to come over me. When I saw you degrading yourself with that dog outside, and when it dawned on me how you’d let yourself be defiled on our wedding night …”

“It’s all right, dearest,” Betsy said soothingly. She was crying too, now. “But I have this compulsion whenever I’m near a fine-looking dog to——to handle him intimately. To fondly his cock. To kiss him. To let him thrust his snout up my pussy and excite me with it. I——I’ve been like this for a long time, dearest. But I promise to do better in the future. I swear it! After all, I have a fine, virile husband with the biggest, most beautiful prick a girl could want to have between her legs. Or between her lips. I love having you ramrod your smoking prick up my cunt, Niles. I love to suck it too. Say you forgive me, darling, and I promise you an extra treat tonight when we go to bed,”

“Of course,” he forgave her. It was easy to forgive Betsy when she smeared her lush, naked softness against his muscular maleness, making his cock quiver and flip inside his pants like a hooked eel, and when she tilted her childlike face upwards for him to kiss.

And she kept her promise that night. She had promised an extra treat, and she delivered it. In spades. She made her lovely, normally resilient tongue into a wondrous imitation of a poker-stiff prick which she slowly, with infinite guile, intruded between his buttocks and lovingly protruded into his blissfully acquiescent asshole, reaming and sucking and making her mouth and tongue perform all sorts of fantastic tricks that eventually resulted in his climaxing without her even touching a finger to his cock.

As he lay there that night, slowly drifting off to sleep, Niles’ body felt thoroughly satisfied. But a tiny current of uneasiness continued to course through his mind. It was like a scarlet thread staining the crystalline current of his thoughts.

He loved Betsy. She was intelligent. She was beautiful. She had a sweet nature. And she was the best screw he’d had in his entire adult life. But how much did he know about her, really?

He had married her on only three months’ acquaintance. He’d never met any of her family——they lived in a remote, backwoodsy section of the Midwest. And he only knew a couple of her friends.

What really lay behind Betsy’s strange craving for animal intimacy? She had promised to conquer her bizarre desires. Would she? Could she?

Chapter 2

It was early one Sunday evening that Niles received the anonymous telephone call.

It was a woman’s voice, there was no doubt about that. An elderly woman——sixtyish, Niles figured. Dry, rather prissy. Old-maidish, but authoritative at the same time.

“You don’t have to know my name, Dr. Dawson,” the woman said crisply. “My identity is not important. What is important is the ugly, vicious act of perversion that your wife——”

Niles’ temper flared like an ignited powder keg. “I don’t take anonymous phone calls!” he exploded. “If you won’t tell me your name, then I’m not interested——”

“——the ugly, vicious act of perversion that your wife is committing this very instant,” the steely-cool voice went on implacably. “I’m sure you know Reilly’s stables on the edge of town. He specializes in pony rides for children. Sunday evening is the one time he’s closed to the public. But not closed to your wife, Mr. Dawson. She’s there now. I’ve just been watching her actions through my binoculars. I’m a snoopy old maid, Mr. Dawson. But I’m not a liar. Go there. See for yourself. If you hurry, I think you’ll be in time for a very interesting performance!”

The line went dead.

Niles sat there, ashen-faced, the receiver clicking in his hand, for a full two minutes. Reilly’s stables. Yes, he knew them. He’d passed them many times in his car. It was a small place. Reilly had a couple of ponies. He charged fifty cents to children for a short trot. Good God, was it possible that Betsy could …!

Damn all snoopy people! he cursed. Damn all prying, spying old bitches who make themselves the consciences of their neighbors!

But even as he cursed the anonymous caller, Niles was reaching for his car keys. As he strode toward the garage, he told himself: I’ll check this thing out anyway. Chances are, Betsy isn’t within a mile of the place. Chances are, Betsy has never set foot on Reilly’s property. Once I’ve assured myself of that, I’ll rest easier in my mind. And if that old snoop phones again, I’ll be ready for her!

It was only a short drive to Reilly’s stables. As soon as he came within sight of the modest establishment, Niles parked the car on the shoulder of the road, and proceeded the rest of the way on foot. I’ll be cautious about this, he told himself. It’s quite possible that the old woman actually has seen something peculiar going on out here, but there’s no guarantee my wife is involved. It could very well be someone else … someone who resembles Betsy …

The low stable enclosure was entirely surrounded in three directions by trees and closely clustered bushes, most of them taller than a man’s head. It was well screened from the very few houses in the nearby vicinity unless someone were observing from an upper story window with a pair of extremely fine binoculars.

Niles succeeded in gashing his face in a couple of places as he pressed cautiously through the thick tangle of thorny bushes, but he felt no pain. The only pain he was capable of suffering at this point was an internal kind … a torment of the mind. But he would banish that in a hurry! As soon as he’d convinced himself that Betsy was nowhere in the vicinity.

There now … now Niles had a clear view of the stable enclosure. He could see everything that was going on inside without being observed himself. Yes, there were people there, that was instantly obvious. The enclosure was open to the sky, except around the edges where a narrow, overhanging roof provided some slight shelter …

Niles took one glance at what was taking place at one edge of the enclosure and nearly fainted. He could feel his knees buckle beneath him and it was only by grabbing onto the bushes that he managed to keep himself erect.

The woman … his anonymous phone caller … hadn’t lied. And what he saw far surpassed Niles’ worst fears!

The first thing that met his eyes was the small pony that had been tethered to a post at one side of the private enclosure. It was a tame, docile beast, obviously accustomed to careless, even rough treatment by vigorous, undisciplined children …

And by women like Betsy!

Yes, Betsy! Niles’ mind reeled as he saw his wife sprawled between the animal’s legs. She was more than half nude. She had entirely removed her skirt and her blouse was completely open at the front, allowing her splendid titties to bobble and bounce as she agitated her breathtakingly voluptuous body.

And as she crouched beneath the pony’s belly, Betsy’s slavering mouth was eagerly sucking the creature’s dick!

Niles wanted to vomit. He wanted to throw up and then get out. He wanted to remove himself as far as possible from this place. From Betsy and from the very memory of Betsy.

But first he had to know the truth. Maybe this was just a momentary weakness on Betsy’s part. Maybe … after giving up on dogs according to Niles’ wishes, Betsy had decided to experiment just this once on ponies … maybe this was the first and only time she had actually put her lips to the animal’s cock … maybe …

He tore his eyes away from where Betsy was crouched, her magnificent, fleshy thighs scissored wide apart, her high-mounded jugs slithering jellylike back and forth across her chest with every impassioned motion of her body. He tore his glance away from Betsy to where the spectators were observing her every move.

There were two men——one of them a florid-faced man in his early fifties——obviously Reilly himself. He stood idly leaning against a post, looking somewhat amused. A much younger fellow, apparently a stableboy, also observed the scene with keen interest. The boy’s fly was open and his hand was inside. He was ardently jerking himself off as he watched Betsy’s mouth gulp the pony’s cock deeper and deeper into her throat!

“AAAArgghh …” Betsy was ecstatically moaning, “aaarrgghh …” and her eyes were cast heavenward as she ecstatically fondled the pony’s testicles. With one hand she caressed the animal’s balls while, with the other, she masturbated her own nipples, gouging and scoring the damask whiteness of her breasts in the frenzy of her effort!

“Ever seen anything like this before?” Reilly asked the stableboy in low, barely audible tones.

The boy grinned sheepishly. “I never seen a grown woman suck a pony’s dick like that,” he admitted, “but I’ve seen the little girls fool around plenty!”

“Yeah?” Reilly asked curiously, “you mean the kids that come here for the rides? What do they do?”

“Plenty!” the boy declared. “The twelve-year-old chicks are the worst. They’re right at the stage where a cock——any cock is beginning to look good to them. But some of them are timid and shy around boys. A pony, though——that’s a different story. They think nothing of feeling a pony’s dick. It’s like an initiation for them!”

“The kids act kind of proper around the stables here, but I suppose it’s a different matter when they get out in the fields and woods someplace,” Reilly surmised. As he spoke, he kept his eyes keenly fixed on Betsy’s crouched form. Niles could see the man had an erection that threatened to rip through his fly.

“You bet!” the boy agreed with a smirk. “I see it all, ’cause I’m the one that leads the pony. Some of those little girls … we no sooner get outta sight of the stables before they’re off the pony, feeling between his legs on some excuse or another! Take little Mary Sue Belford, for example. She can’t be a day past twelve, but wow! The first thing I noticed was that the kid never wore panties. Her mother brings her out here and sets her onto the pony and the kid ain’t got so much as a stitch of panties on her hot little ass!

“The kid never wants a saddle. She sits astride the pony bareback, grinding her itchy little cunt against the pony’s hairy hide, masturbating her twat against the animal just as bold and brazen as you please! The little bitch has an orgasm before we’ve gone more than a hundred yards, nine times outta ten. I look at her from the corner of my eye and I can see the sweat and the cunt juice pouring down her thighs and I can see her gasping for air and her eyes bugging out of her head while she climaxes!

“Then she always finds some excuse to get off the animal and handle his cock as soon as we get a little ways into the woods. I let her. I figure, what the hell, it’s no skin off my nose, right? The pony don’t mind, I don’t mind——”

“I mind!” Reilly declared abruptly.


“I mind,” Reilly reiterated. “If these hot-pants chicks are going to take advantage of the animals this way, I figure I should be getting an extra fee. A stud fee!”

The boy laughed, a loud, braying laugh. “That’s a good one, boss!” he snickered, “and the idea ain’t a bad one, either. But anyway, as I was saying, little Mary Sue always jerks the ponies off every time she goes on the ride. She has the poor animal frothing at the mouth and I have to keep a tight hold on his reins or he’d run like a bat outta hell!”

“That’s all she does, just jerks off the pony?” Reilly asked, eyeing the stableboy narrowly.

“That’s all I ever seen her do,” the boy replied, “but that other kid that comes around here every Saturday afternoon——the redhead——what’s her name?”

“Janice. The little kid with no tits but a big ass.”

“Yeah, that’s the one. She’s freakier than hell, that kid! You know what she does? She makes the pony piss on her!”


“I swear! She gets off the pony and sort of crouches underneath him, the way Mrs. Dawson is doing right now. Then the kid makes a funny kind of warbling whistle, and as soon as the pony hears this, he start to piss. She lets him piss all over her face … she raises up her dress and lets him piss all over her cunt and her ass, and she rubs the hot, steamy liquid into her skin like it was some kind of perfume! I don’t know what the fuck her mother must think when she sees the kid come home in that condition, but I never heard no complaints, so I guess the old lady must be kind of kinky herself!

“Anyway, the kid gets a hell of a charge out of it! And after the animal had finished peeing all over her, she licks the last drops of piss off his dick like she was sucking a lollipop, and then she takes off for home …”

At that instant a woman’s voice sounded from the stable doorway. “Hi!” it called, “where is everybody?” Niles had to thrust the bushes aside to see the newcomer. Another surprise! It was Mabel Gurney——Betsy’s closest friend! Now what the hell was she doing out here?”

Mabel emerged from the doorway. She stood there a moment, hands on hips, a pert smile enlivening her catlike features. She was catlike in every aspect of her lovely body … in her glowing, almond-shaped eyes, in her enigmatic smile, the lithe grace of her movements, and in the secure, self-possessed haughtiness with which she met every situation, no matter how difficult or unforeseen.

At this moment, Mabel was wearing a pair of apricot-colored “hot pants,” a gauzily transparent white blouse that offered the skimpiest concealment for her erect, pear-shaped tits, and a pair of gold vinyl sandals.

“Oh shit!” Mabel cried, feigning exasperation, “I see Betsy has started without me again! Mr. Reilly, I really am provoked! When am I to get first suck of that delightful little pony’s cock? You always let Betsy go first!”

Reilly sniffled contritely. “I got another animal inside …” he began.

“Oh no!” Mabel interjected briskly, “this is the one that turns me on! Oh, I have an idea … Mr. Reilly, do you suppose this creature would eat my cunt?”

“Why don’t you try him and find out?” the man replied.

“I certainly will!” Mabel declared saucily. Niles’ jaw dropped as he suddenly realized what Mabel was up to. There was a low, wooden fence just inside the bushes. Mabel resolutely proceeded to divest herself of her skin-tight hot pants. Then she boldly plumped her shapely ass onto the topmost rung of the fence and spread her legs to display her crotch in all its licentious splendor.

Mabel was a natural brunette. Her hair was jet black … sleek and glossy like a black cat’s. Her abundant tresses swirled well below her shoulders. Her pussy-hair was similarly abundant——a magnificent splurge of ebony-hued loveliness that smoldered like a dark fire between her thighs, around her fleshy cuntlips, intruding in a moist, mysterious tangle well up into the crack of her rosy-cheeked ass.

It was this crisp mop of juicily aromatic cunt-hair that Mabel now proceeded to thrust fearlessly into the pony’s face, spreading her thighs to welcome the animal’s face against her crotch. The pony sniffed tentatively, licked a wary tongue over Mabel’s belly, then began to intrude his eager tongue inside the woman’s gaping cunt.

“Oh shit, that feels good!” Mabel gasped, bucking her hips ecstatically forward. “Oh Reilly, you really are a bastard for keeping this little fellow’s talents such a secret! Oooh … yes darling, suck Mommy’s twat, Mommy loves it so! That’s right, ram that brutal tongue of yours right up inside my snatch lover! Now lick my belly and down between the crack of my ass … let me lean back and spread my buttocks so you can get your face against my ass, too … Oooh, yes, yes! Oh lover, what a heavy, mean tongue you have, little darling! Oh, it’s so exciting to have this creature’s rough, brutal tongue slamming and pounding my ass …!”

Meanwhile, as Niles watched dazedly, Betsy continued to suck the pony’s cock. As she clutched the animal’s immense, hairy organ with one hand, her other hand delved frenziedly between her legs, scooping deeper and deeper inside her snatch, masturbating herself with a fury that terrified Niles.

Now Betsy’s hand was immersed inside her cunt all the way up the wrist, and her mouth was greedily sucking and sucking and sucking, saliva drooling unheeded from her lips, perspiration streaming from her face, her titties bouncing and skidding across her chest, swirling and rotating their downy-soft loveliness as Betsy’s frame shuddered with the great, overwhelming spastic energy of her relentlessly masturbating hand and the immense sucking energy of her convulsively gobbling mouth!

It was obvious the pony was in seventh heaven as he thirstily guzzled the crystalline refreshment that flooded now in torrents from between Mabel’s velvety thighs while, simultaneously, Betsy played her mouth and tongue over his genitals, sucking his cock, avidly licking his balls, accepting the hairy tool into the innermost recesses of her throat!

It was just as Betsy had nearly the whole of the animal’s immense organ embedded solidly in her throat that he began to climax. The muscles of the pony’s thighs commenced to quiver and great, excited ripples radiated across his hide.

“UUGGHH …!” Betsy gasped as she felt the hot animal seed erupting into her throat, flooding into her windpipe, threatening to strangle her! Hastily, she withdrew the squirming, twitching slab of livid meat into her mouth, cradling the knob just inside her lips so she could revel in the lascivious heat of the steaming animal sperm rioting against the roof of her mouth, spewing and flooding across her tongue, cascading in great tides into her throat and down her gullet!

“Oh shit!” Betsy gurgled thickly as the viscous, yellow slime overflowed her mouth and slopped over her lips to splash oozily over her panting titties, “fuck my mouth now, darling, with your big pony dick … really give it to Mommy … Mommy wants to drink all your lovely syrup … don’t hold any back, please … yes, yes, shoot all of your sizzling load into Mommy’s mouth … feel how Mommy is kissing your dick, darling? Mommy loves to kiss her darling pony’s dick … and his balls … and if her darling baby fucks her mouth the way she likes her mouth fucked, Mommy will even kiss her darling pony’s ass …!”

Niles could feel his body literally withering with humiliation. He felt as if his entire being were being consumed in the relentless blowtorch blast of a hideous shame. His mind was numb with horror and revulsion.

Now Betsy had taken the entire tool into her mouth again and was sucking the remainder of the pony’s scum with a frenzy that indented her cheeks and made her eyeballs bulge from their sockets like two enormous, blue marbles. She was squeezing and fondling the animal’s balls, compressing them in her dainty hand with an energy that betrayed her ravening lust to extract every last drop of slimy ooze from the animal’s churning genitals.

At last it was over. The exhausted pony suddenly yanked his overworked cock from Betsy’s slavering lips. He curled up in a corner of the enclosure and drowsily licked the sparkling globules of Mabel’s cuntjuice that still hung from his lips.

Betsy scooped up a few gobs of viscous sperm that had splashed onto her breasts and licked them from her fingers. “Oh, I really love the taste of that shit!” she enthused, rolling her eyes in enthusiasm. “Mr. Reilly, do you suppose you could get hold of a really young one by next Sunday? I enjoy sucking off the young ones, the best. I mean, I’ve blown full-grown horses, and colts, and ponies, and even donkeys and mules, but very young ponies turn me on the most! I’d like one that’s a virgin. I’d like my mouth to be the first hole of any kind he’s ever stuck his dick into. Do you think you could get me a baby pony, Mr. Reilly …?”

Niles had heard enough. Stumbling, half-blind with anger and disgust, he made his way out of the tangle of bushes and lurched back to his car. After allowing a minute for his head to clear, Niles drove slowly homeward. When he arrived, he went up to the attic and commenced to rummage among some boxes that were stored in the attic.

It took over half an hour, but at last his hand fell on the object that he sought. It was an old-fashioned razor strop that had belonged to his grandfather. Somehow, it had survived among the family possessions all these years. He hefted it in his palm. It was of very heavy leather, with a brass ring at one end. It must have weighed about a pound.

Niles took the murderous-looking strap downstairs with him. He mixed himself a pitcher of stiff martini and sat down to wait. Every now and then he lifted the strop and slammed it across some convenient article of furniture. A grim smile creased his features as he watched the splinters fly. It was almost dark by the time he heard Betsy’s car in the driveway. No, wait … there were two cars. There was someone with her. Well damn, whoever it was would get the shock of his life, because Niles meant to have it out with Betsy right here and now! He didn’t intend to sit around and make polite conversation with Betsy’s guests, no matter who they were.

Then, as his wife let herself in at the back door and the sound of feminine laughter filtered through the house, Niles realized she had brought Mabel Gurney back with her. Good! He had never liked Mabel. There was something unwholesome about her. Even her intoxicating feline beauty couldn’t cover up the poisonous aura that seemed to cling to her like a pestilence. She was a corruptive influence on Betsy, Niles was sure of that now. He would have it out with Mabel tonight too. This would be the very last time she would set foot in his home.

The two women were chattering intently as they entered the living room where Niles sat, half swallowed up in the big leather easy chair. Betsy was saying, “I really love sucking his balls——” She stopped short in mid-sentence as her startled eyes fell on Niles. “Why Niles!” she exclaimed, “what are you doing, sitting here all alone in the dark?”

He ignored the question. “Who are you talking about, Betsy?” he asked sullenly. “Whose balls do you love to suck?”

“Why——why, yours of course, darling!” she cried, her face flooding with crimson. “Whose do you think?”

“If you love it so much, how about sucking them right now?” Niles urged, a steely undertone edging his voice. His fingers slowly unzipped his fly. Scooping out his genitals he allowed them to dangle out the front of his pants. “Go ahead,” he urged, “lay your tongue on my balls.”

Betsy gestured helplessly. “But——but not here in front of Mabel!” she protested, “I’d be embarrassed, Niles——”

“Now,” Niles said. His voice was calm but there was an iciness about it that made Betsy shiver in spite of the sultry temperature. “If you love sucking my balls enough to make it a subject for conversation with your trampy friends, you won’t mind sucking them in front of a spectator. Especially in front of Mabel, right?”

“Don’t you call my friends trampy …” Betsy began. Then, cowed by Niles ominous manner, she murmured, “Oh, very well …” Falling to her knees, she planted a polite peck on Niles’ testicles.

“That wasn’t very affectionate,” Niles observed, “but it will do for now. Now kiss me on the lips.”

“Please!” Betsy protested, “not after kissing your balls, Niles! It wouldn’t be sanitary——”

“Now,” Niles insisted.

“Let me go to the bathroom first——”


Pouting unhappily, Betsy surrendered. Her lips grazed Niles’ lightly. As she started to withdraw, however, Niles seized her by the hair, brutally anchoring his fingers in her blonde tresses and, forcing her lips open, darted his impetuous tongue far inside the soft, moist cavern of her mouth, sucking, and licking, and tasting!

“Hmm …” he murmured, “what makes your mouth taste so funny, Betsy? What makes your mouth so slimy and gooey? What kind of shit have you been lapping up, Betsy?”

“I——” she began. Before she had gotten two words out of her mouth, Niles struck her across the face with all the power he could pack into his strong right arm. “Liar!” he screamed, “cunt! You think I don’t know about your orgies with ponies? You think I don’t know you’ve been sucking off horses and donkeys and just about everything else that walks on four legs?”

Betsy could not meet the fury that glinted in his eyes. She was silent as she knelt where Niles’ powerful blow had impelled her. But her silence only enraged Niles all the more. Leaping from his chair, he ripped Betsy’s dress from her body, leaving her completely naked except for her shoes! She gasped at the unexpected assault.

Betsy’s velvety-soft skin still showed the marks of Niles’ previous beating. Mabel sucked in her breath sharply at the sight. “Oh Betsy!” she cried, “what fiend put those bruises and welts on your lovely body?”

Niles brandished the savage length of leather he had retrieved from the attic. “I’m the fiend that did that,” he informed her evenly. “And this time I intend to do an even better job!” Then, turning his near-manic glance on Betsy: “Bend down and grab your ankles, bitch! No——don’t bend your knees. Bend at the waist and grasp your ankles. I want the skin across your ass to be stretched drum-tight when this strop lays across it! I want your pretty pink asshole to kiss the strop when it skids across your whore’s ass!”

Her face a mask of confusion and shame, Betsy did as commanded. Folding her exquisite body at the waist, she reached down and seized her slim ankles, exposing her magnificent rear end for punishment. Her tits jittered like two lovely pots of day-old jello as she shiveringly awaited the first blow.

Wham! Wham! The merciless leather raised two quarter-inch welts on the lush rotundity of Betsy’s naked buttocks. “How do you like that?” Niles shouted. He could feel the alcohol steaming through the corridors of his tormented brain. He knew he would never have the heartlessness to punish his fragile young wife in this manner if it were not for the martinis with which he had just flooded his system. But it had to be done. Something had to be done to bring Betsy to her senses!

Much to his astonishment, Betsy began to moan, “Oh yes, Niles, beat me. Whip me harder! I’ve got a devil inside me, Niles! Whip the devil out of me … burn the devil out of me with your strap, dearest!”

Whap! Whap! Whap! Seizing the brutal strap with both hands now, Niles commenced to flog Betsy with blind fury … on the back … on the pinkly blushing buttocks … on the thighs. Her muscles quivered and rippled with every stroke of the monstrous instrument of torment.

All the time, Niles kept a tiny corner of his attention focused on Mabel Gurney. How would Mabel take it? How would she respond to the punishment and degradation of her best friend? There was an enigmatic expression on her catlike face … a strange mixture of fear … and fascination … yes, and lust!

Now, Niles sensed that Mabel was approaching him from behind. He could feel her breath on his neck as she hung over him. She was very close … He could feel the tips of her melony tits graze his back. Would she try to grab the strap from his hand? He almost wished she’d try! At this point, he’d enjoy giving Mabel Gurney a little taste of what he was dishing out to his wife …!

But Mabel did nothing of the kind. Suddenly Niles could feel her arms lightly enclose him from behind. She glided her soft fingertips over his chest, titillating his nipples for an instant, then delving them gradually lower until her hands were inside his open fly. Then, nuzzling his ass with her belly and crotch, she whispered in his ear, “Oh Niles, I can’t tell you how this stimulates me! I’m almost beside myself with desire!”

“What!” he gasped, his arm still rising and falling in a wholly mechanical rhythm as he continued to lash Betsy’s cringing figure.

“Yes!” she gasped in his ear, “Niles, listen——I’ve taken off my shorts … can you feel my bare cunt smearing your ass through your pants? Niles, the sight of you tormenting Betsy’s naked body like that makes me so hot I could come in my panties … if I were wearing panties!”

Now, catlike, she had slipped between his legs and was crouching in front of him. He could see that she had indeed removed her apricot-colored shorts and was completely naked from the waist down. “Niles …” she implored him, her eyes blazing with perverted desire, “let me suck your prick while you beat the shit out of Betsy! I can watch from the corner of my eye while you do it. Oh please, Niles, grant me this one favor and I’ll be your devoted friend for life. Please, let me suck your big sausage while I watch you slam that monstrous strap across Betsy’s hide!”

Before Niles could utter a word, Betsy cried, “Let her do it, Niles! I deserve it. Let Mabel suck your dick while you degrade and humiliate me! Abase me, Niles … it’s the only thing that will teach me a lesson. I deserve it!”

In the same instant, Mabel scooped Niles’ twitching dick out of his fly and commenced to lick its sensitive underside. Keeping an intent eye cocked on Betsy’s writhing, squirming body, Mabel gurgled, “Whip her harder! You’re a man, Niles, a strong, vigorous, muscular male——can’t you slam that strap into Betsy any harder than that? Oooh …”

Cuddling the rigid tool against her cheek, Mabel moaned, “Oh Niles, let me enjoy this moment … please, please, beat Betsy with all your might while I stuff your beautiful monstrous prick all the way into my mouth and suck every last bit of come from your balls! Please promise you won’t relax your whipping for even one second while you shoot your scum down my throat … oh, this is the height of my desire, to suck a strong, virile cock while the man abuses a lovely naked woman … I may be insane, Niles, but that’s the way I am … here I go, Niles, I’m giving your balls one final lick before I plunge your prick into my mouth … Umm … here goes!”

And with that she sucked Niles’ livid slab of squirming meat into her mouth and commenced to lick and suck it with enormous relish. All the time, she watched from a corner of her eye where Betsy’s sweating form was shuddering under the impact of Niles’ lash. Still bravely clutching her ankles as she bent double, Betsy’s mouth was slavered with foam as she moaned, “Oh Niles … Niles … I never dreamed our marriage would be anything like this! I never dreamed you would have to punish me this way. I wanted to be a good wife to you, but I——Oooww … Oh! Oh!”

Betsy screeched as the rough leather skidded across her asshole, stinging the exquisitely sensitive little crater to a peak of shuddering agony. Releasing her ankles for the first time, Betsy now straightened up. Facing Niles squarely, she blurted, “Whip me up and down my front now, Niles. Lash the fronts of my thighs and abuse my tits! Slam the strap across my pussy. Don’t be afraid, Niles … I have it coming to me!”

Mabel removed Niles’ cock from her mouth for a moment to exclaim, “Do as she says, Niles! I want to see you leave huge masses of livid, ugly marks all up and down her front! Oh Niles, let me bind her hands behind her with my scarf so she can’t protect herself. Can I do that, Niles? Please!”

And before Niles could either assent or object, Mabel had ripped the thin, silk scarf from around her neck and had securely bound Betsy’s hands behind her. “Now whip her good!” Mabel urged, a look of demonic frenzy contorting her delicate features, “… and Niles, I love the feel and the taste of your prick in my mouth. But please be more aggressive! Fuck me in the mouth with your hot sausage. Pretend it’s an instrument of torture. Pretend it’s a red-hot bar of iron that you’re slamming down my throat, and I’ll pretend the same thing. Abuse my mouth with your rod, Niles!” She crammed the straining organ all the way into her mouth.

Now Niles was frenziedly fucking his thoroughly aroused cock down Mabel’s throat while he continued to wield the lash across Betsy’s writhing body. With her hands bound behind her, she was in no position to ward off Niles’ barbaric blows. Her tits leaped about like two frightened puppies as she vainly sought to wriggle away from the whip. But the lash seemed to be everywhere at once. On her tits … on her sleekly out-curving belly … on her jiggling, jelly-soft thighs … everywhere!

Niles came with a sudden, explosive force that sent shock wave after shock wave pounding through his astonished frame. True to his promise, he did not relax his savage punishment of Betsy’s sweating, straining body for even one instant while his cock vomited charge after charge of steaming, syrupy come into Mabel’s lust-transfigured mouth. He could feel her tongue delightedly slithering along the underside of his cock while the tissues of her throat blissfully seized the huge knob of his ruthlessly pounding prick, pulling it further and further into her gullet, taking the full impact of his fire-hose stream into her belly, trying desperately to swallow the hot flood of Niles’ come, moaning in rage as half the insistent stream welled up in her throat, overflowing her mouth, slobbering over her lips and dripping from her chin!

“Oh Niles,” Betsy was groaning now, “can you ever forgive me? Can you ever forgive me for the filthy, rotten acts I’ve performed with animals? I’ve tried to resist the impulse, dearest, but the desire keeps creeping back no matter how sure I am that I’ve conquered it. I’ve been like this since I was a little girl … for as long as I can remember. Oh, I’d give anything to be a normal human being … content with my wonderful husband … content with human cock. Punish me as viciously as you wish, dearest, it’s the only thing that will ever stop me from degrading myself!”

Mabel kneeled before Niles’ dripping cock, his pearly-white scum dribbling unheeded from her lips. Her eyes held a strange, glazed expression. It was as if Niles’ sperm were reacting on her like a powerful, narcotic drug. “Niles …” she begged in choked, husky tones, “give me the strap, please.”


“Give me the strap,” she implored, “let me whip Betsy now! Please, Niles! You’re exhausted now. I can see your arm is practically numb with fatigue. I can punish her better than you can now!”

“I——I don’t think——” Niles began uncertainly.

“Hand her the strap,” Betsy begged, “let her abuse me any way she likes. Oh Niles, savage, cruel punishment is my only hope. I’ve been to psychiatrists … I’ve sought out professional help … nothing seems to make any difference. Punishment——horrible, vicious punishment is my last hope!”

Half-unwillingly, Niles surrendered the strap to Mabel’s eager hands. She seemed possessed by an unholy passion as she forced Betsy once more to display her ass. Mabel literally shook and trembled with zeal as she plied the murderous leather back and forth across Betsy’s cringing back, buttocks, and thighs.

After a moment, though, Mabel caught Niles’ eye. “Come here, Niles,” she whispered as she continued to slam the strap against her friend’s welt-ravaged back. Grudgingly, Niles obeyed. At this point, the effects of the alcohol were commencing to wear off and he was no longer sure that punishment was the cure for whatever ailed Betsy …

As soon as Niles drew near, Mabel whispered in his ear, “Let me handle your cock, Niles. Let me fondle your dick while I torment Betsy. It will give me the strength I need …” She did not wait for his response. Now, as her right arm slashed Betsy’s ass and thighs with even greater fury than before, Mabel’s left hand was busy caressing Niles’ dick … squeezing out the final remnants of his come … mauling and squashing the blueberry rod of coarsely-veined meat in her well manicured fingers.

Now Mabel’s blood-red fingernails were embedded in Niles’ balls. Drawing him closer to her, she whispered, “I have an excellent idea, Niles! Betsy is our slave now. With her hands tied behind her back like that, she’s practically powerless to resist us. Why don’t you punish her in front while I torment her from behind?”

“How do you mean?” Niles inquired, regarding her doubtfully. He had never seen a woman so possessed with the urge to punish … to vilify by the foulest means possible. There was something terrifying about the cruel fires that blazed smokily behind Mabel’s lovely, catlike eyes.

“Piss in her face!” Mabel hissed in his ear, “treat her like a common piece of shit. It’s the only thing she understands!”

As it so happened, Niles’ bladder was near to bursting at that point. He had not urinated since sometime that morning, and it was now evening. The tensions that had been building in him ever since the anonymous phone call came through had banished everything but Betsy from his mind. He was more than ready to go now. Yes, Mabel’s suggestion was a good one. It would kill two birds with one stone …

He walked around to where Betsy was half-doubled forward, cringing under the impact of Mabel’s vicious lash. Niles’ cock was still dangling out of his fly. No longer erect, it was a huge, semi-flaccid rod of red, rubbery flesh. As soon as Betsy saw Niles’ organ squirming lasciviously only a few inches from her face, like an obscene worm, she cried, “Oh Niles, are you going to let me suck your prick now? Oh darling, it’s more than I deserve …”

Niles let fly. The thick stream of steaming, amber piss struck Betsy in the face with a force that made her gasp! Niles played the stream expertly over her features, flooding her mouth, her nose, her eyes, then bathing her titties in the noxious yellow fluid.

“Oh Niles!” Betsy gurgled, unable to breathe, unable to see as the hot liquid inundated her features, “I never thought you’d … uuuuggghh!”

Her words died in mid-sentence as her husband vengefully slammed the piss-spurting shaft between Betsy’s flared lips and held it there … the foul liquid filling up her mouth, draining into her throat, regurgitating from her gullet into her nose and cascading from her nostrils down over her lips and chin!

Vengefully, Niles wormed his spewing tool even deeper into Betsy’s throat. “Suck my piss, bitch!” he hissed contemptuously. “Go ahead——gulp it down! What’s wrong with it? I’m sure you’ve done it for many a horse … many a common alley cur … for goats and pigs and hell only knows what other kind of beast …!”

“No, Niles, I never——” Betsy attempted to groan, but now the foul voiding of her husband’s bladder was filling up her throat, literally drowning her in its steamy, foaming abundance! Piss was flooding from her mouth and nostrils at the same time, and still Niles prodded his cock ever more relentlessly into her gaping, agonized mouth!

And, at the same time, Mabel was frenziedly playing the lash back and forth, up and down Betsy’s squirming, flinching body, raising an ugly, criscrossing network of welts and bruises on the porcelain-like flesh from neck to ankles! Her face was like a fiend’s as she slammed the leather against Betsy’s hide again … and again … and again …!

At length, Betsy sank to her knees and sprawled, doll-like on the floor. Piss still bubbled from her mouth as she gasped, “Oh Niles … no more for now … I-I think I’ve learned my lesson … please, no more!”

Niles unbound her hands then and kissed her all over her urine-stained face and breasts. He murmured endearments in her ear. Somehow, during the ensuing few minutes, Mabel slipped out of sight. By the time Niles regained presence of mind enough to look for her, she was gone and her car had vanished too.

But——oddly enough——her apricot colored “hot pants” still remained where she had negligently flung them in a corner! Mabel had exited into the night half naked!

That was so like Mabel. It was typical of her catlike disposition to be contemptuous … uncaring … reckless in her every action! Niles licked his lips inadvertently as he thought of Mabel’s lovely mouth clamping itself lasciviously onto the ardent meat of his great prick and sucking … sucking … sucking. I’ll bet she’d be a great fuck, he mused, I wonder if she cares to have human cock between her legs … I wonder …

And then he sternly banished all such thoughts from his weary mind. Betsy was the woman he loved. Betsy was the only woman he cared to take into his bed.

Looking down at where she lay sprawled on the floor, he saw Betsy lick her lips. What was she thinking of! Was she taking perverse enjoyment from the taste of his piss! Or was she reveling in the remembered flavor of stronger stuff?

And he clenched his hands savagely as he remembered the thick, yellow horse come churning over Betsy’s lips …!

Chapter 3

The following day, as he sat at his desk tormentedly turning over in his mind a confused jumble of thoughts, Niles at last came to a definite decision.

There was no longer any point in trying to play things by ear, he was sure. He had to find out what really lay at the root of Betsy’s sickness. He couldn’t go on from day to day, never knowing whether Betsy’s perversity was something that would gradually wither in the normal course of married life … or whether it was more deep-seated than that.

Niles hated to think of the word “incurable.” But if Betsy were truly incurable, now was the time to find out.

She had mentioned that psychiatrists had been unable to help her. She had also mentioned that her preference for animals extended deep into her childhood.

Niles was determined to learn something of that childhood. To speak with her mother and father, if possible. He had never met them. Betsy was reluctant even to speak of them. She seemed so eager to forget her origins … to start life all over, as she expressed it, a new, rewarding life with Niles that would obliterate even the memory of the past.

And yet——how strange!——the past seemed determined to haunt her. Try as she might, she could not shake off its baleful shadow.

Pressing his fingers to his temples, Niles attempted to recall the little that Betsy had imparted of her family. Her family name was … Culver … yes, that was it——Culver! They lived in a place called Morgansville, a tiny, backwoodsy place located in a remote corner of a neighboring state. What else did he know about them? Nothing, he had to admit. Absolutely nothing.

Niles had his secretary bring in an atlas. Searching over a map of the neighboring state, Niles saw that Morgansville wasn’t nearly as far away as he had imagined. It was small, yes, and situated in an isolated, mountainous region. It was hardly distinguishable on the map. But half a day’s hard driving would bring him there!

Niles formed his decision on the spot. He would proceed to Morgansville today. Now. He cursed himself for not having thought of this sooner. He might have saved himself untold grief.

There was no formality about taking off. Thank heavens, his real estate brokerage firm was in good shape——it could easily be left in the hands of his assistant for a day or two. He owed no one an explanation but Betsy. That was easily handled too. A phone call, explaining that business had called him to New York for an overnight stay, did the trick.

Then Niles was on his way. He had smooth sailing for about three-quarters of the way. Then the smooth, four-lane highway gave way to a confusing tangle of semi-improved lanes. These grew more primitive as he went on.

It was early evening by the time Niles drew into Morgansville. It was hardly more than a place where two roads come together. A few ramshackle houses. A general store. A gasoline pump. That was about it.

Niles made some discreet inquiries at the store. He found that Rufe and Nelda Culver did not actually live in the village. They had a small, gone-to-seed farm about a mile down the road. “You’ll have to look hard beyond the trees to find the farmhouse,” the girl declared, “but it’s there.”

Niles wondered what kind of reputation the Culvers had in the neighborhood. A funny kind of smirk had spread across the face of the girl behind the counter as soon as he mentioned the name. Yes … clearly there was a mystery here!

Niles found the Culver farmhouse without too much trouble. For a moment he thought it might have been deserted——it looked so lonely and run-down. But as he left the car, a dog romped out from under the porch and began to growl at his heels. Then the door creaked open and a woman was outlined against the shadowy interior.

She could, with a bare minimum of attention, have been an extremely attractive female. She seemed to be in her early thirties. Her feet were bare and her long, ash-blond hair was tangled and unkempt. Her thin, rather sweet face bore the lines that spoke of worry and hardship. But her figure was still slim and voluptuous in its contours. Her legs had the exquisite molding of a twenty-year-old’s. And her breasts were still firm and erect. She obviously wore nothing underneath——not even a bra——and one nipple protruded negligently through her torn dress.

Could this be Betsy’s sister? Niles wondered. He recalled vaguely that Betsy had once mentioned a sister. But she’d said nothing about age.

The woman regarded him with clear hostility. “Come around later!” she blurted. “Eight o’clock. We’re not ready for you yet!”

Ready? Ready for what? Niles decided to come to the point at once. “Are you Betsy’s sister?” he inquired, “my name is Niles Dawson. I’m Betsy’s husband——”

The woman retreated a step. Her manner changed in a flash. Sullen hostility was instantly replaced by relief. Relief … and confusion. “Oh for mercy’s sake!” she cried, “I——I never imagined …” She swallowed hard, then said, “Come in, please!”

She let Niles brush past her. Then, before shutting the door, she cast what seemed to be an anxious look down the road. Apparently satisfied, she turned her pathetic gaze on Niles. Gesturing toward the dilapidated sofa, she said, “Sit down, please. No, I’m not Betsy’s sister. I’m her mother …”

Niles’ astonishment must have written all over his features because she instantly added, “We’re not so different in age as you might imagine, Mr. Dawson. I was only thirteen when I had Betsy. I guess that surprises you too, doesn’t it? Well, out here in the backwoods, we don’t wait as long as you city folks!”

Her face colored as she said this. Noting her embarrassment, Niles quickly said, “I’m not going to beat about the bush, Mrs. Culver. You weren’t invited to the wedding because Betsy was determined not to have any of her family present. I didn’t understand it at the time. And now that Betsy and I have lived together for some time, I find there are other things about her that I don’t understand either …”

A look of genuine pain flitted across the woman’s features. “Like what?” she inquired in tones barely above a whisper.

“Betsy … I don’t quite know how to say this … Betsy has a liking for animals that’s not altogether normal …”

“Heavens above …” The woman’s words came as a tortured gasp. “I was afraid of this. I hoped that as soon as she got married, things would be different.”

“Different?” Niles voice was urgent now. “Different from what? Mrs. Culver, I want to know everything about Betsy you can tell me——”

At that moment, a young girl ran into the room from the kitchen. One glance convinced Niles that the youngster could only be Betsy’s sister. The silky-fine blond hair … the delicate features … the impish, sprightly air … all were the same. The girl was clutching a young puppy to her chest.

“Lynn!” Mrs. Culver spoke sharply, “go outside! I told you before not to come busting in like this when we got visitors!” The youngster disappeared.

Mrs. Culver waited till she heard the back door slam. Then, still speaking in faint, whispery tones, she said, “I don’t want the kid to overhear anything she might repeat. Mr. Dawson——”

“Call me Niles,” he interjected swiftly.

“All right,” she said, with the ghost of a smile, “and you can call me Nelda. Anyhow, Niles, this isn’t a good time for us to talk. I’m expecting my husband——Rufe——back any minute. He’d rip the hide off me if he knew I was talking to you without him on hand. I——”

She hesitated for a long moment. Then, biting her lips, she said, “If you want to know all about Betsy——more than any words of mine can explain——come back around eight tonight. There’ll be lots of other folks around here by then and you can get lost in the crowd. Don’t wear a jacket or a tie like you got on now. Rumple yourself up some. Put a chew of tobacco in your mouth.

“Then, after you’ve seen what there is to be seen, don’t hang around. Get off the property fast. You’ll have some more questions, but the best time to ask them is around the early part of tomorrow afternoon. Not before then. Understand?”

“No,” he admitted, standing up, “but I’ll try to follow your instructions.” She went to the door and opened it. As he went past her, he looked her square in the face. The fear was still there. But now he could see another emotion struggling with the fear. It looked like a timid, flickering kind of hope!

Niles drove about ten miles down the road until he found something like a primitive motel. He rested a bit. By the time he had crammed down a few bites of supper it was nearly eight. Time to return to the Culver farm.

The shadows were deep in the hills by the time he drove up and parked on the edge of the farm. His car was just one of several dozen. Quite a throng was milling about in the barnyard. Farmers … mechanics … loafers … it was quite a mixed bag. Niles did his best to blend in with the throng.

Now what happened? he wondered. He didn’t have to wait long. It was only a minute before the mob began to move around the barn. Niles tagged along. There was a funny smell in the air.

The funny smell came from the pigs. Rufe Culver had a few pigsties in back of the barn. The crowd quickly assembled around a few square yards of vile-smelling mud that the hogs obviously used to wallow in when the weather was warm.

A hog was wallowing there now. A huge brute of an animal that snorted and grunted obscenely as he rolled in the filth with a smaller, younger pig.

No … wait! The other creature … it wasn’t a pig at all. It was a girl! It was a young, naked girl that romped in the fetid mud with the slavering hog! And not just any girl. It was Betsy’s sister. It was Lynn!

Niles’ eyes bugged. Oblivious of the elbows that ruthlessly jostled him as the throng of prurient sensation-seekers fought for a closer look, Niles forged his way to the very edge of the hog-wallow. He had to be sure. He had to be absolutely certain his eyes were not deceiving him. No——this was no illusion. It was Betsy’s sister who was groveling in the mud with a barnyard brute!

She was a lovely little thing. Smeared with filth as she was … her silvery blonde hair matted and tangled with dirt and slime, a kind of pristine radiance shone through. She was completely naked. Her budding titties were two tiny cupcakes on her flat little chest. Her pussy-hair——a ridiculous frosting of blonde fuzz at the divine triangle where thighs and belly met——looked as though it would melt like sugar in the shower. She was obviously very young——no more than a few months past her first period, perhaps.

What is this, a wrestling match? Niles wondered. Then, as he heard the sly remarks being exchanged about him … as he heard the repressed giggles from the women——for women as well as men were present at the obscene spectacle——the full horror of the scene burst on Niles.

He stared closer. This was no wrestling match. The great, brutish hog was fucking Lynn! This angel-faced youngster was actually spreading her legs for this monster … inviting the beast to ream his strange, squirmy-looking penis into the pinkly gleaming pussylips that peeped shyly between her slender young thighs!

And Lynn was laughing! The innocent-looking little girl actually seemed to be enjoying herself! “Stick your little dickie where I pee-pee, won’t you please, Mr. Pig?” she was cajoling the animal, “oh please, I want it so much!”

Then, as the monstrous creature seemed to hesitate, she felt between his legs, fingering the strange, curving cock with expert hands. “Oh!” she cried, smiling, “it’s not even hard yet. Well, we’ll fix that!”

And, before Niles’ unbelieving eyes, the youngster actually intruded her head between the hog’s squirming legs and took his cock in her mouth! Yes … little Lynn … his own wife’s sister … took the filthy, mud-dripping pig’s penis between her petal-soft, petal-pink lips and commenced to suck the vile object with as much relish as if it were a peppermint stick!

It was plain that the hog was becoming aroused. Darting an eager tongue from between his fat, slavering lips, the creature began to lick avidly at Lynn’s pussy, lapping up the fragrant juice that was oozing from between her legs with noisy, gurgling slurps.

Lynn raised her head from the pig’s crotch. Her features were now entirely smeared with mud and her mouth was dribbling slime as she cried, “All right, Mr. Pig——you can fuck me now! I’ve made your prickie nice and hard!”

Now the hog was ready. As Lynn threw her pretty arms about him in a revolting embrace, the animal snuggled his hindquarters against her crotch … trying … searching … Now! Now he had succeeded in penetrating her. The enormous hog was actually reaming his avid cock into gentle Lynn’s exquisite young body. Betsy’s sister was allowing herself to be tossed and slammed and squashed about in the filth and mud as she was fucked within an inch of her life by a grunting, slobbering barnyard pig!

Niles stole a shamefaced glance at the crowd around him. It was evident that the onlookers were becoming aroused too. Conspicuous bulges had appeared in all the male onlookers’ pants. One sixteen-year-old boy had found the spectacle too much to endure passively. He had unzipped and was openly jerking himself.

The women were not immune either. One, a bespectacled female of about thirty, who looked as if she might very well be a schoolteacher, had reached up under her skirt and was ecstatically finger-fucking herself as she enthusiastically observed the degrading spectacle. Her eyes were fixed in a trance-like stare as she crooned to herself, “Oh yes, piggie, fuck the little bitch! Fuck her till your dick shoots out her asshole! Fuck the shit out the little cunt!” Her fingers dripped with her hot juices.

The hog needed no encouragement. Thoroughly aroused by now, the huge beast was plowing Lynn with all the vigor in his massive bulk, grunting and screaming as his passion mounted, grinding Lynn’s tiny body into the mud. At this point, the youngster’s fragile frame was black with mud from head to toe.

“Ooooh!” she squealed, “what a good fucker you are, Mr. Pig! Aaaaagghh … I can feel you coming inside me, piggie! Fuck me hard … harder! Oh, I love the feel of your hot cream shooting out of your funny-looking pig prick …!”

The moment of climax was soon over. As soon as the animal had shot its load, it wandered off to a corner of the wallow and fell into an immediate doze. The crowd began to wander away too.

“Is that the end of the show?” Niles asked a bearded farmer nearby.

The man grinned. “Best part’s still to come,” he advised Niles. “Now we go into the barn. Come along.” Niles followed as the throng made its way into the weather-beaten old barn.

A single light burned inside——a powerful bulb suspended from the rafters by a cable. The unshielded bulb case a hellish glare on the crowd as it milled restlessly about. It was plain that most of the degenerates had become thoroughly stimulated by the revolting performance they had just witnessed. Men’s hands were creeping brazenly up under the women’s skirts. Some of the females were unabashedly unbuttoning their dresses, allowing their tits to dangle out the front in the most enticing fashion possible. A middle-aged couple near Niles were unashamedly masturbating one another; they stood in close embrace, the woman with her hand inside the man’s fly, the male fondling his partner right through the fabric of her dress. A huge dark blotch had spread over the front of her garment at crotch-level as her cunt-juices spewed from her excited pussylips and soaked into the flimsy cotton.

The crowd seemed to be gathering around a rope-enclosed area in the center of the barn. Niles forced his way through the jostling mob till he had an unimpeded view of the area. There was nothing there but a female sheep that was tethered to a stake. Now what? he wondered.

An excited murmur ran through the assemblage. Something was about to happen … yes … a young boy was being guided through the dense mob by an older man. Now the boy was in the roped off area. Some of the female spectators uttered shrieks of delight. “Oh Alby!” one of them screamed, “would I love to suck yours!”

The boy blushed modestly. He seemed uncomfortable in his completely naked state and it was plain that the screaming women confused him. About fourteen years of age, he strongly resembled Betsy in the delicacy of his features. Niles wondered … Betsy had never mentioned having a brother, but there were so many thing she had left unmentioned …

Niles felt his stomach become queasy as he watched the youngster kneel down behind the sheep. Now the boy was easing his dick between the sheep’s legs … he was smearing his limp cock against the animal’s belly … against the animal’s cunt … trying to stimulate himself … trying to stiffen the pale pink lump of flesh that dangled between his thighs.

“Hey Alby!” one of the female spectators cried, “if you can’t get it up, just lay your pretty little prick on my tongue, I’ll stiffen it for you in a hurry!” As she spoke, she hung over the rope and flared her lips in an obscene parody of wetly sucking kiss.

“Oh no, that’s all right …” the boy murmured shyly.

Now a stern masculine voice barked from a corner of the roped-off patch of floor. “Let ‘er do it, Alby!” the man barked, “the people come here to see you fuck, not to jerk your cock! Let the woman stiffen it for you!”

Niles glanced keenly at the man who had spoken up. It was the same one who had led Alby through the mob … an evil-looking, rawboned man who looked as if he could snap a man’s spine with a single twitch of his powerful arms.

“You tell ’em, Rufe!” a man shouted, “let’s see a little action here!”

Rufe! Niles’ heart skipped a beat. Could this be Rufe Culver——Betsy’s father? Good heaven, was this lout the father of his bride?

Apparently, the boy knew better than to protest. Slowly, timorously, he approached the woman who had uttered the ribald invitation and thrust his pale naked hips toward her.

Instantly the woman was on her knees, gulping the youngster’s slim, daintily formed dick into her mouth, kissing it, sucking it, sloshing the superbly molded tool around in the warm wetness between tongue and palate while she fondled his testicles with avidly groping fingers!

The boy’s penis stiffened quickly. As soon as it was hard, he yanked it from between the woman’s lips and knelt behind the anxiously bleating sheep once more. Now he was easing it into the animal’s vagina … now he was eagerly fucking the compliant beast!

It was plain he had done this many times before. “Oooh,” he was murmuring to himself, “of all the sheep in the pasture, I love fucking you the best, Maggie! I only wish you could speak … I only wish you could tell me if you like it as much as I do … Maggie, Maggie, my best girlfriend …”

Some of the onlookers tittered as they heard this. Niles heard a man say, “He means it, too! That’s his favorite sheep. He can pick her out of a whole pastureful. I’ve seen him fuck her by the hour. I’ve watched him suck her pussy too, when he thought nobody was looking …”

Good heavens! Niles thought, his face burning with shame … what’s going on here? What have I stumbled into? Is there no limit to this family’s depravity?

Alby screwed the sheep twice. It took him about five minutes to climax the first time. The second time it took about fifteen minutes. The boy was dripping with sweat and appeared on the verge of exhaustion when Rufe led him away, but he seemed to have enjoyed every moment of his experience.

Now the crowd’s attention was diverted to a low platform that stood, solidly braced, against one end of the barn. Niles had not noticed this before. Now, as his eyes adjusted to the rather dim illumination in this remote portion of the gloomy old structure, he saw something that made him recoil in horror.

It was a woman’s form … her legs and hips draped over the edge of the wooden platform. An enormous plow-horse was being led toward her. There was no question in Niles’ mind as to what was now to transpire. The plow-horse was to mount the woman … he was to place his front hooves on the platform, thrust his murderous ramrod into her pussy, and fuck the poor women until he had fully satisfied his ravening, brute lust on her soft, acquiescent flesh!

But the full impact of loathing did not strike Niles until he saw who it was whose trembling femininity was exposed to the brute’s violation. It was Betsy’s mother——Nelda Culver!

Niles could see her face quite clearly now. It was contorted in a heart-rending mixture of terror and disgust. If Niles had been physically able, he would have gone to her. But the crowd was clearly in no mood to be cheated of its degenerate spectacle. And, besides, Rufe was near at hand, a bullwhip in his hand, alert for any sigh of trouble.

As soon as the great animal caught sight of Nelda he whinnied eagerly. His huge, slab-like tongue flicked out and scoured her asscrack. The throng yelled its approval. Now the beast had his front hooves on the platform … now he was inching his stupendous sashweight-like cock toward Nelda’s exposed pussy.

Now … oh no! If Niles could have gotten his hands on Rufe at that instant, he would have strangled him on the spot! Rufe reached out, sent the bullwhip skidding across the horse’s hindquarters like a ribbon of flame and the frightened animal slammed his foot-long, steely hard prick into Nelda’s spasmically quivering pussy with sledgehammer fury!

While Niles gasped in impotent rage, the crowd clapped cheered. He hard one of the women exclaim in awestruck tones to her companion, “Holy smoke, did you see the cock on that beast? I’d hate to have that thing ripping into my guts!”

Her male companion merely smiled. “Would you like to have my thing ripping into your guts?” he inquired.

“I’d love it,” the woman replied, her eyes flashing, “Oh Tommy, I’d love to have your greasy sausage inside me while we watch that woman get fucked silly by that huge animal! Stand behind me, please, and stick your dong between my legs, and I’ll guide your prick inside my twat … that’s right, oh this is heaven, Tommy!”

Yes, right there in the midst of the crowd, the woman had shamelessly lifted her skirt and allowed her companion to insert his swollen penis into her from behind! Now, as he began to rock his eager dick deeper and deeper inside her, she was moaning, “Yes, this is really and truly heaven, to have your cock plowing me while that beast reams his big, hairy tool in and out of that woman’s cunt … what a rotten pig she must be to allow a thing like that …! I’ve done some low, slimy things in my day, Tommy, you know that——but I’ve never had sex with an animal! Oh Tommy, fuck me harder … fuck me with all your might! I think that horse is going to climax. I want to feel your scum scalding my insides the exact same instant that woman gets a good, blistering dose of horse-come inside her guts! Oooh … there he goes …!”

Now the horse was frothing at the mouth. His eyes rolled wildly in his skull as he hunched frenziedly over Nelda’s helpless form and commenced to buck his hindquarters against the plump rotundity of her milky-white, marshmallow-soft ass with greater fury than before. The violence of his bayonet thrusts lifted Nelda from the platform with every bestial lunge, leaving her hips and torso to hover in mid-air for a second before they collapsed to the platform again with a sickening thump!

Now the animal was climaxing. Niles could actually hear the sizzling hiss of the plow-horse’s lava-like sperm as it vomited into the raw, red hamburger of Nelda’s poor, abused twat. Her eyes were closed, her lovely mouth was a twisted scar as she passively endured the final paroxysm of mindless, animal lust.

Now the creature was satisfied. Yanking his cock from Nelda’s crotch with an obscene “Plop!”——like the drawing of a cork from a champagne bottle——he rested his fore-hooves on the earth once more and began to sniff the hay that was brought for him.

Nelda lay there, inert. Niles could see she was only semi-conscious. But she still excited the lust of the men in the crowd. A great flood of gluey, yellow horse-sperm was now gushing from her pussylips and drooling viscously down her sore, red thighs. Even in the dim light it was easy to see how the rough, stiff horse bristles had rasped and scourged the delicate flesh. Her ass and the rear portions of her thighs were as red and sore as if she had been whipped with knotted thongs.

A man fought his way free of the throng and rushed up to where Nelda lay, her legs and hips dangling over the edge of the platform. Avidly diving his face between her thighs, he commenced to lap and suck the thick, custardy horse scum that purled lazily down the insides of her legs!

Another man——a scrawny, gangling youth-attempted to join him at his loathsome repast. The first man thrust the newcomer aside with a vehemence that sent him sprawling in the dust. With a fierce look intended to discourage any others harboring similar notion, he then returned to lapping the syrupy slime that drooled from Nelda’s violated pussy. As soon as he had licked her legs and thighs free of the noxious ooze, he voraciously delved his face within her crotch and, hungrily fastening his dripping, scum-encrusted lips on her pussylips, he commenced to suck the huge, steaming cargo of viscid horse sperm from Nelda’s over-brimming cunt cavern!

Niles was startled to hear a feminine voice close beside him ask, “What did you think of the show?”

Looking down, he found himself being addressed by a slim, attractively garbed young woman who appeared to be in her mid-twenties. She might have been regarded as pretty if it were not for the hare-lip that disfigured her otherwise comely features.

“You’re a stranger around here, aren’t you?” the young woman persisted, “I don’t recall ever seeing you around before.”

“That’s right,” Niles replied, trying hard not to appear too flustered. “I——I’m staying overnight at the motel down the road aways, and … well … you know, I was kind of in the mood for a little entertainment. Somebody told me about this place.” He shuddered at the memory. “I thought it was the rottenest, most revolting exhibition I’ve ever witnessed anywhere,” he added grimly.

The girl jutted out her underlip defiantly. Her gaze met his unflinchingly as she declared, “Oh, yeah, it’s a crummy show, all right. It’s a filthy, degrading spectacle. That’s why I like it!”

Niles eyes shot skyward in surprise.

“Yes!” the girl went on brazenly. “I love to see pretty women being defiled and degraded. It makes me feel good …” Her hand stole involuntarily toward her hare-lip. “When you’re handicapped and deformed like me, it gives you a good feeling of revenge to see attractive women being treated like shit!”

Her keen, blazing eyes roved his features for a moment. “You don’t understand what I mean, do you?” she asked.

“I’m not sure I do …”

“Hell!” she barked bitterly, “if you had to exchange places with me for a couple of days, you’d know soon enough. These backwoods clods … these yahoos that live around here … unless a girl is pretty, they treat her like a common piece of horse shit! Do you know how hard it is to get dates when you’ve got a handicap like mine? The fellows just sneer at you. They imitate the twisted way I have to hold my lip … they mock the funny way I talk. I haven’t had a date in over a year …”

She was becoming so excited her words commenced to trip over one another. She clenched her fists and her voice became a guttural snarl as she glared at the milling crowd about them.

Niles felt it his duty to soothe her. “Well, I’m sure it’s not quite as bad as you make out——” he ventured.

She turned on him like a tigress. “A fat, fucking lot you know about it!” she spat, “a beautiful, handsome stud like you who never had to think for one second what it’s like to be ugly!” She lowered her voice to an anguished moan as she said, “Some people say Rufe is too cruel to his wife. Some soft-hearted fools say you shouldn’t treat a pretty woman like Nelda Culver so mean. I say he’s too good to her! You should have seen the exhibition he put on about a month ago. It was super!”

“Oh well, what was it like?” Niles inquired, almost fearing to know.

“It was great! He really treated her like a turd. You know what he did?——he made her fuck a donkey! Yes, he had her down on her hands and knees getting fucked by this beat-up, mangy old donkey and at the same time he forced her to suck off a goat!”

“Oh wow! You don’t really mean he made that poor woman——”

“Poor woman, shit!” the girl sneered.

“And that wasn’t all. And then he made her lay under the donkey while the donkey pissed all over her and after that he forced her to suck the piss off the donkey’s dick and while she was doing that, a lot of the men in the crowd were grabbing at her and some of them were yanking and jerking at her tits while others were trying to stick their fingers up her pussy and one guy even had his finger all the way up her ass and was goosing the shit out of her ass while she was licking all the piss off the donkey’s hairy dick!”

As she spoke, Niles involuntarily clenched his fists till the nails drew blood from his palms. “That bastard …!” he muttered through gritted teeth, “that filthy, degenerate bastard …”

“Oh yeah!” the girl laughed, “old Rufe really makes that wife and kids of his put on a show! But they can’t really compare with the show he used to stage … when his oldest daughter was still on the farm … I think her name was Betsy.”


The girl’s mouth hung open in surprise.

You sound like you know her,” she explored.

Niles’ gaze fell away from hers. “I thought for just a second … but no, I’m sure it couldn’t be the same person. You say Rufe has an older daughter?”

“Yes,” the girl responded enthusiastically, “and when Betsy was still on the farm, Rufe put on exhibitions that were really something! Betsy really had the hots for animals. She wasn’t faking it. The shows would last all night, sometimes. She would get down on a sheep or a dog or a goat and suck its cock hour after hour, making the poor thing shoot its load again and again until she’d squeezed it dry. And at the same time, she loved to have some other creature——a cow, say——lick her ass and her pussy. She’d hold the lips of her cunt wide open as she could get ’em with both hands so the cow could get practically its entire tongue up inside her and then she’d use the animal’s tongue like a dick and try to climax at the same instant the goat or dog was erupting inside her mouth. You should have seen her after a night’s performance——her face all smeared with animal sperm … her neck and tits all encrusted with goat or sheep-come … and her body just dripping with filth from where some of the animals shit and pissed all over her——”

Niles’ voice was a dry croak as he inquired, “How——how long ago was it when she used to do this?”

“Oh, it was quite awhile ago,” the girl replied after a moment’s reflection, “I was pretty young myself when I sneaked into the shows. I’d say Betsy must have been about ten years old when I first saw her being fucked silly by a horse …”

Niles tried to force the image from his mind, but the livid image of horror would not fade. His wife … beautiful, blonde Betsy … coupling with animals before a grinning mob of degenerates … and only ten years old …!

His eyes searched the gloom. What were they doing to Nelda now? But Nelda had disappeared. Apparently Rufe had dragged her away. The show was over. But the crowd was in no mood to disperse. Their appetites whetted to the point of delirium by the degrading spectacle, they were ready for action now.

The men who had female companions were losing no time in availing themselves of the delectable flesh that lay between the women’s legs. Some of the lone, single men were unabashedly jerking their cocks in full view of their neighbors. The females were by no means stingy in doling out their favors. Inflamed to white heat by the revolting drama they had just witnessed, most of the women were more than willing to take a stranger’s cock into their mouths while their boyfriend or husband screwed them in whatever position he found most convenient.

In no time at all, every woman in the place was claimed by at least two males.

Everyone——except the harelipped girl!

“You see,” she murmured bitterly to Niles, “you see how it is? Nobody wants me …” Then, a desperate light flaring in her woeful eyes, she cried, “Fuck me! Please … you’re the only man in this whole place who looks like he knows the meaning of the word, kindness! Be kind … look, I’ll let you do anything to me you like …” Her hands fumbled frenziedly at Niles’ fly. “You got a big cock, I can feel it! Stick it into any hole you like. And if you can’t find one, make one!”

Now she had scooped Niles’ rapidly stiffening prong out of his pants. Raking her skirt up to waist-level, she smeared it back and forth across her bare belly. Mashing her cheek against Niles’, she murmured passionately, “Fuck me right where I stand. I love to fuck in front of people. I haven’t had anything in almost a year. Are you ashamed to screw me, mister? Is that why you haven’t had your hand down inside the front of my dress, feeling up my tits? Is that why you haven’t tried to grab my ass …”

Niles felt himself melting. The woman was a weirdie, no doubt about that. She was warped and twisted in her tastes. But she was suffering too. And there was no question about it, people could be cruel to a deformed person.

He looked down. The girl had drawn her skirt up to breast-level now. Her pendulous jugs were like two magnificent honey pots. Allowing his eyes to stray lower, he fixed them on the outswelling puff of succulent flesh that was her cunt. The girl’s snatch was a steaming jungle morass … a lush, pink landscape drenched in fragrant fluids and overrun with matted tendrils of chestnut-brown bush. His eyes reveled in the swampy vision … he could smell the gaping cunt … he could almost taste it … thick saliva drooled from Niles’ unwilling lips.

Then, with a hoarse cry, he was on his knees and his face was buried in the spongy cleft between the girl’s legs and her meaty thighs were embracing his cheeks, and his tongue and his lips and nose were deep inside her, his tongue thrusting imperiously far up under her belly while his lips greedily sucked the crystalline ambrosia that was flooding down over his face, and now his hands were groping over her buttocks and between the convulsively shuddering, steep-sloped mounds, and first one finger was up her ass and then two.

“Yes … yes …” the girl was whimpering, “make your fingers fuck my shitty ass and make your tongue fuck my hot whore’s cunt … oh mister …”

And now Niles could feel the orgasmic juices boiling out of her guts and cascading down over his face and neck, and her asshole had clamped a ring of steel on his fingers … he could sense that she was coming in her cunt and her ass at the same time.

His dick, still protruding like a monstrous billy-club from his fly, was in deepest agony. His balls were churning, seething with his simmering come, ready to fling their creamy burden at the touch of a hand … the merest touch.

Holy smoke! This was incredible! With his face wedged deep inside the girl’s juice-spurting snatch, Niles couldn’t see what was happening down between his legs, but suddenly he felt a pair of sweetly-cool feminine lips lock themselves on his twitching, straining prick and commence to suck!

The next few minutes were a continuous paroxysm of delight as Niles thirstily gulped the aromatic syrup that gushed from the girl’s orgasmically shimmying snatch … as he felt her climaxing asshole kiss his fingers again and again … and as he pumped his seething cargo of foaming sperm into the unseen female’s lovingly slurping mouth.

When it was all over, and he had regained some slight control over his deranged senses, Niles looked to see who it had been that crouched between his legs and so blissfully sipped his nectar. But she was gone. He saw a vague figure that might have been her slip into the swirling mob … but she was only a momentary flash of white … would he ever know?

Chapter 4

Nelda Culver tried to appear composed as she asked, “Do you see now, why I wanted you to return last night and see with your own eyes the sort of things that go on out here?”

It was the following afternoon. Nelda had done her pathetic best to arrange her hair becomingly. She had donned a cheap, modest frock. She was the very image now of lower-middle-class respectability.

But Niles could not blot out the image of the naked woman who had writhed obscenely beneath the battering impact of a lust-crazed animal as he replied, “Yes, Nelda, it’s clear now. If I hadn’t seen that … that revolting orgy with my own eyes, I would never have believed. No words could have made me believe that a fine-looking woman like yourself … and those beautiful children …”

She nodded quickly. “Now that you’ve seen the worst, I feel I owe you a complete explanation,” she said in a low voice. “To me, life has become a living nightmare. I never dreamed when I married him, that Rufe could descend to the level of his barnyard beasts. But Rufe was never much of a farmer. He was never good at any kind of trade. So, some years ago, when Betsy was still a child, he hit on this way of making money. He started giving these shows.

“At first, the animals weren’t involved at all. It … it was just him and myself. He forced me to perform intercourse with him in front of a small paying audience. Gradually the audiences got larger. And then they wanted stronger stuff. So Rufe compelled me to have sex with dogs. Then with larger animals. The people not only wanted to see me degrade myself with beasts, they also wanted to see me abused and tormented.

“So Rufe gave them that, too. What you saw last night was just a small sample of the physical torture I’ve endured. But the thing that revolted me the most was Rufe’s insistence on drawing the children into the act. I think I could have endured anything myself. But I could scream every time I think of what he’s done to the kids.

“I guess I don’t have to tell you what he did to Betsy. By the time she ran away from home, she was thoroughly corrupted. Now he’s corrupting Lynn and Alby, too …” Her voice broke off in a sob. “I swear I would do anything … anything!——if I could get the kids away from Rufe’s influence until they’re old enough to judge for themselves the difference between right and wrong …”

Niles’ lips were set in a thin, bloodless line as he watched the play of emotions across Nelda’s face. At last he asked, “What prevents you?”

She shrugged. “Where could we go?” she sighed. “I’ve got no way of supporting two growing youngsters. And besides, Rufe watches us like a hawk——”

“Where is he now?”

She bit her lips nervously. “He’s over in the next town at the lumber yard. He wants to rebuild the platform in the barn. You know the one I mean … where the horse and I … I mean …”

“I know,” Niles interjected grimly. “How long will he be gone, do you know?”

“I expect him back in less than an hour,” she replied. “So maybe it’s best if you went right now, Niles——”

“I’m going!” he snapped. “And you’re going with me!”

“What?” Her lips curled in credulous relief.

“Yes … you and the kids. I’ve been thinking about this ever since last night. I’ve already made up my mind. If you’re willing, I’d like to take you to New York. I live in Westchester, but my office is in the city, and I’d be able to help you get a job and a decent place to live and all the rest. What do you say?”

“Oh heavens! I …” Her fingers fluttered at her throat for a moment. Then she cried: “Yes! Yes!” She ran to the back door and flung it wide. “Children!” she called, “Lynn! Alby!——come inside, please! I have wonderful news …!”

Thus it was that, a scant half-hour later, Niles was speeding over the back roads of the countryside with Nelda close beside him in the front seat. The children, bewildered by the suddenness of events, sat silently in the rear. Each clutched a small bundle of personal belongings——the few pitiful possessions they could scrape together in the few minutes at their disposal.

“Oh, this is just marvelous!” Nelda enthused, “and Niles, I want you to know I’ll make everything up to you someday, just as soon as I——” She broke off sharply as an animal-like whimper was heard over the persistent whir of the wheels.

“What in the world——” she began. Her face flooded crimson as she saw the source of whimper. Lynn was cradling a small puppy her lap. She had raked up her short skirt above her hips and now the puppy was eagerly lapping at the youngster’s boldly displayed snatch!

Nelda was nearly beside her with revulsion and shame. “Lynn!” she cried, “didn’t I clearly instruct you not to bring any animals along?”

The girl’s eyes clouded with tears. “But Spot is my friend …” she sobbed, “I——I just couldn’t leave him behind——”

White with anger now, Nelda cried, “Take that animal from between your legs! Don’t let him lick you in that disgusting fashion! You deliberately smuggled that creature into your bundle after I asked you not to, didn’t you?”

Shamefacedly, the girl murmured, “Yes. I’m sorry, Mommy, but I didn’t think there was any harm.” Reluctantly she pried the puppy’s eager mouth away from her gaping vagina and placed on the floor.

“You see?” Nelda whispered. “You see why I’m so anxious to put the children in a healthier environment? Lynn doesn’t mean anything by her actions. It’s just that Rufe has got them so thoroughly confused that they can’t tell night from day. They can’t distinguish normal sex from perversion now.”

It was nearly dark by the time the weary little band of travelers emerged from the Lincoln Tunnel in midtown Manhattan. “I know a good, economical hotel,” Niles said as he skillfully threaded the car through the dense traffic. “As you know, I’d like nothing better than to have you all come to live with me and Betsy. But I think we’d better defer that until Betsy and I have straightened out our own difficulties. I’m not even going to mention this to her. As far as she’ll know, you’re still back on the farm.”

It was only a few minutes before the car glided to a stop outside a small hotel in a good neighborhood in the east thirties. Niles signed Nelda and the two children into their room and paid the first week’s rent in advance.

“I’ve got to run now,” he said, once the group was comfortably ensconced in their large, pleasant room. “I’ve got to get back to Westchester and find out what Betsy has been up to in my absence. I’ll phone you from my office tomorrow morning.”

Niles was as good as his word. He had many valuable business connections in the city and was able to suggest several places where Nelda might obtain a job as a clerk or office assistant. He had even set up several appointments for her and Nelda spent practically the entire day at interviews. She returned to the hotel that evening in a fine glow she was sure it would be only a question of a day or two before she had a decently paying job that would put her on the road to independence.

Her glow faded and sputtered out like a damp firecracker when she pushed open the door to her room and saw what the children were up to. Both of them were naked. Lynn was lying supine on the floor while an enormous police dog enthusiastically rammed its stubby cock between her creaming pussylips. Alby was clutching a sheepdog in his arms and attempting to force his poker-stiff dick up the animal’s vagina!

A sharp, stinging rebuke formed to the very edge of Nelda’s lips. Then, by a supreme effort, she forced it back.

The time was past for rebukes. It was also too late for punishment. For a number of months the ghost of an idea had flitted through Nelda’s brain. Horrified at her boldness, she had always repressed it. Now, however, with the kids well beyond Rufe’s influence, she knew the time had come to put it into action.

There is only one way, she told herself, to conquer an evil habit. And that is to substitute a better one in its place.

A better one … she repeated grimly. Not necessarily a good one. But at least a better one!

So, instead of flying into a rage, she went over to where Lynn was lying on the floor, kissed her and asked mildly, “Where did you find the nice doggie, Lynn?”

“The dogs belong to the woman next door,” Lynn explained happily. “We heard them barking and so we went over and asked if we could play with them. She said it was all right to bring them in here.”

“I’ll have to ask you and Alby to take them back,” Nelda said. “Mother has something she wants to discuss with both of you. Put on your clothes and take them back. It’s very important.”

The youngsters obeyed. When they had returned the dogs, Nelda asked them to sit down with her on the sofa. Placing an arm affectionately about each of the kids, she said, “Lynn … Alby … the time has come for us to have a good talk. Now that we’ve left the farm, both of you will have to adapt to city ways and forget your country habits. This may seem hard at times, but in the long run I think you’ll find city ways much more enjoyable!

“Now, the first thing I want to speak to you about is your habit of having sex with animals. I know that Daddy taught you that this was fine and good, but city people just don’t do that. They’d laugh at you it they knew you fucked pigs and goats and things like that …”

“But I like to fuck pigs!” Lynn protested, automatically delving her dainty hand between her soft thighs, “I like lying down and wallowing in the warm, gooey mud while a big hog sticks his curvy cock up inside me!”

“Mom, you mean to say I’ll never screw Maggie again?” Alby spoke up worriedly. “Geez, Mom, I’ll——I’ll just die if I can’t stick my dong into a sheep every day. You want to know something, Mom? I even had Maggie trained so she’d suck my dick … her tongue felt so good on my cock, I can’t describe it!”

Nelda smiled patiently. “Let me ask each of you a serious question,” she said, “and I want an honest, straightforward reply: have either of you ever fucked a human? Lynn——have you ever had your delightful little twat bored by a boy?” And, as she spoke, Nelda affectionately intruded her hand beneath the girl’s dress and suddenly tickled her daughter’s tiny cunt.

Lynn giggled as she replied, “No Mom, I haven’t … I just never thought about it. I like to squirm around in the mud when I fuck and most boys don’t go for that!”

Now Nelda turned her smile on her son. “How about you, Alby?” she asked. And as she spoke, her hand slyly unzipped the boy’s pants and she began to slide her fingers up and down the slim white shaft of his young dick.

“Gee no Mom,” he replied thoughtfully, “I like balling sheep so much I never thought much about girls. Besides, Dad said he’d whip me if he ever caught me so much as looking at one of the girls in the neighborhood. So I didn’t.

Nelda nodded. “I understand,” she said. “But you’ve got to remember one thing. Daddy’s a long way off now. We’ll probably never see him again. Both of you are growing up. You, Lynn——you’re thirteen, now. You’re quite tall for your age——you could easily pass for sixteen. And you, Alby——you’re fourteen. You’re no longer children, either of you. You’ve got to start acting like adults. And adults don’t have sex with animals.”

“How about you, Mom?” Lynn asked, in a sudden show of defiance, “how about all those horses you fucked? Horses … and other things!”

A look of intense anguish deformed Nelda’s attractive features for an instant. “I——I only did those things because your father compelled me,” she announced in a low voice. “I hated every moment of it. But, I’m not going to try to convince you that balling with animals is bad. The important thing to know is that sex with humans is better. Much better. More fun … more exciting!”

Alby frowned as he stared down at the floor. “Maybe so, Mom,” he muttered, “but I don’t have a girlfriend now. I don’t know when I’ll have one. What I do know is this——I’ve got hot nuts this minute! Honest, Mom——I’m dying for a good, hot screw! Look, couldn’t we borrow the dogs from that nice lady next door again——”

Grim lines formed about Nelda’s mouth as she resolutely shook her head. “No, Alby, you cannot,” she said. Then, in a lighter tone: “Tell me Alby, do you like what I’m doing to you right now?”

The boy looked down at where Nelda’s hand was busy between his legs, slowly, lovingly fondling his cock, cupping his testicles in her fingers and gently squeezing them.

“Gosh, I sure do, Mom!” he cried, blushing to the roots of his hair, “it makes me feel all funny inside!”

“It makes me feel funny too,” Nelda declared. If anything, her blush flared even hotter than her son’s. “I——I really shouldn’t be doing this, you know. Mothers aren’t supposed to handle their son’s genitals, especially when the boy is your age, but I’m trying to make a definite point, son. The point is this: a sheep or a dog or a goat could never fondle your handsome young cock as I’m doing now.”

“That’s true …” Alby admitted reluctantly, “I’ve got to admit your hand feels good on my dick … so cool and gentle …”

Nelda took her son’s hand in her own. Yanking up her skirt, she smeared the boy’s hand against the crotch of her panties. “Have you ever felt a girl’s cunt?” she asked breathlessly. At the same time she continued to jerk his prick … a little more fervently, a little more rapidly now.

“Gee no, Mom …”

“Worm your fingers inside my panties,” she instructed him. Her rigid gaze searched the boy’s features intently. How would he react to this? Would he respond? “Sneak your fingers inside my panties and feel my twat, Alby. How does it feel? Do you like it?”

Alby was quick to obey. Delving his hand deep inside Nelda’s undergarment, he commenced to roll the fleshy folds of her moist, hairy cuntlips in his curious fingers. “Gee, yeah,” he admitted with a shy grin, “it feels good. It feels real good!”

“Put your face between my legs!” Nelda urged now. “Smell my crotch, Alby … get a good whiff of my cunt!”

The boy obeyed with alacrity. “M-m-m!” he vociferated in a genuine explosion of admiration, “you sure smell good there, Mom! You must put perfume on your cunt!”

“I do,” she admitted, “but perfume can’t disguise natural cunt-juices, and that’s what you’re mostly inhaling right now. Don’t I smell pretty down there?”

“You sure do!” he confirmed. “I gotta admit, dogs and goats don’t smell that good!”

“You see!” Nelda cried triumphantly. “Now I’m going to show you something else animals can’t do. Stand up, please, Alby.”

As the boy stood up, away from the sofa, his pants slid down around his ankles. Nelda slid to her knees in front of him. Smiling up impishly into his face, she began to slide his erect tool back and forth through her fingers. “Can you guess what I’m going to do now?” she inquired roguishly.

“Gee——gee Mom——are you going to suck my cock?” he gasped. “I——I didn’t know Moms ever did that for their sons!”

“Most of them don’t,” she retorted with the same saucy grin, “but most mothers don’t have little boys who insist on fucking beasts! I’m only trying to instruct you the best way I know how, Alby, that’s my only objective in all of this. Yes, son, I am going to blow your prick. And at the same time I’ll do something else you may find enjoyable …”

And, so saying, Nelda calmly fastened her mouth on Alby’s erect, straining tool and began to munch the tip of the foreskin, nibbling the flaring nozzle while her tongue gently stimulated the tiny slit at the very tip of the swollen purple knob immediately beneath. Simultaneously, she slid her hands behind his hips and commenced to fondle his buttocks, caressing the pink, hairless hillocks, now and then naughtily pinching the firm, solid flesh.

Finally, with a deep breath, Nelda slid Alby’s twitching cock all the way inside her mouth while at the same time her fingertip lovingly nuzzled his asshole, tickling it, scouring it with a gentle, rotary motion,

“Oh Mom!” the boy cried bucking his groin into her face, “this is the greatest! I wish now, instead of kissing me goodnight on the cheek, you’d have kissed me on the cock every time you put me to bed. This is beautiful!”

Allowing her son’s dick to slither lazily from between her lips, Nelda winked at him, saying, “I’ll kiss your dick every night from now on, how would you like that, Alby? Tell the truth, don’t I make a better cocksucker than your friends in the sheep pasture?”

“Gee, you sure do, Mom! I never realized! Mom, would it be too much to ask you to lick my balls, too? Maggie always did that for me … it was outasight!”

“Of course!” Nelda replied quickly, “I was just about to do so.” She hefted the boy’s testicles in her palm for a moment. “My goodness, what a juicy pair of nuts you have here!” she remarked, “they’re the size and weight of a couple of ripe plums. My little boy is certainly growing up fast!”

She laid the crinkly brown bag on the flat of her outstretched tongue. Then gradually, she slid it into her mouth, sloshing the spongy balls around in her warm saliva with her tongue while his rigid cock twitched against her cheek.

At last, after allowing the balls to dribble from between her lips, Nelda took his dick in her hand once more, saying, “I want you to get used to the feel of having your wonderfully virile prick in my mouth, dear. If you really enjoy what we’re doing now, we’ll repeat it many times in the future. As often as you like, in fact! Now I’m going to slip your dong between my lips once more and let you fuck me in the mouth. Treat my mouth like a big, sloppy cunt, Alby. Fuck it and fuck it and fuck it! Oh, we’re going to have such good times from now on! I’ll blow you every night, Alby, and every morning too, if you like! After all you seem to like the feel of my mouth on your privates and I certainly love the taste of your sausage——”

Lynn’s eyes literally bulged from their sockets as she stared at the little drama unfolding before her. It was plain that the slim, doll-like youngster was becoming hot. Her hand crept between her legs and she commenced to play with herself as she watched the growing intimacy between her mother and brother.

At last, unable to endure her isolation any longer, she cried indignantly, “Hey——how about me? You two act like I didn’t exist! Honest, Mom——if you and Alby keep it up like this one minute longer, I’m going next door to borrow the lady’s police dog again!”

Feigning surprise, Nelda smilingly drew Alby’s genitals from between her lips as she said, “Oh Lynn, I had forgotten you were there!”

“I know!”

“Do you mean to say it excites you to see me blowing your brother’s prick?”

A look of pain stole across Lynn’s face. “Yes, it does,” she murmured reluctantly. “I never really looked at Alby’s dick before. I never realized how big it is. It’s not as big as a horse’s cock, but——”

Nelda pinched Alby’s foreskin impudently as she interjected: “It soon will be, if it continues growing at its present rate! Well Lynn, I certainly must apologize for monopolizing Alby, but I thought your interest lay solely in dogs and pigs——”

Lynn went to where her brother was standing. She commenced to fondle his dick. She slid back the foreskin and squeezed the swollen purple-crimson knob beneath. A clear gob of pre-come oozed to the tip. Lynn’s face was thoughtful. “It certainly is big,” she decided, “but I wish it was hairier. I like the feel of a hairy cock in my mouth.”

“Perhaps so,” her mother acquiesced, “but you’ll find you can suck a smooth, slick cock like Alby’s much longer without cutting your tongue to ribbons! I remember all the times your father made me blow horses——my mouth was raw and bleeding for days afterwards. Go ahead, Lynn——get down on your knees. Glide Alby’s dong across your tongue. See how marvelously easy it skids across. Take it all the way into your mouth. Let him thrust the tip all the way into your throat. Doesn’t that feel scrumptious?”

“Mmmm …” Lynn gurgled, “wow——I’m beginning to see what you mean, Mom!” She sucked Alby’s tool a brief moment longer. Then, standing, she shyly placed her arms around her brother. “Oh Mom,” she sighed plaintively, “I’m so horny! I need a fuck, that’s what I need. It’s cruel of you to let me get so excited when the only male in sight is my brother!”

“So … ?” Nelda drawled slyly, “what’s the matter with Alby?”

“Oh Mom, do you mean it? You’d actually let me and Alby do it together?” Her hands clutched frenziedly at the meaty slab that swung between her brother’s legs. Raking her skirt up above hip level she enticingly displayed the rich array of treasures between her young thighs.

“I’ll think about it,” Nelda promised. Glancing at her wristwatch, she said, “It’s time for dinner. I suggest we go to that restaurant on the corner. After we’ve filled our tummies, I may just possibly allow you and Alby to enjoy one quiet fuck before it’s time to turn in for the night …”

“Oh no!” Lynn cried desperately, “I don’t want to go out to any old restaurant! I can fill my tummy with what Alby’s got between his legs. Let me suck his sperm, Mom. Lots of time, back on the farm, when we didn’t have enough to eat, I used to suck off the dogs and the sheep until I was completely satisfied. Oh Mom …”

“Yeah!” Alby cried, “Gee Mom, I’ll blow my stack if I don’t get some quick satisfaction! Let me fuck Lynn now——I’ll do it real fast——” He commenced to smear his naked groin against Lynn’s sleekly outcurving belly.

“No …” Nelda insisted.

“Then let me fuck you!” the boy persisted agonizedly. Yanking up Nelda’s skirt he clumsily attempted to fit the tip of his squirming lance between his mother’s pussy-lips.

“I said, no!” Nelda exclaimed, giggling behind her hand. “Heavens, I really had no idea you youngsters had such hot nuts, or I would never have broached the subject.”

Inwardly, she was thinking: It won’t hurt them to wait a little longer. Let them simmer in their own juices for awhile. They’ll appreciate it all the more when they finally get it!

Downstairs, in the restaurant, Nelda kept a close eye on the kids, anxiously assessing their mood. Yes, they were really avid for one another, and no mistake! During the soup and appetizer courses, they constantly caressed one another with their eyes. By the time the salad arrived, they were soul-kissing one another, right out in plain view of the other diners. Nelda smilingly had to caution them against making too great a demonstration of their affection.

By the time the entree arrived, the youngsters’ passion could no longer be held within polite bounds. Nelda fixed her eyes on her plate and pretended not to notice as Lynn reached beneath the table cloth and commenced to handle something she found very interesting in her brother’s lap.

Nelda smiled a secret smile. Her idea was working out so well! And she really had to admire the determination and resourcefulness with which her daughter managed to handle her fork with one hand while she expertly jerked her brother’s cock with the other. There now … yes … Alby was actually climaxing, right there under the eyes of the other diners … his face was growing red … he was breathing very hard … and Lynn had such a satisfied smile on her pretty little face!

A moment later though, she had to caution her: “Lynn, please don’t lick your fingers at the table …”

When they re-entered their hotel room, Lynn was on her hands and knees on the floor before Nelda had quite succeeded in closing the door. “Fuck the hell out of me, Alby!” she gasped in her soft, childlike voice, “pretend I’m one of your sheep. Fuck me right now. Now!”

Alby was on her in an instant. Ripping open his fly, he bayoneted his sister’s twat with such vehemence that she sprawled crab-like on the floor, the wind knocked from her lungs by the force of her brother’s charge!

Nelda watched discreetly from the bathroom while Lynn and Alby frenziedly writhed and wriggled about the floor, literally ripping the clothes from one another’s backs in the intensity of their incestuous coupling.

So far, so good! Nelda congratulated herself. It’s a drastic remedy, I know. Many people would censure me for what I’ve done. But I had to act now. I always promised myself that if I ever separated the kids from Rufe, I would not wait a single day in separating them from their animal friends as well. And I didn’t.

“Now let me get on top, Alby dear,” Lynn was moaning, “let me brush my titties against your nipples while I work your dick all the way up inside me …”

That night, Nelda made a drastic change in the sleeping arrangements. In contrast to the previous evening, she insisted that Lynn sleep with her brother instead of her mother. True to her promise, she bestowed a long, loving kiss on Alby’s cock instead of his cheek, once she had tucked the kids into bed. Then she retired to her own bed.

Nelda awoke many times during the night. The creaking of the bedsprings was interminable! But she did not find it the least annoying. Yes, she thought, I’ve made a good start in setting the kids on the right path. So what does it matter if brother dips his wick into sister now and then? It won’t be for always. They’ll soon find other partners. Both of them will quickly make new friends in a big city like New York. I’m going to encourage Lynn to have as many boyfriends as she likes … anything to wipe away her craving for pigs and dogs! And Alby——he’s a handsome young fellow. It won’t be long before he has a whole raft of girlfriends and the mere thought of screwing a sheep will sicken him!

Mmmmm, yes——things were working out well for the kids. But how about herself? She had needs too. Her hand stole between her moist, hot thighs as she pictured Alby’s cock relentlessly stabbing his sister’s snatch only a few feet away. Is there a man for me in this city? she wondered.

And, for a single instant, she would have welcomed the plow-horse’s ramrodding cock between her legs!

Chapter 5

“How long will Niles be in New York?” Mabel Gurney asked Betsy as the two women lounged in Betsy’s living room. It was shortly after lunchtime.

“All of today and maybe part of tomorrow too,” Betsy declared.

“Great,” came Mabel’s quick decision, “that gives us lots of time to fuck around any way we like without his snooping on us!”

“Got any ideas?” Betsy asked. The expression on her face indicated plainer than any words that she was open to any and all suggestions.”

“Yes!” Mabel exclaimed, “oh, I’m so glad you phoned me, Betsy! I just had a call from the owner of that pet shop on Commerce Street——you know the one I mean——I told you he’s done me lots of favors in the past. He says he has something new and exciting in the shop. Why don’t we go down there together and see?”

“Swell!” Betsy cried, springing to her feet, “I’m in the mood for something new!”

A few minutes later found the women entering a small, rather dingy pet shop on the fringe of the town’s commercial section. The owner, a wizened, gray-haired man in his late fifties, greeted them effusively.

“Wait’ll you see what I’ve got in the back room,” he crowed, “why don’t we go back there so you can examine the merchandise in … er … private!” The women giggled. They knew what he meant!

They followed the man into a rather large, windowless room at the rear of the store. He locked the door behind them. “So we won’t be disturbed,” he explained with a lascivious wink. Betsy wasn’t at all sure she liked the man. But he could produce the merchandise. And he understood the women’s bizarre needs well. You couldn’t say that of all pet shop owners!

“Well, Mr. Hall, what have you got to show us?” Mabel cried eagerly, her glance darting about the cluttered room. It was stuffed from floor to ceiling with cages. Some were occupied; most were empty.

“This!” Mr. Hall cried triumphantly as he went to unlock a large cage against the far wall.

“Oooh!” Mabel squealed ecstatically, “a chimp! A beautiful, big chimp!” Yes, that was what the man had meant by “something new.” And the chimpanzee was large, no doubt about it——as big as a five-year-old boy. Mr. Hall unlocked the cage, took the animal into his arms, and brought it over to the women.

“Is he tame?” Mabel asked, as she rapidly appraised the creature with her avid, feline glance.

“You bet!” Mr. Hall replied, affectionately rubbing the chimp’s head. “He’s very tame. And he seems to like the ladies!”

“Oh does he, eh?” Mabel drawled, “we’ll see about that!” Her hand was already between the animal’s legs, gently squeezing and fondling his penis. “Oh, what a sweet little pecker,” she enthused, “what a cute little cockie you have, Mr. Chimp!”

The animal looked at her blankly a moment as she handled his genitals. He stared down at where Mabel was trying to stimulate a hard-on by rapidly scouring her fingers over the tip of the stubby, brown organ. Then, very deliberately he reached out, delved inside the front of Mabel’s dress and yanked out one of her magnificent tits!

“Oooooh!” Mabel giggled, “well … a real Don Juan! I’m beginning to suspect this boy as had a bit of experience. Go ahead, feel up my tit, young fellow. Oh Betsy——his hand feels so strange and wild against my boob——I’ve never had a monkey feel me up before!”

“Let me feel his cock too!” Betsy demanded fervently, as she thrust her hand between the animal’s legs. “Is it getting hard?”

“Oh yes! Here, feel——isn’t that a cute little pecker?” She allowed Betsy to fondle the chimp’s genitals.

“Oh yes!” Betsy cried, “I can feel it stiffening right in my hand!” Then, in an embarrassed whisper: “Er … Mabel … now what? Are you going to buy the animal?”

“Shit no!” Mabel laughed, cuddling the chimp to her breast, “if I bought every animal I had sex with, my home would be the biggest menagerie in the country. No … I have a certain arrangement with Mr. Hall here …”


“Yes,” Mabel went on, with a sly, sidewise glance at Mr. Hall who was listening intently, his lips twisted in a crooked smile. “Mr. Hall allows me to make whatever use I care to of his animals, in return for certain favors …”

“That’s right,” Mr. Hall confirmed quickly, “we’ve had many good times here in the shop, Miss Gurney and I.” Betsy could see his dick stiffening beneath his trousers as he spoke.

“Oh, I just can’t make up my mind what to do first,” Mabel sighed. “I’m dying to have this little dear fuck me … but at the same time, my lips are just longing to kiss his little prick … to kiss it and take it in my mouth and suck it … and suck it … what would you advise, Mr. Hall?”

“Why don’t you suck him off first?” the man suggested. “It would probably quiet his nerves. I can see he’s feeling a little bit edgy in the presence of strangers. If you tried to clutch him close while you stuffed his dick inside you, he might panic.”

“All right,” Mabel smiled, “I was hoping you’d say something like that. Oh, I really can’t wait to take his sturdy little prick in my mouth. Look at it, Betsy——it’s almost human!”

Betsy agreed enthusiastically. She followed close behind as Mabel took the animal over to a wooden table, laid the chimpanzee on it, back down, separated his legs with her hands, and avidly pounced her slavering lips on the creature’s nervously pulsating cock.

Mr. Hall stood close, too. He was obviously waiting for something. He did not have long to wait. After Mabel had gotten a firm grip on the chimp’s penis with her lips, she reached out with one hand, groped between Mr. Hall’s legs and unzipped him. Scooping out the man’s erect cock, she commenced slowly to jerk him off, while her mouth voraciously gobbled the choice meat between the chimpanzee’s legs.

Betsy was almost beside herself with impatience. She literally could not wait for her friend to finish with the animal so she could test his treasures for herself. Slowly hauling up her skirt, Betsy commenced to run her hands up and down over her own hips … over her ass … feeling herself up … imagining how the chimpanzee’s hands would feel on her ass … how his stubby dick would feel as it stabbed against her clitoris.

But … but there was already something between her legs … there are already something long and firm and penis-like between her thighs nuzzling her pussylips.

But that was impossible!

Betsy looked down to see exactly what it was that had crept between her legs. And when she saw the thing that bobbed and swayed there, her legs turned to jelly. Her eyes popped and her lips opened to form a scream, but the scream froze in her throat. It was like one of those nightmares in which the vocal cords strain and struggle but the sound never escapes the larynx.

And when Mr. Hall saw what agitated her, he too looked for a second as if he were on the point of fainting. “D-don’t move, please,” he urged her, “and whatever you do, don’t scream, lady. For cripes sake, don’t scream!”

“Wha——what is that thing between my legs?” Betsy croaked, “oh Mr. Hall, do something!”

“It’s a baby boa constrictor,” he informed her in a low voice. “It must have sneaked through the wire netting on its cage somehow.”

“W – will it bite me?”

“No, boas don’t bite. He’s not poisonous. But he can strangle you if he wraps himself around your neck or locks himself onto your chest. We mustn’t frighten him. And try not to let him know you’re frightened either …”

The snake was above five feet in length and about an inch and a half in diameter. Half his length was coiled on the floor, the rest had stealthily crept up Betsy’s nylon-clad leg and was now leisurely exploring her crotch.

Mabel stopped mouthing the chimpanzee’s cock. “What an evil-looking beast!” she murmured, “Oh Mr. Hall, how could you let a thing like this happen?”

The man’s face was running with torrent of sweat as he replied, “I——I just can’t imagine how it happened. I don’t like to keep snakes in my shop. This one was a special import. He only arrived yesterday … direct from someplace in the Far East. He’s for a rich customer of mine that’s supposed to pick him up this afternoon … Geez, it gives me the creeps just to look at the bastard!”

The snake was determinedly probing Betsy’s pussylips with his blunt, scaly head. Again and again he slithered it through the moist swamp of her sweat-dripping cunt-hair to nuzzle curiously at the pulpy pink portals to Betsy’s hole-of-holies.

Mabel couldn’t repress an irreverent giggle. “Looks like Mr. Boa has got the hots for you, Betsy!” she exclaimed, “I honestly think he’d like to fuck you with that snout of his!”

“Oh, don’t say that!” Betsy gasped, turning white all over. “Heavens——just the thought of his horrible muzzle inside my pussy makes me want to throw up. Oh, Mr. Hall——I think I’m going to be sick!”

“Be calm … be calm!” the man urged, although it was obvious he was on the verge of panic himself. “I’ve got to think of a way to get us out of this!”

Now the snake suddenly diverted his attention from Betsy’s pussy. Still firmly coiled about one shapely thigh, he intruded his head slowly, blissfully between Betsy’s buttocks and allowed it to rest comfortably in the steep-sloped crack of her splendid ass.

“Wh——why’s he doing that?” Betsy wondered, biting her lip, “you don’t suppose he’ll bite me there, do you? Oh, Mr. Hall——I’m scared!”

“No, he won’t bite you,” the man reassured her. “Snakes like to crawl in where it’s nice and warm. He likes the warmth of your ass.”

“Oooh!” Betsy squealed, “how long do you suppose he’ll stay there? I can feel my flesh creeping, Mr. Hall! I——I’m going to scream if he doesn’t leave me alone pretty soon. Ugh, the revolting, creepy monster …”

But the snake had no intention of resting there. Now, very slowly, very deliberately, he began to crawl up inside Betsy’s dress, around her hips, up over her torso. This time he allowed his head to rest between her two magnificent jugs. Looking down, she could see the slitted yellow eyes glaring up at her, forked tongue flickering like a tiny flame between the malevolent jaws.

Mabel still clutched the chimpanzee in her arms. The animal was quite obviously terrified of the snake. He clung piteously to Mabel. To soothe him, she continued to fondle his cock. Soon, in spite of his terror, the chimp climaxed, the thick, gluey sperm gushing over Mabel’s hand in spurt after spurt, flooding between her fingers and over her wrist.

The smell of the chimp’s sperm was very strong in the close, stuffy confines of the windowless room. It seemed to arouse the snake. It reared its head high from the neckline of Betsy’s dress for a moment, then began to slither downward again … down … down.

Now the reptilian head was nuzzling the wet folds of Betsy’s twat again … it prodded the pulpy flesh a couple of times, then slowly … irresistibly, disappeared inside!

“Oh, mercy … mercy …” Betsy gagged, her knees sagging, “the——the thing is inside me. I can feel the monster crawling up my vagina …”

But the boa only intruded its head about six inches inside Betsy’s cringing, quivering flesh. Now, before the incredulous eyes of the onlookers, it began to fuck its head in and out of her nervously sweating pussy.

Simultaneously, the snake’s tail whipped behind her and commenced to slither back and forth across her asshole, tentatively … as if searching … and now … as a gasp of horrified amazement broke from Betsy’s lips, the boa’s tail began slowly to worm its way up her asshole!

Mabel’s jaw hung slack for a second as she tried to comprehend the bizarre drama that was unfolding before her unbelieving eyes. Then, turning to Mr. Hall, she asked, “Where did you say you got that snake?”

“He comes from somewhere in the Far East,” the man repeated, “he used to be in the private menagerie of some kind of prince in one of those little countries near India and China. It was a special consignment. All I did was to follow orders. I understand this prince had all kinds of weird animals trained in freaky ways … but I never dreamed it was anything this freaky!”

Mabel stared down at the chimp. “How about a good stiff fuck, little fellow?” she smiled, “I——I’ve got to admit all this action has got me so horny I could screw anything that moves!” Her fingers went to the animal’s scum-dripping cock. “How about it, Mr. Chimp? Have you got another charge tucked away inside your cute little balls? Enough to blast Mabel’s hot snatch wide open? Try!”

And with that, Mabel gripped the animal close against her midriff, urging the rubbery little tool against her eager cunt.

Meanwhile, a dramatic change had come over Betsy. She stood, legs spread, an unheeded thread of saliva trickling from a corner of her mouth as she moaned, “Oh Mabel, the snake is beginning to excite me! Really he is! Ooh, it’s just like having an enormous cock inside you …”

Reaching behind her, Betsy gripped the cushiony plumpness of her ass cheeks with both hands, forcing them apart, dilating her asshole to allow the stiff, reptilian tail to lance deeper and deeper up her rectum, reveling in the unprecedented luxury of having both pussy and asshole fucked simultaneously by the same creature!

Now that the shadow of fear had departed the room, at least for the time being, Mr. Hall’s nuts were beginning to simmer again. His eyes roved hotly from one female to another … from where Betsy was experiencing the unprecedented delights of simultaneous fucking and buggery to where Mabel was deliriously accepting the frenzied prodding of the aroused chimpanzee’s stiff little sausage.

“Oh Betsy!” Mabel cried, her eyes two hotly flaring coals, “how I envy you——getting fucked up both holes at once! Oh, how sweet that must be——”

Mr. Hall swallowed hard, then fell to his knees. Seizing Mabel’s hips reverently, he avidly smeared his face between her sweating buttocks, thirstily guzzling the rich, fragrant fluids that spring from unseen wells all throughout the mysterious ravine.

“Aaaarrgghh …” Mabel moaned, “oh yes, Mr. Hall——that’s what I wanted so much! I wanted someone’s mouth against my ass so bad! Suck my shit … suck my shitty ass, you mindless old fuck! Oh wow——I can feel Junior here putting everything he’s got into it. What an adorable cock you have, you delightful little monkey! Um-m-m … I can still taste your sperm on my tongue … now make my cunt taste it! My cunt wants to taste your gamy, gooey animal scum so bad. Give it what it wants! Uggghh …”

Staring down, Mabel could see the man’s huge cock, straining wobbling ponderously from his open fly as he crouched between her legs, his upflung mouth rapturously sucking her ass while his amazingly vigorous old tongue rampaged deeper and deeper within.

The sight of the uselessly flopping cock excited Mabel to even greater frenzy. “Play with yourself, Mr. Hall!” she cried, “jerk your dick while you suck my ass … Ooh, I love to see men play with themselves …”

The man needed no second invitation. His gnarled hand flew to his dick and he commenced frantically to shuttle it up and down the heavily veined shaft.

“Oh shit!” Betsy blurted, “I think I’m going to come … aarrgghh … oh, I wish the snake could bite me while he fucks me … I’d love to see the blood mingle with my juices … OOOOH! … yes, I’m coming … I’m coming in my pussy … oh this is the best screw I’ve had in my entire life——”

There was a loud splatter as Mr. Hall’s creamy-snotty scum vomited from the tip of his dick and splashed in a series of erratic spurts against Mabel’s legs and over the floor. Simultaneously, the first thick oozings of monkey sperm began to issue from around the stubby brown cylinder that so enthusiastically pounded Mabel’s cunt-folds.

Betsy bent nearly double as the orgasmic hurricane ripped through her innermost vitals. Again and again the snake struck, and each time a tidal wave of crystalline juice erupted around the repulsive head, bathing half his scaly length in the sweet, sappy discharge from the girl’s churning pleasure cover. The reptile glistened as if he had been bathed in oil.

At length the creature seemed to sense that his mission was complete. Trained by his cunning far-Eastern masters to perceive and respond to feminine needs, he seemed to comprehend when Betsy’s passion was slaked and her climax complete. Reluctantly the reptile withdrew his head from Betsy’s vagina.

He remained for a moment, half his length coiled about her leg, his head wavering uncertainly. He seemed to be sniffing the air. Then his eyes lighted on the glistening pools of pearly white scum that had freshly exploded from Mr. Hall’s cock. The great, greasy drops exhaled a strong male stench.

Still half-curled about Betsy’s leg, the snake darted the upper portion of its body toward the puddles of steaming slime. It rolled its head about in the sperm, thrashing, slithering, obviously delighting in the smell and feel of the warm, greasy liquid! Twice it shot its forked tongue into the syrupy scum.

“Oooooh …” Betsy moaned. Her eyes flashed as she watched the serpent thrash about in the fragrant male discharge. Then, lashed by the flames of her perverse lust, the girl reached down and seized the snake in both hands, just below the head. Swiftly she brought it up, hesitated just the briefest possible moment, then popped the sperm-drenched snake’s head into her slavering mouth.

“Betsy!” Mabel screamed, terrified by the unprecedented boldness of her friend’s sudden action. Her nerveless hands released the chimpanzee. The animal scurried to the topmost row of cages where it swung by one arm, curiously surveying the scene below. Mr. Hall ceased his lascivious oral exploration of Mabel’s asscrack to regard the scene in wonder.

“Um-m-m …” Betsy gurgled as she licked and sucked the snake’s slime-dribbling head, “oh shit, Mabel, this is outasight … I mean I can taste Mr. Hall’s lovely semen, and I can taste my own cuntjuice, and I can even taste where this creature snuggled up between the cheeks of my ass … um-m-m …” And again, she popped the entire wriggly head of the scaly monster between her lips!

Once again the boa’s tail whipped downward between Betsy’s legs and eagerly probed at her asshole as it blissfully submitted to having the sticky cargo of sperm licked and sucked from the upper portion of its body. Betsy’s lips were positively slobbering with the lush creaminess that had so recently been foaming in the crinkly brown bag between Mr. Hall’s legs!

When she had sucked the snake’s head and body clean, she wanted to repeat the entire performance right from the beginning.

Mr. Hall reflected a moment. Looking at his watch, he commented, “Okay, but we can’t take too long about it. I’m expecting my customer pretty soon. He’ll expect to see the snake in its cage, and everything right and proper.”

This time Mr. Hall masturbated his prick directly into Betsy’s mouth and then she had the snake slither his head between her lips and it felt as if the snake were an enormous, scaly cock that had shot its load while prowling down her throat.

Chapter 6

“Well, are you satisfied?” grinned Mabel as they walked from the pet-shop to Betsy’s car.

“Shit no!” Betsy cried, “I feel as if that were just the appetizer. Oh, my twat is really itching for a good, stiff fuck! You know what, Mabel, I have an idea. Let’s run out to Reilly’s place. I’m dying to get a pony’s dick between my legs. Fooling around with monkeys and snakes is all right, but when you’re as horny as I am right now, there’s nothing like a good, big horse cock reaming the shit out of you!”

“Oh, that’s a wonderful thought!” Mabel agreed. Then, as she slid into the front seat alongside Betsy: “Oh, but won’t Reilly have a lot of customers on his hands? This is the first week of the summer vacation, so he’s bound to have kids around.”

“Hmmm, that’s right,” Betsy reflected disappointedly. She thought a moment. “I’ll tell you what I’ve done sometimes in the past,” she said. “I’ve sneaked onto the bridle path where it runs through that thick patch of woods. I wait till the pony comes through. If the stableboy is leading him, I slip the boy a dollar and he lets me do anything I like with the animal. He’ll take the kid out of sight someplace for a couple of minutes till I’ve had my fun, and then go on as if nothing had happened. Of course, if the kid’s parent insists on accompanying him, I’m out of luck, but that doesn’t happen very often.”

“Let’s try,” Mabel suggested. She too was still ravenous with desire. A veritable blast furnace of lust was scorching her juice-spurting twat. She tried to allay her craving somewhat by stabbing her hungry cunt-flesh with the flashlight from the glove compartment, but it provided only the feeblest kind of temporary relief.

Betsy halted the car about two hundred feet away from Reilly’s stable. “Let’s get out here,” she advised. “We’ll climb through the fence and then it’s only a short walk through the woods to the bridle path. Keep your fingers crossed, Mabel! Here’s wishing us luck!”

As they approached the path, they could hear the sounds of harness clinking and two voices conversing in low tones, “Hey, looks like we’re just in time!” Betsy exclaimed joyfully.

A moment later, however, as the pony emerged from around a bend, the women’s elation turned to rank disappointment. “Oh, fuck it!” Betsy spat, “It’s a little boy, and his mother is with him. No chance of any action now. Besides, he’s riding a mare!”

As Betsy turned to go, Mabel laid a restraining hand on her friend’s arm. “Wait a minute,” she said, “there’s something funny about this. Don’t go yet. I want to hear what they’re saying——” Betsy halted in mid-stride. Crouched behind a clump of underbrush, she and Mabel watched curiously as the woman halted the pony.

She was a very attractive woman——perhaps thirty years of age——with dark hair, full, sensual lips, and a shapely figure, the voluptuous contours of which were accentuated, rather than hidden, by her tight, black silk dress. Even at a distance of twenty feet or so, Betsy clearly detected the scent of the woman’s strongly aphrodisiacal perfume.

The boy sitting astride the pony might have been twelve years old——certainly not much more than that. He was delicate in appearance——very slim, with a fair complexion, and fine blond hair that wafted easily in the spring wind. His blue eyes held a dreamy look as they took in the lush, pastoral scenery.

“Why are we stopping here, Aunt Margo?” he wanted to know.

In reply, the woman merely asked, “Why do you call me Aunt Margo? Why don’t you call me Mother?” Her smile was warm as she spoke.

“Because you’re not my real Mommy,” he replied sadly, his glance avoiding hers. “You’re my stepmother. And I feel funny about calling you by your first name as if you were a friend. So I’d rather call you Aunt Margo.”

“All right,” she laughed, patting his knee affectionately, “we’ll just let it go at that. Maybe you have the right idea, after all. I was afraid you might not like me, Bobby.”

“Oh, I like you fine, Aunt Margo,” he rejoined instantly, “you’ve been real good to me ever since you and Daddy got married. I——” He hesitated an instant, then said: “Why couldn’t Daddy come with us today? He’d like being out here in the fresh air with the woods all around and everything.”

“Your father has been working very hard at the office lately,” the woman replied. “So I sent him around to the doctor for a physical checkup.” Then, pouting roguishly, she asked, “What’s the matter, Bobby——don’t you like being alone with me?”

He colored and his manner was flustered as he replied, “It’s not that at all——”

She patted him again. “I’ll tell you why I stopped here,” she said cheerily, “I was thinking I might find it fun to ride that adorable little pony for just a few yards. It’s been so long since I squatted my ass onto any kind of horse, I’d really hate to pass up this opportunity! What do you say, Bobby? Would you mind dismounting for just a moment and letting Margo wrap her legs around that pretty creature?”

“Of course not,” the boy breathed, hastily scrambling out of the saddle. “Would you like me to help you up?”

“No, that’s all right,” Margo answered, swinging her leg over the small animal’s back, “I know I’m old and withered and decrepit, but I don’t yet require assistance in mounting a child’s pony!”

The boy smiled shyly up at her. “You’re not old and withered——” he began. Then he stopped. His hissing intake of breath was audible even where Betsy and Mabel were concealed behind the bushes.

The boy stared dumbfounded at the lovely pair of sleek, long legs that dangled over the pony’s sides. As the woman settled herself in her astride position, her dress quickly rucked up over her hips, entirely disclosing her legs and hips. Gossamer nylon clad her legs to mid-thigh level. Her upper thighs welled voluptuously over the confining nylon in a magnificent splurge of pinkish-white flesh that was indented deeply by the ruffled white garter straps. Her panties, cut in the exceedingly brief bikini style, had crept so far up into her crotch as to be hardly visible. Her magnificent, well-shaped ass flowed, lush and enticing, against the pony’s rough, brown hide.

“Gee, Aunt Margo,” the boy gulped, “wouldn’t it be more comfortable if you sat in the saddle?”

“Perhaps.” the woman acknowledged with a wink, “But it’s more exciting this way——” Grinding her near-naked ass and crotch into the animal’s coarse hide, she continued, “I love the feeling of a horse’s warm, rough pelt against my bare thighs. I love to scour my middle against it. I love to rub and scrape and bruise myself between the legs with all kinds of things.”

She wriggled her ass licentiously against the animal’s hide, sliding her almost bare ass and cunt back and forth, rotating her intimate parts as she spread her splendid thighs wider and scrounged her body against the cruelly abrasive hide with a violence that clearly frightened her stepson.

Noting his dismayed expression, the woman halted her obscene motions. She dismounted and went to where the youngster was standing, wide-eyed. Taking his hand in hers, she said, “Bobby, are you so amazed to find that a woman loves to be aroused between the legs? Have you ever had your hand between the legs of one of your little girlfriends?”

“N——no——” he admitted.

“Well, but don’t you ever sort of handle yourself between the thighs sometimes? Do you know what I mean, Bobby?” Then, noting the crimson flush that colored the youngster’s face to the very roots of his hair: “Oh heavens, I’m afraid I’ve embarrassed you, haven’t I?”

“I——I never touched a girl anyplace,” the boy gulped, “and I don’t handle myself, either. I hear the other boys in school joking about such things but I don’t know what they mean. It just sounds dirty, that’s all!”

Still retaining the boy’s hand in her own, the woman took him to where the pony was patiently waiting. “Let me show you something, Bobby,” she said. “When I was selecting a pony for your ride, I purposely insisted on a mare. Now I’m going to tell you why——”

Guiding the boy’s right hand with her own, Margo made him pass his fingertips lightly over the animal’s private parts. “Now,” she ventured, eyeing him keenly as she spoke, “do you know what it is you’re touching? Do you know what this little hole is, right here?”

“It’s——it’s her asshole, isn’t it?” the boy stammered.

“No dear. It’s the entrance to her vagina. Touch her some more——” The pony whinnied and took a short step backward as if desiring to impale its orifice on the youngster’s exploring finger. “See!” Margo cried triumphantly, “See how she likes it, dear? Go ahead, insert your finger deeper. How does it feel?”

“It feels funny,” the boy declared, smiling uncertainly, “it feels warm and sloppy inside there. And I can feel her clamping the edges down on my finger.”

“That shows she likes it,” Margo reassured him. “And do you know why she likes it? Because she thinks it is a cock. She thinks a male pony is sliding his stiff, hard cock inside her hot, sloppy cunt.” Her eyes were riveted on the boy’s features and she seemed to have some difficulty in swallowing.

The boy’s eyes were saucer-like. “She does? Why would he do a thing like that?”

“Because it gives him pleasure,” his stepmother breathed, “it gives both of them pleasure. Tell me something, Bobby——please tell me the truth——I won’t utter one word of rebuke, or pass along a single thing you say——but I want the truth. Haven’t you ever played with yourself at all? Haven’t you ever fondled and squeezed yourself between the legs until your penis got very, very hard, and very, very sensitive, and it began to twitch and all of a sudden this sticky, white liquid began to spurt out the end——haven’t you ever done that?”

“No——” the boy replied bewildered, “I——I thought my dick was just for peeing——I——what do you mean?”

“Heavens!” Margo gasped. In initiating the boy into the details of the mare’s anatomy, she had fallen into a crouch in which one knee rested on the earth. Her legs were slightly scissored apart and since her skirt had ridden up to hip level, the boy had an excellent view of his stepmother’s scantily concealed crotch. “Heavens——I had no idea, Bobby——tell me, exactly how old are you?”

“I’m twelve. I’ll be thirteen in August.”

“I see——I just wonder if you’re still a little boy, or if you’re mature. Do you know what I mean by mature?”

“No——not exactly.”

Margo bit her lip, as if uncertain whether to proceed. Then, more boldly, she said, “Mature——it has to do with this white, sticky liquid that comes out of your dick.”

“How do I make it come out?”

Her eyes flared with strange fires for an instant. Then she said, “I have an idea, Bobby. Take out your dick. I want to show you something.”

He took a step away from her. “Do I have to?” he protested, “I feel funny about taking out my thing in front of you.”

“Would you be embarrassed about taking it out in front of your real mother?”


“Well then,” she smiled, “why should you be bashful about taking it out in front of me? Bobby, I have a very strong hunch that you and I will someday be much, much closer than you and your mother ever were. Take it out. I just want to show you something. Remember how much the pony enjoyed it when you stuck your finger up her pussy? See how she reacts when you touch your bare cock there——go ahead——I’ve never seen your cock, Bobby. I’ll feel hurt and insulted if you keep it hidden. Take it out and slip the end into the pony’s vagina.”

After a moment of fumbling, Bobby obeyed her suggestion. His penis was limp when he removed it from his fly, but after a moment of smearing the tip against the animal’s gaping vagina, it rapidly began to stiffen.

“See?” his stepmother cried, encouragingly, “see how hard it gets? Now, slowly, insert it into the hole——the mare won’t object, I promise you that. But, just to be sure, I’ll hold the reins while you do that. Go ahead, Bobby, fuck your lovely, slim prick into this lucky animal’s twat. See how she reacts.”

He did so. “Ooh, it feels good,” he breathed, “I never knew anything that felt this good——oh, wow!”

“Slip it in and out——in and out——in a regular rhythm, dear. And I promise you it will feel even better!”

The boy was quick to obey now. Standing erect behind the pony, his thighs closely pressed against those of the mare, his hands resting lightly on her back, the boy commenced to shuttle his cock in and out of her vagina, slowly and uncertainly at first, then faster and with greater assurance.

“Oh wow!” he moaned, his eyes closed, his face exuding pleasure from every pore, “Oh gee, Aunt Margo, this really and truly is outasight! I never dreamed anything could feel this good. Why didn’t somebody tell me about this before? I could go on like this forever and ever, just sloshing my dickie around in this animal’s hole. Are you sure she likes it, Aunt Margo? You don’t think she’s feeling pain, do you?”

Margo’s face was inscrutable as she replied, “No dear, I can guarantee you the animal feels no pain whatsoever. Why don’t you slam it into her harder, though? She’s probably used to being fucked by other ponies, and if you don’t jam it into her with all your might, she may become suspicious and nervous and try to run off. So make believe you’re a big, strong, enormous stallion with muscles of steel, Bobby, and pretend your cock is a full twelve inches in length, and it’s as hard and stiff and heavy as a policeman’s club and you’re stabbing it up the animal’s snatch with all the power of your great, muscular thighs, and that you’re really trying to rip out her guts with that big, murderous prick of yours, and you can feel your cock being sucked up inside her, and flooded and bathed with lots of hot, stinging juice that tingles your strong, young prick and you can feel it gushing down over your cock and balls and it’s running down inside your pants and drenching your thighs!”

“I don’t have to imagine it!” the boy cried. His eyes were wide open now and they threatened to burst from their sockets, “Oh Aunt Margo, I can feel that hot juice pouring all over me, and something funny is happening inside me too——I feel like I want to vomit, but not the regular way. I want to vomit through my dick. My whole insides feel like they want to pour out through my dick, and I——ohhh!”

The boy hunched low over the animal’s back. His hips and thighs seemed jerked by an electric current as they slammed spastically against the mare’s rear again and again! Tears of ecstatic pleasure mingled with the perspiration on his face as, entirely bewildered by the strange excitement in his groin, he shot load after load of seething sperm into the animal’s churning vitals!

Margo tied the reins to a convenient fencepost. Then, striding briskly, she went to where her stepson writhed in the final paroxysms of his first climax. She waited until his convulsive lunges and ceased. Then, very coolly, she yanked his dripping dick out of the mare’s vagina and examined it closely.

“Hm-m-m. Yes!” she exclaimed, a strange look of triumph stealing over her avid features, “you are mature, my friend, you really are mature!” She let the viscous, white syrup purl slowly from his cock into her cupped palm.

For a time, the boy had to gasp so hard for breath that he was speechless. At last, he managed to wheeze, “Oh wow, Aunt Margo, that was really something. I don’t know how to thank you for this.”

His stepmother wore the same enigmatic look as before, “Now, there’s something I want you to understand, Bobby,” she said, speaking very slowly, “you saw how much the mare enjoyed having your cock between her legs. All females share a craving for that same enjoyment. All females. Whether they’re horses, or cattle, or dogs, or——”

She let her voice trail off. Pleading with her eyes, fixing his innocent, somewhat bewildered gaze with hers, she gradually raised her skirt until her splendid hips were revealed: the voluptuously outcurving belly that strained enticingly at the thin fabric of her bikini panties and the luxuriant puff of jet-black cunt-hair that exploded between her superb thighs.

“Yes, all females, Bobby,” she finished in a thin, plaintive whisper, “cattle, or dogs, or humans——”

Her eyes widened as the boy silently moved toward the pony. Taking his limp dick in his hand once more, he attempted to fit it into the animal’s drooling vagina. “What are you doing?” Margo cried incredulously, “Bobby, what in heaven’s name do you think you’re doing?”

“I was going to stick my dickie into the pony again,” the boy explained evenly, “it felt so good the first time, I want to do it again.”

“No!” Margo interposed herself between the boy and the animal. Raking down her panties with a single, brusque movement, she ripped them off and flung them into a nearby ditch. Spreading her bent knees, Margo lifted her hips and urged them toward the boy——her crotch and belly were displayed before him like a trayful of the tastiest, most tempting viands——odorous and succulent with the richest juices!

“No!” she cried again, spreading her cuntlips with one hand. “Look, Bobby——look at this! It’s just like the hole you were fucking between the mare’s legs. Except that it’s nicer, it’s tighter, look at it, Bobby——doesn’t it suggest anything to you?”

The boy’s mouth hung open in shocked amazement. “Oh, Aunt Margo!” he exclaimed, “I——I couldn’t do that to you——!”

“Why not?” she gasped hoarsely, “why not?” She bucked her uplifted hips closer.

“Because you’re my Daddy’s wife,” he protested, frowning. “And you’re——well——like my Mommy. I respect you. I wouldn’t think of putting a dirty, repulsive thing like my dick inside you!”

“Look!” his stepmother cried desperately, “see this hole?” She yanked her pussylips even farther apart, disclosing the immense gash of scarlet flesh, laced now with trickles of syrupy ooze. “See this hole? It’s no different from what the mare’s got. It wants to be fucked! It was created for one purpose——to have a darling little boy like you stick his pretty cock up inside it and stab it around until that white, gooey liquid starts to spurt out the tip——and you remember how good that felt, don’t you darling?”

Now she was down on her knees before him. Gaping her mouth open to disclose the tongue that rippled and flowed so enticingly within, she cried, “See my mouth, dearest? It’s just another hole, not much different from my cunt. It was meant to be fucked too! Oh look, Bobby, look closely at my mouth. Imagine what a delight it would be to stick your dick in there! In some ways it’s even better than my pussy. Look how soft and full and flexible my lips are. Let me just glide my lips over your prick a moment so you can feel how soft they are. See what I mean?

“Don’t you agree my mouth was made for fucking, Bobby? Can’t you just feel my tongue lapping at the underside of your prick as you slowly glide it inside? And my mouth can do something else that my cunt can’t. When you start shooting you’re load, my mouth can suck and suck and suck and suck, and you’ll be in utter heaven when you feel it drawing your hot, bubbling sperm from the very roots of your handsome dick!”

Now his stepmother was on her hands and knees before him. Thrusting the twin globes of her plump, shapely ass skyward and slowly contracting and releasing her buttock muscles, she alternately disclosed and concealed the pinkish-brown crater that nestled so coyly between the upflung mounds.

“See my asshole?” she cried, “That was meant for fucking too! Go ahead, put your fingers inside. Feel how cozy it feels? It’s not tight at all——it would be very easy to slip your dick inside, if you were so inclined. I speak from experience. I’ve had great, enormous cocks the size of your fist pounding away inside my asshole and it never felt the slightest bit awkward!”

Now she was on her knees before him once more. Caressing his flushed cheeks with tumbling hands, she gasped, “What I’m really trying to say, Bobby, is this: I have three soft, warm holes in my body that are at your disposal any time you want to stick you dick into them. Three holes dying to be fucked. Three holes just begging and imploring to be stabbed by your sweet young dick at any time you feel the urge!”

“Bobby,” she went on, nearly raving in the delirium of her unleashed desire, “I’m going to make a confession. I’m going to tell you something right now that I’ve never admitted to another living soul. One of the reasons and perhaps the most important reason why I married your father was so I could be near you! From the first time we were introduced, and I saw your firm, meaty cock straining against your tight bluejeans, and the way your hard little ass bulged against the seat of your pants, I felt I had to have you!

“Now, Bobby,” and here her eyes became soft and pleading again, “I’m going to leave the decision to you. I won’t force you to do anything against your will. I’ve introduced you to the joys of cunt. You know what a sublime thrill a good fuck can be. Even though it was only with a pony.

“I’m not going to urge you any further. But I just want you to remember a couple of things, Bobby. I’m not interested in your respect. I’ll be a good mother to you, but I don’t want you to look up to me in any way. I’m not some kind of a saint. I’m just a big hunk of hot, juicy meat with three conveniently located holes that you can ram your dickie into any time the mood hits you. Three holes that you can fill to the brim with the juice from your balls at any hour of the day or night.”

Tense-faced, she waited for her words to sink in. Then she asked, “Well, Bobby, shall I help you back onto the pony so you can finish your ride?”

There was a long silence. Then, his eyes glued to the earth, the boy replied, “I don’t care about the pony ride now. I don’t care about anything. The only thing I’ll ever want to do, now and for the rest of my life, is to have my dick inside you someplace, Aunt Margo! I’ll just want to shoot my juice into you all night and all day. Oh Aunt Margo, you look so pretty! And you smell so nice——and——and——”

“And I taste nice too,” his stepmother breathed softly as she straightened up. “Taste me, my dearest darling. Just for a moment——”

She clutched her skirt high, just under her tits, as she cuddled the boy’s head in her palm and urged it down toward the steaming morass of her avidly gasping cunt.

The boy eagerly dived his face between the pulpy lips of his stepmother’s juice-geysering twat, frenziedly inhaling the rich vapors that gusted from her raw, aroused cunt-flesh, thirstily gulping the sticky sap that welled in glorious abundance from her innermost vitals!

Driven to the limits of nervous excitement, the woman began to piss now. The boy joyously allowed the hot amber fluid to flood over his tongue as he continued voraciously to lap the sticky goodness that drizzled in never failing wealth from the darkly mysterious tunnel tucked somewhere beneath his stepmother’s convulsively quivering belly.

Now, while the hot, aromatic piss and cunt juices inundated his face and chest, the boy began to claw ecstatically at the jelly-soft mounds of the woman’s magnificent ass, clawing, clutching, insensately rending the parchment-white flesh with his nails until the plump mounds were chafed masses of raw, red scratches, and her stocking tops began to be drenched with the scarlet flow from her mauled and bleeding ass-cheeks.

The woman gurgled, a froth of saliva bubbling from her contorted lips, “Oh, Bobby, you certainly know how to send a woman to paradise. Oh, Bobby, I think I’m going to come. Let me come against your mouth, please! Please! Ahhh!”

Her meaty thighs cupping the boy’s face, the woman climaxed twice in the next several minutes.

Afterward, as soon as she had recovered her breath, Margo said, “Well, Bobby, I think it’s time for a real, old-fashioned fuck now! But before I allow you to throw me onto a heap of leaves somewhere and embed your marvelous dick inside me, I think I’d better return the pony to Mr. Reilly. Otherwise, he’s liable to come looking for us. Stay here for a minute darling, and rest while I take the mare back to the stable. I’ll only be gone a very short time.”

After bestowing a passionate kiss on the bewildered youngster’s mouth, she was gone, leading the pony by the reins. The boy slumped onto a sawed-off tree stump for a well deserved rest. His face was lit with a radiant smile as he fondled the supreme source of pleasure that sprouted from between his legs.

Betsy turned to Mabel. Grinning wickedly, she blurted, “I’ve got a great idea! Look, it’ll take her a while to get to the stable and return, especially in her knocked out condition. I know this sounds mean, but let’s fuck the boy dry before she gets back!”

The boy looked up at the woman and then back down at the heavy meat clutched in his sweaty palm. It was rock hard and ready to shoot another load.

He fell back onto the grass as he felt Betsy’s cunt slip over the slippery knob of his cock.

Chapter 7

It was a Saturday afternoon. Nelda Culver was glad to have a little free time at her disposal. Thanks to Niles’ efforts, she had managed to locate a rather well paying job as assistant to an executive of a textile firm on lower Fifth Avenue. Nelda had little formal education in the commercial sense, but she was intelligent and energetic, and had rapidly gained the respect of her superiors.

Now she was scanning the “Apartments” section of the newspaper. It was time, she decided, that they had a three——or four——room apartment instead of being cooped up in a single hotel room.

She looked up as Alby entered. “Oh Alby,” she cried, “I’m so glad you’ve come back. I want to take you over to Thirty-Fourth Street. You need new clothes so badly … I think it’s time we did some shopping for you.”

“Okay, Mom,” he agreed. Then: “Say Mom——as long as we’re on Thirty-fourth Street, let’s go over to Madison Square Garden, too. Maybe there’s a game of some kind on tonight! I wouldn’t care what it was. All the kids I know talk sports all the time, and I’d like to be able to say I’d seen a real professional game at the Garden!”

Nelda smiled. “I’m glad to hear that you’re making friends,” she declared. “Where do you find acquaintances?”

“Oh, just around,” he said. “In the street … in the parks … now that school’s over, there are lots of guys around!”

Nelda lowered her lids modestly as she continued: “But how about girls, Alby? Have you made any female acquaintances? I know that you and your sister get on well together, but … well … I really do think it’s time you found another outlet for your instincts. I think you’ve outgrown your childish taste for animals——I really hate even to mention that disgusting episode in our live——but I feel it’s also time you outgrew your dependence on your sister, too. You know what I mean Alby …”

She waited for his response.

“Well yeah, I——I guess you’re right, Mom,” Alby stammered, nervously digging his toe into the carpet, “… but, gosh Mom, when Lynn and I get together in bed, it’s like heaven! I mean, everything is so right and so perfect——”

“Nevertheless, it’s time you experimented with some of the thousands of pretty girls that New York is so full of!” Nelda insisted firmly.

“Well yeah, I guess you’re right,” Alby grinned, looking down at where she was sitting. “To tell you the truth, Mom, Lynn is perfect in every way but one. You know what I mean?”

“I can’t possibly guess!” Nelda retorted, coloring. What in the world was he driving at?

“I’ll tell you,” he continued, the grin broadening. “Lynn is great, but her tits aren’t much more than bee stings on that flat chest of hers …”

“Oh heavens!” Nelda sniffed exasperatedly, “you boys and your breast fetish! I can’t imagine for the life of me what difference a big pair of boobs makes. I mean, it’s what she’s got between her legs what counts! You don’t screw her boobies——”

“Yes, I would!” her son corrected her quickly. His breathing deepened and his voice took on a wishful character as he said, “Mom, that’s my one great ambition——to have a girl with big, soft, floppy tits … well, not floppy you understand, but big——really big!——and juicy, like a pair of watermelons, that I could ease my cock between and just fuck and fuck while she wrapped her jugs close around it and held it, and maybe let my dick skid back and forth across her nipples … Wow, Mom——that would really be groovy!”

Nelda couldn’t help smiling at the boy’s enthusiasm. “I hope you find such a girl, Alby,” she murmured, “And I don’t see a reason in the world why you shouldn’t, and very soon at that. Heavens, when I think of some of the big-titted wonders I see brazenly and openly displaying their boobs on the streets of New York——”

“Yeah, but it’s mostly the older girls that have the big ones!” Alby interjected ruefully. “The ones that are my age——the only girls that wouldn’t look down their noses at a kid like me——well, you could mistake them for ironing boards if you just looked at them from the front! I——Mom——listen, I——” He seemed to have great trouble in proceeding.

“Well …?” Nelda smiled. Adolescence!——what an awkward, uncertain time!

“Well, what I was thinking, Mom——you have the biggest, most beautiful jugs of any woman I’ve ever seen. They’re big, and firm, and——well, I’ve seen you walking around the house lots of times in just your slip and no bra on underneath, and they bounce like a couple of rubber balls without any sloppiness at all. And the nipples are like men’s thumbs——gosh I keep thinking they’re going to poke through your dress at any minute!”

Nelda looked up from where she was sitting and, pursing her lips in pretended exasperation, asked, “Just exactly what are you driving at, young man?” But, at the same time, a grin lurked at the corners of her mouth.

“Just this, Mom——could I——could I just this once——only once——fuck you between the tits? It wouldn’t be like I was balling you the regular way. Oh Mom, I been wanting to ask you that for a long time, and I was always too bashful! I promise to start looking for a girl with real great jugs tomorrow, I promise. But it might take a long time. And, Mom——I got such a hard-on now——it’s killing me!”

Alby scarcely needed to inform Nelda of the fact! With his groin a scant three inches from her face, the bulge deforming his neatly pressed denims was only too evident.

Nelda’s mind was a seething turmoil as she reflected. Now that she was trying to wean Alby away from sex with his sister, it didn’t seem right that she, his mother, should give in.

She bit her lip. Inwardly she was pleased by the compliments the boy had uttered regarding her tits. Nelda was extremely proud of her breasts. Most women of thirty-three find that their ornaments are beginning to sag——perhaps even to grow a little withered. But not Nelda’s. They were still as firm and proudly erect as when she was eighteen.

This was the first time anyone had complimented her on her treasures in many years. Rufe had flung nothing but curses and complaints her way since the day they were married. And it was the first time since her honeymoon that anyone had expressed an interest in fucking her between the tits!

Her eyes glowed as she thought about it. She remembered her wedding night when Rufe had kissed her all over her boobs, sucking and slavering over the enormously sensitive flesh, and then slid his coarse, pimply cock between them and proceeded to come that way twice. M-m-m …

“All right!” she declared, meeting Alby’s beseeching stare with her confident gaze, “since you ask me so nicely, I’ll do it! But you’ll have to take me as I am. I’m not going to furnish a striptease show for you, young man!”

“Oh Mom, you’re the greatest!” Alby chortled, hugging her.

Perching herself on the edge of her chair, Nelda opened the two top buttons of her dress and allowed her melony jugs to droop out the front. The boy’s eyes popped. He began to fumble at his pants, but somehow he couldn’t quite coordinate his fingers.

“Oh Alby, you’re hopeless!” Nelda laughed, taking charge of the situation. Her skillful hands had his trousers open in a twinkling. The garment dropped around his ankles. The stiff, beautifully contoured flagpole jutting from between his legs lurched into view, grazing Nelda’s lush mounds as it did so.

Nelda cupped her balloons in both hands. “All right now,” she said pertly, “satisfy your heart’s desire, but don’t take too long about it. We’ve lots to do this afternoon!”

Alby slid his straining tool between the succulent blobs from underneath, bending slightly at the knees as he did so. Now he began to rock his dick up and down, up and down, it made a faint hiss as it slid over the satiny tissue.

Nelda felt a pang of keen pleasure slowly kindle within her breasts and radiate gradually toward her pussy, where reeking juices were already commencing to sting the tender clefts and crevices. “Oh Alby,” she cried, “I think your dick grows another inch every time I see it! Umm, I love to feel your tool slithering up and down between my tits. Why don’t you play with my nipples a minute, dear? Go ahead, pinch them and twirl them between your fingers. Don’t be afraid of hurting me, I won’t mind!”

The boy did so. “Your cock gets handsomer and more manly by the day,” she declared excitedly, staring down at the fast-shuttling rod as it lanced between the rippling jelly of her exquisite titties. “I love to see the cute little purple knob peeping out from the nozzle of your foreskin … Oh Alby, I shouldn’t say this——after all, I’m your mother——but if I were a man and had a dick like yours, I’d have my hand between my legs constantly, just jerking myself and playing with it, and loving the feel of my sausage as it glided through my fingers, and coaxing the sperm out of it as many times a day as I had strength for, and I’d want to expose myself to every girl I met——I’d want to walk up to strange girls on the street and take out my dick in front of her and let her feel in with her hand and take it between her legs and suck it——Oh yes, with a cock like yours I could never keep my hands off it, I’d want to stick it into every hole I could find and play with it, and I’d lie on my back and wrap my legs around my neck and stuff my lovely cock down my throat and suck myself off——”

The boy’s face was a sweating mask of frenzied lust as he stabbed his white-hot dick between his mother’s tits with redoubled fury. Abruptly the nozzle-tip of his foreskin exploded and a geyser of purest white sperm lofted itself majestically into the air and splattered against Nelda’s chin.

Now others followed with machine gun rapidity, spurting and spewing from the frantically bobbing tool, ricocheting from Nelda’s chin and some of it spattering over her invitingly parted lips. Nelda licked a drop from her lips, and then another drop, and then she was scooping up some that had dribbled down her chin, and suddenly she grasped the twitching, heavenly, spewing prick between her lips and she was avidly gobbling the thick custard as fast as it vomited from her son’s cock, voraciously gulping the creamy goodness as it rose in glob after glob from the tit-fucking lance, cradling her bobbling, jiggling breasts with one hand while she sank her nails into his testicles with the other, to squeeze and press the rich syrup from the plum-sized balls, loudly slurping the sticky nectar as it erupted into her mouth and lapping it as it ran down his dick onto her shimmying tits …!

“Ah shit, Mom, I feel like the top of my skull’s about to explode!” the boy gasped. And now, in his uncontrollable fervor, he fucked his straining prick into the very depths of his mother’s throat and they both collapsed, Nelda toppling like a nine-pin from her chair, with Alby slumping atop her and fucking his dick deep into her gullet while his maniacally pounding hips slammed her head against the floor in an obscene drum-beat that rattled the windows in their frames!

“AAaagghh …” Nelda gagged, “oh Alby don’t take your prick out of my mouth now——let it stay there——let it soften between my lips till all your delicious sperm has drained out——oh Alby, dear——!”

When both had fully sated their lust, Nelda slowly picked herself up from the floor. She arranged her clothing and wiped the encrustations of thick semen from her face and breasts. Then, cheerily, as if nothing remarkable had occurred, she called out, “Time to go shopping, Alby! We’ve got to make the most of this Saturday afternoon!”

As the boy gathered his wits together, she had a sudden thought. “Oh dear!” she exclaimed, “I wonder where Lynn is? Perhaps she’d like to go with us.”

The boy grimaced. “I doubt it,” he said. “Lynn doesn’t want to go shopping for boys’ things. And I doubt that she’d care for any events at the Garden. She never was much for athletics. Heck Mom, she’d just be bored.”

Nelda nodded. “You’re probably right,” she decided. “But, since we don’t know exactly how long we’ll be gone, I’d better leave her a note. Otherwise, she might worry.” Sitting at the desk, Nelda hastily scribbled a note stating that she and Alby had gone shopping——that they might attend an event at Madison Square Garden and if they hadn’t returned by seven in the evening, she was to have dinner by herself. Then she taped the note to the mirror, where Lynn would be certain to notice it.

Then they went out. “Oh dear,” Nelda murmured concernedly as she rang for the elevator, “I hope Lynn doesn’t forget to have a good lunch with her friends wherever she is. It’s so like her to be satisfied with a candy bar or a stick of ice cream!”

At that very moment, Lynn was saying to her new friend, Toddie Anstruther, “Hey, I’m hungry——how about us grabbing an ice cream cone somewhere!”

Toddie Anstruther was a pretty little thing, a sprightly, clear-eyed brunette, just a few months past her thirteenth birthday. She lived with her parents in a brownstone building directly across the street from where the Culvers were staying.

Toddie was a modest girl, not at all inclined to put on airs. But it was obvious to Lynn right from the start that the Anstruthers had a good deal of money. For one thing, they owned the four-story brownstone they lived in. Imagine!——Lynn thought——only three people rattling around in a gorgeous, big building like that! There were beautiful gardens in back. And the rooms were magnificently decorated, from top to bottom. One day, when Lynn was having a soda in the corner drugstore, she heard the proprietor inform someone that the Anstruther mansion could easily command a price of over half-a-million dollars.

It was at the drugstore that Lynn made Toddie’s acquaintance. They had eyed one another over sodas, as young girls will, and had fallen into conversation over a matter of clothes. For a rich girl, Toddie was not at all assuming. After leaving the drugstore arm in arm, she invited Lynn to her home. Toddie’s parents were out——Lynn gathered that they thought nothing of leaving Toddie alone for long periods——and she was happy to show her new-found friend over the place.

Lynn enthused over everything she saw. Especially the gardens at the rear of the building, which she could see by peeking through the lace curtains of the French doors. “Oh Toddie!” she cried, “let’s go outside and walk in the garden awhile——it looks so beautiful!”

Toddie shook her head. “Dad won’t let me go out there,” was all she said. Lynn had let it go at that.

That was about two weeks ago. Now, on this Saturday afternoon, Lynn and Toddie were just returning from a walk in Central Park. Neither had had any refreshment since an early breakfast, and their small stomachs were making noises. “I’m hungry,” Lynn announced, “how about us grabbing a cone somewhere?”

Toddie eyed her friend mischievously. “I know where we can get something better than that——” she announced.

“Something better? Where?” Lynn demanded to know.

“I’ll show you,” Toddie replied quickly, turning on her heel, “follow me!” When Lynn pressed her to know what she meant by the phrase “better than that,” Toddie only giggled and said, “You’ll see!”

After they had walked several blocks eastward, Lynn wrinkled her nose, saying, “What a crummy neighborhood! Are you sure you know where you’re going?”

“Yes,” Toddie replied, “this is the place right here.” They were standing outside a tiny, open-front store. The window was bleary and soot-encrusted, and paint was peeling from the door. The store was really just a hole in the wall. Lynn wondered how they made any money there.

A villainous-looking old man slid the window open and asked if the girls wanted anything. “Yes,” Toddie smiled, “we’ll take two of your joy-sticks, please.”

The man shambled to the rear of the store, returning a minute later with what looked like a couple of small, chocolate-covered popsicles. “That’ll be two dollars,” he wheezed. Toddie passed two dollars through the window. She gave one of the “Joy-sticks” to Lynn.

“A dollar apiece for these crummy little hunks of ice cream on a stick!” Lynn gasped, “the old bastard——he must have seen us coming! How does he get the nerve to charge a price like that?”

“You’ll see,” Toddie replied, contorting her pretty features in an innocent leer, “taste it!” She took a dainty bite from hers.

Lynn followed suit. She took one tentative bite, then another. “Hey!” she cried, “this isn’t ice cream!” She licked the white, inner core again, “What is it?”

Toddie giggled. A rosy tinge overspread her lively features as she replied, “It’s sperm! It’s frozen human sperm!”


“It’s true …” Toddie tittered, eyeing Lynn’s features intently for the shocked reaction she was sure was inevitable. “It’s human sperm. That’s why it costs so much. They collect it from all kinds of degenerates——Bowery bums and drifters like that, I suppose——and freeze it to make these joy-sticks. You can only get them in a few places. Isn’t that wild!”

Lynn eyed her friend cynically as she took another bite, allowing the confection to flow slowly over her tongue. “Human sperm, huh?” she sniffed, “like hell it is!”

“What do you mean?” Toddie cried indignantly.

“I’ll tell you what this shit is,” Lynn ventured, “It’s mostly pig sperm, with maybe a touch of dog come. There isn’t one single, solitary smidgin of human sperm in here anywhere.”

Toddie regarded her incredulously. “Oh, you’re just saying that!” she fumed, “how——how would you know?”

“It’s simple,” Lynn replied nonchalantly, “I’ve sucked off dozen of pigs and dogs and lots of other animals besides. Enough to know what I’m talking about.”

“You have!”

“Certainly. And I can tell you these joy-sticks don’t even have the smell of a human cock. No, this came directly from some fat pig’s prick, Toddie. Sorry to disillusion you!” She took another bite and allowed the creamy goo to melt on her tongue.

Toddie pursed her lips skeptically. “I don’t see you throwing it away!” she observed.

“I never said I didn’t like it,” Lynn grinned, “I only said wasn’t the McCoy. Don’t you think they could have used a little ingenuity when they made these things up, Toddie? They could have molded them in the shape of a man’s dick! Wouldn’t that make your tongue drool, Toddie——a chocolate-coated human dick?”

“You——you mean you know what it’s like?” Toddie stammered excitedly, “you’ve actually held a boy’s cock in your mouth?”

“Plenty of times,” Lynn replied serenely. She didn’t think it wise even to hint at the truth——that most of the time it had been her brother’s!

“And you’ve sucked off animals too?” Toddie cried, “wh——which do you prefer?”

“I’m not sure …” Lynn replied contemplatively, “sometimes I think one way, sometimes another.” Yes she really wished she knew! She loved it when Alby came to her as she lay in bed at night. Her heart pounded madly when she sensed that he was kneeling above her in the blackness, his slim, perfect dick jutting downward toward her face, and she knew that any second now the pissy-tasting foreskin would shyly tickle her lips, and then she would reach up and gently take his cock in one hand while she peeled the foreskin back with the other, unveiling the glassy-slick knob that would soon be pumping its delicious burden of creamy nutriment between her lips!

But she often reflected with keen nostalgia on the old days back on the farm when she had so many varieties of rough, sensual animal dicks to take between her lips or between her legs. Coarse, hairy, black cocks that she could milk as often as she liked.

As they strode along the sidewalk, Lynn’s hand stole between her legs——an unthinking, involuntary reaction to her remembered vision of the pig, goat, donkey, and sheep pricks she had slipped between her pussylips so often in the past——yes, the monstrous, stubby, cruel prongs that had ruthlessly raked her squashy-soft pussylips until they were raw and bleeding and still she had pleaded for more!

“Lynn!” Toddie cried in shocked amazement, “please——do you realize what you’re doing?——playing with yourself right out here on the public street!”

“What? Oh, I’m sorry——I wasn’t thinking——I——” Lynn’s voice broke off. A fire had flared deep inside her. She could feel the blood pounding through her temples. Her throat was getting dry. She stared stupidly at the “joy-stick” in her hand.

Then, impetuously seizing Toddie by the hand, Lynn dragged her into the vacant lot just off the sidewalk. It was heavily overgrown with weeds and scraggly shrubs. Lurching behind a tall bush, Lynn unfastened the belt of her flowered bell bottoms and let them fall around her ankles.

“Oh!” Toddie gasped, scarcely able to credit her vision, “what in the world are you doing? Lynn——if you don’t stop that, I’m going to walk away and leave you here all by yourself!” But——fascinated out of her wits——she remained.

Now, completely naked from her hips down to where her bell bottoms clung about her ankles, Lynn was deliriously stabbing herself between her rosy-transparent cunt-folds with the remainder of her joy-stick! As she did so, her perfect little ass jiggled like two delectable molds of pink jelly and her thighs jittered with every manic thrust of the obscene confection.

Tears welled from her unseeing eyes as Lynn furiously plunged the cold, dripping rod between her legs again and again, moaning, “Oh yes, Mr. Piggy, fuck me with your lovely, hot dick——fuck me with all your might! Oh, it’s so wonderful having your prick between my legs again——I love the feel of your dick——I love the smell of it——I love the taste of it——!” Her tongue roved over her lovely lips, lapping up the traces of pig come that still lingered there from the stick.

Now the wooden stick had torn free of the confection and Lynn was pounding and stuffing the obscene slush into her cunt with her tiny hand, groaning, “Oh shit, shit, shit——don’t leave me now, Mr. Piggy! Don’t leave me till you’ve shot your load all the way up into my guts! I want to come on your dick, piggy! Make me come——ohh, I’ll suck it for you, piggy, I’ll even kiss your ass, only make me come!”

Her breath was coming in short, harsh gasps now and her exquisite features were drenched in sweat as, turning her tortured gaze on her thunderstruck friend, she pleaded, “Stick your joy-stick up my cunt, Toddie! Please! You’ve got lots left——please, fuck it up my cunt, I need it so bad!”

Toddie blinked, swallowed hard, then——moving as if in a dream——she went to where Lynn stood, legs spread, her trembling hips bucked forward, her gasping pussylips seeming to stammer, “Fuck us! Fuck us!” She hesitated an instant, then rammed her ice-cold joy-stick all the way up Lynn’s snatch!

“Oh, that feels good!” Lynn gurgled, “now slosh it around inside me! Ohhh, your dickie is so cold, Mr. Pig! But I’ll warm it up for you with my hot snatch, oh yes, I’ll fry your cock to a crisp before you’re through, Piggy! Oh, fuck me, yes, fuuucckk me!”

Now the wooden stick had ripped loose from the crumbly ice and Toddie was frenziedly pounding the frozen pig sperm up her friend’s snatch with her hand, stabbing and stabbing, and battering the gloppy mess into Lynn’s hot little hole, and now Toddie’s hand was immersed in Lynn’s love tunnel halfway up to her wrist, and suddenly Lynn’s avidly gasping mouth was on her own! Lynn’s eel-like tongue was snaking down into Toddie’s throat and sucking her spit, and now Lynn’s hands were inside Toddie’s corduroys and Toddie’s plump young buttocks were bursting into view, and Lynn’s finger was relentlessly assailing her asshole, burrowing upwards——upwards——the impatient finger impetuously raping her friend’s asshole while one hand gripped and fondled the spongy-soft buttocks!

Now Lynn was frenziedly moaning into Toddie’s ear, “Get down on your knees, please, and suck my snatch! Oh, the smell of pig-come is driving me out of my mind! Get down on your knees, Toddie, and turn your tongue into a pig’s dick and ream it up inside me. Please. Please!”

Stunned and bewildered by the events that had so suddenly burst upon her, Toddie fell to her knees like one in a trance. Plastering her mouth against Lynn’s crotch, she commenced to suck and lap the creamy slush that seethed against Lynn’s porcelain-like belly and thighs. Then her tongue rampaged up inside the oozy cunt slit and she commenced to suck the downward-flooding pig-muck with all her strength.

She sucked and sucked and sucked, and mashed her eager features against the yielding loveliness of Lynn’s thighs and belly and avidly munched the pissy crispness of Lynn’s cunt-hair until she had sucked and swallowed all the thick, slimy ooze from her crotch and cunt, and then she tasted something else——the clear, crystalline cider of Lynn’s pure twat juice. Slowly and luxuriously she smeared her lips back and forth, up and down, blissfully allowing the delicious broth to seep over her flared lips and down over her chin.

Lynn smiled down at Toddie. “I liked the feel of your mouth on my pussy,” she declared. “It felt just like a strong animal prick.”

“I enjoyed sucking you,” Toddie said, smiling shyly as she regained her feet. “Let’s do that lots from now on, okay?”


The girls continued their homeward stroll. But it was plain that Toddie’s excitement, once aroused, could not easily be allayed. She kept searching around her with restless eyes as they walked.

“What’s the matter?” Lynn wanted to know.

“I——I feel so funny! You know, I think sucking all that warm, slimy pig sperm from your cunt has done something to me. I never felt that way before from eating a cold, frozen joy-stick, but the hot stuff makes me feel all itchy and peculiar! Do you——do you suppose we could find another animal somewhere and drink his nice, fresh, warm sperm right out of his cock?”

They were still in a poor neighborhood. A neighborhood of tenements and small struggling businesses. Lynn’s eye fell on a horse that was tethered outside a flower shop. The proprietor obviously used a horse-drawn cart to peddle his flowers from door to door. Lynn approached, followed by Toddie. She eyed the dappled stallion with evident approval.

“Oh Lynn,” Toddie cried uneasily, “what are you going to do?”

“I’m going to get us some real, hot, living horse sperm!” Lynn announced in no uncertain terms. “Toddie, you go around in front and talk to Dobbin. Pat his nose, talk to him, do anything to keep him calm.”

“And——and what will you do?” Toddie stammered.

“I’m going to jerk him off,” Lynn declared. True to her word, she reached beneath the horse’s belly and began to caress the enormous animal’s penis gently, very gently, then with increasing fervor. The horse whinnied and stamped his hooves nervously a couple of times, but remained otherwise serene.

“Oh yes——” Lynn breathed as she saw her labor taking effect, “I can feel your big, beautiful dick getting hard as a rock, horsie! Oh, I’ll bet you haven’t had a good screw in a month of Sundays. I’ll bet that horrible mean man that owns you never even lets you within sight of a lady horse. Eeeh——there he goes!”

Now the strong, viscous animal sperm was spurting, spurting, and Lynn held her cupped hand underneath to catch the thick, yellow custard as it was vomited forth from the eagerly pulsating black dick.

“How are we doing back there?” Toddie called anxiously, “Oh, Lynn, I’m getting frightened. This beast has such a wild look in his eye!”

At that precise moment, a squat, swarthy man appeared in the doorway of the store. His jaw dropped as he stared, unbelieving. Then, he made for the girls, shouting, “Fuckin’ hippies——leave my horse alone! You crazy or something?”

The man was no match for two young girls. They quickly outran him, even though Lynn was handicapped by her attempt to retain a double handful of sperm without spilling any of it. When they had successfully eluded the peddler, they squatted down on a curbstone to share their tangy booty.

Lynn had managed to save most of the liquid treasure. Holding her tightly cupped hands toward Toddie, she urged, “Go ahead, taste!”

Toddie sniffed first. “Hmm,” she murmured approvingly, “doesn’t smell too bad——” She dipped a fingertip into the thick ooze and tasted it gingerly. “Shit,” she said, “it tastes better than that pig sperm!”

Now Toddie bent her eager face over the puddle in Lynn’s cupped hands and began to lap at it in earnest——politely at first, then with increasing abandon, sucking up the yellow slush with loud gurgles and slurps. “Mmmm——” she gasped, “I wish we could go back now and suck that horse off for real! Oh, Lynn——you know what I wish? I wish I could be fucked by a horse! The taste of this horse sperm has got me so excited, I’m ready to try practically anything!”

Giggling, the two young girls shared the viscous yellow outpouring of the horse’s cock between themselves until it was all gone. By that time, their faces were smeared and encrusted with the hardened slime, but they didn’t care.

As they walked along, Lynn licked the last traces of sperm from her fingers, saying, “Well, horses seem to be few and far between in New York, but——I have an idea, Toddie! Let’s get hold of a nice, big dog and we can suck his cock and I’ll show you how to make him fuck you! Do any of your neighbors keep dogs?”

“Well, I suppose so,” murmured Toddie indecisively. There was something in her reticence that made Lynn strongly suspect her friend was concealing something. After they had strolled another half block or so, Toddie suddenly blurted, “Mommie and Daddy keep two dogs. Two big, enormous brutes, but I don’t think we better have anything to do with them!”

“What! You’ve got dogs right in your own home! And you never told me. What’s wrong with them?”

“Oh, they’re terrible fierce animals,” Toddie declared worriedly. “Lynn, remember the first time you came to my house, and I told you not to go out into the garden? It’s because the dogs were out there. Daddy keeps them out there to guard against prowlers. They’re not leashed or anything. I’m afraid of them. They could tear me apart if they took it into their heads. So I don’t think we’d better——”

“I’ll show you how to handle brutes!” Lynn snapped with enormous self-possession. “Just let me show you!”

By now they were outside the Anstruther’s brownstone. Toddie let herself in with her key. The house was silent, as it had been for days. Mr. and Mrs. Anstruther were spending the weekend in Bermuda. So the girls were completely alone.

Toddie led Lynn to the French doors separating the downstairs livingroom from the garden. The animals were in plain sight. They roved about the garden, sniffing suspiciously at every bush. Lynn had to agree they were a pair of real monsters. One was a ferocious looking police dog. The other was a mastiff.

“I’ll handle them,” Lynn announced. “Toddie, have you got some chopped meat in the refrigerator?”

Toddie didn’t ask any questions. She found a plate in the refrigerator containing about a pound of hamburger. She brought it in to where Lynn was waiting just inside the French doors.

“All right now,” Lynn grinned, “take off you pants!” Her hands were already busy with the belt of her bell-bottoms. It was only a second before she was completely naked below the waist. By now Toddie knew better than to ask stupid questions. She stripped off her corduroys and waited to see what Lynn did next.

Lynn boldly intruded her hand between Toddie’s satiny, soft thighs, brazenly fingering the youngster’s pulpy cunt folds as if she were squeezing a tomato in a supermarket. “What the——” Toddie began, but Lynn quickly explained, with a roguish smile, “I want to see how juicy you are between the legs. Oh, you’re hardly wet at all! How can you be so dry after sucking my twat the way you did? Let me stimulate you!”

Lynn went to the mantle and removed a candle from its socket. Gently reaming it up Toddie’s snatch, she began to fuck it in and out while she ardently sucked her friend’s tits. It was only a few minutes before Toddie’s snatch was overbrimming with rich, fragrant juice.

Now Lynn mashed some of the hamburger around between her friend’s thighs, soaking up her odorous juices with it. When the hamburger was sopping with Toddie’s cunt syrups, Lynn went to the doors, opened them a scant six inches, and flung the juice-drenched hamburger to the dogs.

The animals went wild over it. They quickly wolfed it down and stood there, licking their chops, plainly expecting more.

This time Lynn soaked some of the hamburger in her own cunt drippings before she threw it to the dogs. Again it was devoured in no time flat. Now the animals pressed their noses flat to the glass, whining and begging to be admitted inside.

Lynn took just a tiny bit of the hamburger and smeared it into her cunt-folds. She did the same for Toddie. Both girls’ twats were now coated with chopped meat. Lynn put the rest away in the refrigerator. “Now,” she commanded, “open the doors. Let ’em inside!”

Toddie was trembling as if in the grip of a fever. “Are you sure?” she murmured worriedly.

“Open the doors!”

“Okay——” Toddie flung open the French doors. The police dog and mastiff bounded inside. They immediately went for the girls, relentlessly thrusting their brute heads between the youngsters’ pudding-soft thighs and lashing their broad, ferocious tongues over their oozing cunts.

“Hey, this is wild!” Toddie cried when she had recovered from her first trepidation, “Oh, Lynn, the mastiff’s tongue acts like it really wants to fuck me——oh, his tongue is so rough and coarse and brutal——I never knew anything could feel this good!”

The mastiff’s tongue made sloppy clicking noises as it voraciously roved over Toddie’s crotch and belly, licking up the tiny flecks of hamburger. For a brief instant it flicked between her legs, scouring her ass crack with a boldness that took the breath from Toddie’s lungs. “Oh!” she cried, “He goosed me with his tongue! Oh, do it again, doggie, do it again!”

“Watch what I do——” Lynn instructed as she fell to her hands and knees. Lynn took the police dog’s tail in her hands and began to kiss it, starting at the very tip, and gradually approaching the base of the furry tail. Now the tip of her tiny, flamelike tongue was slowly circling the animal’s asshole——drawing nearer——nearer——!

“Lynn!” Toddie screeched, “You——you kissed that animal’s asshole, I saw you!”

Lynn’s tongue was brazenly prodding the police dog’s anus——prodding it and kissing it! The huge, dangerous beast was purring deep in his throat——purring like a kitten. “This is how I soothe my beasts,” Lynn said with a saucy grin, “there’s nothing that’ll soothe the savage male quicker than a loving kiss on the asshole. You’ll find it works as well with human males as with animals, Toddie. I happen to know!”

Indeed she did. There had been a number of times during the last couple of weeks when Alby had been furious at her over some little thing, and she had quickly calmed him by pressing her rosepetal-soft lips to his ass crack, to tickle and kiss the puckery little crater that nestled there. Yes, a long, ardent soul-kiss on the asshole always brought Alby around in short order!

Lynn scratched the police dog’s ears. “See how docile he is?” she exclaimed. Lying on the floor, face up, she guided the animal’s body so that his groin was directly above her face. “Now watch, Toddie,” she commanded, “while I show you how to suck a dog’s cock!”

Chapter 8

Lynn guided the animal’s rear end downward until his hairy black dick was firmly ensconced between her lips. Then she began to tumble the squirmy, twitching cylinder around in her mouth with her tongue, doing everything she could to excite it.

Meanwhile, the dog was eagerly lapping his broad, slab-like tongue up and down Lynn’s cunt crack. He had long since licked away all traces of the hamburger, now he seemed famished for her fragrant cunt-oozings.

Lynn was a true expert when it came to blowing animals, and it was a matter of only a few minutes time before she was rewarded with a turbulent blast of hot, gummy dog-come that foamed over her lips for a moment, before she succeeded in wrapping her lips about the savagely pounding lump of erectile flesh and diverting the strong tasting seed directly into her gullet.

Even as she was gulping the fluid, Lynn watched from a corner of her eye to see how her friend was making out. Not too badly, as it happened. Toddie, too, was lying supine on the carpet while her pretty mouth sucked fervently, if inexpertly, at the mastiff’s excited prick, and the dog hungrily mouthed the aromatic notch between her shapely thighs.

When the mastiff shot his load, Toddie lost her grip on the wildly plunging tool, and most of his come spewed all over her face. “Oh, what a waste!” she cried bitterly, as she sat up. “Oh shit! I wanted him to come directly into my mouth!”

Lynn went to her. “You’ve done very well for a beginner,” she congratulated her. Then she kissed the scummy dog-come off Toddie’s frowning features. “Besides,” she said soothingly, “the best part’s still to come!”

“The best part——what’s that?”

“Our fuck! These animals have really got the hots for us. Look how they’re sniffing at our tits and smearing their cocks between our legs! They don’t know yet quite how to get at us, but we’ll soon show them!”

“Ohhh,” Toddie breathed, turning her flashing eyes on Lynn’s smiling face, “that’s what I really want: a real, actual, honest-to-goodness screw. I’ve never been balled by any living creature, Lynn. I’ve stuck lots of cucumbers and frankfurters and stuff like that up inside myself, but I’ve never had the real thing from either a boy or an animal.”

She rested her head against Lynn’s shoulder for a moment as she murmured, “You know, sometimes I wish Daddy didn’t have all that money, so I wouldn’t be forced to go to college when I graduate from that private school. I——I really think sometimes I’d like to be a whore. Don’t laugh, Lynn——that’s really the way I feel. Sometimes I have this irresistible urge to stop men on the street. I wish I could stop them and feel up their cocks and then take them to a hotel room somewhere and strip all bare in front of them and when they’d taken off their pants, I’d suck their dicks and I’d let them feel me up and I’d let them do anything to me they pleased——fuck me or whip me, or anything. I have a collection of whips and straps that I keep hidden away in my closet upstairs. I’ll show them to you sometime, Lynn——I’d like to have you whip me till my back and ass were nothing but a raw mass of welts, really I would! I’ve tried whipping myself, but it’s not very exciting, and I’d love to have you do it. You’re such a dominant creature, you really are. You could piss all over me and make me suck your ass and anything that you happened to think of.”

Lynn laughed as she cuddled her cheek against Toddie’s. “Now you’ve really got me horny!” she exclaimed. “And from the way these dogs are rubbing their big, stiff cocks against our tits, I’d say they could understand every word you said, and they’ve got the hots worse than before. Come on, let’s give them what they want!”

Toddie was more than willing. She watched intently, not missing a move, as Lynn got down on all fours and skillfully guided the police dog in mounting her like a bitch in the street.

Toddie worried a little at first as to whether the mastiff would respond as well to her clumsy guidance as the police dog had to Lynn’s but she was pleasantly surprised to find that the great, ferocious animal was burning to ream his cock between her legs as soon as she got down on her hands and knees.

It was almost as if he had mounted a human female many times in the past … and not too far in the past either …! A strange, upsetting thought struck Toddie as she felt the first probings of the imperious canine tool between her pussy lips. She knew her mother spent considerable periods of time alone with one or the other of the watchdogs every day. They had a complete, unstinting affection for her. Sometimes, it had seemed to Toddie that her mother was all too willing to allow the animals to poke their snouts up under her dress or to sniff at her ass, very much as if she were a common, sidewalk mutt who was accustomed to having her ass sniffed by every male dog who came her way!

Could it be that her mother …!? It was a provoking thought. And one that Toddie was resolved to throw up to her mother if ever in the future the older woman should rebuke her if she caught her being intimate with the animals.

Now both girls were being eagerly fucked by the two gasping, growling watchdogs. The animals hunched low over the girl’s slender backs and saliva drooled from their open jaws as they stabbed their black dicks between the youngsters’ pulpy, hair-fringed cunt lips.

“Oh Lynn!” Toddie cried, “I’m feeling stoned out of my mind … I don’t know if it’s from having the mastiff’s cock inside me or all that pig-sperm that’s sloshing around in my stomach! Tell me something——is it like this when a boy fucks you?” She wriggled her hips, and the dog began to plow her with greater fury than before.

“It’s … it’s different,” Lynn gasped as the police dog’s frantic lunges threatened to flatten her against the floor. “When boys screw you, they usually do it face-to-face and they like to stick their tongues deep inside your mouth and play with your tits and grab your ass when they’re about to climax.

“A dog can’t do that, but there’s something so … so just plain dirty about being screwed by an animal that I get twice as much pleasure from the actual cock as I do from a boy. I guess, to sum it all up, I’d have to say that with an animal I enjoy the cock better, and with a boy I enjoy the screwing better! I don’t know if it makes sense, but——Uuuuuugghh … oh Toddie … I think I’m going to come … and I think Rover’s coming too!”

Lynn’s head was flung back. Her face was a contorted mask and spit slobbered from her lips as she felt the police dog’s hot come spraying her guts. Her entire body rippled as the orgasm seized her and shook her delicate form as a terrier seizes and shakes a cornered rat!

After both girls had climaxed, they rested awhile. Toddie rested her cheek against Lynn’s blissfully soft tits while her hand roved bashfully over the triangle of delights where belly and thighs intersect. Her fingers roved ecstatically through the sticky pool of dog come that had gathered at the base of Lynn’s belly and clotted her cunt hair.

“Would you like me to lap the dog come from your snatch, dear?” Toddie whispered in her friend’s ear, “I’d love to do it for you. I’d do anything you wanted me to …”

“Yes,” Lynn murmured. She was really becoming very fond of this new friend of hers. “Yes, do that … gather the dog sperm from my snatch. And when you’ve filled your mouth with come, bend over me and kiss me … I want to feel that delicious sperm mingle on our tongues …”

Lovingly, with care and ardor, Toddie slid her face the entire length of Lynn’s body, kissing and bestowing little love-nips all along the way, until her mouth found its haven and she commenced to suck the warm, slimy puff of flesh between her friend’s legs.

Quite a lot of the sperm had run into the narrow, hair-thronged valley between Lynn’s thighs as she lay supine on the floor, and Toddie’s eager tongue quickly sought out these nuggets of buried treasure. There was liquid gold around Lynn’s asshole too, where some of the come had dribbled and collected, and Toddie quickly garnered these riches into her mouth too.

Then, mouth crammed with sperm, Toddie smeared her fervent lips against Lynn’s and the two girls lay there, their slim, white bodies welded together while their come-dripping tongues intertwined and explored one another’s throats.

Lynn and I are going to have such beautiful times together, Toddie thought. Her throat tightened as she reflected on all the marvelous, exciting capers they would share. But I do wish Lynn weren’t quite so gentle with me! Toddie thought wistfully. I wish she’d learn to pinch and bite and abuse me dreadfully.

Toddie’s mind went to the event of some minutes earlier, when Lynn had thrust the candle up her snatch and fucked her with it. I wish she’d ram the candle up my asshole, Toddie mused deliriously. I wish she’d ram it up my can, and then light it, and then hold me down while the candle burned shorter and shorter. I wish she’d torture me terribly until I screamed bloody murder! Oooh …!

“I have another idea,” Lynn declared abruptly.

“You’re going to whip and burn all over my naked body, aren’t you!” Toddie cried excitedly.

“No, silly!” Lynn laughed, “I have a better idea than that! Look, it’s fun being fucked by a dog’s cock, but it’s even wilder having his snout between your legs! I’ll show you what I mean. There’s still a lot of that hamburger left in the refrigerator. Get it, and I’ll show you what to do with it.”

While Toddie was in the kitchen, Lynn put the dogs outside again so they wouldn’t rip the meat from Toddie’s hands before Lynn could make proper use of it.

Toddie brought in what was left of the chopped meat. Now Lynn crammed whole handfuls of the raw, bloody meat up Toddie’s cunt and asshole. Then she smeared generous wads into her own orifices. By the time she finished, her hands were trembling with excitement. She had a pretty good idea of what was about to occur and she reveled in the thought.

Then Lynn opened the French doors and allowed the dogs inside once more. The animals nearly went insane. They were on the girls in a great, furious rush, lapping at their cunts and asses with violent, slavering strokes of their slab-like tongues.

The police dog quickly had Lynn pinned in a corner. His pointy snout was halfway up her twat, snuffling, licking, munching at the rich repast of fresh, raw meat she had secreted there. His avid mouth munched and sucked the hamburger into his powerful jaws.

The mastiff had Toddie down on the floor. His great snout was half buried inside her snatch and as his jaws worked frantically, Toddie’s cunt-slit was distended to enormous size. She felt as if she were being screwed by a baseball bat … the large end of a lunging, spinning, slamming baseball bat that was determined to rip its way through her innermost vitals!

Lynn was afloat in a sea of lascivious pleasure. The police dog’s muzzle was like an enormous cock. As he insistently reamed it further and further up the dark tunnel under Lynn’s belly, whimpering and growling deep in his throat, it was exactly like an insatiably thrusting prick … only larger … and infinitely more exciting.

Lynn drooled from both corners of her mouth as she felt the mighty jaws working inside her, chomping and gobbling at what it found there. She looked down at the relentlessly burrowing head——it was buried inside her nearly up to the eyes now——and she moaned, “Fuck me lover! Did you like the way I sucked your dick? I’ll suck your dick some more if you’ll only plow my pussy and make me climax! Oooh, I love having your rough, hairy snout inside me … squirm it around some more … make my pussy bleed … Oooh, I can feel your tongue lapping way inside me, lapping my belly-button … fuck me with your mean, hairy face, lover!”

As soon as the animal had devoured the goodies Lynn had secreted in her snatch, his keen nose quickly smelled out the other treasure trove of fresh, raw meat crammed far into her ass.

He went after it. For just the briefest instant, his prong-like tongue slashed the delectable notch between Lynn’s thighs. Then his head dove ferociously beneath her crotch and, with a single, savage toss of his mighty head, he tossed Lynn into the air like the merest chip!

“Oof!” the girl grunted as she landed on the floor on all fours. The dog was on her like a fury, his nose pounding between the succulent moons of her buttocks, his tongue racing up and down the moist, hairy ass crack, garnering the crumbs of hamburger that had lodged there.

Then his tongue was lancing inside her, lapping at the wads of fresh meat she had stuffed up her rectum. Now his nose was restlessly prodding the cratered little hole between her buttocks … prodding, sniffing, battering!

“Oh wow …!” Lynn moaned as the lust and hunger-crazed animal thrust his nose inside her asshole, “oh, your cold nose, doggie your cold, wiggly nose on my asshole it makes me shivery all over!”

Now the dog was thrusting deeper inside Lynn’s anus. The tip of his snout was completely buried in her delighted, convulsing contracting asshole and his tongue was snaking far up into her rectum roiling her astonished guts!

“Oh doggie …” Lynn was moaning as she crouched there, her cheek squashed flat against the carpet, “bugger me with your nose Oooh … I think I’m going to come there don’t stop … Ooh …”

The crazed animal was far past the point of control now. He went after the meaty repast secreted in Lynn’s rectum with his tongue … with his jaws … and finally darted a cruel paw up the girl’s anus as if determined to claw out every last tiny crumb of meat from the deliciously fragrant orifice in which it had been cached!

Lynn came then. Her brutally aroused asshole clamped down on the dog’s monstrous paw and clutched it in a grip of steel as spasm after spasm of orgasmic rupture shuddered the entire length of Lynn’s writhing guts and she was transformed into a thrashing, raging, slobbering demon oblivious to every sensation but the imperious lust that shook and snapped her body like a whip!

Toddie’s experience was somewhat different. When she felt the mastiff lapping at her ass, she resignedly fell to her hands and knees, thrusting her shapely rear high in the air for the animal to do with as he pleased. Slowly … very slowly … the mastiff licked her asscrack over and over until Toddie’s churning vitals gradually thrust the secreted meat into the animal’s patient mouth.

It was a delightful sensation. Toddie came in her ass time after time under the stimulus of the warm, wet prick-like tongue, and she felt that, of all the sexual sensations she had experienced that day, this was the best.

Lynn was sitting cross-legged on the carpet, groggily attempting to regain some control over her senses when the mantel clock began to chime. Half-unconsciously she counted the chimes. “Six o’clock!” she blurted, “oh Geez, Toddie, I better run. Mom is probably madder’n a wet hen at me for staying out so long. I’ll phone you tomorrow!”

She scrambled into her clothes, ran a comb through her tangled hair, and was gone.

Lynn nearly managed to get herself run over as she scampered across the street toward the hotel. “Wow,” she muttered, “I’ll sure as hell catch it from Mom for staying out on the street all day. And when she sees the condition I’m in …!”

When Lynn read the note her mother had taped to the mirror, a profound sense of disappointment washed over her. “Hell!” she fumed, “if I knew Mom was off shopping with Alby someplace, I could’ve stayed with Toddie a lot longer and we could have fucked the dogs again, and——”

She started at the abrupt sound of the phone. That had to be Mom! She had probably been phoning, and phoning … “Hello!” Lynn exclaimed, as she picked up the phone. Gosh, she hoped she didn’t sound too breathless. Mom would sense immediately she’d been up to some deviltry or other!

But it was a male voice. “Hello,” the caller said, “may I speak with Nelda, please?”

“My mother is out just now,” Lynn replied, could I ask who’s calling?” The voice sounded familiar, but she wasn’t quite sure …

It was Niles! He had been working all day at the office, catching up on his paper work, and he was wondering if Nelda and the two youngsters would care to have dinner with him at a nice restaurant someplace. He mumbled something about Betsy’s spending the evening with a friend of hers——a Mabel Somebody-or-other. But it sounded very much as if Niles weren’t too interested in rushing home anyway.

He sounded extremely disappointed when Lynn informed him that Nelda and Alby might be out until quite late. “I just don’t know what their plans are,” she said, “they might be back any minute. Or they might not return until almost midnight. Where are you calling from, Niles?”

“I’m calling from the booth down on your corner,” he said with a laugh. “I can see your window from where I’m standing right now! I was on my way to Grand Central when the idea hit me to call you and ask you all to dinner.”

“In that case,” she suggested, “why don’t you come up and keep me company for a little while? Like I say, Mom and Alby might just come back any minute, and I know Mom especially would be annoyed to think she’d missed you.”

“Great idea!” Niles enthused, “I’ll come up in a jiffy!”

“Heck!” Lynn hated the idea of appearing like a slob in front of any male, even if he was her brother-in-law and twenty years older than herself. She wished there was time to shower …

Well, what did it matter? The important thing was that she had someone to talk to for just a little while. She hoped devoutly that her mother and Alby would return soon. She loved the idea of being taken to a big, expensive restaurant——the type that Niles was so much at home in——where she could stare at celebrities!

Lynn hastily ripped off her clothes, flung them in the hamper, and washed her face. Now to find some clean, fresh underthings …

Shit! There was the doorbell now! Moving like lightning, Lynn found a gossamer, summery mini-dress——the first thing that came to hand in the closet——and swiftly zipped it over her naked body. Then she ran to find some civilized shoes. She knew she had a pair of two-inch spike heels in this pile of junk somewhere.

The doorbell sounded again.

“Coming!” she cried, slipping her bare feet into the sophisticated, grownup-looking footwear. Okay! She scampered to the door and flung it wide.

Niles’ eyes were the approximate size and shape of saucers as his glance slowly roved over Lynn’s delectable figure. Could this be Betsy’s kid sister? Why the last time he’d seen her she was just a tomboy tot in blue jeans, a sweatshirt, and moccasins. And now …!

“Come in, Niles!” she cried, “let me see if I can find you a little refreshment. I know Mom’s got a bottle of sherry stuck away someplace!”

Niles was more than happy to flop into a chair and take the glass of light, dry sherry that Lynn proffered him. “Wow …” he muttered, “what a day I’ve had! I’ve had my nose in leases and deeds and court writs since eight o’clock this morning. Gee, I hope Nelda and your brother come back soon. I’m really looking forward to spending the evening with my little family.”

After musing a moment, he said ruefully, “I hope I can refer to you all as ‘family.’ I have a strong feeling it’s the only family I’ll ever have. Betsy doesn’t exactly jump for joy every time I bring up the subject of kids.”

“How is Betsy?” Lynn asked, squashing her enticing bottom against the arm of the overstuffed chair in which Niles had sprawled. “I’m hoping to renew my acquaintance with Sis one of these days.”

Niles grimaced unhappily. “She’s okay, I suppose,” he declared noncommittally. “I——I still haven’t mentioned anything about your coming to New York. That’s one can of worms I’d rather not open at this point. I mean——I guess she had pretty good reasons for leaving home in the first place …”

He allowed the sentence to trail off into silence. Betsy and her beasts——that was one subject he wasn’t about to discuss in his present state!

They exchanged desultory remarks for about three-quarters of an hour. At last, glancing disconsolately at the clock, Lynn remarked, “Gosh, it doesn’t look like they’ll be returning after all …”

Niles had been toying with his sherry. Now, gulping the last of it, he snapped, “What’s so wrong with you and I having a quiet bite somewhere, Lynn? After all, it’s a Saturday night, and we can’t be expected to sit home alone while others are out enjoying themselves! What do you say——think you can reconcile yourself to an evening with your elderly brother-in-law?”

“I sure can!” Lynn exulted, “oh Niles, I was hoping you’d suggest something like that!” She ran to the mirror to apply some lipstick. In reclining her pretty rear against the chair arm, the skimpy mini dress fabric had wedged itself into her moist ass crack, and it clung there now, affording Niles a breathtaking glimpse of two pinkly glowing crescent moons that peeped shyly from beneath her skirt.

As he stared surreptitiously at Lynn’s succulent young ass, Niles thought he detected some streaks of white, encrusted material about the thighs. It looked almost like …

No! He was imagining things! Living with Betsy was enough to unhinge any guy’s mind.

Niles felt a trifle self-conscious about being seen in the smart Fifth Avenue restaurant he had chosen with a thirteen-year-old, but he quickly decided that most casual observers would simply assume she was his daughter. Still, though, in that cock-teaser of a dress, striding lithely, imperiously atop her two-inch spike heels, Lynn looked a far cry from the conventional thirteen-year-old … she could easily be mistaken for seventeen, Niles had to admit!

Both Niles and Lynn enjoyed the evening very much. After they left the restaurant, Lynn wanted to walk about for awhile and take in some of the sights of her glamorous, new city, but Niles was feeling fragged out after a backbreaking day at his real estate chores and so it was only about nine-fifteen when the cab returned them to the hotel.

“Why don’t you come up for just a minute, Niles?” Lynn urged. “I think there’s still a little sherry left in the bottle. Mom and Alby might be back too.”

“Just for five minutes,” Niles vowed.

They still had the apartment to themselves. Apparently Alby and Nelda had found something of interest at Madison Square Garden, after all. Lynn poured Niles another drink. Niles settled into the overstuffed armchair again. Lynn refused to sit at all. She seemed extremely fidgety.

At last Niles decided to speak out openly. “You seem very restless, Lynn,” he declared. “I couldn’t help noticing while we were eating, how you constantly squirmed about in your seat. You don’t have a slipped disc, do you? If it’s something requiring medical attention, I’ll be only too happy to——”

“Oh, it’s nothing, Niles!” she murmured, frowning, “I’d rather not talk about it!”

But it was uncomfortably apparent to Niles, as the minutes passed, that something was radically wrong with the youngster. She still refused to sit. From time to time, she reached behind herself with a furtive motion.

At last Niles could no longer endure it in silence. His face flared crimson as he exclaimed, “Excuse me, Lynn, but I’d better tell you this——every time you reach in back to scratch your can, your dress rides up and I get a truly excellent view of your … ahem!”

At this, to Niles’ amazement, the youngster burst into tears! “Oh Niles …” she sobbed, “I’m in agony! I can’t sit——I can’t stand——my ass feels like it’s on fire!”

“What’s the matter?” Niles cried, aghast. “Let’s get to a doctor and find out what’s causing——”

“Oh no!” she interjected, “I’m too ashamed! Besides, I know what’s causing my ass to itch this way!”

“You do? What?”

“I’m ashamed to tell you …”

“Listen, young lady,” Niles blazed, slamming his sherry glass onto the table, “you’re due for a night of agony unless you get your nerve together and take care of yourself. I can tell when a girl’s on the verge of fainting! Come on, spit it out——what’s wrong?”

Lynn’s modesty quickly went by the boards as her misery mounted. Clutching underneath her dress to grab both buttocks, the youngster unashamedly raked her fingernails up and down her ass crack, causing her skirt to ride up well above her crotch. Niles swallowed hard as the flawless white belly and the smoldering clump of spun-gold cunt hair flashed into view.

A delicious odor of young, teen-age cunt was slowly permeating the room. Now, more than ever, Niles was aware that the girl was completely unclad beneath the flimsy mini dress. The incandescent-red tips of her sweetly immature titties looked as if they were about to scorch their way through the diaphanous fabric.

“Oh Niles,” Lynn wailed, “I feel like such a fool! This afternoon, my friend Toddie and I——she lives right across the street——were fooling around with her two watchdogs. We——we sort of got carried away with ourselves! We … encouraged the animals to sniff at our cunts and our asses and … well … they got very affectionate and started poking their noses up our pussies and our rear ends! And——well one of them had his whole nose up my ass and he even stuck his paw up there … and … oh shit, Niles! I wish I never heard of any old dogs … or pigs … or any of those other horrible animals! My can feels like somebody jammed a red-hot poker up there!”

What he saw made him gasp in horror. “Why——why——your poor little asshole looks like it had been through a meat-grinder! It looks like hamburger.”

“It is hamburger,” she whimpered softly.


“It is hamburger,” she reiterated.

But, as his sensitive fingers separated the firm, elastic lips of her orifice, he saw no evidence of tearing or rupture. The orifice and buttocks and entire crotch area just looked very, very sore.

Niles delved his finger into her sore, red anus up to the knuckle.

“Can’t you dig it in any deeper?” Lynn gasped, “oh Niles I need something about a foot long!” Twisting on his lap, she turned a tear-stained face upward. “Niles,” she begged, “I——I can feel your cock stabbing against my stomach. It feels like it’s a foot long, easy! Niles … please … scratch my asshole with your big cock!”

Her hands fumbled with his zipper. Slowly, clumsily she slid it down. Niles’ erect, straining cock oozed into view.

Niles rose. Planting his feet firmly, he grasped his enormous, swollen cock in both hands …

And he fucked his prick up Lynn’s lovely young ass.

“Aaaaaarrrgghh …” The long-drawn-out moan was a sigh of pure relief. “Oh Niles,” Lynn breathed, “why didn’t we think of this before? That’s heavenly. Squash it around inside there. Yes, yes, keep doing that. Oh Niles, I think you should become a doctor, I really do. A monstrous big cock like yours was meant for more than plain, simple, ordinary fucking. It was meant to scratch the asses of poor stupid women who get a terrible itch in their rectums because of some foolish thing they’ve done!”

“Oh Niles, you’re probably very uncomfortable standing there hunched over me like that. Why don’t you just lower yourself into your nice easy chair … careful, don’t take your dick out of my ass while you do that … and I’ll sit on your lap with your cock scratching and squashing around in my rectum just as we’ve been doing …

“That’s nice, oh that feels so good! Let me peel the top of my dress down now so you can get at my tits easier. Umm yes, scratch them, Niles. Scratch them with your nails as hard as you can. Scratch and pinch my tits with your left hand while you scratch my belly with your right …”

They continued in this fashion for fully half an hour, grazing their lips together while they sucked the spit from one another’s mouths, Niles’ hands playing freely up and down the succulent landscape of Lynn’s front, scratching and pinching and fondling her tits, her belly, her thighs, while she tirelessly squirmed in his lap, rasping his asshole-embedded cock to unimaginable heights of ecstasy.

At last, in spite of his best efforts, Niles’ cock shuddered mightily and he felt the volcanic churnings of hot, sticky lava in his great, plum-sized testicles. He sat there, his mouth smeared solidly against Lynn’s as his cock pumped spurt after spurt of thick, warm custard up her raw, tortured ass.

It was shortly past midnight when Nelda and Alby re-entered the room. Lynn was sound asleep, her face wreathed in an angelic smile.

Nelda went to her and kissed her lightly on the cheek. Lynn never stirred. Nelda smiled. “The sleep of the innocent,” she murmured, “the sleep of the innocent!”

Step-Father’s Sins

March 17, 2008

By Unknown

Chapter 1

Michele Madison did not find out until her honeymoon that her husband was a sexual sadist. She was shocked to find that her new husband enjoyed causing her pain just as much as he enjoyed causing her pleasure.

This was tough enough for Michele to handle at first, but her confusion was compounded by the fact that she was beginning to like the pain.

At first she thought that it was annoying that Bernard had to tie her up and whip her before he fucked her in one of her three, sex holes.

But now she knew that there was close association between the pleasure and pain she received, and that one sensation enhanced the other.

She had to admit that Bernard made her come harder than any other man she had ever been with, not that she was an expert on the subject of men. But Michele had been around, and she had two teenage daughters to prove it.

Michele – along with her daughters Mindy and Marlene – had moved in with Bernard Madison after the wedding, and were trying to make ago of it as a family.

It was a spring evening and the girls were out on dates, which meant Michele and Bernard had the house to themselves.

Bernard was a successful businessman and owned a big house on top of a hill in the Upstate New York town of Caledonia.

The girls had grown up ten miles down the road in Rushdale with their mother, and were annoyed because they were going to have to switch high schools the following fall.

Mindy was seventeen and would be entering her senior year. She was relieved that they hadn’t made her finish up her junior year at Caledonia High School.

Marlene was ten months younger than her sister and was finishing up her sophomore year at Rushdale High.

The weather in Caledonia was beginning to warm and the grass was beginning to turn green and start to grow.

The leaves were returning to the trees, and everywhere men and women alike were getting hornier than hell.

Michele was washing the dinner dishes and Bernard was sitting on the couch in the livingroom watching television.

He could feel his balls aching with desire, and he could feel his cock start to grow inside his trousers.

“Woman!” Bernard called out from his sitting position. He never took his eyes away from the TV set.

His jaw was set firmly and there was a burning in his dark brown eyes that looked about to emit a lasar beam.

“Yes, dear,” Michele called back from the kitchen. There was a musical tone to her voice whenever she spoke.

Many thought that Michele was singing her way through life.

In spite of the fact that she was thirty-five years old, Michele had lost none of her youthful beauty and charm.

There were times when Bernard thought he was living with three teenage girls rather than only two.

“I need sex!” Bernard called out. He was using his command voice, and Michele could tell he was impatient.

“Just a second, sweetheart,” Michele said. “I’m just finishing up.”

The woman was washing the last of the dishes and only had to dry them and put them away for her domestic chore to be complete.

“I need sex now!” Bernard screamed at the top of his lungs.

His voice was deep — like the growl of a bear who had just been woken involuntarily from his winter’s slumber.

Indeed, Bernard often sounded more like an animal that a human being when he was sexually aroused.

Michele knew that she would have to finish the dishes later.

When Bernard hollered like that it meant that he wasn’t in the mood to take no for an answer. She quickly dried her hands on the apron tied around her waist and left the kitchen to be with, her man.

It was time for Michele to do her wifely duty.

She didn’t mind. Bernard always made her come more times than she could count when he fucked her.

Bernard looked at his wife and smiled appreciatively.

He thought that she was one sexy cunt. The sexiest cunt he had ever pumped, that was for sure.

The man had never boffed a pussy tighter and more comfortable than Michele’s — and unlike his wife, he was an expert.

He had been able to tell from the second he first laid eyes on her that she wanted to be his slave.

But the cruel man had waited until he had the little gold ring around her finger to let her see his sadistic nature.

Keeping his brutality a secret, he figured, was itself sadistic.

Michele had long black hair that fell full over her shoulders and down between her rather sharp shoulder biades.

She stood five foot three and was built on a small frame so that she had never weighed more than one hundred pounds in her life.

She had the face of an angel. She looked like a white-souled being who had never committed a sin.

Her large eyes were dark brown and twinkled whenever she was happy — which was most of the time.

She had a tiny turned up button nose that wiggled up and down like a bunny’s whenever she was particularly excited about something or other.

Her mouth was not large, but her lips, were full and sensuous.

Her lips were already moist, although Bernard rarely caught her licking them to make them wet.

She had a pouting lower, lip that Bernard thought was fun to suck on, and always looked kissable, even if sex was the last thing on her mind. She held her lips parted frequently so that Bernard could see little saliva bubbles on her perfectly straight, pearly-white teeth.

Her tongue could stick far out of her mouth and was very soft and pink, an asset which Bernard had learned to use fully.

She had an olive complexion and her skin was smooth and soft, in spite of her age. If she went to Hollywood, Bernard figured, she would be able to play the parts of high school girls. She would end up playing parts the age of her own daughters.

In spite of Michele’s slim frame she had large breasts which were just as perky and firm as they were before she had Mindy, seventeen years before.

Those twin ripe melons rested high on her chest, and were so pert that the nipples pointed slightly upward.

Although she usually did, Michele didn’t have to wear a bra, a fact that Bernard was proud of.

When Michele became sexually aroused every time her man beckoned – her nipples grew large and got very hard.

They would burn and tingle with a need to be caressed both gently and cruelly by Bernard’s hands and mouth.

Her waist was still very slim and her tummy was flat.

She had put on a couple of inches around her hips – her buttocks were a bit fleshier than they once had been — but Bernard only thought that this made her look womanly.

As she removed her apron she could feel the blood rushing down her body to the delta between her thighs.

Michele could feel both her inner and outer pussy lips start, to swell with the engorgement of her arousal.

She could feel the glands inside her pussy begin to secrete their natural lubrication making her all wet and slippery.

The beautiful dark haired woman knew that it wouldn’t be long before she made a wet stain in the crotch of her panties.

“Let’s go upstairs, big man,” Michele said with a sexy tilt to her head and cock to her hip.

“Right,” Bernard said. He charged up the stairs three steps ahead of her. He felt like his cock was going to burst out of his underwear and his trousers.

He could tell that his prick was going to snap out at attention in front of his loins the second it was released from its cloth prison.

Bernard was over twice as big as Michele, which made his brutishness even more appealing to the submissive woman.

He stood a couple of inches over six feet and weighed well over two hundred pounds. This is not to say that he was obese. In fact the man did not have an ounce of fat on him anywhere. He had been working out three times a week for years to keep his body in perfect condition.

His shoulders were broad and his neck was thick.

There were thick slabs of muscle across his chest and back.

His face was ruggedly handsome, and he always looked like he needed a shave. His five o’clock shadow began thirty seconds after he finished shaving.

His hair was very dark, almost black, and curly. He always looked ungroomed. When, Michele had first met Bernard she had compulsively urged him to comb his hair. Now that she was his sex slave she knew better than to criticize her mate’s appearance in any way. Michele rarely wore any make-up at all. Her beauty was natural.

She wanted to do nothing to make herself look artificial.

The dark haired woman’s sole concession to womanly vanity was the dark red nail polish she used to paint her fingernails and toenails.

The small woman had always thought that Bernard had been constructed by God just for fucking purposes.

In spite of the girth of his upper torso, his waist and hips were very slim – almost non-existent in comparison.

His thighs were very thick again, and he had very large powerful hands and feet.

Michele had noticed long before that one of her husband’s thighs was bigger around than her waist.

And then there was his cock. It still boggled her mind.

She would never forget the first time she saw his dick.

“W—W—What is that?” Michele had stammered nervously.

“It’s my prick. What the fuck did you think it was?”

“You aren’t going to stick that thing in me, are you?”

“That’s the way it’s got to be, cupcake. That’s the way it’s got to be!” Bernard said with a small chuckle.

It hurt the first couple of times he fucked her, but soon she found that her muscles adapted and she stretched to take him comfortably.

It wasn’t until the woman’s honeymoon only the second honeymoon of her life — that she found out what pain was all about, and how much she dug it!

Bernard slammed the door shut behind him after entering the bedroom that some paint chips fell from the ceiling.

Michele considered herself lucky that she had scooted past him into the room at the last second.

If she hadn’t she would have gotten the door right in the face. Michele was quick. She had good survival instinct and knew when Bernard was in the mood to do violent things.

She would never have made it if she wasn’t quick.

She certainly got enough practice at evasive tactics.

“STRIP!!!” Bernard screamed, placing his hands on his hips.

He pressed his long strong fingers together and pointed them downward.

“Yes, dear,” Michele replied subserviently, head bowed.

She kicked off her shoes and reached back to unzip the frilly housedress she had been wearing. She stepped out of the dress and removed her bra so Bernard could see how erect her nipples were.

“I’m on fire for you,” she said.

Bernard stood with his shoulders back and his chin tilted up.

“I can feel my pussy getting all wet and slippery,” Michele said.

Bernard bent slightly at the knees and stood with his slim yet powerful hips out in front of the rest of his body.

Michele reached down to hook her thumbs under the elastic at the top of her bikini panties. She shivered.

Her panties were pink and Bernard could see that they had little red hearts all over them — looking very cute.

Bernard could also see that there was a big wet stain in the crotch of her panties made by her spilling cunt juice.

His cock throbbed violently every time he thought about ramming his pole up her tight smooth snatch.

The woman had to wiggle her hips from side to side to get her panties over them.

The wet material in the crotch had crawled up in between her swollen outer labia, making her pussy feel caught in a trap.

Her cunt had felt like it was suffocating for a second.

She sighed as she gave her pussy lips a chance to breathe.

It felt wonderful as the wet cloth pulled out from between her hypersensitive, fully engorged labia.

The second she removed her panties Bernard could pick up the scent of her hot pussy in his flaring nostrils.

His chest and belly were covered with a thick rug of fur, which made him look even more like an animal.

Michele always had gone for men who looked like they might have a little ape in the bloodline.

“Are you going to tie me up?” Michele asked.

“Nah,” Bernard said gruffly, shaking his head.

His hands went for his belt buckle. Michele shuddered.

He pulled his belt out of all of his belt loops one at a time and folded the strap in half slowly.

The belt was made of black leather and he held it by the buckle end in a tightly clenched right fist.

Bernard had his long strong fingers wrapped around the leather so fiercely that all of his knuckles turned white.

He clenched his back teeth together so firmly that his jaw ached and the muscles at the sides of his ruggedly handsome face protruded.

Bernard cupped his left palm and smacked it with the belt as hard as he could, making a loud sharp sound.

It reminded Michele of a firecracker on the Fourth of July, or a car backfiring, or even a gunshot!

She winced when that sound rang through her ears because she knew it was the same sound the leather strap would make when it struck her ass.

“Bend over the foot of the bed, woman!” Bernard commanded.

She turned her back to him and moved her feet far apart on the bedroom floor.

Keeping her knees straight she lifted her heels and supported her weight on her toes, which arched far back.

The woman raked at the bedspread with her fingernails as she bent forward at the waist, offering her buttocks to her sex master’s abuse.

Her fingernails were long and were manicured carefully to be very close to the same length, and they all had a common roundness to their tips. Her fingers were long and thin. Bernard had a hard time looking at those fingers without imagining how they looked when they were caressing his humongous private parts.

Her fingernails were always painted the color of blood.

The man wasted no time in starting the brutal whipping.

SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! He whipped at her slightly parted ass cheeks as hard as he could, raising large red welts on the flesh.

She screamed.

Her dark eyes filled with tears.

Those tears spilled down her cheeks and along the sides of her nose.

Just to be extra mean the sadistic man smacked her on the backs of her thighs a couple of times.

Then he hit her on the backs of her knees, where he knew she was very sensitive and the pain would be particularly sharp.

The man then tossed the belt away carelessly without bothering to see where it landed. Michele knew her spanking was through.

The beautiful woman could tell that she was going to have some trouble sitting down for a couple of days.

But she didn’t think that she would have to carry a pillow around with her like she did sometimes.

This time the man hadn’t even drawn any blood with the strap. She could tell he was in a cuddly mood.

The truth of the matter was that he couldn’t stand having his clothes on anymore and was anxious to get nude.

He ripped off his shirt, baring his chest, and tore his pants down so that his cock could come springing out like a horny jack-in-the-box.

Michele turned to look at his cock and balls.

She didn’t think that the novelty would ever wear off his genitalia.

He had by far the longest cock she had ever seen, and it was twice as thick as any other she had known.

His prick was a full nine inches long as it stood out straight from his hips at a slightly upward angle.

The entire length of his prick was bobbing up and down with his hominess, coming very close to slapping him in the rock-hard flat plain of his belly.

If that contact had been made his cock head would have smacked him several inches above his bellybutton.

His balls felt very swollen. He would have sworn that his testicles had ballooned to twice their normal girth.

His scrotal sack felt filled to the brim with hot semen and he could tell that he wouldn’t have to play hide the Salami with the cunt fore long before he shot his creamy man come deep inside hem poontang.

Michele could see that his cock was thickest at the head, although the shaft was only, slightly thinner.

The huge glans had always reminded the beautiful woman of a purple edible mushroom, or perhaps a doorknob.

Sometimes the head of his cock became so engorged that it looked almost black.

At those times the skin that covered that large cock head would stretch so thin it looked ready to tear.

Theme were times when even Bernard thought the head of his cock would explode if another drop of hominess blood tried to pump inside.

The man was having trouble keeping his hips still …

He could feel his heart pounding with anticipation.

“Get on the bed,” he commanded, gesturing with the slightly crooked forefinger on his right hand.

Naturally, Michele obeyed and when she was on the bed she asked him, “Which hole do you want to fuck me in?”

“The cunt. At least the cunt first. I feel like I might have enough jam for a few fucks tonight,” he said.

“The children won’t be home until late,” Michele said.

There was a feline purr in her voice as she spoke.

“Fuck the children,” Bernard said. He felt like spitting on the floor.

“You would love to,” Michele said, realizing that she was getting very close to being slapped across the face.

“You’re damn right it would,” Bernard said with a sadistic chuckle.

“What position would you like to fuck me in?” Michele asked.

“Doggie-style. I want to take you from the rear,” he said.

“Oh, Bernard! I love it when you fuck me like that,” she said.

Her voice was cheerful and her eyes had cleared. There were still stains on her cheeks from the tears she had spilled while the man was whipping her ass raw only moments before.

Michele rolled over on her belly and then moved to her hands and knees.

She kept her head low and pushed her knees apart on the bed as far as she could get them, parting her, outer and inner cunt lips in this manner.

She clawed at the bedspread with her long red fingernails and straightened her elbows as she arched her back to lift her ass high.

Bernard moved to a kneeling position behind her and grabbed the base of his prick in his right fist.

He guided his cock head to her cunt gracefully.

He could feel his prick throbbing against his palm.

He rubbed his pisshole against her clit for a second.

Then he lowered the head to the mouth of her fuck hole and began to push that humongous head between Michele’s suddenly stretched inner labia!

Chapter 2

Bernard loved the way his wife’s pussy felt when it was opening up to let his throbbing cock inside.

He could feel the walls being forced far apart, and he knew those walls would hug him snugly once he was all the way in.

Michele had done many exercises, usually while she was in the bathroom taking a pee, to keep her inner cunt muscles finely toned.

The beautiful dark-haired woman had worried that she would not be able to please her man if her cunt was not super-tight.

She could squeeze down hard on his pinky if she wanted to – and yet the flesh inside her was also elastic.

A couple of times Michele’s cunt had been forced open far enough to take a fist from her sadistic husband.

His cock was so thick that the woman knew it would rub directly against her clit when he moved it in and out.

Bernard knew how to rub his cock just right over his wife’s love button — to maximize her pleasure.

“Deeper! Oh, God! Bernard! I need your cock deeper inside my pussy,” the woman wailed, her face as red as a beet.

The throat muscles around her voice-box were tight because of her sexual tension, making her voice higher.

She screeched like a little girl when she was in ecstasy sometimes letting out screams that were so high in pitch that she wouldn’t have been surprised if only the neighborhood dogs could hear them.

Michele could feel a tremendous ache near the mouth of her womb.

There was a magic spot near Michele’s dimpled cervix.

She knew that her cruel husband would not have to bang at that spot many times before she would burst into her first deep-vaginal orgasm of the fuck.

“All the way in!” she screamed. “FILL ME UP WITH YOUR COCK!”

The man could feel his wife’s inner cunt lips struggling a little as they slid toward his prick’s base.

He kept pushing.

She jerked as he struck her cervix.

Then she could feel his cock tip on the back wall of her cunt.

The man could feel his thick dark short and curly pubic hair pressing against Michele’s round buttocks.

He knew that her ass cheeks and the backs of her thighs were still very sore from the savage whipping.

He was looking forward to smacking hard against that ravaged tissue with his loins as he fucked.

He could feel his cock all the way inside her, so that her magic pussy gripped at the entire length of his rod.

He was stretching both the side walls and the back walls of her hot cunt to full capacity with his pole.

She was hoping that he would start his savage in and out motion right away, as she was close to orgasm.

But Bernard felt like being a bit of a tease and continued to press forward even though he was all the way in.

He moved his hips in a slow circle – gyrating them sensuously — so that he would stretch her womanly internal mucous membranes in every possible direction.

As he continued to push forward with his clenched buttocks he gave the woman the illusion of deeper penetration.

He was grinding the underside of his cock base as hard as he could against her little man in the boat.

“FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!” Michele screamed out, her voice and her lips quivering as she rested on bliss brink.

It seemed to the beautiful woman like it took her husband forever to begin his in-and-out movement.

It reality the man only paused a couple of seconds after the vaginal penetration was made complete.

It was just that the woman’s sense of time had been greatly altered by the extent of her anticipation.

A second seemed like a minute and a minute seemed like an hour as she waited there on the verge of orgasm.

Then Bernard began to withdraw with his cock very slowly.

He could feel the inside of her cunt tugging at his prick.

He pulled back until his cock almost popped out of the hole.

Her inner cunt lips were gripping at the base of his cock head.

She was holding him by the ring of scar tissue at his glans base.

His thick purple cock cap was holding her cunt gaping open.

He paused and took a deep breath, puffing out his enormous chest as he filled his lungs with air.

He then let out the air with a loud grunt and rammed the entire length of his cock into her pussy.

Michele let out a scream of unadulterated joy and heard her cunt making a sloppy wet sucking noise.

The beautiful dark haired woman could feel her pussy going from empty to full all in one fell swoop.

That was all it took to trigger Michele Madison’s first come, and she hollered at the top of her lungs …

“CCCOOOMMMIIINNNGGG’!!!” Michele called out, thrashing her head from side to side in her absolute joy.

The man let out a sadistic laugh. His body was under control. He knew he could fuck for a longtime.

Both Bernard and Michele could tell that the woman was going to come many times during the fuck.

Michele knew that there would be a point where she would lose count of her climaxes, and she wouldn’t care.

There would be a time when the number of orgasms would be insignificant.

All she would be able to think about was the raw joy she was experiencing as he rammed her cunt deeply.

The man began to fuck with a smooth steady motion.

Michele knew that he would steadily increase the pace of the fuck as he went along.

He always used the entire length of his prick when he fucked.

He liked to pull his cock almost all the way out of her pussy before he rammed that thick pole home.

The natural lubrication was flowing more freely than ever inside the woman’s already soaking wet cunt.

She could tell that the insides of her thighs and Bernard’s balls were soaking wet with that cunt juice.

The woman felt her cunt explosions ripping up and down her spine.

All of the muscles in her body tensed simultaneously.

She shivered like a leaf and pressed backward with her ass.

Bernard could feel her cunt walls spasming against his cock shaft.

Bernard moved his hands under Michele’s body and gripped her hard at the base of her rib-cage.

He dug his fingers into the flesh of her soft underbelly brutally, hurting her a great deal.

But the pain she felt as he clutched her was next to nothing compared to the pleasure she was receiving.

She could feel the physical joy spreading in concentric circles, like ripples in a still pond interrupted by a tossed pebble.

The pleasure did not stop spreading in that manner until it filled her entire body, all the way to her finger tips and her toes.

She was gripping at the bedspread with her long red fingernails so hard that all of her knuckles had turned white.

Her toes were curled under tightly, gripping at the top balls of her feet.

The stinging in her buttocks from the black leather strap had dulled into a pulsating ache, which blended perfectly with the ache of desire she felt filling her loins.

As Bernard pumped his prick into her drooling poontang faster and faster she could feel her clit being battered violently back and forth.

Her little man in the boat was being worked over like a small punching bag being punched rhythmically by a training boxer.

She could feel her physical joy clustering at the base of her skull for a second before it entered her reeling brain.

Michele closed her eyes as tightly as she could — clenching her eyelids until they were wrinkled.

There were little lines forming at the corners of her dark eyes as she writhed in her physical bliss.

Those lines ran all the way to the woman’s temples where she could feel dilated veins throbbing hard.

The veins in Michele’s temples were very close to the surface and were clearly visible when swollen.

At that moment she could feel the sharp throbbing at the sides of her head come once for every beat of her racing heart.

She had her second orgasm in less than a minute.

This was followed with remarkable swiftness by her third.

Michele was making desperate whining and whimpering noises as her orgasms got closer and closer together.

At this point Bernard could feel his hot sticky semen swimming around his testicles impatiently.

The handsome brute of a man could feel a little tickle at the very base of his enormous pole of manhood.

He knew that that tickle would only get worse until his orgasm reached the point of inevitability.

Bernard was somewhat surprised at the rate at which his sexual tension was growing toward saturation.

He could tell that he was entering the home-stretch of the fuck and cranked up his hips movements to full-tilt.

He kicked his cock into overdrive and let her cunt have it as hard and fast as he could, the muscles in his broad back rippling masculinity.

He released his grip on her underbelly and slid his hands slowly further up under her sweet body.

He moved his hands to her breasts, which looked even larger when the force of gravity was in their favor.

He positioned her erect throbbing nipples against the centers of his palms and opened his fingers wide.

Bernard had to stretch his hands as large as he could get them to clutch all of her breast flesh at the same time.

He fondled and massaged her fits as he rammed his loins hard against her welt-covered buttocks.

Her ass cheeks quaked with each slapping contact.

The tip of his prick repeatedly rammed her cervix and the back of her cunt.

She felt like she was coming clitorally and deep-vaginally simultaneously and screamed once again.

Soon it got to the point where the woman could no longer tell when one orgasm ended and the next began.

It felt like she was having one continuous come rather than a series of shorter ones strung together.

She saw sparks floating in the blackness of her inner eyelids.

“I CAN’T! I CAN’T! I CAN’T STOP COMING!” she screamed.

She knew that her orgasms were not going to stop until Bernard ended the act by spilling his seed.

She knew that her ultimate physical pleasure would continue until Bernard brought an end to the savage fuck.

She could tell by the sounds Bernard was making that he wasn’t going to be able to fuck for much longer.

He was moaning and groaning with each panting exhale, and each moan rose in both volume and pitch.

“NO! NO! NO!” Michele screamed, wondering if it were possible to pass-out and lose consciousness because of the intensity of her sensation.

She was finding it very difficult to breathe, and wondered why all of the air had been sucked from the room.

The man was moving his clenched ass cheeks back and forth so fast that they appeared a blur to the naked eye.

The woman could feel herself becoming drenched with sweat. Sometimes sex was a lot of physical labor.

Her muscles had been tensed and trembling for so long she knew she would be exhausted when the fuck was over.

The woman could tell that she would need a long time to recover and become alert after the completed intercourse.

Bernard could feel the tickle getting much worse at the base of his ramming rod, and he knew the time had come for him to blow his wad.

He thrust his cock all the way inside her cunt so that her inner lips were gripping at his cock’s base.

His balls were on fire as they dangled low below his cock between his thighs.

His pubies were pressed very hard against her ravaged ass cheeks.

Michele could feel his cock spasming against her stretched cunt walls as the come moved from his scrotum to his long, thick phallus.

This triggered her final orgasm of the fuck — her umpteenth — but this one was the best of all.

She knew they were coming together, so for a short moment they would be sharing a common moment of bliss.

Bernard could feel his volcano erupt and his molten lava began to shoot toward his cock tip fast.

His piss hole dilated and he moved her tits with his hands so that they were pressed firmly together.

Her breasts were elongated, making the cleavage between them long and deep, as he pressed them in this manner.

He could feel her cunt pulsating around his spasming pole, sucking his fuck juices out of his dong.

He felt like she was going to suck his balls as dry as a desert by the time she finished tugging at his lance.

He arched his back and threw back his head as his face contorted with his bliss — his face now as red as hers.

His skin was shiny from the hot perspiration that had oozed from all of his pores during the hot hump.

His eyes closed tightly and his back teeth clenched together so tight that his jaw muscles protruded.

He trembled and his mouth fell gaping open as the boiling sperm shot out of his gaping piss hole.

Michele could feel that hot sticky silver seed bathing the inside of her hot, orgasming poontang, and she felt as if there were only one orgasm and she and her husband were sharing it equally.

Then the moment of passion was over and they both felt their ecstasy being replaced by the warm contentment of their afterglow.

Michele could feel Bernard’s cock immediately lose its urgent rigidity after the come stopped spurting.

He left his prick inside her until his prick was only semi-erect before pulling it out of her pussy.

He looked down at his cock to see that it was all wet and sticky from his own come and her cunt juice.

He gave her a sharp slap on her already sore ass cheeks.

Michele collapsed on her belly, feeling badly out of breath.

She had been unable to breathe during the fuck and had a lot of oxygen to replace.

The air in the bedroom felt cool on the couple’s wet skin.

She felt her heartbeat slowing gradually to normal with her afterglow. Michele rolled over on her back so she could look at Bernard.

Her eyes were only barely open, slightly puffy slits.

Her lips appeared swollen as she turned their corners upward.

She looked at her sadistic mate with a sleepy smile.

“Was I good enough for you?” Michele asked subserviently.

“Fine. Just fine,” Bernard said gruffly as he climbed off the bed.

Michele would have to wait until he was horny again before she could plan on receiving any of his attention.

She decided that a shower was in order and got off the bed to throw a bathrobe over her shoulders.

Bernard quickly put his clothes back on so he could go downstairs and resume his television viewing.

Michele moved out of the room and into the bathroom where she closed the door securely behind her.

Sometimes she wished that Bernard was a loving, affectionate, caressing sort who would touch her gently and whisper sweet nothings in her shell-like ears during those contented moment after sex.

But she told herself that she should be grateful for what she had. She knew that she got off on having sex with her husband a hell of a lot more than most women her age.

She slipped the robe back off and hung it carefully on a hook behind the bathroom door, so that the dark blue robe blocked her view of the full-length mirror that was mounted there.

She pulled back the translucent shower curtain and turned on the shower, adjusting the temperature so it was just right.

Michele liked her showers to be very hot after sex.

She loved to fill the bathroom with a thick fog of steam.

Michele liked her post-sex showers to be just short of scalding.

That way they seemed to sooth her inevitable wounds more completely.

She stepped into the shower and turned her back to the spray.

Michele winced as the water struck her reddened buttocks.

But she knew that those wounds would soon feel a lot better, and she could tell that sitting was not going to be a major hassle the next day.

She soaked her long dark hair so that it clung to her shoulders and to her back between her rather sharp shoulder blades.

She reached down into the soap dish and pressed her toes against the white porcelain in the bottom of the tub.

She lathered her breasts and let out a shivering moan as she stroked her own nipples for a second.

She washed her ass, which was already feeling better than it had when she entered the bathroom.

Michele moved her feet as far apart as she could get them in the tub, pressing her anklebones against the sides.

She then shuddered as she ran the white slippery soap up and down the insides of her spread thighs.

She bent at the knees a little as she ran one end of the bar of soap up and down her cunt lips.

She could feel her post-orgasmic afterglow being replaced at that moment by a rekindled passion in her cunt.

She wondered what Bernard would think if he knew she often gave herself sexual pleasure while showering.

She figured that Bernard would be pissed off if he knew that she masturbated.

Almost everything pissed him off. He would think that she didn’t get off enough on him and needed additional pleasure, which would be a blow to his fragile ego. She always touched herself in private.

Michele placed the soap at the mouth of her fuck hole and pushed it in between the lips with arched fingertips.

The bar of soap disappeared inside her cunt for a second.

By tensing her inner cunt muscles hard she made the bar of soap come shooting out of her pink pussy.

She did this several times before she placed the soap back in the soap-dish and pressed her forefinger against her clit.

She rolled her love button in a slow sensuous circle, feeling her sexual desire growing in leaps and bounds.

She touched herself lightly at first.

Soon she increased the pressure.

She flicked her fingertip back and forth against her little man in the boat.

She bit her bottom lips very hard as her muscles tensed.

She wanted to stifle her urge to scream out with pleasure.

Michele did not want to risk Bernard hearing her outbursts of joy.

She could feel her cunt explode into fiery pleasure.

Her face contorted and her knees trembled with her clitoral come.

She kept pressing on her clit until the spasms were over.

The woman finished washing herself and rinsed off completely before she turned off the water and stepped out of the tub.

She dried herself off slowly with a large white bath towel, opening the bathroom door to let out the steam.

The mirror was fogged over.

The air in the hall felt frigid.

She had a mischievous smile on her face as she got dressed and headed downstairs to finish the dinner dishes.

Chapter 3

Melinda Madison — more commonly known as Mindy — was the oldest of the girls, and was growing up to look just like her mother.

Her breasts were large and her hair was long and black. Her eyes were large and had the same playful twinkle in them.

Melinda had a reputation with the boys of Rushdale as a good sport. She had not been a virgin in some time.

Melinda always thought that the stuff she heard about staying chaste until she found Mr. Right was pure bullshit.

She knew that her desires were just as strong as the guys, and she saw no reason why everyone couldn’t have a good time.

In order to tease boys, she would have to tease herself as well, and that always seemed stupid to Mindy.

She was seeing a number of guys that spring, but her favorite date was a boy named MacIntyre Symms.

She was out with MacIntyre that night and she knew that she was going to get some steamy sex in before the evening was through.

MacIntyre was the quarterback on the Rushdale High School football team and the pitcher on the baseball team.

Along with being the school’s sports hero, Mindy thought that he was the handsomest boy in the whole town.

She had taken some teasing about moving to Caledonia, since the two schools had always been bitter rivals.

MacIntyre had picked up Mindy in his green Pinto hatchback earlier, and they had gone straight to the local lover’s lane to park.

The spot was called — appropriately enough — Sex Hill.

The hill was so high that one could see the lights from Rochester on the horizon to the north.

MacIntyre was tall, blonde and had deep blue eyes that made Mindy’s insides feel as if they were turning to ginger-ale.

“It’s warm night,” MacIntyre said.

“Do you have a blanket?”

“Uh huh.”

“Good, let’s fuck outside under the stars.”

MacIntyre loved the idea and got out of the car.

The AM radio was blasting out rock and roll music.

MacIntyre and Melinda had been out a number of times before so he wasn’t worried about whether or not he would score.

Melinda wanted all the guys to know that she was “easy.”

She had heard that boys didn’t like to go out with girls who got around, but her experience had shown the exact opposite to be true.

Ever since she had started being an active sexual animal she had found that her popularity had increased a lot.

She knew that MacIntyre Symms — for example — never went out with a girl unless he was sure of getting his rocks off.

Melinda was smart enough to know that teenage boys were a horny lot and they quickly wearied of prick teases who gave them blue balls and made them walk home with a limp.

MacIntyre went to the back of his car and pulled out a blanket so he could spread it out in the grass next to the car on the plateau atop Sex Hill.

Melinda thought that the spring when it was starting to get warm was the best time to fuck beneath the stars.

She knew that once the summer came and the nights got hot, the bugs would make it uncomfortable to be outside.

“Why don’t you take off your clothes,” MacIntyre said. “I’m dying to see those fabulous tits of yours.”

Melinda could feel a blush of pride make her face turn hot as the blonde jock complimented her large firm breasts.

“I’ll get naked if you will,” Melinda said, tilting her head a little to one side, almond-shaped dark brown eyes twinkling with her naughty urges.

She cocked her hips to one side, feeling her nipples pressing against the front of her blouse.

She never wore a bra, her tits lifting a separating more than adequately on their own, so one could always tell when her silver-dollar sized nipples were growing into erections from her hominess.

Like her mother’s, Melinda’s nipples pointed slightly upward, and grew to twice their normal size when she was feeling sexually excited.

“It’s a deal,” MacIntyre said.

She untucked her blouse and began to unbutton from the top.

MacIntyre licked his lips with the tip of his tongue to moisten them as he waited to see those fantastic tits in the blue moonlight.

Melinda could feel an ache growing in her pussy and she had a great desire to touch herself between the legs.

She finished unbuttoning her blouse and pulled it open so the handsome blonde teenage boy could see them.

They both thought that it was a perfect night for fucking.

Sex Hill was a very beautiful place — perfect for passion.

On this night there wasn’t a cloud in the sky.

The moon was full and shone bright upon the young lovers.

MacIntyre could already feel his balls swelling and aching as if filled with impatient insects.

His scrotal sack felt filled to the brim with come.

“I feel like I’ve got a hair-trigger tonight,” MacIntyre said.

He pulled his Tee-shirt up over his head and threw it onto the hood of the green Pinto hatchback.

“Why don’t I give you a blow job first so you will be able to keep it up longer when you fuck me,” Melinda suggested.

MacIntyre thought that he was going to cream right in his jeans when he heard the little black haired girl say those words.

He wondered why all of the girls in the world couldn’t understand boys as well as Melinda. Girls like her were sadly few and far between. She loved to give pleasure as much as she loved to receive it.

Melinda didn’t believe in playing cat and mouse games with her body like most of the teenage girls in Rushdale, and that was just fine with MacIntyre.

He knew that her attitude toward sex was a sign of maturity.

He was glad that he was with her that night. He couldn’t think of any other girl he would have rather fucked.

“Sounds great!” MacIntyre exclaimed enthusiastically.

“I thought you would like that idea,” Melinda said, reaching down to unbutton the top of her jeans as she kicked off her shoes.

Melinda’s fingernails were long like her mother’s, but she never wore polish on them — a matter of taste.

MacIntyre reached down to pull off his sneakers.

His cock was fully engorged inside the crotch of his pants.

He shivered as he thought of the girl putting her hot mouth on his prick.

Melinda did not feel like a martyr or anything like that when she sucked a guy’s cock until he came.

She liked to suck dick. She liked the way a prick felt on her mouth, and had even learned to take a prick in her throat.

She always swallowed a guy’s come rather than spit it out, not only because she knew it felt better for the guy but because she simply loved the flavor of a guy’s fuck cream as it pumped down her gullet toward her belly.

Melinda could feel her pussy swelling and getting wet.

She knew that her pussy would be more than ready for his prick when it came time for her to violate her fuck hole. She could feel her clitoris swelling and pushing out from under its pink fleshy sheath, quivering at the tip of her slit.

She pulled off her pants and stood on the blanket, clutching at the cloth with her wiggling toes.

The boy pulled off his own pants and his cock came springing out from his loins, sticking way out in front of him at attention.

“Your cock looks delicious,” Melinda said sweetly.

She puckered her lips and drew in cool air — producing a low whistling noise of feminine appreciation.

“Taste it,” MacIntyre said, moving to the blanket.

He was a foot taller than her making her look even tinier.

Melinda dropped to her knees in front of him so that her face was at crotch. level.

The entire length of his healthy young cock was bobbing up and down and he put his hands on his hips.

He moved his feet a little. more than shoulder width apart on the blanket and bent at the knees so he was standing with his hips out in front of the rest of his body, throwing back his shoulders, tilting his chin upward and arching his back sharply. The little girl placed her fingertips on the base of his scrotal sack and lifted his heavy balls.

He moaned and shuddered at the intimate contact as the little girl began to kiss lightly at the insides of his muscular thighs.

Melinda’s hands were tiny so that she could not clutch his entire scrotum at the same time no matter how far apart she spread her fingers.

She started down by his knees and kissed her way upward, getting ever closer to his swollen testicles.

She parted her full sensuous lips and allowed the tip of her tongue to protrude so she could lick the wrinkled sack.

MacIntyre’s pubic hair was just as light as the hair on his head, which made the darkness of his engorged prick more apparent.

She placed the tip of her tongue on the wrinkled sack and began to flick it back and forth rapidly.

She made her tiny licks as gentle as she could, knowing that his hypersensitivity was greatly amplifying the sensations she caused.

The muscles in his thick thighs tensed and he bent a little more at the knees as she lapped happily at his balls.

She got her tongue under the sack so she could lick at the patch of skin between his balls and his asshole.

“Oh yeah, baby. Feels so good,” MacIntyre said, closing his eyes and throwing back his head so that he was facing the cloudless night sky.

She switched to the flat part of her tongue and licked at the dangling wrinkled sack until it was wet and shiny from her spilled spittle.

She bobbed his balls up and down on her fingertips with her palm turned upward toward the full moon.

She looked as if she were trying to determine how much his glands of manhood weighed as she did this.

Melinda could see that there were little short and curly blonde hairs growing directly out of the sack.

She got one of those hairs between the thumb and forefinger on her right hand and gave it a gentle tug.

“Suck my balls, Mindy, God, it’s not going to take much to make me come. I swear!” MacIntyre screamed.

She opened her mouth far.

She relaxed her lips and made her mouth cottony.

She knew she would have to be careful while sucking his balls.

She knew how easily she could hurt the boy if she sucked too hard.

She got his right testicle between her lips and sucked slowly and steadily, drawing in her cheeks.

She kept her tongue busy and flicked the tip across the nut even as she sucked on it, and the boy let out several deep moans of pleasure.

She repeated the process with the other ball and she could tell by the way he was breathing and fussing that he needed some attention on his prick.

The little teenage black haired girl could feel her cunt juice spilling out of her twat as she placed her fingertips on the underside of his cock and pushed it upward until the tip was pinned against his belly several inches above his navel.

There were veins running thick and blue along the underside of his rod, all the way from the base to the glans.

She loved the way his cock throbbed against her fingertips as she massaged his cock up and down gingerly.

The little girl stopped sucking his nuts and placed her tongue tip at the base of his dong on the underside.

She flicked the tip back and forth — fast and light as before — and straightened her back as her mouth worked upward toward the purple tip.

“God, you do this good. Where did you get that mouth?” MacIntyre said, his voice a little shaky from his passion.

She knew that MacIntyre’s cock was a lot thicker than most guy’s cocks, and she would have to open her mouth as far as she could get it in order to fit the purple head between her stretched lips.

She used the flat part of her tongue to lick his cock shaft as if it were an all-day sucker, and the boy was trembling furiously, begging for her throat with the little whimpering noises he was making.

She allowed his cock head to come away from his belly so she could roll her tongue lazily over it.

She could see in the blue moonlight that the piss hole at the tip of his prick was opening and closing like a tiny mouth.

Melinda used the very tip of her tongue, which the concentrated on keeping as pointy as possible, to playfully lick at the piss hole.

“SUCK ME!” MacIntyre called out.

He was desperate.

He was begging.

He needed to come so bad he could taste it.

He placed his hands on top of her head as she lowered his cock head to her hungry hot mouth.

Melinda concentrated on relaxing the muscles in her jaw.

She opened her mouth as far as she could, so that the corners of her lips were pulled taut.

She felt like she was saying, “AHHH!” while sitting in the dentist’s chair.

She plunged forward with her head, moving her right hand to the base of his pole where she gripped his snugly.

She squeezed his cock rhythmically to simulate his natural throbbing.

The boy was making loud whimpering noises. He could tell that she would only have to suck him for a matter of seconds before he would blow his top.

She thrust forward with her head, feeling MacIntyre’s strong fingers move to the base of her skull.

His cock was so thick that her fingers barely made it all the way around.

She moved her left hand to his wet balls and clutched him there securely.

She wrapped her lips around the ring of scar tissue at the tip of his cock and began to suck noisily.

She was going to suck his come right out of his balls as her smooth dark cheeks hollowed from the vacuum she created inside her oral cavity.

She used the tip of her tongue to lick at the tip as she concentrated on relaxing the muscles in her throat.

She wanted him to stick the entire length of his phallus into her mouth and thus deep into her throat.

She knew that it would end up being more like him fucking her face than her giving him a blow job.

But that was okay. Melinda had known for a long time that she was the kind of girl who liked to get fucked in all three of her sex holes.

Although Melinda did not know it, she was one of the few high school girls in the area who liked to get fucked in the asshole, a fact which did a great deal to help her popularity with the local boys.

Melinda offered variety as well as satisfaction to the boys she dated.

MacIntyre pressed forward with his hips, tensing the muscles in his ass cheeks, holding her firmly at the back of her head.

When Melinda first began offering her throat to boys it hurt like hell and made her gag and cry.

But she had learned to use her throat muscles to give pleasure, and had learned to force her own pain into the back of her mind so that she hardly noticed it.

The boy could feel the little girl’s stretched open lips pushing toward the base of his large cock.

At the same time he was pressing the tip of his cock deeper into her throat where the muscles squeezed and tugged him.

She used her tongue to caress him as much as she could considering it was pressed against the bottom of her mouth by the girth of his rod.

The little girl took the whole prick inside her mouth and made a muffled grunting noise as MacIntyre began to fuck in and out.

Her eyes watered a little, but not enough for the tears to fall down onto her smooth dark cheeks.

She moved her knees back on the blanket so the could straighten her throat and make the face fuck more comfortable for both of them.

The boy eased his prick in and out about – five times when all of his muscles tensed and Melinda knew she was about to be fed a hot meal.

She jerked back with her head so that only the tip of his prick was inside her mouth at the point of orgasm.

She made a fist around the base of his prick and pumped up and down on the rod to enhance the intensity of his climax.

She continued to squeeze his balls and all of a sudden her mouth was filled with his steamy cream.

She puffed out her dark cheeks and began to swallow as hard as she could in a vain attempt to keep all of the juice inside her mouth.

But the initial blast of man come was enormous and she could feel the goo oozing from the corners of her mouth.

The thick white semen rolled down onto her chin to cool and some dripped off and fell onto the wrist that clutched his balls.

She loved the taste of come. It was refreshing. It was salty and fishy and a little bitter. It reminded her of the beach when the tide was out.

She could feel the thick fuck creaming rolling down her hot throat with the texture of raw egg whites.

She could feel a warm spot forming in the pit of her stomach where MacIntyre’s come was gathering in a ball of contentment.


MacIntyre screamed just before he howled at the full moon as if he were about to sprout hair all over his body and turn into a werewolf.

Melinda had read that a guy’s come was almost one-hundred percent protein and was actually very good for little girls like herself-to drink.

She knew that there were a lot of girls who refused to drink down come because they thought it was disgusting.

Some didn’t like the taste and some thought it was humiliating and degrading to be fed by a boy in that manner.

Melinda couldn’t help but think those girls were fools.

She could feel herself getting healthier as she sucked down his load.

After the initial blast of spunk, the come was not as plentiful, and Melinda had no trouble keeping it all inside her mouth.

She sucked his cock head, squeezed his balls, and pumped the shaft of his prick until his come was through.

All of his muscles relaxed and she could feel her jaw close a little as his cock head lost some of its thickness. She could tell that it would only be seconds before the force of gravity had an effect on his cock head.

She slowly pulled her mouth away from his prick, stopping when her upper lip was an inch away from his piss hole.

The little girl could see that there was a string of come connecting her lip and his hole, making a bridge.

She pulled back with her neck and shoulders a little more until that string broke in the center.

Half fell onto his deflating cock head and the other half fell onto her upper tooth.

She pumped his prick a couple of times and saw a watery bead of post-orgasmic juice form at the little hole.

Melinda licked this away with a single swipe of her tongue.

She wanted all of his come to be in her belly where it belonged.

She could see that there was a thin film of semen covering his glans and she used the flat part of her tongue to lick this away also.

By the time the was done licking him the only thing making his cock wet was the saliva from her tongue.

She released her grip on his balls and his cock and looked up at him with a happy smile crossing her face.

“Did that feel good?” she asked — but she already knew the answer to the question.

“Oh, babycakes, you are the best,” MacIntyre said, running his fingers through her thick black hair.

She rose to her feet and got up on her toes, tilting her chin upward, so they could kiss passionately.

MacIntyre could see that there was some of his come on her chin.

He licked her face clean, and this — naturally —- turned into a wet, sloppy tongue-kiss.

Chapter 4

“Let’s sprawl out on the blanket so we can be more comfortable,” MacIntyre said in a quiet voice.

Even though there was no one around for miles he spoke as if the two of them were sharing sexy secrets.

“Okie-dokie!” the little girl said cheerfully and got on her back on the blanket with her legs straight out in front of her, her thighs parted to a perfect ninety degree angle.

The boy – crawled beside her so – he could caress the front of her body freely and kiss her at the same time.

They flicked the tips of their tongues together, Melinda already breathless with the passion she felt in her pussy.

“My cunt is so fucking hot, MacIntyre,” she said.

“I know how to make it get even hotter,” MacIntyre said quietly.

“How’s that?” Melinda asked, caressing his temples.

“With my tongue,” MacIntyre said, licking her lower lips.

“Oooh, the thought makes me all tingly!” she exclaimed.

The handsome boy showered her face with tender peck kisses and began to kiss and lick along the sides of her neck.

He licked at her ear and made her squeal with pleasure as he stuck his – tongue inside, being bold and curious with his pink taster.

He began to massage her tits as he kissed down her throat.

He got her nipples between his thumbs and forefingers.

MacIntyre pinched lightly at her nipples for awhile.

He then increased the pressure until there were sexy twinges of pain mixed with Melinda’s pleasure.

Melinda was not a full-fledged sexual submissive like her mother, but she – had noticed that she liked it when guys were a little rough with her.

Melinda did not like being treated as if she were fragile.

MacIntyre pulled both erections at the same time.

The skin around the nipples was pulled taut.

He breasts were pulled upward and made pointy.

He released the nipples simultaneously and allowed them to snap back into position.

He removed his fingers and went after her tits with his mouth.

MacIntyre’s light blonde hair was the sort that bleached almost white in the summer sunshine.

His skin was fair and he had to suffer through several sunburns before the tanning process would begin.

Melinda ran her slim fingers through his hair, scratching lightly at his scalp with her long nails.

Melinda often found herself wondering about her sister Marlene. Marlene was less than a year younger than Mindy, but she was miles behind when it came to awareness of her own sexuality.

Melinda and Marlene were not only sisters who shared “the same bedroom, but -they were also best friends.

They knew all of each other’s secrets. Melinda knew that her sister had never gone all the way with a boy.

She said she was frightened, which Melinda thought was silly.

“I don’t like being a tease,” Marlene had said. “But every time I think about having a huge cock shoved up me like that I get all tense and I know that I could never enjoy it. It is supposed to hurt the first time, right?”

“You are being so silly,” Melinda had said. “The pain only lasts for a second and then there is a lifetime of great pleasure.”

But Marlene had just shaken her head from side to side as if she didn’t understand and the older Sister had decided to drop the matter.

MacIntyre stuck his tongue out of his mouth as far as he could get it and placed the tip on Mindy’s right nipple.

He flicked back and forth across it making it very difficult for the black haired girl to keep her hips still.

She was gyrating her ass against the blanket as MacIntyre rolled his tongue over her erect nipple.

The boy then opened his mouth and lowered his head so he could suck the feminine erection as hard as he could.

He drew the nipple deep between his lips as he sucked, never taking the tip of his tongue from the hard rosebud.

“BITE! BITE! BITE!” Melinda screamed up and the summer sky, her eyes closing tightly, her palms moving to his strong shoulders.

She gripped at his muscles until her knuckles turned white and thrashed her head so that her hair got in her face.

The boy got his teeth on that throbbing nipple and gave – her a series of sharp love bites that filled her torso with a divine combination of pleasure and pain.

He pulled at her nipple with his teeth and released it, noticing that it had grown to be nearly-an inch long.

He repeated the process with the other nipple until Melinda could feel her cunt juices being produced in a steady flow.

At first her honey-like juice had gathered between her slightly curled back inner labia at the base of her slit.

That juice had soon dripped from her poontang’s base over the inch long patch of tissue between her pussy and her tight puckered asshole.

She could tell that there would be a big wet spot on the blanket by the time MacIntyre got his head between her slim shapely legs.

MacIntyre showered her large firm tits with sucking kisses before he began to kiss his way down her belly.

Her heart was pounding and her breathing was short and rapid.

Her chest and belly heaved up and down with her passion.

The handsome blonde boy massaged her tits with both hands as he stuck his tongue inside her dimpled bellybutton.

He kissed and sucked at her abdomen as Melinda strained to get her slim thighs even further apart.

The boy’s nostrils flared as he picked up the musky scent of the little girl’s aroused womanhood.

He could already feel the ache in his balls returning and he knew it wouldn’t be long before the blood of his arousal began to pump back into his currently flaccid cock.

The boy had no worries. He knew that his dong would be stiff and ready by the time he had to fuck her tight cunt. “Do you like the way it smells?” Melinda asked him.

“Oh yes, very much. It makes me horny,” MacIntyre said.

“I’ll bet it tastes just as good,” Melinda said.

MacIntyre could tell that this was a less-than-subtle hint.

Melinda had very little pubic hair growing above her pussy slit.

The black pubies only covered the bottom third of her mound.

She was practically bald at the sides of her vulva.

She only had a tiny ring of hair around her hot anus.

The little girl placed the balls of her tiny feet flat on the blanket and raised her knees in the air.

She kept her thighs parted as far as she could get them so her knees were pointing in exact opposite directions.

The boy moved so that he was flat on his belly with his head between her thighs, facing the pink flesh of her cunt.

Even in the blue hue of the full moonlight he could see that her pussy was all wet and swollen.

He began to kiss, bite and lick at the smooth dark insides of her thighs, starting near her knees and working toward her outer labia.

He could feel his cock starting to get hard as it was pinned between the blanket and his flat stomach.

He knew that he would soon have to lift his ass in the air as he ate her to relieve the pressure on his growing boner.

“How does your asshole feel?” MacIntyre asked.

“Like it needs to be rimmed badly,” Melinda replied.

The boy placed his hands on the backs of her thighs and pushed upward so her tiny feet were lifted from the blanket.

The little girl rolled back onto her shoulders, the back of her head pressing hard against the soft blanket.

She rested on the small of her back and drew back her knees so that her buttocks were in the boy’s face.

He shifted his caresses to the cheeks of her ass, which were slimmer than her mother’s but still had a ripe roundness to them.

The boy caressed her buttocks lightly with his fingertips and then worked his fingers closer to the crack.

He turned his wrists so that his fingers were pointing inward and pressed hard enough to make the flesh dimple.

He pulled her ass cheeks apart slowly, not stopping until the skin in the crack was pulled taut.

He could see her pink puckered asshole in the moonlight, the sphincter muscle throbbing hard enough to be visible.

MacIntyre thought that her anus was very cute.

It looked to him like a pink asterisk. Her nether eye appeared to be winking at him as the hole pulsated with desire.

MacIntyre parted his lips and stuck out his tongue, placing the tip at the top of the crack of her ass, which was closest to the blanket.

For a moment his firm chin was resting on the blanket as he flicked the tip of his tongue upward toward her asshole.

She shuddered and moaned deeply as he licked her bung hole, tracing a tiny circle around her hot sphincter with his tongue tip.

“My ass is so hot. I’m burning. Lick me clean with your hot, wet, tongue, MacIntyre,” she squealed.

The boy used the flat part of his tongue to lick her asshole until all of the anal flavor was gone.

A lot of her cunt juice had dripped down into her ass crack which made the flesh there even more delicious as far as the horny teenage boy was concerned.

“STICK IT IN!” Melinda said, sounding as if she would die on the spot if her lover decided her request.

MacIntyre was more than happy to appease her every desire and stiffened his taster for anal penetration.

He placed the pointy tip of his tongue at the center of the asterisk, still holding the ass cheeks as far apart as he could get them.

Her asshole opened to let his tongue inside and he pushed past the tube of tight muscle into her bowels.

But his tongue was neither long enough nor thick enough to satisfy her deep anal cravings.

That was a job for his cock.

She hoped he would be able to get it up a third time so she could feel his pole in all three of her holes before the outdoor hot sex session was over.

The lusty rim job only made the tension in Melinda’s cunt get worse. She was already close to orgasm.

She felt as if the massive explosions inside her quim would start the second he found her love button with his tongue.

“MY PUSSY! MY PUSSY!” Melinda screamed. She moved her hands to the sides of MacIntyre’s head and clutched him firmly by the ears.

The blonde boy got his tongue as deep as he could up her asshole and wiggled the tip around playfully.

He worked his tongue in and out of her nether eye a couple of times before pulling out to pay oral attention to her drooling cooze.

He got the tip of his tongue in between her asshole and her pussy where the natural lubrication had gathered thickly.

He loved the way her pussy juice tasted. It made his taste buds tingle like no other flavor he knew.

Her cunt was rather sweet, as if there were really honey dripping from that pink swollen honey pot.

The boy released his grip on the cheeks of her ass and allowed the little girl to lower her feet back down to the blanket.

She clutched at the blanket with chubby toes and screamed with joy as he drew his tongue upward into her snatch.

He moved his fingers to her outer cunt lips and stretched the slit apart so he could see the many pink folds of flesh within.

He was determined to explore all of her cunt’s nooks and crannies-with his eager taster before he licked her clit and allowed the little girl the release of orgasm.

He knew that her come would be better if he made her wait for it for awhile, and wanted to see how long he could keep her trembling at the brink of ecstasy.

He flicked his tongue tip up and down her outer pussy lips, licking at the sides of her clit.

He was careful not to make direct contact with the center of her womanly pleasure, so she wouldn’t come a second before he wanted her to.

He flicked his tongue tip up and down the outer edges of her inner lips, the lips that surrounded her wanton fuck hole.

He worked his tongue tip between those lips and pushed them apart gently so he could massage her insides as well.

He made his tongue stiff and pushed his taster deep inside her pussy hole, failing to find the mouth of her womb.

He was careful to keep his head tilted a little to one side as he did this so he wouldn’t massage her clit with the tip of his nose.

The little girl’s love button was very large and erect at the top of her slit, sticking well out from under its foreskin.

He wiggled his tongue around inside her and Melinda thought that she would croak if he didn’t let her come.

She was gasping for air and her hips were starting to move up and down as if she were fantasizing that his prick was already inside her.

MacIntyre had another erection and had to lift his loins from the blanket so he wouldn’t cause himself discomfort.

He would have thought that he hadn’t had an orgasm in years from the way his balls were aching by that time.

He thought it was amazing that he was so horny only minutes after the pretty black haired girl drank down his shooting spunk.


Melinda’s voice was high-pitched making her sound a good deal younger than she really was as she begged him.

The boy pulled his tongue out of her pussy and blew cool air on the wet flesh, making Mindy shudder violently.

He placed the forefinger on his right hand at the top of her slit, between her clit and her pubies.

He pressed down and then pushed upward so that the love button’s foreskin stretched up and completely away from the feminine erection.

In this manner MacIntyre made the little girl’s little man in the boat exposed and available to his tongue completely.

He touched the tip of his tongue against her clit, and she let out a sharp grunt of joy that emptied her lungs.

He pulled his tongue away before her orgasmic explosions had an opportunity to begin.


He dabbed at her clit.

He was being a tease.

She was arched and stiff.

Then he licked her clit again, this time not stopping.

She felt an atomic explosion inside her womanly pussy flesh.

She could feel her urethra open as a little bit of female ejaculation spurted onto MacIntyre’s chin.

The boy could feel her cunt juices gushing onto his face and he knew that he would be all wet and sticky from the nose down by the time he was done munching at that slit of fiery flesh.

He licked hard and fast at her clit, battering it back and forth.

He rolled her love button in a slow sensuous circle. MacIntyre had to wrap his strong arms around the tops of her slim thighs to keep her from smashing him in the nose with her pubic bone with her orgasmic bucking.

“AAARRRGGGHHH!!!” Melinda called out to the cloudless sky.

Just when she thought the intensity of her spasms was bound to die down MacIntyre did something to bring them to full intensity once again.

He puckered his lips and wrapped them around her swollen love button.

Without ever removing his tongue tip from the magic spot he began to suck on her clit, tugging at it by the very roots!

She thought that her orgasm would never end. Rush after rush of pleasure shot through her body, going all the way down her legs to her toes and up to her scalp.

She was pressing downward with the balls of her feet and the back of her head as hard as she could so she could arch her back and lift her ass cheeks from the blanket.

He sucked and licked at her clit at the same time until her convulsions finally ended and she collapsed back on the blanket in the midst of her afterglow.

The boy pulled his wet face out of her sweet crotch.

He rested his chin on her nearly hairless pubic mound.

He looked at her between her heaving breasts and saw her mouth turn into a grateful smile.

“Feel good?” he asked, his baby blue eyes twinkling.

“Oh yes, fuck me now, MacIntyre. I need your cock inside me!”

The boy crawled so he was on top of her and Melinda was pleased to see that his prick was just as hard and stiff as it had been while he was ramming it deep into her hot throat.

He hovered his face above hers and she used her tongue to lick his face clean, enjoying the flavor of her own pussy.

They kissed for a short time and MacIntyre placed the palms of his hands flat on the blanket on either side of the little girl’s head.

He straightened his elbows, lifting his chest so that only her erect nipples were touching him there.

She could feel the entire length of his cock pinned against her belly and she knew that she would come frequently with the stiff prick inside her oozing, seething quim.

The boy reached back to grab his prick after lifting his hips and guided his cock head to her slit.

He ran the tip of his prick up and down her cunt for a moment, just to lubricate the purple glans.

He then moved the cock head between her inner lips and pushed back with his hips so that his dick shaft would be at the appropriate angle.

He tensed his ass cheeks and pushed down slowly.

Melinda could feel her inner labia being forced open.

His was the biggest cock that had ever been inside her hole.

She knew that it would take her inner vulva muscles a couple of seconds to feel comfortable being stretched so far.

She knew that she would be filled completely by his phallus.

She kept her palms on his back and scratched at him between the shoulder blades with her long fingernails.

She lifted her feet up off the blanket, straining to get her thighs even further apart than they were already.

She wanted to hug him with her arms and her legs at the same time so she wrapped herself around him, crossing her ankles near the cheeks of his ass.

He stabbed downward with his hips and drove his entire prick inside her cunt, stretching the walls in all directions.

They made deep throaty sounds of satisfaction as they felt their loins merging, making them feel as if this union had transformed them into a single sexual being joined at the crotch.

Their pubic bones were pressed tightly together and Melinda could feel his balls resting against her burning asshole.

They began to fuck in sync with one another.

She thrust up with her hips each time he stabbed down with his.

Their loins slapped together beating out the rhythm of the fuck.

The little girl began to come right away, and she knew her pleasure would not stop as long as the handsome boy was driving incredibly deep inside her lower belly with his enormous purple cock head.

He rode her pussy high so he would give as he banged maximum stimulation to her clit against the mouth of her womb.

In less than a minute the two as hard and fast as they could.

Hips pumped pleasure into poured.

Pussy juice gushed and sweet scent of lust filled the air.

Chapter 5

“Get your hands away from me! My God, you’re like an octopus sometimes, Harold!” Marlene screamed in the back seat of the car, which was parked not far away from where Mindy and MacIntyre were balling their hearts out.

“Come on, Marlene, this is our fourth date, and I still can’t touch you below the waist? Don’t you trust me?” Harold said, his balls aching as if they were about to burst or fall off.

“It’s just that it makes me feel funny when you touch me down there, Harold. I get frightened.”

“It is supposed to make you feel funny. Sort of. I mean, it’s supposed to feel as good for you as it does for me.”

“Harold, I just don’t think I am ready for that kind of pleasure. I’m only sixteen years old you know.”

“How old do you think I am, Marlene?” Harold said.

Marlene knew that her date was also sixteen years old.

“I want to stay a virgin. I’m not ready to go all the way.”

“I don’t want to go all the way. I just want to TOUCH you down there-!” Harold said, frustration turning his voice into a whine.

“If that is your attitude, then you had probably better take me home,” Marlene said, pulling away from him in the back seat.

She opened her purse and began to brush her light brown hair.

Marlene had never given the matter very much thought, but her coloring was a good deal different from either her sister’s or her mother’s.

Marlene had gotten her father’s fair skin and light h-air. That didn’t mean much to her however, as she really didn’t remember her father — he having left Michele when Marlene was just a little girl.

“Well, this is the last time I am taking you home. I can’t take this anymore. I can jack-off for free. I shouldn’t have to spend money on dinner and a movie so I can be teased into blue ball’s,” Harold said.

“Fine!” Marlene replied.

And so he took her home and she stormed up to her room and slammed the door shut behind her.

Marlene’s light brown hair was cut short into a pixie.

Her eyes were green, or gray, depending on the light, and her downy hair was parted in the middle.

She had wispy bangs that caressed her forehead, coming almost all the way down to her eyebrows.

Her nose was straight and narrow — a little pointy at the tip — and her nostrils were oval-shaped.

Her nostrils always flared and became broader when she was feeling angry, as she was after she once again had to pry a guy’s hands off of her crotch.

It was late and Michele and Bernard were already in bed asleep, having managed to get one more fuck in before they risked getting caught by either of Michele’s returning teenage daughters.

Marlene was just as mad at herself as she was at Harold. He should not have been so nasty to her. It was her body and she could do whatever she wanted to with it.

But, then again, he was a healthy boy, and Marlene knew that she had a responsibility to his glands after he had taken her out a couple of times.

Marlene was filled with complete despair as she fell on her bed.

She knew that there was no way she would ever be able to hang on to a guy unless she got over her fear of sex.

Marlene thought about ways to make herself more comfortable with the whole concept of womanly joy.

The little girl had never even masturbated in her life.

She had never experienced an orgasm, so she knew she really didn’t have a firm grip on what all of the fuss was about.

Marlene had a cute innocent face with a peaches and cream complexion.

Her cheekbones were high and always appeared rosy, in spite of the fact that the little girl never wore make-up.

Marlene decided to be brave.

She was going to touch herself in an impure manner.

She was going to play with her pussy until she came.

Maybe then she would be able to go all the way with a boy.

She wasn’t at all sure that she would be able to have an orgasm, but she decided to give it her best shot.

She had talked with Mindy enough about sex so that she had a pretty good idea about how to go about giving herself a sexual climax.

Marlene walked over to her bedroom closet and opened the door so she could look at herself in the full-length mirror that was mounted on the inside of the door. She winked at herself and came to the conclusion that she was very good looking.

She did have her mother’s small mouth, with the full sensuous lips and she licked her lips and puckered them at herself in the mirror.

She had been necking with Harold for some time in the back seat of his car before he got too grabby and frightened her into stopping.

The girl could tell that there was already a wet spot in the crotch of her panties from the way her pussy had lubricated itself while she was tongue-kissing.

She figured that this was a perfect time to masturbate.

With her body already sexually aroused, Marlene figured that she had a bit of a head start toward orgasm.

She pulled off her blouse and looked at her breasts in the mirror, turning sideways so she could admire her profile.

Her tits were not as large as Michele’s and Melinda’s, but they were just as firm and rested just as high on her chest.

Her nipples swelled up until they were very hard when she was necking and she rolled her fingers over them for a second and was amazed at how good it felt.

She could feel those feminine erections getting even harder and larger beneath her own caress, and the tingling and burning she felt in those rosebuds increased two-fold as she touched herself there.

She took her tits in her palms and began to fondle them lovingly, her jaw dropping and her eyes closing as she felt the joy ripple slowly up and down her suddenly sharply arched spine.

She could feel the blood rushing into her pussy tissues.

The natural lubrication flowed- inside her virgin cunt anew.

She quickly kicked off her shoes and moved to the side of her bed so she could pull her jeans and her panties off simultaneously. She was becoming aware of her mind’s ability foam-rubber the head of to control her body’s reaction.

The second she decided to touch her pussy, her cunt began to ache as if it had a mind of its own and understood her intent.

Her knees felt wobbly.

Her legs felt weak.

She got as naked as the day she was born and climbed on her bed.

Marlene placed both of her soft pillows on top of one another at the bed.

She rolled on her side – for a second and punched the top pillow with a tiny fist to make a dent for her head.

She rested the back of her tiny pretty head in the indentation and opened her legs as far apart as she could get them.

She lifted her knees, pointed them in opposite directions, and was amazed by the intensity of her pussy’s desire.

She once again rolled her fingertips over her nipples, this time more firmly.

She got each nipple between her thumb and forefinger and gave it a gentle pitch which made her inner cunt lips spasm.

She could feel her natural lubrication dripping out of the base of her pussy down into the crack of her ass.

She could tell that she was going to make a wet spot on the bed, and hoped that it wouldn’t be too big.

She knew that she would be in no mood to do a load of laundry after she was boggled with her life’s first come.

She decided that it was better to be safe than sorry and quickly hopped off the bed and wet to her dresser.

In her middle dresser drawer the little teenage virgin found a small towel that was rarely used, being old and on the ugly side.

She spread the towel out in the center of the bed and positioned her ass on it so it would catch all of the honey that dripped out of her suddenly soaking wet unused slit of emerging womanhood.

She parted her thighs and ran her fingertips down the flat plain of her belly toward her inverted triangle of dark brown pubic hair, which covered the top and the sides of her swollen vulva.

Marlene couldn’t help but notice that her breaths were getting shorter and coming closer together as her passion grew.

She could feel the rate of her heartbeat increasing rapidly.

She began to tug lightly at the little short and curly pubies on her mound.

She twirled two locks of hair around her forefingers.

The little girl looked like she was twirling spaghetti on two forks.

She had a great urge to start touching her pussy right away but decided against it, thinking that it would be better to explore all of her secondary erogenous zones before she touched her primary ones.

At first Marlene had even been afraid that she wouldn’t be able to find her clit when it came time for her to touch herself there.

But that ball of fiery flesh was aching so badly and had swollen to be so big with her growing sexual tension that she knew she would have no trouble at all finding the center of her womanly pleasure.

She, unlike her sister or her mother, had short fingernails, which made her look even younger than she really was.

She still had quite a bit of torn boy in her body. Her hips were still slim, but they were starting to broaden with the teenager’s natural maturation process.

Marlene could feel her thighs becoming flushed, and she sensed that her skin was getting moist as all of the pores in her body began to ooze the hot perspiration that came with her increasing sexual anxiety.

Her cunt was aching worse than it had ever ached before.

A great pressure — a tension — filled Marlene’s loins.

She could feel her desire filling her lower belly, rippling throughout her lower torso.

She noticed that her chubby little toes were clutching at the bedspread.

She placed her fingertips on the insides of her thighs, way up near her bent knees, and stroked downward until she was caressing the moist outer lips of her pussy.

She could not only tell that she was successfully going to make herself come, but she could tell that the pleasure she would receive from her orgasm would be a lot greater than anything she could have imagined.

She rolled back onto her shoulders so she could lightly rub at the cheeks of her ass.

She kneaded her buttock flesh as if she were a great chef preparing unrisen dough for baking.

She pulled her ass cheeks apart so she could be able to caress herself in the moist sensitive tissues in the crack.

Her asshole was tingling and burning with a need to be stroked.

She had never thought of her asshole as a sex organ before, even though her sister had told her that she enjoyed being fucked in that hole.

Melinda had told Marlene that getting fucked in the asshole felt almost as good as getting fucked in the cunt.

Marlene tried very hard to understand what her older sister was talking about. when – she described anal intercourse, but it was stll Greek to her.

She placed the tip of her forefinger at the top of the crack of her ass and moved it a fraction of an inch at a time toward her anus which was starting to throb in sync with her racing heartbeat.

She rubbed her clit and heard herself let out a sharp gasp of pleasure.

She could even feel an ache inside her bowels that told her anal penetration wasn’t nearly as awful as she might have thought.

A lot was happening very quickly, and Marlene could feel her courage building as her hominess got out of control.

She turned her wrist so she could stick her middle finger up her asshole.

She knew that she was going to have to concentrate on being quiet.

There was a great urge within her to moan and groan loudly as she felt tingles of pleasure she had never before known.

She could feel her asshole open to let the tip of her middle finger in.

She pulled her finger out and brought it up to her face.

She plunged the finger between puckered lips. She sucked on it and rolled her tongue over it at the same time to lubricate it with her hot slippery saliva.

She then replaced the finger in her asshole and found that — when wet — it slipped deep into her bowels with ease.

She could feel her face turning very hot with the flush of her arousal and her face contorted with the combination of pleasure and pain the minor anal penetration gave her.

She worked her finger in and out of her hole for a little while, but noticed that this only made the desire in her pussy worse.

She could tell that she was not going to be able to tease herself for much longer and decided to get down to -the meat and potatoes of the masturbatory session.

She ran the side of her hand up and down her pussy slit, pushing the swollen inner lips apart a little bit.

She wanted to scream with pleasure as she got her hand all sticky.

But she bit her bottom lip hard instead to stifle her outburst.

She lightly massaged up and down her outer labia with the tip of her right forefinger, using the fingers on her left hand to push those lips as far apart as she could get them, so the pink swollen flesh was taut and her virgin cunt slit resembled a slab of raw meat.

Marlene wished that she could do this in front of a mirror so she could see, how her pussy looked when it was all swollen like that. She imagined it being very red, as if it were about to perspire blood.

She had often wished that females had been equipped with the ability to look at their own genitalia without using a reflective surface.

She could feel with her curious fingertip that her inner lips — those that surrounded her virgin hole — were slightly curled back, and they were pulsating such that they looked as if they were opening and closing.

She pushed her finger between those lips, feeling a tremendous craving to be stroked deep inside — in places where she had never before been touched.

But her finger did not make it every deep inside her pussy before she felt herself touching her maidenhead.

Her cherry was very much intact and it blocked the path to the mouth of her womb where she felt great desire.

She pressed against the thin wall of membrane — the wall that had for so long protected the little girl’s chastity — until the cherry was taut.

She chickened out at the last second. She knew that she would have to tear that flesh to touch beyond it, and she knew that that would hurt.

She decided that she would leave her cherry there. She liked the idea of having an intact maidenhead anyway.

She wanted the man she chose to be her first lover to KNOW he was the first.

She wanted to offer her cherry as a gift to the man whose erect cock would tear that flesh away forever.

Instead she decided to touch her clit, which was where her body told her she needed the attention worst anyway.

She could feel her love button throbbing sharply at the top of her virgin slit, poking well out from under its foreskin.

She placed her forefinger directly on the little ball of fiery flesh and began to roll it in a slow sensuous circle.

At that point Marlene’s passion grew in leaps and bounds and it was all she could do to keep from screaming bloody murder.

Within a matter of seconds the tiny virgin could feel the awesome explosions starting inside her hot pussy.

She was boggled by the intensity of pleasure — a thousand times greater than anything she could have imagined.

She could feel her cunt juice gushing from her slit, and she was glad that she had put the towel beneath her hips to catch that thick aromatic honey.

Marlene could smell the scent of her own pussy wafting up to her flaring nostrils from between her parted thighs.

The little girl had always been self-conscious about the odor of her cunt, thinking that a man would find it offensive.

But now — in the throes of her ecstasy — she thought that it was the sexiest smell in the world.

She inhaled as deeply as she could through her nose so she could suck her scent deep inside her sinuses.

She began to flick her fingertip back and forth across her love button, pressing the center of her womanly pleasure almost flat at times against the base of her pubic bone — maximizing her physical joy.

She could feel the pleasure spreading to fill her body.

Every muscle in her diminutive torso was tensed.

She was trembling and her hips were gyrating violently.

She was moving her tiny ass both from side to side and up and down.

She pressed the back of her head and her shoulders against the bed, and also applied downward pressure with the balls of her feet — her chubby little toes still clutching and gathering the bedspread.

She arched her back and lifted her buttocks almost a foot off the bed as she flicked her finger across her little man in the boat as hard and fast as she could.

She could feel the joy rushing up her spine and she began to thrash her head from side to side as she saw the little sparks flying across the insides of her tightly clenched eyelids — looking like fireworks on the Fourth of July.

She limited her vocal outbursts to one sharp grunt and then bit her bottom lips again until she almost made herself bleed.

She rubbed her clit until she felt her ecstasy, stop and become replaced by the post-orgasmic glow.

She fell down onto the bed and rolled into a ball on her side with her finger still pressing hard against her love button.

She could feel all of her muscles become relaxed at the same time.

All of the anxiety from the night had melted and drained from her bones.

Marlene could never remember being so relaxed before.

The little girl felt as if a great weight had been lifted from her shoulders.

She jerked a couple of times as she pressed her clit and then rolled onto her back and pulled her hand away from her pussy.

She raised that hand to her face and she could see in the indirect light coming from the night table between the two beds how wet and sticky they were.

She pressed her fingers together and then spread them apart seeing that her knuckles were connected by strings of thick cunt honey.

She placed her hand very close to her nose so she could – savor the musky odor of her pussy to its fullest.

Felling compulsive the little girl plunged her fingers in her mouth so she could taste her own pussy juice.

She was pleased to find that it tasted as good as it smelled.

She couldn’t wait for Mindy to get home from her date.

Marlene couldn’t wait to tell her older sister about the marvelous discovery she had had that evening.

At that moment, up on Sex Hill, MacIntyre was pumping his cock in and out of Mindy’s pussy very hard and fast, and the little girl was snapping off a string of orgasms that were draining her energy pool.

“HARDER!” the little black haired girl called out, gripping at the humping boy with both her arms and her legs.





And they sang a duet in homage to their simultaneous orgasms.

MacIntyre and Melinda kissed and cuddled for a long time after their passion had been temporarily appeased.

“MacIntyre, sweetheart?” Melinda whispered in his ear.

“Yes?” the boy asked, sipping lightly at her lower lip.

“Do you think you are going to be able to get another boner?”

“I’ll bet you I can. Especially if you give me a helping hand.”

“Oh good. I think that that is very good news,” she said.

“Why?” MacIntyre asked, kissing her breasts and licking her nipples.

“Because my ass is on fire. I need your cock deep inside my bowels before I go home. I won’t be able to sleep tonight until you ream me raw!”

Chapter 6

MacIntyre Symms rolled onto his back and Melinda began to kiss his broad muscular belly lightly.

She was kneeling between his parted thighs, kissing her way ever-so-slowly down the front of his body.

MacIntyre knew that the little black haired teenager’s hot mouth was on a crooked trek toward his cock.

He knew that she wanted to be fucked in the ass she would force him to get another erection or else.

Melinda was going to fuck his balls and his prick until he couldn’t help but swell into a raging boner.

Melinda kissed his hard belly and buried her nose in his thick blonde pubic patch for a second.

She then walked backward on her knees and elbows until her head was between his thick parted thighs.

She could feel her legs moving off the edge of the blanket into the cool grass atop the lovers’ lane hill.

She began to kiss lightly at his inner thighs, looking at his cock which was slumped onto his inner thigh.

She kept her eyes on his prick looking for signs of life. Her ass was tingling very badly.

She was in a hurry and – she wanted MacIntyre to get another boner immediately so she would not have to be patient

She could smell the scent of her own pussy on his cock and she placed her fingertips beneath his balls so she could lift them.

She bobbed his testicles up and down on her fingertips and smiled when her let out a soft groan.

He began to stir his hips, which — Melinda knew — was another good sign that her caresses were getting to him.

She parted her lips and placed the tip of her tongue on his scrotum — flicking back and forth lightly.

She used the flat part of her tongue to lick his sack until the whole thing was wet and slippery.

Using the thumb and forefinger on her left hand she lifted his cock, grabbing it at the base of the glans, and set it in his belly, so she could stroke the underside from, base to tip with the fleshy part of arched fingertips.

His moans got louder and Melinda’s smile got broader as she felt his cock begin to throb and grow on his belly.

She could see the blue veins on the underside of his prick becoming engorged as his cock tip moved past his navel.

She flicked the tip of her tongue up and down the underside of his cock as she lifted the tip upward toward the cloudless night sky with delicate fingers.

She rolled her tongue lazily over the head of his cock.

“God, that feels good. You have a magic mouth,” MacIntyre said.

Melinda thanked her handsome lover for the compliment by popping the now semi-erect cock in her mouth and starting to suck.

She could feel the cock head growing to full size against the insides of her cheeks and her lips, keeping her tongue busy against the tip.

She squeezed him rhythmically even as she sucked and licked.

In a matter of seconds the boy was fully engorged and ready to fuck.

Melinda could feel her sphincter muscle pulsating maddeningly.

Her asshole wanted to be stretched gaping open by his cock head.

She stopped sucking and allowed his cock to fall back onto his belly.

“Are you ready?” Melinda asked, her breath catching a bit.

Her hot bowels felt as if they were filled with hornets.

“Am I ever!” the handsome blonde quarterback exclaimed.

The pretty black haired girl moved to her hands and knees.

MacIntyre got up and his knees and. moved to her rear.

He could see the little girl moving her knees very far apart.

She kept her head low, her elbows bent, and arched her back.

She raised her ass up in the air until her anus was at the appropriate height for savage anal penetration.

The boy grabbed both cheeks of her ass in his hands.

She used the heels of his palms to separate the buttocks.

She whimpered as she felt cool air on her bung hole.

“Fuck me until I beg you to stop!” Melinda called out.

MacIntyre could feel his testicles starting to swell.

He was surprised to find that his scrotal sack still felt as if it were filled to the brim with come.

He knew that he had plenty of spunk left over to shoot his third wad of the night deep inside her ass.

The boy moved the head of his cock between her parted ass cheeks, and slid the tip up and down the crack.

He could feel her whole body jerk and she grunted loudly each time his glans touched her rectum flesh.

“Please don’t tease me!” Melinda whined frustratedly.

The boy moved the head of his cock to her tight asshole.

He held it in place with a guiding right hand and tensed the muscles in his own tiny buttocks, preparing for his savage forward thrust.

The boy could feel his piss hole pressing against the center of her nether eye as he pushed forward with his slim, yet powerful hips using a steady pressure.

“Oh, baby, I can feel myself opening up for you. Tear my asshole open with your thick prick!” she screamed.

The boy could feel her opening too, and then he heard a popping noise as the head of his cock moved inside the hole.

All of the puckers in the sphincter muscle were smoothed as the asshole stretched grossly to grip the ring of scar tissue at the base of his cock head.

He did not stop pressing forward and soon he could feel the tip of his pole pushing past the tube of muscle into the softer — more elastic — flesh of her bowels.

“Deeper! Deeper inside my butt!” Melinda called out, her voice becoming shrill with her rising pleasure.

She knew that she had the ability to actually orgasm inside her ass if she were fucked in that hole properly.

Melinda could tell that MacIntyre had all of the skills necessary to get her anal rocks off hard and good.

The boy pressed forward feeling her asshole sliding toward the base of his cock, and soon he could feel his thick patch of blonde pubic hair pressing against the top of the crack of her ass.

He rammed the huge rod all the way home, stretching the little girl’s asshole and bowels quite painfully.

It always took Melinda a few seconds to relax enough to grip a thick cock comfortably, but she knew that her pain was temporary.

Once her internal ass muscles did relax she would be able to take him fucking as hard as he wanted and feel nothing but bliss.

Once his cock was all the way inside her asshole he released his grip on her ass cheeks and ran his large hands under her body so he could clutch tightly at both of her breasts.

He pressed her tits together and held her there firmly — using her body as leverage to aid his hip movements.

Since her asshole did not lubricate itself naturally like her cunt he would have to fuck her dry until his cock picked up some of her slippery bowel mucous.

“Your ass is so fucking tight. I can feel it gripping hard at my whole prick, Mindy!” MacIntyre said excitedly.

He continued to press forward steadily even though her asshole was already gripping at the base of his shaft.

The little black haired girl could feel his balls dangling and rubbing against her swollen pussy flesh at that point.

MacIntyre moved his hips in a slow sensuous circle so he would stretch her bowels and sphincter in all directions. Only then did he begin to withdraw so he could begin his brutally savage in-and-out fucking motion.

He pulled his cock almost all the way out of her ass before he rammed it back inside and Melinda could feel a jolt of sexual electricity rippling up and down her spine.

She knew that the handsome blonde boy would not have to ream her asshole in that manner too many times before her dull, slightly painful bowel orgasm would fill her lower torso with womanly pleasure.

As the boy began to fuck her asshole he could feel her sphincter being pulled far out and pushed far in by the motion of his dong.

She could feel him stabbing deep into her bowels, finding her deepest, darkest, smelliest core with the tip of his lance.

This was the biggest cock that Melinda had ever had in her ass so the tip was touching her in places that no other boy could reach.

Mactyre released his grip on her tits so he could get her nipples between his thumbs and forefingers.

He pinched at her erect nipples hard enough to hurt her a little bit, but those sharp twinges only enhanced the physical joy she felt down below inside her bowels.

The boy could feel her ass muscles getting increasingly looser so he could move in and out of her butt with ease.

He used the entire length of his prick as he balled her rear, always coming very close to allowing his cock head to slip out of the hole before stopping the withdrawal and beginning the forward stab.

He rammed his tool in as hard as he could and Melinda let out a shrill scream of pleasure as her anal orgasm began.

She could feel her bowels spasm.

Her colon was out of control.

Her asshole felt like boiling jelly.

The boy only fucked harder as she came.

He tugged on her nipples until the skin all around those rosebuds was very tight, and her tits were pointy.

The force of gravity made her tits hang low beneath her chest anyway. When he tugged the nipples he stretched her tits almost all the way down to the blanket in spite of the fact that she had lifted her head and shoulders with her bliss.

He decided to play with her clit as he fucked her ass to see if he could make her come twice at the same time. With two orgasm already under his belt — if he had been. wearing a belt — the boy knew he would be able to fuck her tight rear for a long time before he would have to worry about ending the ream by spilling his seed in her straining aching bowels.

The boy could hear her asshole making funny farting noises as he forced gas out of the back-door hole with his pole.

He rolled his fingers down under her belly and through her pubic patch to the top of her pussy slit.

Naturally, her clitoris was swollen and easy to find.

He did not bother being subtle with his vaginal caress.

He pressed the tip of his forefinger hard against her love button.

He never stopped his rhythm humping of her rear end as he diddled her clitoris as hard and fast as he could.

“CA! CA! COMING! OH GOD!” she called out and he could feel her bowels once again spasming wildly around both the shaft and the head of his dick.

He knew that he had pulled it off. He was making her come in her pussy and her ass at the same time.

The boy felt proud of himself for being such a good lover.

But as her ass gripped his prick he could feel the tickle forming at the base of his pole, where the shaft met the scrotal sack, and he knew that he was on his third come of the night.

He continued to fuck prick as his come swirled testicles.

He could feel his sexual tension reaching the saturation point.

MacIntyre could feel her ass sucking at his prick.

Finally he plunged his cock all the way inside her ass so the tip was deep inside her hot abdomen.

She could feel his cock actually getting longer and thicker as his piss hole opened to shoot his spunk.

She could feel herself coming one last time, which meant that they once again would come together.

She sucked his cream right out of his balls and the night’s passion was through.

He arched his back as he shot his wad and threw back his head so that he was facing the cloudless sky.

When all of his come was inside her he pulled his prick out of her hole.

She could tell that her asshole was going to be a little sore for a couple of days.

Now that her sexual arousal was faded she was aware of the damage he had done with his prick.

But she didn’t care. She kind of liked walking through life with a sore asshole, especially when she got it from a handsome guy like MacIntyre.

That soreness would be no more to Melinda than a pleasant reminder of the fun she had had while being buggered by the hung teenager.

“I think it’s getting late,” MacIntyre said as he pulled his semi-erect prick out of her nether eye.

“I think that it is getting chilly too,” Melinda said, the night breeze feeling cold on her sweat soaked olive complexioned skin.

“I have baseball practice in the morning,” MacIntyre said. “Is it okay with you if I take you home now?”

“Sure. You fucked me three times. I think that you have every right to call it a night,” Melinda said.

They stood naked in the moonlight facing one another.

She got up on her toes and tilted her chin upward.

He stooped his head and shoulders and held her at the small of her back.

She placed her hands on his broad shoulders and ran then up to the nape of his neck where she intertwined her fingers.

He pulled her loins against his and they kissed passionately, their tongues touching before their lips.

MacIntyre noticed how chilly the night breeze had become also at this point and cut the passionate kiss short so the two could put their clothes on.

They got in the car. The radio was still blasting rock and roll music, although the two had hardly been aware of it while fucking.

He drove her home and they kissed for a few minutes in the front seat of his car before Melinda hopped out and ran up to the front door of her new big house on top of the hill in the town of Caledonia.

She was very quiet as she entered the house. She knew that her new step-father, Bernard, could be very cranky when she made too much noise coming in after he was asleep.

Neither of Michele’s daughter’s fully understood the relationship between their mother and their new step-father.

They didn’t like him. He was arrogant and Mindy thought he was a real prick.

But they would have both been shocked if they had known the man had transformed Michele into his sex slave.

Melinda took off her shoes and tip-toed up the stairs to her room.

She hoped that Marlene was still awake. Melinda did not feel like going to sleep just yet and wanted someone to talk to.

Melinda was curious about how Marlene’s date had turned out. She was rooting for her baby sister to smarten up and start fucking guys.

Melinda could see a crack of light under the door and smiled, realizing that -Marlene had not gone to sleep yet.

As the black haired girl entered the room Marlene looked up startled, wearing only a mini-nightie.

The younger girl was sitting at the desk scribbling something into her diary.

“Hi, Mindy!” Marlene said in a loud whisper.

“Hi, Marlene,” Mindy said closing the door securely behind her.

Once the door was shut they could speak in normal voices and not have to worry about their conversation being overheard.

Bernard and Michele slept at the end of the hall and couldn’t hear the teenagers unless they were making a racket.

“How did your date go?” Melinda asked Marlene as she crossed the room and jumped onto her bed on her belly, bouncing up and down a couple of times before coming to a rest with her arms folded beneath her head.

“Oh, Harold got all grabby and I made him take me home,” Marlene said.

“You are an idiot,” Mindy said with a groan of disappointment.

“But that isn’t even the most important part of my night.”

“Why? What happened?” Mindy said, rolling onto her back.

“I masturbated!!!” Marlene exclaimed excitedly.

“Did you come?” Melinda asked, jerking up to a sitting position.

Her almond shaped brown eyes went very wide as she asked the question.

“Oh yes!” Marlene said, her mouth turning into a proud smile.

“How did it feel? Did you like it?” Melinda asked.

“Oh, Mindy! It was wonderful. Better than I could ever have dreamed.”

“What have I been telling you? I told you it felt good.”

“I guess I. had to find out for myself,” Marlene said.

Melinda got up and walked over to the desk to give her light haired baby sister a congratulations kiss on the cheek. Mindy could smell the scent of sex on Marlene was thought it odd that she found it slightly sexy.

“I hope you are done teasing the boys now,” Melinda said, taking Marlene’s hand and giving it a gentle squeeze.

“I don’t know,” Marlene said, looking into Mindy’s eyes.

“What do you mean you don’t know?” Melinda asked.

Melinda was astonished at how stubborn her sister was on the subject.

“I still get scared when I think about being touched.”

“But you touched yourself, and that doesn’t even feel as good.”

“I know. I know. It’s just that—” Marlene had trouble finishing her sentence.

“Tell me, love. I want to help you,” Mindy said sweetly.

“I trust myself. I felt safe touching my own pussy.”

“Sometimes I think you are hopeless,” Mindy said.

“Don’t scold me. It’s not like I’m hurting anyone.”

“You are hurting yourself by being so shy,” Mindy said.

“I wish there was a way that I could learn how to be touched by another without having to get all butterflies in my stomach just thinking about it,” Marlene said. She felt sad again. She was starting to think that she was a freak of nature, and would never make love like normal people.

A strange idea occurred to Melinda as she looked into Marlene’s eyes and clutched her sister’s hand.

She knew that it was a naughty idea, and that Marlene might think she was weird, but she wanted to help.

“What if I touch you, Marlene? You trust me.” Melinda’s eyes were still wide — almost hopeful.

Melinda was starting to feel horny at the thought of teaching her virgin sister the joys of being caressed sensuously.

“That’s silly,” Marlene said, thinking it was a joke.

“What’s so silly about it?” Melinda asked.

The black haired girl made it obvious from the tone of her voice that she did not consider it a laughing matter.

“Sisters aren’t supposed to do that stuff,” Marlene said.

“Says who?” Melinda said, staring into Marlene’s green eyes intensely.

Marlene thought about this for a second and shrugged.

“There you go! It can be our little secret,” Melinda said.

“I don’t know—” Marlene said, looking away. She glanced down at her diary where she had been writing about what her first orgasm had been like.

“We are sisters. We are best friends. It seems perfectly natural that we should be lovers. Now I can’t scare you. I don’t have a cock. I can’t pop your cherry. I won’t hurt you. I won’t do anything that doesn’t feel wonderful. I promise.”

Marlene was starting to get all hot and bothered, which upset her since she never thought about her sister in that way before.

All of a sudden the two girls were looking at each other in a new light.

The pretty teenagers saw each other as sexual animals.

“Okay!” Marlene said abruptly, deciding that she was sick and tired of saying no all of the time.

She had to admit that it was a good idea. She could sort of practice with her sister so that she wouldn’t be so scared when the real thing came around.

It was true that Marlene feared the pleasure she would receive from sex just as much as she feared the pain — maybe more.

“Kiss me,” Melinda said.

Marlene giggled.

“This is going to be fun,” Marlene said.

“I think so too, lover,” Melinda said.

Melinda took both of Marlene’s hands in hers and the littler girl rose to her feet so they could hug tightly at the foot of Melinda’s bed.

They pressed their loins and their breasts together and moved their head so that their puffy lips were only a fraction of an inch apart.

They could feel each other’s moist hot breath and this made both shiver with a growing sexual arousal.

They felt their lesbian urges growing quickly.

The fact that their new sexual relationship was to be incestuous only added to their mounting hominess.

They kissed with only their lips for a second.

Then they brushed the tips of their tongues together.

The room seemed to crackle with sexual electricity.

In seconds the two the were roiling their tongues together passionately, quaffing deeply of each other’s hot saliva.

Chapter 7

Marlene had tongue kissed with a lot of guys, but she could never remember any kiss feeling as good as that first one with her sister.

When the kiss was over the little girl with the light brown hair could feel her nipples making little bumps in the front of her nightgown.

“Let’s go over to the bed so we can be more comfortable,” Melinda suggested, also amazed at how-horny she was getting.

Melinda had been thinking a lot about having sex with other girls but had been bothered by her urge.

She didn’t know any lesbians, and she could not come up with a subtle way to let girls know that she was horny.

She figured that there were probably other girls in Rushdale who felt the way she did, but she couldn’t think of a way to figure out who they were.

“Okie-dokie!” Marlene said excitedly. “I can feel my pussy getting all tingly just thinking about it.”

“That’s good, Marlene. Guys love it when you talk dirty to them. They love to hear to word fuck coming from a pretty mouth, if you know where I am coming from,” Melinda said, leading Marlene by the hand to her bed.

“I don’t care right now about what boys like. I want to know what you like,” Marlene said.

The smaller girl licked her full, pouting lips sensuously, her green eyes beginning to twinkle and burn at the same time with her rising libido.

“I like it when you talk dirty too, sweetheart. Take off that thing. I want to caress every square inch of your body,” Melinda said.

Marlene made a sexy purring sound deep in her throat and stretched her neck in her best feline manner.

Marlene caught herself before she grinned proudly — not knowing that she was capable of making such a sensuous sound.

The little virgin reached down to the bottom of her nightie and pulled it quickly over her head, and watched with wide eyes as Melinda also got naked.

They had both seen each other naked many times.

But it had been like this before.

Everything had changed!

Nothing was the same — even the room looked different.

All was surreal now that the sisters were to be.

They fell into each other’s arms as they fell onto the bed, and their breasts were pressed flat together.

The loving sisters found that they could kiss with their nipples and their mouths at the same time.

They rubbed the lengths of their torsos together, each feeling their cunt flesh approaching full engorgement.

Each could feel their pussies getting wet and slippery with the secretion of their thick juices.

They each yearned to taste the other’s natural lubrication.

But Melinda did not expect Marlene to give her pleasure until she had been taught the proper methods.

And the black haired girl, being by far the more experienced, knew that she would play the role of teacher.

Of course, Melinda had never eaten a cunt before — although there had been many times when she was masturbating that she wished she could munch at her own box.

Melinda rolled so that Marlene was on her back and she was directly on top of her, licking her neck.

Melinda blew lightly into Marlene’s ear, and then explored the inside of that ear with a wet tongue.

Marlene could feel the little hairs at the nape of her neck standing on end with that shivering sensation.

Her entire body was covered with a thick layer of gooseflesh as her inner ear was caressed sensuously.

She trembled like a leaf for a moment and heard herself let out a deep groan of incestuous passion.

“You have to be very quiet. Imagine the shit-fit that Bernard would throw if he knew we were doing this,” Melinda said.

The risk of getting caught made Marlene’s heart start to pump, but her fear did not stifle her lust.

She was discovering her latent sense of adventure, and was aroused by the aura of danger around the act.

Melinda kissed Marlene’s tits.

She licked the nipples.

She sucked those erections.

She nipped at the hard rosebuds with her pearly white teeth!

Marlene could tell that she was going to have to use all of the willpower she could possibly muster.

Her craving was to scream bloody murder with the intense sensations Melinda’s mouth was giving her.

Her mouth fell gaping open and her eyes closed tightly as Melinda nipped her hot feminine erections!

She could feel her face turning so hot she wouldn’t have been surprised if steam had risen from it.

The light haired virgin assumed correctly that her face was turning as red as a fire engine from her lust.

She could feel her jaw ache as it was forced open as far as it could go — but she couldn’t close her mouth.

It didn’t take Marlene more than a few seconds to realize the advantage of being held by another person.

The pure teenager could tell right away that being touched was a thousand times better than touching herself.

She could tell by the intensity of the pressure in her loins that the come Melinda would give her would be enormous.

She could tell that it was going to make the climax she had given herself earlier in the evening seem like grammar school stuff.

Marlene wanted to talk to her sister and tell her how good everything felt, but she decided against it.

She got the feeling that there was no way she could speak in a low voice with her cunt drooling profusely.

The scent of their lust was already filling the bedroom and both girls were becoming slick with sweat.

Marlene could feel her clitoris swelling to be so it felt like it might explode at any second.

Melinda tugged on each nipple with her teeth until they grew larger than they had ever been before.

The little virgin wondered if her nipples were stretched permanently.

It wouldn’t have bother her too much if they were.

Marlene kind of liked the way her nipples looked when they stuck up almost a full inch from the tips of her perky little breasts.

Her tits appeared almost flat as she sprawled on her back.

But that only made the size of her nipples appear more extraordinary.

“I am going to go down on you now,” Melinda whispered.

“Y—Y-Yes, p-p-please,” Marlene managed to say.

The virgin had to spit out her words like pomegranate seeds.

She had to fit her words in between gasps for air.

“I want you to concentrate on being quiet,” Mindy said.

“I didn’t make a peep before,” Marlene said, rubbing Mindy’s temples lightly with her tiny fingertips.

Melinda could tell just by that touch that her baby sister had a fine sensuous instinct.

The black haired girl knew that she would have no trouble teaching her sister how to return her orgasmic favor.

“This is going to be different,” Melinda said.

“I’ll concentrate on staying silent,” Marlene said.

“We don’t want Bernard in here, do we?” Melinda asked.

Marlene shook her head solemnly from side to side.

Melinda moved so that she was on her belly with her head between Marlene’s parted thighs looking at the virgin pussy.

Melinda knew that hers would be the very first tongue to know the taste of that pink poontang.

This made her feel greatly honored. She wanted to make Marlene’s initial sexual experience just perfect!

Melinda knew that a little girl’s first time was very important and could affect her sex life forever.

The older sister was determined to turn Marlene from a frightened little girl into a lusty woman.

The way things had gone so far, Melinda suspected that the task was not going to be a difficult one.

It wasn’t going to be anywhere close to as hard as Melinda would have thought if she had come with the idea that morning.

“You have a beautiful pussy,” Melinda said sweetly.

“Thank you, Mindy,” Marlene said, her voice strained.

Melinda could sense the muscles in her sister’s thighs tensing.

“Raise your knees up in the air,” Melinda said.

Marlene did as she was told and rolled back enough for her sister to get at her asshole if she wanted to.

Mindy wanted to.

The black haired girl yearned to rim her virgin sister’s anus.

Melinda moved her chin so that it was close to the bedspread and began to lick, kiss and bite at the backs of Marlene’s slender light thighs.

There was a great difference between the girl’s coloring. One was dark and one was peaches and cream.

It would have appeared to an outsider as if the two girls were not even related, much less actual sisters. Melinda scratched lightly at the backs of Marlene’s thighs and her buttocks with the tips of her long nails.

Marlene reached down and grabbed her ass cheeks, pulling her own buttocks apart so Melinda could get at her burning nether eye.

Melinda had no trouble figuring out what her baby sister wanted, and she couldn’t have been happier about that.

Melinda could tell that her sister had the same anal cravings she had known in herself for years.

Of course, for Marlene, this was all brand new. She wasn’t even thinking about boys, or getting fucked in the ass. All the virgin was thinking about was what a wonderful lover her sister was, arid how she hoped they could continue their new incestuous relationship long after this night was through.

Melinda placed the tip of her tongue at the top of the crack of her ass, which was down near the bedspread, and drew her tongue upward until she could feel the hot mucous membrane at Marlene’s spasming sphincter.

The black haired girl traced a wet circle in spit around the puckered muscle and then licked across the hole with the flat part of her tongue.

Marlene’s cunt juices had soaked the crack of her ass, which Melinda thought only enhanced the anal flavor.

The older sister could tell that she was going to love eating pussy almost as much as she loved sucking cock.

Naturally Melinda wasn’t about to give up boys just because she had discovered a physical rapport with Marlene. She wanted to broaden her sexual scope, not narrow down to being exclusively incestuous and lesbian.

Marlene’s thought on her new relationship with Melinda was grossly different from her older sister’s.

Marlene was starting to think that men were not necessary.

If she could get all of the sexual joy she could handle from Melinda’s fingers and tongue, then she figured she wouldn’t ever have to fuck a guy — a thought which filled the virgin with a sigh of relief.

Marlene wondered if she had been meant to be a lesbian all along — and just never knew about it before.

She knew that this was hardly the time or place to be plotting out her life’s sexual career, but she kept the thought in the back of her head, telling herself that she would have to ponder the matter some other time.

She didn’t want any heavy thoughts in the front of her mind that might interfere with the intensity of her incestuous physical pleasure.

Melinda made her tongue and stiff, and concentrated on keeping it pointy at the tip as she licked.

“Stick it inside!” Marlene said, in a voice that was a little too loud as far as Melinda was concerned.

“Shhhhh!” Melinda said. “You are going to get us both screwed if you don’t hush yourself. You don’t have to say anything. I know what to do!”

Marlene sealed her lips and clenched her back teeth together firmly as Melinda began to force the tip of her tongue inside the diminutive virgin’s tight pink asshole.

Melinda was thrilled as she felt the sphincter squeeze at her tongue as she pushed inside as deep as she could.

“I need to come,” Marlene whispered. “I swear I’m right at the edge. You won’t have to eat me for long, I promise.”

Melinda smiled at Marlene’s naive apologetic tone.

She realized that her little sister didn’t know that she wanted to eat her pussy just as much as Marlene wanted it eaten.

Melinda pulled her tongue out of the thoroughly cleansed asshole and drew her tongue tip the single inch upward necessary to lick at the base of Marlene’s engorged, dribbling pussy slash.

The black haired girl could feel her taste buds tingling.

She loved the flavor.

It was just as good as man come.

She wanted to quaff deeply from the virgin honey pot.

She wanted to suck that cunt dry with her pouting lips.

She wanted to make the little virgin’s insides explode!

Melinda prayed that Marlene wouldn’t scream. Melinda wondered if she would be able to stay silent if Marlene’s tongue was on her clit!

Marlene was starting to wonder how intense the pleasure in her pussy could get before her ultimate climax was inevitable.

The pressure the virgin felt in her loins was already far greater than anything she had felt while jacking off.

She could feel tears welling in her eyes as her older sister moved her fingertips to her outer labia.

Melinda was careful not to scratch at Marlene’s delicate tissues with her fingernails, not wanting to cause Marlene the least bit of pain.

Melinda had no idea how skitterish her little sister would be, and was determined to do nothing that might break the fragile mood.

She pulled the outer cunt lips apart very slowly, listening to Marlene’s gasps getting louder and louder.

Melinda knew that there was little Marlene could do about the noise she was making .in her passion.

After all, the little girl did have to breathe.

Melinda figured that she had better make Marlene come quickly — before the little girl began to wail at the top of her lungs.

Marlene licked quickly up and down the insides of the outer lips and the outsides of the inner lips.

She flicked the tip of her tongue back and forth across the outer edges of the inner lips, and then worked her tongue between the smaller labia so she could get her tongue inside the hole — forgetting for a moment that her baby sister’s maidenhead was quite intact and the passageway to her womb was blocked.

Melinda felt the cherry on her tongue as she went for complete penetration, and quickly pulled out of the hole, almost startled by her discovery.

She got right down to business to finish Marlene.

Melinda pulled the clit’s foreskin upward. She then began to lick ever-so-lightly at the love button, using the butterfly flick she had normally reserved for the underside of a guy’s prick.

She gradually increased the pressure she used.

She would have increased the speed also except she was already flicking as fast as she could.

It was indeed unfortunate for the sisters that at that moment Bernard woke up with a full bladder.

He turned to his side and saw Michele’s butt, which had been pressed up against his loins as they slept – like spoons.

She was breathing evenly and did not stir as he swung his legs over the side of the bed and threw on his bathrobe.

He walked into the hall and padded barefoot o the bathroom.

The man thought he heard a funny noise coming out of the girls’ room.

He shrugged and did not investigate. It was not uncommon for the girls to stay up late talking with one another.

As long as they didn’t make enough noise to disturb him the man didn’t give a shit if they ever slept.

He closed the bathroom door so quietly that neither Marlene nor Melinda heard him. Melinda wouldn’t have been able to hear anyway because her sister was gripping tightly at her shell-like ears with the insides of her slim light thighs.

Marlene was so caught up in the massive explosions that were starting in her cunt that a hurricane could have blown through the room and she would have only been vaguely aware of it.

Bernard drained his leak into the toilet and didn’t bother to flush as he left, leaving the water yellow and filled with bubbles.

Just as he opened the bathroom door, directly across the hall from Marlene and Melinda’s bedroom Marlene could feel the savage pleasure of her orgasm tearing into her already reeling brain.

“OH!” she said loudly, limiting what could have been a long scream to a single outburst of physical pleasure.

Bernard could feel his face turning red with anger.

He recognized the wanton tone in that feminine voice.

He could tell the sound of a girl coming when he heard it.

After all, the sadistic man had heard it often enough.

He was really steamed because he thought one of the girls — probably Melinda — had a guy in the house.

Without his knowledge.

Strictly against the rules.

A highly punishable offense.

Melinda could feel a little spurt of juice coming from Marlene’s urethra, less than an inch below her convulsing love button. The tiny spritz of hot fluid struck Melinda just below the lower lip and she knew that this was Marlene’s womanly orgasmic ejaculation.

Marlene began to bounce up and down on the bed, bucking upward with her hips as the physical joy rippled wildly through her body like electric shocks being administered to her little man in the boat and both of her erect nipples.

Melinda licked at the clit hard and fast, maximizing Marlene’s pleasure.

Marlene could feel every muscle in her body trembling.

The light haired virgin was drenched with perspiration.

Melinda began to suck at the quivering love button.

At that moment the door to the bedroom burst open so hard that it hit the wall and almost bounced closed again.

But a thick hairy arm held it open.

Chapter 8

“WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON HERE!” the black haired bear of a man screamed at the top of his lungs.

He stood in the doorway with his hands on his hips, his face very red with his ever-growing anger.

He didn’t like what he saw. Melinda still had her face pressed hard against Marlene’s open cunt.

Both girls were covered with sweat, and Bernard could pick up the rich scent of lust in the air.

The sadistic man had been looking for an excuse to sexually abuse the teenage girls anyway for a long time.

He felt an evil smile turning one corner of his mouth into a half-smile as he felt his balls start to ache.

Since the crime the girls had committed was intrinsically sexual, so would be the punishment he would give them.

The second he screamed Melinda pulled her face away from Marlene’s pussy and whipped around to look at him.

As the black haired girl saw the expression on her step-father’s face she could feel her own puss turning white.

All of the blood seemed to drain from Melinda’s head as her heart was filled with unadulterated terror.

Not only was she turning as white as a sheet from her fear, but she thought she was going to faint.

Melinda had to take several deep breaths just to keep herself from losing her precious consciousness.

Marlene could feel her heart leap into her throat, making her feel as if she were about to gag.

The younger girl could feel her stomach tying itself into tight knots with her berserk anxiety.

Michele heard Bernard scream and woke up from her deep sleep, lifting her head from her soft pillow.

“YOU GIRLS ARE TRAMPS!” Bernard screamed, still clenching his long strong fingers into tight fists.

“W—W—We’re sorry. It w-w-won’t happen again,” Melinda said, her voice shaky and weak as her eyes filled with tears.

“Sorry is not good enough. You two are going to have to be punished severely,” Bernard screamed at them.

Marlene’s throat felt as if it were made of chalk by this time. Her saliva gland stopped functioning.

She knew there was no way she would be able to speak. Her voice box was parched and inoperable.

The littler sister knew that dust rather than words would come from between her lips if she tried to speak.

“I want you to stay right here while I go get some things. If you try and get away it will only make it worse.”

With that the huge man stomped out of the room and charged down the hall into his own bedroom.

There he encountered his concerned wife, who was slipping on her robe to see what was the matter.

“What is all of this fuss about?” Michele asked as Bernard charged past her to his dresser.

“I just caught your oldest daughter eating your youngest daughter’s pussy!” Bernard bellowed angrily.

The man could feel his cock getting larger and harder as he thought about what he was going to do.

“We’re in for it now,” Melinda said to her pale little sister. Marlene managed a solemn nod.

Suddenly both of the teenage girls were wracked with sobs and great big tears streamed down their cheeks.

Their eyes became red and swollen to the point where the insides of their eyelids felt made of sandpaper.

“What are you going to do?” Michele asked her husband, concerned that he was out of control.

“If they are going to act like tramps, they are going to be treated like tramps,” Bernard yelled.

He went to the bottom drawer of his dresser and found the pieces of copper wire he used for bondage.

“Good God, NO!” Michele screamed, horrified as it occurred to her what her sex master was going to do.

“Shut up, woman. You can come watch if you want to. If not, stay here and keep your mouth shut!”

Michele felt faint. She knew that she could do nothing to stop him. There was no way to stop him.

He didn’t have to worry about the neighbors hearing anything. The house was in the middle of nowhere.

Michele thought for a moment about calling the police – but she quickly thought better of the idea.

The older woman knew that she would probably be dead by the time the cops arrived at the house.

She decided to follow him to the girls’ room and hope she could keep things from getting out of hand.

Bernard charged back down the hall and was pleased to find that the girls were just as he had left them.

Both Marlene and Michele were so petrified with fear that they couldn’t have run away anyway.

Even if they thought they could get away with escaping, their legs were too weak to function properly.

Besides, both of the girls were completely naked and they knew they didn’t have time to dress.

If they had made it outside that would have had to encounter who-knew-who nude once out at the road.

It didn’t seem to either of the girls like a good way to have their first social encounter with the people of Caledonia.

Bernard took charge of things the second he got in the room.

“You get over in the corner and be still,” he said to Melinda.

She hopped off the bed and scurried into the corner where he was pointing pronto — without hesitation.

He hadn’t even touched her and she was already behaving subserviently to him. He grinned broadly.

He loved the way her round smooth butt wiggled as she moved across the room and his cock stuck out of his robe.

Marlene looked down at his crotch and saw the purple head of his prick protruding far out, bobbing up and down.

For a moment the virgin didn’t know what it was. After all, she had never seen a boner before.

She realized immediately that an erect pole of manhood was a lot bigger than she had expected.

Marlene had no way of knowing that her new step-father had an exceptionally large rod. She had nothing to compare it to.

“W—What are you going to do to me?” Marlene asked, her voice so low it was barely audible. She was weeping.

She could feel her tears dripping along the sides of her straight nose to the corners of her tiny mouth.

The droplets of saltwater got on her tongue — tasting bitter and awful. Even the taste of her tears was filled with despair.

She knew deep down inside just what Bernard had in mind. She was going to be completely humiliated.

“First I am going to tie you … ”

Bernard held the pieces of copper wire up for her to see.

“And then I am going to beat you … ”

He raised his clenched fist in the air threateningly.

“And then I am going to fuck you.”

Bernard pulled his robe open so she could get a clear view of his ten inch prick!

“NO!” Marlene screamed. Her fear was even worse after she heard him say the magic word. He was going to fuck her.

“I’m afraid so, you little whore. If you want to come, you will come. If you want to cry like a baby then that can be too.”

“But, you are going to tear me apart with that thing!” Marlene screamed, finding it difficult to swallow.

Her nose was running and she sniffled as she sobbed. She thought she had arrived in the blazing heat of Hell.

Her sweat turned icy and changed odor. Her fear sweat had the scent of burned almonds. The smell of poison!

Melinda was not blinking and stared at her sister with the blank expression of a sleep-walker.

She had been frightened into a state of trauma. She wanted to look away but her neck would not move.

Melinda found that she wanted desperately to close her eyes, but her lids were frozen in open position.

Even when her eyes began to burn she could not make herself blink, and her knees trembled so hard that she could hardly stand.

She finally slumped to the floor and hugged her knees against her chest, and found that her eyes functioned normally once again.

But the little black haired girl still found that a morbid fascination would not allow her to look away.

Marlene was trying to imagine how far her inner cunt lips would have to open to take his purple glans.

His cock head looked to be the size of a doorknob. She feared he was attempting the impossible. Her fingers clutched the bed.

Her knuckles were all white, and her nipples were still sticking almost a full inch out from her tiny tits.

Bernard set the copper wires on the foot of the bed and removed his robe, being dramatic as it fell to the floor.

“Can’t you help me, Mommy,” Marlene pleaded as she looked at her mother cowering in the doorway.

“N—N—No,” was Michele’s weak reply, and she too slumped to the floor and stared at the wall without blinking.

Marlene winced as Bernard grabbed her right wrist and pulled her arm back hard over her pretty head.

He pulled her arm so hard that she thought her shoulder and her elbow would be pulled from their sockets.

Her head and shoulders were pressed back against the bed as he pulled her wrist tight against the bedpost.

The sadistic man then tied the copper wire around her slim, dainty wrist and the bed post at the same time.

It was obvious from his gruff manner that he didn’t give a shit how much pain he caused the little virgin.

In fact, Marlene got the impression that the man liked it when she squealed with painful discomfort.

She could feel the Wire cutting into her flesh and she knew there would be red rings around her wrists long after the stringent bondage was removed. If it was removed. For all she knew the man would kill her. He was a raving lunatic, and there was no telling what he would do. Marlene had read about guys that went off their nut and killed their whole families but she never thought anything like that would happen in her household. She knew – Bernard was mean — but not this mean!

Marlene could tell without looking that the fingertips on her bound hand were turning a deep purple hue.

She could feel pins and needles in her fingertips – and then the little girl could feel nothing at all.

The wire was wrapped around her wrist so hard that the circulation of blood was completely shut off to her hand.

She felt her knuckles becoming increasingly stiff until they became frozen in a slightly bent position.

Bernard crossed the foot of of the bed — looking like a wild jungle cat circling his helpless prey!!!

His long cock was bouncing up and down as if it were attached to his loins by a tight-springed hinge.

The little girl tried to imagine that cock going all the way inside her — incredibly deep into her belly.

She was sure that he would tear her womb wide open so that she would die slowly of internal bleeding.

At best the little girl feared that he would render her unable to have babies with his ten inch rod.

Marlene had no idea just how elastic her pussy flesh was. She thought she had no chance of taking him inside.

But she found something strange happening inside her as her terror became sexual in nature. She became horny.

The little virgin could feel the blood rushing to her pussy flesh, making her cunt lips swell rapidly.

It seems that the little girl had inherited the gene that made her ebony haired mother a sex slave.

Marlene was surprised — but somewhat pleased — to find that the fear made her become hot and bothered.

She could feel her cunt getting wet, and she knew the natural lubrication would minimize her inevitable pain.

The man grabbed her other wrist, pulled it back over her head in the same manner, and bound it just as tightly.

She could feel her nipples burning and tingling with hominess. She could feel nothing in either of her hands.

Marlene wondered if it were possible the bondage and the pain were enhancing her physical desire for Bernard’s cock.

She wondered if the terror the rape was causing could work as a catalyst for the craving inside her cunt.

Marlene wished all of a sudden that she was a sexually experienced as Melinda. She knew that she would be able to sort all of this out much better once she figured out what the fuck was going on.

Then Marlene realized that she didn’t want to switch places with Melinda.

Her older sister looked in bad shape. At least Marlene could still blink and think. She decided to take the cheeriest possible outlook on the impending rape.

She told herself that she was going to spite Bernard. She was going to have even more fun than him during the fuck.

She was going to come so many times that it wouldn’t seem like she was being punished at all.

It would see like she was being rewarded for her incestuous affair.

Once both of her hands were bound, Bernard moved to the foot of the bed and grabbed both of her ankles.

He pulled them grossly apart and tied the feet to the bed posts at the foot of the single bed.

By the time he was finished, the little virgin couldn’t feel anything in her feet either.

The wires bit into her ankles, and they felt like they had drawn blood in a couple of spots, actually broken through the skin.

The bondage was so stringent that she was held immobile.

She couldn’t move her arms and legs at all.

She was helpless.

And that was the way she wanted to feel.

“I’ve never done this before,” she said with a whimper.

“Done what?”

“Had a man inside me.”

“You are a virgin?”

“Uh huh.”

Bernard placed his palms on his belly and laughed until his whole tremendous body shook.

There was nothing Bernard liked better than popping a cherry. He loved to hear little girls scream in pain.

He knew that Marlene would give out a loud cry of agony when he popped her cherry, and he was looking forward to it.

He could feel his cock shoot upward to slap him hard in the belly when he heard her hymen was intact.

The man wasted no time climbing on top of the little girl, and she could feel his cock pinned against her belly.

The base was touching her pubic patch and the tip was pinned over half way to her tits.

She tried to imagine her internal flesh stretching that far, but it was difficult.

He pressed the full weight of his upper torso against her chest so that she couldn’t breathe at all.

He could feel her pebble-like nipples pressing hard against his hairy chest as he showered her face with kisses.

He found her mouth and the little girl knew there was no point in hiding her horniness any longer.

She shot her tongue outward, plunging it deep into her sadistic step-father’s mouth, and he roiled his own over it.

He slobbered on her and she sucked noisily at the excess drools his saliva gland was secreting with his lust.

“You want it, don’t you, you little cunt?”

“Yes, I want it. I want it all the way inside.”

Bernard laughed again, sounding as if Satan had taken possession of his soul.

It was obvious that all civilized behavior had been sucked from the beast.

He was a complete animal. He lifted his hips and his upper body.

Marlene gasped to replenish her depleted oxygen supply.

He supported the weight of his upper body with his left hand and reached back with his right to get a grip on the base of his prick.

He was going to touch her in places she had never been touched before.

He was going to touch her in places she didn’t even know she had.

Deep places.

Internal places.

Feminine places

Places she didn’t know could reached from the outside.

She trembled with fear.

She whimpered with lust as he moved his cock head to her snatch.

Marlene could feel her cunt lips start to open.

She knew that her inner labia were going to be forced open further than they had ever had to stretch before.

She tried to stay relaxed, but this wasn’t easy considering the pitch of the little girl’s sexual excitement.

She could tell that the huge purple phallus was going to transform her cunt from a blossom into a full-fledged flower.

She could feel the tip of his cock move between the lips, and she could feel his piss hole pressing against her intact hymen.

Then she felt a horrible pain in her cunt, and she thought she had been stabbed in the pussy with a red hot poker.

She could feel fresh tears welling in her eyes as the agony ran up and down her stretched spine, and she screamed loud enough for Melinda to snap out of her trance for a moment.

Even Michele looked away from the wall for a second to glance lazily, at the bed to see what all of the commotion was about.

“There she pops!” Bernard hissed as he felt the maidenhead tear away from the walls of the little girl’s inner pussy.

There was even an audible tearing sound inside her as that wall of membrane gave way under the relentless force of Bernard’s huge glans.

Marlene could feel something hot and warm inside her cunt, blending with the natural lubrication already present in there.

She realized, in a moment of raw horror, that this was her own blood she was feeling inside her cunt.

The solution dripping out of the base of her cant had turned pink as the cunt juice and the blood mixed.

She could tell that there was nothing to stop complete penetration.

Bernard was going to keep pushing downward with his tensed hips until his cock was all the way inside.

That was going to be no easy chore, Bernard could tell.

He knew that it would take a lot of brute force to get his pole inside.

Her pussy walls were shriveled and closed from lack of use.

They had to be pried gaping open by his throbbing glans.

Then Marlene could feel the magic spot forming inside her cunt – close to the dimpled mouth to her womb.

It was as if all of the desire in her entire torso were gathering in a tight cluster at that single spot.

She knew that something wonderful was going to happen inside her body when the tip of his cock found the magic spot.

His cock was moving into her love tunnel only a fraction of an inch at a time, in spite of the fact that the huge man was pressing down with his hips almost as hard as he could.

Marlene could tell that she was going to have an orgasm the second he touched that spot, and she could tell that it was going to be different from either the come she had given herself or the come her loving sister had given her with her tongue.

She knew that her clit would only be secondarily involved in the orgasm she was about to experience.

This would be a deep-vaginal come — a womanly internal come.

Marlene was pleased to find that the sharp, agonizing pain she had felt when her cherry popped only lasted a couple of seconds.

The flesh went into trauma and the sharp pain numbed into a dull ache — which blended perfectly with the ache of desire she was feeling …

Bernard arched his back and thrust very hard, so that the tip of his prick banged against her cervix.

“YES! YES! YES!” she screamed as she felt the explosions of ecstasy roiling through her lower torso. She found that the orgasm was shorter and sharper than the ones she had felt in her love button earlier.

Bernard couldn’t believe how hot the little girl had become.

And how quickly! He only had half his prick in, and already she was calling out with bliss in her voice.

She could feel her cunt walls going from dosed to gaping open.

Bernard did not stop pressing down when she came.

He kept pressing, and the going became easier. Her muscles opened with her come.

She could feel the tip of his cock on the back wall of her cant.

That rear flesh would have to stretch three and a half inches before her inner labia could clutch his cock base.

“IT HURTS! IT HURTS!” Marlene cried, thrashing her head from side to side. Her downy bangs clung to the sweat on her brow.

She was so red that she was starting to look purple!

She could feel the blood from her recently opened wound trickling from the base of her cunt slit, and she knew that Bernard and she were making a much nastier stain on the bed than she had used the towel to protect against earlier.

This was a stain of blood. A crimson stain, that would turn brown and crusty when it cooled and became old.

She could feel her cunt hole being stretched to the painful extreme, an acute test of the elasticity.

She could feel the top of his cock, very close to the base of the shaft, rubbing hard against her love button as he pressed against the top wall of her inner cunt with the tip of her glans.

“DEEPER! OH GOD! IT HURTS! DEEPER!” Marlene screamed.

Bernard grinned. He knew he had found another slave.

He knew that the other cunt was dazed and confused in the corner.

Melinda did not seem like she would be hard to train.

Bernard knew that soon he would be master of the family.

Mom and the two daughters would be completely subservient to him.

He would be the all-powerful Sheik. They would be his harem.

With that thought in mind Bernard rammed the rest of his prick into her oozing poontang and she took him like a pro, straining to lift her loins.

He impaled her with his prick, driving deep into her lower belly, filling her awesomely with cock meat.

She squealed with the combination of agony and ecstasy that turned her reeling mind to pinpricks of bright light on the insides of her tightly clenched eyelids.

The man pulled his cock back out of the cunt, and her seething hole made a deep “glug” noise as if slow bubbles were popping at the surface of a sulpher pit.

He could feel her super-tight muscles clenching his cock, sucking it, urging him to thrust it back inside.

She had all but forgotten about the wound at the mouth of her fuck hole.

Her joy was in her abdomen, where her core was to be plowed!

Marlene began to make loud frenzied shrill noises of whimpering anticipation as her inner labia once again stretched to hold the bulbous purple glans at the head of her sadistic step-father’s relentless phallus!

The man paused and took a deep breath. Michele, in some vague recognition of the act, knew what Bernard was about to do.

She saw him fill his lungs and puff out his chest.

Her fingertips went to her lips. She was about to watch her husband ram all ten inches of his prick into her daughter’s pussy in one fell swoop.

The only sound Michele could manage was a shivering whine.

Bernard clenched his ass cheek and pressed them tightly together.

He rammed down with his hips as hard as he could and Marlene’s face contorted wildly with the incredible stabbing sensation she experienced, her eyes bugging outward, great pressure behind the green orbs from the savage vaginal violation.

Blood and cunt juice splashed out of her pussy onto Bernard’s huge balls as he tore her with that incredible thrust.

He began to fuck her then. Slowly. Moving his hips from side to side just as much as he moved them up and down.

She was into it completely, and she could tell he wouldn’t have to fuck her for much longer before she would have her second come.

She was starting to think that she might be able to come several times during the fuck, rather than just once at a time like when she masturbated or had her cunt licked.

Marlene knew that she was still green — naive — when it came to her body’s potential to give her pleasure.

She could tell that she was going to learn more in the next few minutes than many women learned in a life time.

She needed the rape. She knew all women needed the rape.

It was when they were truly dominated that they felt most like women.

Marlene felt very much like a woman as she took his cock savagely inside her again and again. His motion became swifter.

He jerked into her.

Her cunt sucked and splashed. – “CCCOOOMMMIIINNNGGG!!!” Marlene vocalized.

And she did. The little girl was pleased to find that the second come was even better than her first.

Marlene was to come many times during the fuck, her final orgasm coinciding with her sadistic step-father’s plentiful ejaculation.

As he felt the comet of fiery pleasure form at the base of his ramrod, he plunged all ten inches inside so he was stretching her inner vaginal walls to full capacity both lengthwise and widthwise.

They came together and sang out with joy. He bathed her inner cunt with his hot sticky silver seed.

And then they were still. He lifted his chest off of her so she would be able to breathe, and Marlene could feel his cock lose its urgent rigidity, allowing her straining cunt walls to relax for the first time in what seemed like an eternity.

Her hair looked darker when it was drenched with sweat and clinging to her scalp and the back of her neck.

Marlene prayed that Bernard would not be mean now that he had appeased his passion for the time being.

But as he pulled his cock out of her cunt she could see that- her punishment was far from through.

She couldn’t help but remember that he had promised to beat the shit out of her; As of yet – she had not been badly beaten.

It wasn’t a very nice thing to look forward to, but she had more or less forgotten about it during the intensity of the fuck.

Bernard untied Marlene’s wires and massaged her hands and feet gruffly so the sensation would return to them.

She was allowed to sit-up, and she almost fainted as she looked between her legs to the stain she had made on the bed.

“Get on your belly,” Bernard ordered. Marlene naturally obeyed.

He did not bother to tie her again. She was too weak and contented with her post-orgasmic afterglow to struggle.

Bernard quickly fetched his black leather belt.

“You have been a bad girl and you deserve a spanking,” he said. He wasted no time and began to thrash her buttocks.

At first the little girl screamed in pain as the welts rose in stripes across the cheeks of her sweet ass.

But soon those cries of pain turned to cries of pleasure, as the rifling agony was translated into ecstasy by her sexual aroused nervous system.

“Whip me, Bernard! Whip me HARDER!” she screamed.

Bernard was grinning broadly. He flashed his pearly white teeth, and there was a glint in his neat-ebony orbs.

He whipped her ass cheeks raw, until her screams had died down to pathetic little whimpers. She was exhausted. Her ass cheeks burned. Her abdomen was filled with the wonderful glow his huge cock had left.

“Get off the bed!” Bernard screamed. “It is your sister’s turn.”

Chapter 9

Marlene hopped off the bed but quickly fell to the bedroom floor. Her feet were still numb from being bound and did not want to support the weight of her body.

She crawled on her hands and knees toward her sister but Bernard gave her a swift boot with his huge bare foot right in her welt-covered buttocks, that sent her sprawling on her belly, pressing her tiny tits against the floor, striking her chin sharply.

“Go over there by your mother,” Bernard said.

Marlene managed to get up on her hands and knees and crawl to the doorway where she hugged her knees in the doorway.

As her afterglow faded she could feel the pain in her cunt and her buttocks from the wounds her evil step-father had given her with his abuse.

Bernard walked across the room taking large strides.

He grabbed Melinda by her long black hair in a tightly clenched paw.

Bernard looked down at his flaccid prick. He smiled when he saw the shiny crimson fluid that covered it.

He could see the blood from Marlene’s cunt had gathered thickest at the base of his prick in a ring.

“Come here and lick my cock clean,” he said to Melinda, and the little girl snapped to attention.

She appeared alert. Her fog had lifted. All it took was an order from the man who was obviously about to become her sex master.

Melinda had already been fucked in both the cant and the ass that night by a big cock so she did not fear her step-father’s cock nearly as much as Marlene had — even though it was the biggest set of male genitalia that Melinda had ever seen.

He pulled her to a kneeling position and she found her face pressed against his cock and balls.

Melinda could tell that the blood from her sister’s opened poontang was getting smeared all over her pretty face.

“LICK IT CLEAN!” Bernard screamed. Melinda could tell that this time the man meant pronto and she shot out with her eager tongue, lapping happily at his cock.

She did not mind the flavor. She knew that the best way to keep from getting hurt was to make the sadistic man happy as possible at all times.

She used her tongue expertly. Bernard could tell right away that he was being licked by an experienced tongue.

It was quite clear that the little black haired girl knew her way around a set of balls.

She lifted his testicles and got her tongue underneath, flicking lightly back and forth with the tip.

She used the flat part of her tongue to massage his testicles, which rested swollen at the base of the wrinkled scrotal sack.

They were the biggest balls she had ever seen. She loved the way they felt on her tongue as she licked lazily and sensuously.

She held his cock upward in her palm and then licked it until all of the blood and semen and cunt juice was gone.

She could feel his cock getting heavier in her hand, and she noticed that the head was starting to swell.

By this time the little girl’s pussy was burning with desire, and she wanted to get fucked just the way Marlene had.

The man placed his huge palms on the sides of Melinda’s head, and drew back with his hips a couple of inches.

“Suck it,” he said. She could feel her throat tingling.

She wondered if the man had ever fucked a face like hers before. Melinda was smart enough to know that she gave throat better than most girls.

She dropped her jaw and clutched as much of his scrotal sack as she could fit in her right palm.

The cock was swelling very fast and she could tell that it would only be a few seconds before the pole reached full engorgement.

She parted her lips as far as she could get them. – She had never swallowed a sword this big before.

She knew that this was going to be a true test of her skills as an oral lover, and she was looking forward to the opportunity to show off for her new sex master.

She rammed forward with her head and moved her knees back on the floor.

She swallowed his ten inch rod hole, and soon was gripping at the base with her fleshy lips.

Even her experienced throat muscles were strained by the girth and length of his gigantic tool of manhood.

The little black haired girl began to gag immediately and her throat convulsions squeezed at his prick.

The man shivered as he felt his cock spring to attention while inside her mouth, stretching even further at her straining gullet. She squeezed his balls and moved her nose a little to one side as he began to fuck her pretty face.

She did not want her button nose smashed by his pubic bone.

She correctly assumed that his hips thrusts would become savage as he neared the spilling of his seed.

The little girl could feel her throat muscles relaxing, and she gained control of her ability to suck with them.

She was drawing at his rod with a steady vacuum, using both her mouth and her throat to create the suction.

Bernard realized right away that he had stumbled onto something special here.

He had never fucked a throat this talented before.

She felt like she had magic fingers deep inside her face that were there specifically to give his prick pleasure.

He could tell that he wouldn’t have to fuck that mouth for long before he would be shooting his load down into her belly.

“Oh, baby, I am going to pump you fill of jizz!” the sadistic man said breathlessly with a hiss and a sneer.

He did not know how much Melinda loved drinking a man’s come straight from the tap.

She was looking forward to his orgasm.

She could feel her taste buds tingling in anticipation of the flavor of his molten fuck cream!!!

She could feel his cock getting even longer and harder as he approached his orgasm. She squeezed more firmly at his nuts, being careful not to hurt him, but using the massage of his testicles to enhance the pleasure he was feeling in his humping ten inch dong.

Marlene sat next to her mother and found that she had a strange urge to caress the woman and comfort her.

Marlene was starting to behave normally – if that was the right word – but Michele was still deep in her trance.

“Mommy, are you okay?” the youngest girl whispered into her Mother’s shell-like ear.

Marlene wrapped her arm tenderly around her mother’s shoulders.

“I’m fine, dear. How are you?” Michele said. Her voice was dull and monotoned.

“Mommy, I think we had better get you to bed,” Marlene said.

Marlene could see that Bernard was too busy pumping his awesome prick into Melinda’s gaping mouth to give a shit about what she and her mother did.

Marlene helped Michele to her feet and guided the unsteady older woman down the hall to the bedroom.

Marlene thought for a moment about calling the police.

But she was starting to think that no one was going to be hurt seriously.

The flow of blood from her pussy had stopped long before, and she could tell that the man had not – caused any wounds that would not heal.

Marlene was too blown away with the events of the evening to consider the emotional trauma the sadistic man had just poured onto his entire family.

Michele went straight to bed and Marlene curled up next to her, snuggling against her as she had when she was a very little girl and frightened by a thunder and lightening storm. But in those days Mommy had comforted Marlene. In spite of their position it seemed more now like it was the other way around.

Marlene rubbed her face against her mother’s huge breasts.

Not feeling naughty at all — just affectionate — Marlene stuck out her tongue and began to lick lightly at Michele’s right nipple.

“Does that feel good, Mommy?” Marlene asked.

Naturally she used a low whisper when she spoke.

She did not want Bernard to notice they had left.

“It feels very nice, sweetheart,” Michele replied.

She was staring at the ceiling. Her arms were at her sides.

She was limp, but occasionally jerked a little.

Back in the girls’ room Bernard could feel a tickle at the base of his cock and he knew that he would only have to pump for a few more strokes.

He could feel his muscles tightening and his breaths had become rapid and short with his sadistic lust.

He pulled back at the last second so that the come would shoot onto her tongue, making it more nicely that she would gag on the semen.

Melinda was ready for his wad and T rapped her lips tightly around the base of his glans, drawing in her cheeks, positioning her tongue so that the seed would spurt directly onto it.


Bernard called out as his hot lava — that molten fuck jelly – came shooting toward the tip of his cock.

Melinda’s mouth was filled. She puffed her cheeks – out. She swallowed hard. She took all of the come, pumping at his spasming balls.

She kept sucking him until no more jam came out of his prick.

He relaxed and pulled his prick out of her mouth.

Bernard glanced back over his shoulder, expecting to see Michele and Marlene crouched in the doorway.

But they were not there. At that moment Marlene was parting her lips so she would take her mother’s right nipple into her mouth.

She sucked it hard, and she could feel it getting stiffer and larger between her tingling lips.

She flicked the tip, of her tongue across the erection as she sucked, and Michele let out a soft sigh, which was the first vocal reaction she had given for Marlene’s sweet oral caress.

Bernard came stomping down the hall and into his bedroom before Marlene had a chance to pull her mouth away from her mother’s tit.

“I knew it! I knew it! The little cunt wants to get it on for the old lady now, right?” Bernard screamed.

Marlene could feel the blood draining from her face and she was sure that he was going to beat her again.

“You want to get it on with each other? That is fine with me,” Bernard said.

He crossed his thick arms across his chest and cocked his hip to one side.

“I’m in the mood to watch,” he said, and it didn’t take Marlene long to figure out what he meant.

She was not a dumb girl. She had merely been naive. She knew what Bernard expected her and her mother to do.

Marlene placed her lips close to her mother’s ear.

“Mommy, Bernard wants us to make love,” she said.

“That sounds like fun, dear,” Michele said blankly.

“Right,” Marlene said. “You just relax and I am going to go down and kiss you between the legs, okay?”

“That is fine with me, sweetheart,” Michele said.

“Eat your Mommy’s pussy!!!” Bernard commanded firmly.

“Yes, sir,” Marlene replied, bowing her head.

She found it difficult to look Into the man’s eyes.

“And I mean right now!” the bear of a man bellowed.

Marlene quickly moved so that she was on her belly with her head between Michele’s dark parted thighs.

Marlene had much lighter skin than Michele and Bernard liked the way the contrast looked as their flesh touched.

Marlene pulled the bathrobe – still around Michele’s shoulders – as far open as she could get it.

She, pushed her mother’s thighs a little further apart with firm fingertips and looked into that snatch.

The pussy was very pink, and smelled musky yet sweet.

Marlene could tell that it was going to be delicious.

This was the first pussy she would ever get to eat.

Bernard had interrupted before Marlene had a chance to eat out her older sister’s wanton snatch … Melinda was still in her room on her knees, thinking that Bernard would be back at any second.

It would take her awhile to realize that the action had moved to the other bedroom and she had been left behind.

Marlene got right down to business and placed the tip of her tongue on the base of her mother’s cunt slit.

Marlene was not thinking normally, having been badly traumatized by the events of the savage evening.

She thought that it was appropriate that the very first cunt she ever munched on belonged to her mother.

After all, that was the very hole from which she was born.

The little girl was pleased to find that the flesh tasted delicious.

Michele closed her eyes for the first time in a long time and kept them closed as her mouth fell open.

The older black haired woman could feel her physical joy cutting through her fog, rippling slowly up and down her spine.

Everything seemed like it was moving in slow motion to Michele and she could feel the bed begin to spin.

Marlene moved her fingertips to the outer lips of the pussy and pulled the flesh apart a little bit.

She licked upward with her tongue so she could get the tip between the woman’s curled back inner labia.

As she did that Michele could feel her natural lubrication begin to flow, and her cunt began to tingle.

It took only seconds for that tingle to become a full-fledged ache.

Her pussy quickly became soaking wet and slippery with her honey.

Marlene made her tongue stiff and pressed it into the hole.

Marlene could feel the tip of her straight nose touching her mother’s love button, so she wiggled her nose from side to side a little bit to massage the center of Michele’s womanly pleasure.

Marlene licked upward so she could get her tongue on the clit, which was starting to poke out from under its foreskin.

Marlene could tell that she would have to lick at the clit for a little while before her mother would come,

The older woman’s sexual reactions were a little slower than usual — for obvious reasons even to Marlene.

She rolled the clit around in a little circle and then licked up and down on it, pushing it against the base of the pubic bone.

Michele’s moans and groans became increasingly louder.

Marlene was very glad that her mother had woken up.

She wondered what would have happened if her mother had been too zonked to feel the cunt massage and had not reacted at all. That would not have been a very entertaining show at all and Bernard would have been frustrated.

As it was he was stroking his prick as he watched his wife lift her hips to grind her pussy against her daughter’s face.

Michele came with a shudder and gushed juice onto Marlene’s eating face!

Chapter 10

It was three weeks later and the school year was wrapping up. The sisters had to say good-bye to all of the dear friends they had grown up with.

Even though all of their friends pledged that they would keep in touch, Melinda and Marlene knew that things would never be the same.

They would both be going to Caledonia High School in the fall and that meant they would either have to make new friends or be miserable.

At home Bernard stilled ruled with an iron fist.

The teenage girls were forced to submit to his every whim,

They had to give in to him sexually whenever he ordered it.

It was a Friday night and Bernard did not have to go to work the next day. He was looking forward to a hot night of sex with his subservient harem.

He gathered Michele, Melinda and Marlene in the livingroom after they were all home and plotted out the night’s activity.

“I hope none of you had any intention of going to sleep early tonight,” Bernard said with a half-smile.

“No, Bernard,” the three girls said, sitting in a row on the couch, shaking their heads from side to side.

“I want to start with you Marlene: You are going to get fucked in the cunt and the asshole at the same time.”

“How are you going to do that, sir?” Marlene asked, her face showing the confusion she was feeling …

“This is a wonderful world, Marlene. And many things are possible,” Bernard said with a small laugh.

“But you are the only man here,” Marlene said, feeling her nipples pressing against the front of her tee-shirt.

Marlene had noticed that her breasts were growing rapidly, and were more sensitive than ever.

She wondered if that had anything to do with they fact that they were being played with and sucked regularly.

“Your Mommy is going to help me,” Bernard said.

Michele looked at her daughter and smiled sexily.

“How are you going to do that, Mommy?” Marlene asked.

“Bernard bought me a dildo, so I can help him fuck you,” Michele said.

“A what?” Marlene asked, tilting her head to one side.

Melinda gave Marlene a sharp elbow to the ribs and acted annoyed.

“Dildo, stupid. A fake cock,” Melinda snapped;

“It’s a nice one. Really big. And thick too,” Michele said, reaching down to the side of the couch to pick up a shoebox that had been resting there on the thick shag rug.

Michele popped the lid off the box and pulled out a long thick black rubber dildo, almost as big as Bernard’s prick.

“You see? It comes with a strap around the base so I can put it on and wear it over my pussy. Just like it was a real cock!”

Marlene liked the idea. She had never thought about getting fucked in the cunt and the ass at the same time.

But now that she had heard the idea she was obsessed with it and she could feel both of her lower sex holes tingling.

Melinda was a little concerned because she thought she was going to be left out.

“What do I do?” she asked, trying not to sound impolite.

“You are going to position yourself at the head of the pile so Marlene can eat your cunt as she gets double-fucked,” Bernard explained.

This suited the two little girls just fine. Marlene was trying to figure out what position they were going to do it in.

Bernard bid her that he was going to get on his back on the rug and she was to straddle his hips.

She was to put his cock inside her tight cunt and then kick her legs out behind her so Michele would be able to get the dildo up her asshole.

Melinda was going to straddle her step-father’s head and pull her cunt lips apart so Marlene could strain her neck at lick at the pink slash.

Bernard took off all of his clothes and left them in a pile by an easy chair in the corner of the large livingroom.

He then sprawled on his back. The ladies undressed.

Marlene moved quickly so she could place one knee on either side of the man’s slim hips, positioning her pussy so that it was spread open directly above the base of his purple phallus.

She placed the palms of her tiny hands over his nipples and pressed down against the thick rug of black fur that covered the man’s chest and belly.

His cock was already stiff and ready for fucking.

The rod was bouncing up and down on his belly in expectation.

Marlene ran her fingertips down his chest to the tip of his prick.

She knew that the most sensitive spot on his whole cock was the fleshy patch on the underside at the base of the glans where the head split to make it look like a ripe plum, and they massaged that hypersensitive spot with her thumb.

She smiled when she heard her huge step-father gasp for pleasure.

The little girl had learned a lot in three weeks.

Bernard thought that Marlene would soon be just as good of a lover as her older sister in spite of Melinda’s head start.

She slid her fingers between the shaft of his cock and his hairy belly with her palm turned upward.

She wrapped her tiny fingers as far as she could get them around the thick shaft and lifted the tip.

She moved the cock so that the piss hole was pointing directly at her cunt, and she leaned forward a bit.

Marlene got her knees as far apart on the thick shag rug as she could and robbed his cock head against her cunt.

She massaged her swollen love button with the rock hard glans and let out several whimpers of pleasure.

“Stick it in, cunt!” Bernard screamed with a burst of anger.

Marlene had learned to love it when Bernard was mean to her.

She liked his verbal insults almost as much as the physical abuse he dished out on a regular basis.

Marlene pushed the head of his cock to the base of her slit and wiggled her cunt from side to side so she could get the tip between her inner lips.

Even though her cunt had loosened a bit in the twenty one days since she had lost her cherry it was still no easy task to get him inside.

She knew that it was going to be even tougher for Mommy to get that huge black fake cock up her ass.

She began to lower herself on the cock, holding the shaft at the base.

She shuddered and whimpered as she felt her cunt open to take the glans.

She was well lubricated and very swollen. Though it took almost thirty seconds, she slid all the way down on his pole so the whole cock was inside her cunt.

Bernard could feel her inner poontang muscles squeezing at his dong as the little girl kicked her legs out behind her with her thighs still very far apart, the tops of her feet against the rug.

Michele had brought a jar of petroleum jelly so she would be able to lubricate the rubber dildo as well as her youngest daughter’s asshole.

Michele strapped on the fake cock and positioned the base so little robber pimples there would massage her clit as she fucked.

In this manner Michele could receive sexual pleasure as she fucked her daughter’s super-tight asshole.

Michele dropped to a kneeling position beside her daughter.

She popped off the cap on the jar of petroleum jelly with the thumb on her right hand and set it beside Marlene’s hips.

She then massaged the cheeks of her daughter’s ass, scratching at the flesh a little with the tips of her long blood-colored fingernails.

The woman scooped some of the jelly onto her fingertips and pulled the ass cheeks apart as far as she could.

She looked down between the ass cheeks and saw the pink asterisk of an asshole throbbing at her.

She rubbed the jelly against the anus lightly and Marlene shuddered.

The lubricant felt cold against the steamy mucous membrane.

Michele closed her daughter’s ass cheeks and rubbed them together.

Michele quickly went about the task of spreading a thin film of jelly all over her fake cock and Melinda moved over to her kneeling mother so she could give the older woman a passionate kiss on the lips.

Michele shot her tongue deep into Mindy’s mouth and they necked passionately until Bernard grunted with impatience.

The man was anxious to move his cock in and out of the little girl’s pussy.

He thought that it was hell staying still while his prick was stretching at the back wall of Marlene’s pussy.

Michele then moved to her toes and her palms so that the tip of the fake cock was pointing downward.

The head of the hard ebony dildo was pressing against the slightly parted crack of Marlene’s ass.

Melinda could see that she could help her mother a great deal by opening the buttocks and guiding the tip of the greasy dildo to the appropriate hole.

The asshole and the pussy hole were only a little more than an inch apart and Bernard knew he would be able to feel his wife’s dildo against his own cock through the thin wall that separated the two sex holes once Michele had achieved the anal penetration she so frantically sought.

Melinda moved her fingertips close to the crack of Marlene’s butt and pressed her fingertips firmly into the flesh.

She pulled the cheeks apart very far and guided the tip of the fake cock to the puckered rectum, hearing Marlene whimpering wildly, her face very close to Bernard’s.

Marlene and her step-father playfully licked at the tips of each other’s tongue until the little girl drew her tongue back inside her mouth for fear that she would bite it off when her mother tore her asshole open with the dildo.

Marlene was so hot that she could tell she was going to start coming the second the two pricks began to move in and out of her.

She could feel her sphincter opening widely to grip the rubber dong, and Mommy moaned as she felt her new appendage slip inside.

The wall of flesh between her inner ass and inner cunt was stretched thin by the double penetration.

As Melinda saw the fake cock begin to disappear up the bung hole she moved to the head of the pack and. stood with her knees bent and her feet far apart.

The little black haired girl could feel her cunt juices flowing down the insides of her dark thighs.

She reached down to scratch at her own thighs a couple of times.

Michele pushed the dildo all the way inside Marlene ass.

The little girl realized that she was about to feel sensations greater than any she had ever known.

Melinda caressed herself from her knees to her outer labia.

She then pulled her cunt open far and could stretch her neck and wet flesh with the very tip screamed, looking up at man began to fuck the little moved so Marlene lick lightly at the wet flesh with the very tip of her tongue.

“Go!” Bernard screamed, looking up at Melinda’s butt.

Michele and the man began to fuck the little girl.

They pulled out together and they rammed in together.

Marlene felt like she was coming three ways at the same time.

She could feel the spasms fill her clit, her inner cunt, and her bowels simultaneously. She could hear her scream of pleasure being muffled as she pressed her tongue deeper into her sister’s cooze.

Michele reamed the butt hole until the base of the dildo rubbed her clit to orgasm.

Bernard pumped that pussy until he shot his cream into the hole, well past her cervix.

And Marlene licked at Melinda’s clit until she could feel her older sister squirting her pussy juice in her face.

All four of them came with one upheaval on the livingroom floor.

Bernard loved this new way of life.

And so did his three slaves.

The End

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